You Give Them Something To Eat (Mk 6:37)

Bread Of Life

We are outside the country for a short break. Yesterday we attended a midweek service in a church here in the US. The building was very big and beautiful! The lights, the ACs and the loudspeakers worked perfectly. People came, many in wheel chairs or with walking sticks.

The program announced a popular guest speaker. The praise was good but too short. Then the preacher gave just enough of the Word of God so that the people did not faint of hunger, as they were going home.

There were words, there was music, but the glory of true worship and the wonder of anointed gospel preaching was missing. I suddenly felt a great compassion for the people who came from far distances just to take ‘a bite’ of blessings.

There was no ‘looking unto heaven’ no ‘giving of thanks’ and no multiplication of loaves according to the need of the multitutde! O, Lord…

So different from what I know about Jesus who gave the people not just enough to survive, but ‘to be satisfied’ (Mk 6:41, 42).

Blessed are you if your pastor feeds you with the bread of life and gives you water of life to drink, asking nothing in return, but just to give glory to God from whom all blessings over- flow!