Who touched Me? (Mk 5)

The woman with the issue of blood…twelve years of torment and suffering…isolation, shame and sorrow…No going out, no friends, no husband, no children, no fellowship in the House of God….just this slow poison death that never dies…she has spent all her valuables on the doctors…Dr. Religion failed; Dr. Mammon failed; Dr. Legalism failed; Dr. Self failed; Dr. Apollyon failed… some they cheated her, some deceived her with dead hopes, some mocked her for her foul odor, nowhere to sit down, except on the floor, outside…how many hospitals, cold nurses, sharp needles, the smell of preserved corpses down the corridor…all tests expensive….still no treatment…when the money was gone, they drove her away, shouting: ‘No free medicine here…Go home and die…Only God can help you, woman!’
All strength gone, all hope gone, all the silver coins gone…no improvement, the bleeding still goes on…she became worst, angry and bitter at the loss of all things, the deceitfulness of riches, the man -made hope that vanished in the morning, the plastic smiles, the fake greetings…yes, the end is worse than the beginning when sin is the king…
Then one day she heard a voice, a song, a bird preacher at the window…she was calling for all who are ‘heavy laden’, to come to God…for healing and freedom and miracles…The Gospel of peace…By grace…thru faith…Come, for the free gift of life eternal…
For the first time in years, her heart said ‘Yes!’…She got up, stumbled and fell, but got up again…
’Can I apply? Yes!
Can I come? Yes!
Am I worthy of the blessing? No!
But can I still come, just as I am, with one foot in the grave? Yes!
She got up from the place of nothingness and started moving on… without stopping to think…just pure faith…’He shall be pleased with me… Lord, I believe… If I touch His robe, I shall be healed!’…
I know You, my Lord, The Word made flesh, the Word igniting faith, God on earth…You do not need to pray to another…You do not need to ask for power…All power is in You, miraculous, abundant, death destroying power…Time is in Your hands…Wait for me , my Lord…’’
She had just one matchstick of faith in her hand…all fear lost, passing thru the crowd, she came behind the Master and touched His robe…the touch of faith, the touch of joining, the two became one, the touch of one- last- breath in His arms, the touch that started the flame, the touch that exploded the faith….the body shook as life found its place inside…and just like that…she was healed!!!
‘Virtue left Me – He said- the power resident in Me, the high voltage miracle power dropped a volte or two, I felt it; It went into a container of expecting faith; Who touched Me – He asked…?’
Trembling at His feet, strong enough now to worship, she testified to the truth…the crowd that pushed aimlessly drew back in respect as this lonely character, a stranger to many, was lifted up by the King, His lost daughter now found…
‘Go in peace, My lamb…your faith in Me has made you whole, complete and beautiful…use your strength to preach, use your joy to sing, use your life serving others in My name…’
‘Yes, Lord…Forever Yours…’

One comment on “Who touched Me? (Mk 5)

  1. Beautiful… Forever Yours…

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