Abundant harvest

‘You have planted much but you have harvested little’ (Hag 1:6).
‘Give careful thought to your ways…’ appears three times in this letter. It is a command to use your mental faculty, to remember God’s promises and to think. One of the ways you can test yourself if you are filled with the Spirit is to test your mind. This is a simple question: how easy is it for you to think? How easy it is to remember the scriptures or the lessons of the past? Do you have any anxiety that your mind will ‘fail’ you when you teach others? Then you may have a problem. We are commanded to have the sound mind of Christ; it is a mind filled with God’s Word and ‘soaked’ in the Holy Spirit. We are to train ourselves to ‘wholesome thinking’ (2Pet 3:1, 2) by memorizing God’s word, His prophecies and promises.
The people neglected God’s House… like the servant who buried his talent (Mt 25:24-30). Instead they went to do their private business, to build their ‘paneled houses’ (Hag 1:4). This word in Hebrew means a roof, a cover or anything that protects or hides. The picture is one of secret sin, rebellion involving whole families. But we are reminded here that God knows and sees everything. Haggai gives us ‘a formula’ to detect if there is hidden secret sin in the house: If all your labor is just to build and furnish your house, you and your family will never know satisfaction! Read this: ‘there is not enough…they are not filled…they are not warm…there is not security…’ (Hag 1:5, 6). By ignoring God’s House, the family does not have peace, rest, joy or hope for the future. It is the sin of the parents that visits the children. In this time of global economic recession, this quiet hypocrisy, this hidden sin of neglecting God’s House may be one of the factors why so many struggle financially, why so much depression and broken homes! Selah!
Each time you have the feeling that you work much, you invest time and energy in your job but you still lack the basic things of life and you still have borrow money just to ‘survive’, then just stop and think. Pray and think! Think! It may be that you work in disobedience to God. ‘The devourer’ will have access to your finances. ‘You earn wages only to put them in a purse with holes in it’ (Hag 1:6).
The ‘emergency’ advice is this: Stop working! Repent! Humble yourself and ask God to reveal to you your secret sin. It is possible that you have become insensitive to the reality of your situation. Sin hardens the heart! You need the Holy Spirit to convict you of sin. God always answers the prayer of ‘a contrite heart’. God only blesses only the work He initiates. Any work that proceeds from flesh, from envy of others, from selfish ambition, from the ‘sweat of man’ is cursed by Him and no intercession can avail (Gen 3:17-19).
The work of God is easy and His burden light (Mt 11:28-30). Remember God’s House and the pastors there! Pay your tithes! When you are a co- laborer with God, you work little, you have peace and joy and you sleep well. But you make great profit, rich enough to help and impact others! A child of God is never forsaken by God and never begs for bread (Ps 37: 25, 26). This is the life style I will forever recommend to you! This is royal pattern of success for the children of God! May your eyes be open to see the Door!

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