Envy killed but died at the Cross

‘For Pilate knew that for envy they had delivered Him (Jesus)’ (Mt 27:18)
Envy is defined as a painful and resentful awareness that others are more blessed or more gifted than me and a desire to have that same advantage, by any means.
Envy is criminal. Envy is sin. Envy nailed Jesus to the Cross.
The only way to be free from the bondage of the sin of envy is to fall in love with Jesus! The fire of His passion for the souls of men will burn to ashes any envy in the heart. This is the truth! It is also my experience as a Believer!
I envy no one for I walk in the path designed by God for me!
I have all things in Christ, my Lord! Whatever I do not have, I do not need!
I am unique, fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I do not desire to be someone else!
I rejoice with the accomplishments and blessings of others! None can receive except from above and I know that my Lord is an extremely generous Person.
Envy has lost its foothold in my heart forever! The miracle happened at the Cross! I saw envy fainted and died! She was buried in an open field and none wept for her! Envy died and remains buried forever!
Praise the Lord all you people!
Jesus died and rose again! I died with Christ and rose with Him! Look up and see me there! In His heart!

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