A royal family

‘Listen my son to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching, they will be a crown to grace your head…’
‘These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up’ (PV 1:8; Deut 6:6, 7)
The family is God’s institution. It is made of father, mother and children. The father is the head of the home. The mother is the helper to the head. The children are commanded by God to obey their parents. This is not just a natural tradition. It is the command of God. The parents have authority over their children for as long as they depend on them. God has given the parents the right to train, to mold their children thoughts and opinions, by teaching them the Word of God. That is why the children are commanded to fear, to honor, to respect and to obey their parents. They are not supposed to obey the aunties, the uncles or the neighbors in the same way. They are to listen and obey especially their parents, because God gave the parents that authority over them. By learning to obey the parents, they learn to obey God.
God expects the parents to train and teach the children the Word of God. The parents are accountable to God for fulfilling this peculiar duty. This training is not to be left to the church, to the pastors or to the school teachers. It is the primary duty of the parents: mother and father. It is not easy to teach a student. Instruction is always hard. It is so much easy to play, to look for ‘fun’ and to be distracted by it. Entertainment is much ‘sweeter’ than learning the Bible or even studying science subjects. That is why discipline must be enforced in the home. As parents, we cannot expect our child to become a spiritual, mature person, if he stays in front of the TV set or the computer for hours.
The authority of the parents over their children represents the authority of God. These relationships are to be ‘unto the Lord’. God’s name is at stake in the way we handle authority. For example, as parents, we cannot teach our children how to steal money from the bank. That is an abuse of authority and shall be judged by God. The general principle in the case of abuse of power is to quietly disobey man and obey God’s Word (Ac 5:29). That means to be ready to receive the penalty from men, trusting God to bring justice to you at last. This peculiar type of suffering is seen when the children are believers and the parents are not. Or when the wife is a believer and the husband is not. It takes much faith, patience and prayer not to sin under such painful provocation. God allows these situations so that the oppressor may witness the Christian behavior in action. It is a very powerful weapon of spiritual warfare to learn submission unto God while rejecting the sinful abuse of authority. Many husbands and many fathers were brought to their knees in total surrender to God because of the grace upon the ones in subjection to them. Selah!
There is another point to be made: our children belong to God. He is their highest eternal authority over us all. Practically, it means that our plans for the future for our children should be totally under submission to God’s plans for them. Our duty as parents is to pray and find out God’s desire, plan and purpose for the future our children. Much pain can be avoided for the whole family if we remember that we are just care- takers and not the owners of ‘our’ children. This prayer is a very important spiritual work, but few parents take it seriously. May we humble ourselves and do it right, at least from now on!
As a parent, you do not have to struggle to earn this honor of respect from your children. This is God’s command to them and He will enforce it. Children do not respect their parents just because they are older or stronger than them. The parents do not have to be ‘perfect’ in all things. No! The reason why the children have to fear and respect their parents it is because God, who created all men, says so! Disobedience to this command will receive just punishment. But in the same time, as parents, we have to prove that we are worthy of the privilege of having children entrusted to us by God.

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