“He who is greedy for unjust gain troubles his own household, but he who hates bribes will live” (PV 15:27; AMP)

Marriage is God’s idea. Because of that, it should be a blessing. God should be at the center of all decisions made in the family. The unity of the Spirit, peace and joy should rule the home.

‘The love of money is the root of all evil’ (1Tim 6:10). Much sorrow can be avoided if God is in charge of your bank account. Greed destroys marriages and relationships. Mammon is the author of ‘home trouble’. For the sake of money men betray best friends and divorce increases in the land.

In the scripture above the word ‘greedy’ describes a man who is ready to bribe, steal and kill for the sake of wealth.  This man hates to have a legitimate job. He does not want to obey God’s Word so that the work of his hands will be blessed. He may be religious but he does not pay his tithe and is not faithful with his offerings in the house of God. What excites him is ‘unjust gain’. He oppresses the weak and attacks the vulnerable. He gains money from fraud and extortion. His profit is stained with the tears of many. The whole family revolves around his financial plans. Their joy is connected to his wealth.

Like a horse trained for battle, he ‘smells’ blood and is ready to attack. Each contract is a battle field. He does not just want money; he needs to feel like a champion. He needs the conquest and the victory. He is merciless with the losers. He plunders them and rejoices in their defeat. He needs to feel the power of control. He hears the cry of his victims, powerless at his feet. His favorite song is ‘The winner takes it all’. He rejoices in emptying the pockets and the hearts, money and joy is finally in his pocket…

People fear him and abandon their property running away…Like Ahab in the field of Naboth he rejoices at the blood purchase and is finally happy! This man is a troubler to his own family and a spiritual liability to the community. His wife and children suffer under the anger of such a tyrant, never able to enjoy the wealth that drained the life of many souls.

May God forbid that I should be close to any man like that! May I never envy the riches of greedy men! May I be satisfied with God’s portion for my life! Father God, have mercy on the families of greedy men!


In Christ I declare:

I am God’s property!

My property belongs to God!

All my gifts and wealth are from God!

I pay my tithes and I am faithful with my offerings to God!

I hate bribes and I will never use my money to manipulate men!

I plead the Blood of Jesus over my home!

My home is blessed, filled with peace and joy!

I reject greed and the love of money!

I reject the worship of Mammon!

I love God! I worship God!

I am a child of God and I shall live forever!

In Jesus name


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