Jesus Christ says: “I was naked, and you gave Me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for Me. I was in prison, and you visited Me” (Mt 25:36)

Last Friday, our church went to do ministry at the Warri Okere Prisons. All the male prisoners were gathered in their open hall and waiting. There is a great revival going on there. Pastor Leigh preached a message of salvation. He told them that God arrested them to talk to them. That it is better to be in prison and become saved by Jesus Christ, than to be ‘free’ walking in the town and maybe killed by police. At the end Pastor gave an altar call and many came forward to give their lives to Christ. They prayed and prayed with loud voices and tears. Their ‘prison pastor’ brought a plate for offerings. My husband and our church members were surprised to see that the prisoners had money and gave offerings. (The money was for their prison pastor and his ministry and not for our church.)

The next day, the prison pastor called to say that one of our church members forgot his Bible there. The prisoners found it and returned it to him. Inside the Bible they found 700 Naira. They gave the Bible and the money to their prison pastor. This is a miracle. They could have stolen the Bible and the money but they did not.

God bless the prisoners in Okere Prison Warri, especially the ones who are children of God!

To God be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!

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