Supposing He Was The Gardener

Father’s House

“Then the disciples went back to their homes, but Mary stood outside the tomb crying…she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white…she turned around and saw Jesus…supposing He was the gardener…Then Jesus called out to her: ‘Mary!’ She turned around toward Him and cried out…’Rabboni…Teacher!” (Jn 20)

Even in the midst of tragedy, disappointment and loneliness do not be in a hurry to quit seeking God and go home. Mary was left alone in the cemetery’s Garden. Most people will not feel comfortable to be there alone. But she stayed, weeping for the loss of her Lord. Jesus died and disappeared from the tomb. Double sorrow and no answer to the puzzle…

But even when she did not understand, even when she was confused, she stayed behind hoping for what? A miracle! Something only Jesus could do!

She remembered the past…no man could help…no man could deliver her from seven wicked demons…but then one day, she met the Savior and with one Word she became free…She could not forget the miracle of the past!

She owes Him her life…she will not be in hurry to leave the last place He touched in earth…Perhaps…Her patience is rewarded…she sees what the men missed…angels in white…a glimpse of the entourage of the King…the KING! He must be near then…she sees a man, the Garden keeper…no, He is the Lord! Calling her by name, blessing her with His presence and peace… sending her forth into ministry…

Do not be in hurry to leave the King’s presence! Miracles happen even after ‘saying the grace’ at the end of the service in the church! Just have faith! Jesus knows you wait for Him alone! Your tears may confuse you to think that Jesus is just a man, a gardener, a carpenter, a doctor, a teacher…but do not be afraid! He will come and bless you with things money can never buy!

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