“If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen” (1Pet 4:11)

This ‘little’ scripture is a great treasure for them who ‘find’ it. It only applies to the children of God who desire to serve their Father. God gives you a work to do or He sends you on a holy ‘errand’. Do not go anywhere before receiving the strength from Him which is necessary to perform that assignment. Do not work for God in your own strength. Flesh, no matter how religious, willing or zealous, profits nothing in the Spirit realm. For example, If you hire a driver, you do not expect him to pay for his food. Is the boss that pays for all his expenses! How much more God supplies all that you need for your work on earth!

In Greek, the word ‘strength’ means ability, force, power and might. It also means the state of being strong, the capacity to endure, the power to resist attack and also moving forward. Ability is the physical, mental and legal power to perform, to accomplish something; to be skillful, competent and effective, producing the desired effect. It means to be forceful; fruitful; ready for service or action, efficient and with no waste of energy or resources.

In Greek, the word ‘provide’ is a very interesting one. It is ‘choregeo’ from which the English word choreography (the art of dancing) comes from. This word means to be a dance or a choir leader and to help others becoming one. It means to give or to minister, to generously supply what is needed so that others may perform their duty.

If you use your personal strength to do ministry (even if it is to sweep the church) the glory will not go to Jesus, but to yourself. That is very dangerous! You will be a fake political religious man using the strength supplied by the evil territorial spirits around you!

But if you use God’s strength to do ministry, the glory goes to God alone! Jesus wants you to come closer to Him, so that both of you sing together, dance together and become lovers and friends. This intimacy is the source of all supernatural spiritual strength.  Talking like Jesus, singing like Jesus, dancing like Jesus, serving others like Jesus, will release the fragrance of His Person to all others around you. Be like Jesus and your life will give Him all the glory.  Men will know that you are heavenly person, an ambassador of Christ. Your ministry will be approved by God and by men! What a wonderful promise! May this word touch your heart today! In Jesus name, amen!

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