This is letter from a young sister. She is in her thirties. She is a committed Christian. She prays and she worships God like few people can do. She can’t sing very well but she joined the choir by faith. She is a beautiful, faithful and kind young woman of God. But she has a tendency to feel sad and lonely. This is because of rejection from family and friends in the past. She has been praying for marriage since I know her. I know that she will be a bride one day. This is God’s will for her. She knows for I told her. If you have any words of encouragement for her, please comment, for she will read them.

“Good day Ma! I have a testimony, the Lord has removed the spirit of boredom away from my life & He gave me peace of mind, no more fears, no more worries, no more doubts, my Faith 100% has increased, Before now each time my birthday is approaching, the devil always use to put fears in my heart, that am growing old, no marriage, that I have not achieved anything good in life… Each time I see young singles celebrating birthdays, I always feel they don’t know what they are doing, instead of waiting to celebrate their marriages they are celebrating birthdays. Although I prayed & thank God in my closet, I was still ungrateful to God in my heart. But today I have been delivered! I thank God! I have life and hope. CHRIST in me is the hope of all Glory! I have been delivered, I been set free! Am enjoying peace in Christ today!

Malia, God bless you for all the encouragement & prayers! Thanks Ma Lia!

Your daughter…”

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