“And Pharaoh said to his servants: “Can we find such a one as this, a man in whom is the Spirit of God?”… And Pharaoh said to Joseph: “See, I have set you over all the land of Egypt… Pharaoh also said to Joseph, “I am Pharaoh, and without your consent no man may lift his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt” (Gen 41:38- 44)

The story of Joseph is one of my favorites. Joseph suffered much for many years. He was betrayed, sexually tempted, slandered and rejected. He had to wait for a long time before he saw his childhood dreams come true. But in those difficult years one thing never changed: “God was with Joseph!” The waiting was difficult but his sweet promotion came suddenly. It is the Holy Spirit in him that gave him the strength to endure and the wisdom to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh. He went the extra mile and even recommended the only solution to the crisis.

He woke up that morning in his prison cell. It was like any day. Over the years he has lost his trust in men but he had not lost his trust in God. In fact, his faith in God increased daily. Then there was noise at the gate. Pharaoh is calling him. Pharaoh needs him! ‘Are you saying Pharaoh…? The last thing that he did in the prison was to quickly have a bath, shave and take new clothes to see Pharaoh. He took nothing from the prison. He left everything there. In that shower room he left the sweat, the dirt and the tears. He did not take any old accusation, misunderstanding, bitterness or the sour taste of sleepless nights. He did not take the chains of loneliness. Everything became new. Dressing up with new garments was the first thing he did in readiness for the new beginning. Joseph woke up as a prisoner that morning. But that night, he slept in the palace, as the prime minister of Egypt, the greatest country at that time.

Joseph was promoted to the highest place, next only to the Pharaoh. He was above Mr. and Mrs. Potiphar, all magicians and ministers. His promotion was greater than he could have imagined. At the time of his promotion the whole world was suffering and dying from hunger. The whole world depended on him. He became the savior of the world. Then God gave him a wife, a free gift from Pharaoh! They have two sons. Manasseh means Forgetfulness for God has helped him to forget his painful past. The second son is Ephraim- Fruitful, because God made him fruitful not only in riches but even in poverty.

Joseph is a picture of our Lord Jesus Christ. He came from heaven to earth. He was betrayed by His creation. He died on the Cross for you and me. He was buried in a tomb. On the third day He rose to life having the keys of death in His hand. He bodily ascended to heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit. He is now the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Do you know this Jesus? Give your life to Christ today!

Lessons for you, child of God:
All God’s promises and dreams that God has given to you shall be fulfilled!
Your enemies do not have the last word in your life! God does!
Be filled with the Holy Spirit! He is your recommendation before all men!
No man can resist the wisdom given by the Holy Spirit to you!
Things can change suddenly because God is with you!
Your promotion comes from God!
Your promotion is greater than what you have imagined!
Many people shall rejoice at your promotion for you shall be a blessing to many!
Your children and friends shall be more numerous and much greater than all your past proud enemies!
God has helped you to forget your sins, shame and pain!
The peace that passes understanding is now your portion!
God has made you fruitful in all things and all seasons! Your gain, spiritual and natural, must increase!
It is your destiny to marry well! At the end of your suffering, your promotion package includes happy marriage!
You are a fruitful vine! You shall have children, spiritual and natural!
Your faith will increase daily! You shall do greater exploits than in the past!
Nobody can destroy your testimony for it is God’s gift to you!
Your life is to the glory to God!

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