Absalom called Joab but he refused to come. He called him the second time, but his call was still ignored. Then he thought of a way to attract his attention. He remembered that Joab’s field of barley was next to his own. He then told his servants to set it on fire. That was enough for Joab. He came immediately and did what Absalom wanted (2Sam 14:28-33).
These are two wicked and manipulating men. But the story has a greater spiritual meaning. When God is calling you and you refuse to answer, He can burn your field with fire. Your ‘field’ is next to God’s own. You are God’s neighbor. God is not far from you. He knows everything you do, good or bad.
What is your ‘barley field’? God can burn your property, your marriage, your money, your health…The loss may be painful but the gain is greater if you come back to God. Many a man answered God’s call for ministry thru the burning of his field. Jesus baptizes with fire, so He has all what is necessary to burn the things you love more than Him.
Some people, like Jaob, answered the call. But there are many, even with all the destruction around them, they still refuse to come to God. Their ashes remain bitter and never turn to beauty. The truth is that once your filed is burn, there is not much God can do to still call your attention. God says: ‘My Spirit will not strive with man forever’ (Gen 6:3). If the infatuation with idols is too great, like Ephraim’s own, God says: ‘Leave him alone…’ (Hos 4:17). It is painful for fire to destroy the thing you love. But it is even worse if God decides to leave you alone to the useless ‘comfort’ of your fake idols.
The best thing to do is this: If God is calling you then please come to Him immediately. Why are you stubborn? Why tempt God? Why suffer so much loss and pain? God loves you and He will do anything to attract your attention… you need a Savior, a Deliverer and a Friend Forever! God is calling you…Come home!

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