Father’s House’ Testimony

Last night we had a special deliverance service. It was non stop from 10 pm to 4 am. The church was full to the brim, more people than a Sunday service. Many came from other churches in need of help, healing and deliverance. The anointing was so strong that there was no ‘accident’. Everything went ahead according to the ‘prayed plan’. It was like ‘Iraq’ war…
Many agents of jezebel came to disrupt and seduce, not ready for deliverance…we spotted them, lay hands on them and they manifested badly, falling on the floor and making noises like swine…
The rest, the humble and the willing were all touched…some became saved in the midst of it all…many were delivered…
We ended with a grateful worship to God, hands lifted up, sweat and tears on all faces…but O, the joy of freedom, of knowing that we pleased the Master who personally lead the army to victory!
(You learn more about God during one minute of anointing of the Holy Spirit manifesting, than during one year of Bible school…)
All glory to God! Our church will never be the same again…
The Prince of Peace seats now enthroned…Jehovah Shalom has crushed and cut off the head of satan under our feet (Rom 16:20)
Thank you for all Spirit lead prayers and intercession from all over the world…we share in the reward!
Jesus is Lord!

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