This evening we had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord. We had the ‘women fellowship’ in our church. Five sisters shared their testimonies.
Sister H said that last Sunday morning, as they were coming to church, her 5 years old daughter suddenly jumped on the main street. A fast car passed by, millimeters from her. Her daughter could have died on the spot. The angel of the Lord protected her. Today Is her birthday. She is 5 years old, happy and well.
Sister A said that God healed her daughter miraculously of acute appendicitis. She was supposed to do surgery, but they told the nurse to wait! The medical team had to wait until the parents prayed. After the prayer the parents had faith saying that their daughter does not need surgery because ‘her body belongs to the Lord’. This event happened 4-5 months ago. She was healed. Since then she had no pain again.
Sister B said that her 6 weeks old baby girl was to be dedicating last Wednesday. The baby started crying on and on for no good reason. All attempts to pacify her were in vain. She was worried how she will dedicate her baby screaming like this. They cane to church. Immediately they stepped into the sanctuary, the baby stopped crying and became calm. I am a witness for I carried the baby in my arms for the dedication. She was quiet and happy like an angel.
Sister R leads the Prison and Helps ministry in our church. Today they went to the prisons to preach to the inmates. The devil tried to stop the outreach but he failed. Pastor Leigh preached that it is better to be in the prison and alive, than on the streets and killed. He said that the only true freedom is to be found in Christ alone. Many prisoners gave their life to Christ. There is joy in heaven today because of Warri, Nigeria!
Sister E said that after her first baby died unexpectedly, she thought that she will never be happy again. But God changed her sorrow into joy. She is the happy mother of a year old handsome baby boy called Noah.

All these testimonies were given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of all who heard them.
I sensed that there was a great anointing for healing in the service. We prayed for the sisters who trust God for the fruit of the womb. More testimonies shall follow soon…
“And the power of the Lord was with Jesus to heal the sick.” (Lk 5:17)
Jesus, Lord, You are beautiful!



This is a letter I received from a sister in Christ, a married woman and a mother of three. She comes from a difficult background before she got married. She was proud, rebellious and very stubborn.  Her marriage suffered greatly because of her attitude. Both she and her husband came for counsels and prayers. Thanks be to God! Their marriage is now an example to many. She has repented and changed very much for the past few years. She is now a committed Christian and humbly and faithfully serves God in the church. In the women’ fellowship we have been discussing the need and the importance of the unity of the Spirit in the marriage. She is a testimony that the Word of God is working when you chose to believe. All glory to God!

“Good morning Ma.

I can’t thank God enough for what He has been doing for me and my family. I have been praying for unity of the Spirit for my husband and me. Not just for a few things but for all things. A few days ago, my husband got an amount of money though not much but there was a way I wanted the money spent which I strongly believe will bring glory to God. Usually I will tell him what God puts in my heart, but this time I didn’t. When my husband told me the things he wanted to do with the money it was exactly how the Lord had told me. I was shocked. I give God all the glory because these things are very big to me considering my history which is now a testimony. My mouth will continue to sing His praise forever! Thank You Jesus!

Your daughter…”

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the Unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace” (Eph 4:1-3)


I received this letter from a young Christian man. It is about Bible translations. Read his letter and my reply.

“Good morning Ma,

There is something bothering me for some weeks now. I came across a link online claiming NIV has removed 64,575 words from the Bible and also removed 45 complete verses. I was able to confirm from my bible on my phone and also proceeded to check a hardcopy to clear my doubt and to my surprise those verses were actually not there. I tried bringing it up in our light house but nobody has heard about it. I discussed it with some brethren. A brother told me when King James wrote the bible, he wasn’t having enough materials then so he assumed somethings which NIV decided to remove when they discovered more materials when they were writing. I wasn’t too convinced yet. I decided I was going to ask from my father & mother in the Lord first before drawing conclusions. I went to a church about 3weeks ago and I was faced with this same challenge again.

Ma, I know you use NIV & Tali uses KJV/NKJV. I need help in this subject matter likewise others in our church. Thanks for your time and God bless Ma”


Thank you for your note. This is my opinion in the matter. I will not join the train of arguments about translations. What matters the most is that I am saved. I am a born again child of God and God is speaking to me thru His Word, by the Holy Spirit. All I want is the read the Bible every day and pray. That is my business! There is no ‘perfect’ translation of the Bible. Even we, the believers, no one of us perfectly understand the Bible, in any translation. As you know, English is not my primary language. I use mostly NIV for I find it easier to understand the words. But I also use KJ, NKJ and others. To me, KJ version is too difficult to understand. I will waste too much time in finding the meaning of the words in the ‘old English’ and that is not profitable to me. The discussion about different translations and their weaknesses is an old one. Just the way some men say that the Roman Catholic Church is the only church approved by God, in the same way, some men say that the KJ version is the only one approved by God. To me, these arguments about translations, is a temptation in itself. In the country of my birth Romania, which was Communist for many years, the believers in a city use to have just one copy of the Bible. They will tear it and each one will take only one page to secretly read it at home. ‘When you finish your page I exchange it with mine…’ This is because religion in all forms was considered a state crime. That is why I did not see any Bible with my eyes before I came to Nigeria. So why will I complain about translations today? This is the truth, both in the natural and the spiritual: Hungry men appreciate even a small slice of dry bread. The rich and spoiled reject even fry chicken saying that it has too many calories. I hope you understand…

These arguments take away from us the desire to study the Word of God. There is a Nigerian proverb that says “a lazy man complains about his tools when he cannot perform”. I believe that this argument about which Bible translation is better is started by an evil spirit of religion and not by the Holy Spirit. If you follow this evil spirit (God forbid!) you shall soon find out that no translation is good enough for you and there is no need to read the Bible anyway. In the same way, a single (foolish) man will say that no woman is perfect therefore he will not marry at all. This evil spirit wants you to leave the most important things in life, go after details and get lost in them. I advise you to reject this evil spirit for it produces doubt, restlessness and depression. It is a spirit of spiritual suicide and backsliding! Reject it! If not, soon you will find fault with all things, including your wife, your child and all! God forbid!

Deceived men have divorced their wives and marry others, for they thought these were more spiritual, better ‘versions’ of women or better ‘translations’. I hope you see the evil spirit and the damage he intends to do! The only men who fall to these wicked schemes are the ones who are spiritually lazy and who do not love the truth!

“Timothy, guard what God has entrusted to you. Avoid godless, foolish discussions with those who oppose you with their so-called knowledge” (1Tim 6:20; NLT). The Word of God is the Word of God! No matter the translation! The Holy Spirit witnesses to it! And brings peace to my soul! I hope this has helped you! If you are helped, pray about it and you be the one that will explain and encourage the others who are confused.

Love in Christ alone,


May God help all true believers in these ‘perilous times’! Find peace with God! Jesus is Lord!



This is letter from a young sister. She is in her thirties. She is a committed Christian. She prays and she worships God like few people can do. She can’t sing very well but she joined the choir by faith. She is a beautiful, faithful and kind young woman of God. But she has a tendency to feel sad and lonely. This is because of rejection from family and friends in the past. She has been praying for marriage since I know her. I know that she will be a bride one day. This is God’s will for her. She knows for I told her. If you have any words of encouragement for her, please comment, for she will read them.

“Good day Ma! I have a testimony, the Lord has removed the spirit of boredom away from my life & He gave me peace of mind, no more fears, no more worries, no more doubts, my Faith 100% has increased, Before now each time my birthday is approaching, the devil always use to put fears in my heart, that am growing old, no marriage, that I have not achieved anything good in life… Each time I see young singles celebrating birthdays, I always feel they don’t know what they are doing, instead of waiting to celebrate their marriages they are celebrating birthdays. Although I prayed & thank God in my closet, I was still ungrateful to God in my heart. But today I have been delivered! I thank God! I have life and hope. CHRIST in me is the hope of all Glory! I have been delivered, I been set free! Am enjoying peace in Christ today!

Malia, God bless you for all the encouragement & prayers! Thanks Ma Lia!

Your daughter…”


“If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen” (1Pet 4:11)

This ‘little’ scripture is a great treasure for them who ‘find’ it. It only applies to the children of God who desire to serve their Father. God gives you a work to do or He sends you on a holy ‘errand’. Do not go anywhere before receiving the strength from Him which is necessary to perform that assignment. Do not work for God in your own strength. Flesh, no matter how religious, willing or zealous, profits nothing in the Spirit realm. For example, If you hire a driver, you do not expect him to pay for his food. Is the boss that pays for all his expenses! How much more God supplies all that you need for your work on earth!

In Greek, the word ‘strength’ means ability, force, power and might. It also means the state of being strong, the capacity to endure, the power to resist attack and also moving forward. Ability is the physical, mental and legal power to perform, to accomplish something; to be skillful, competent and effective, producing the desired effect. It means to be forceful; fruitful; ready for service or action, efficient and with no waste of energy or resources.

In Greek, the word ‘provide’ is a very interesting one. It is ‘choregeo’ from which the English word choreography (the art of dancing) comes from. This word means to be a dance or a choir leader and to help others becoming one. It means to give or to minister, to generously supply what is needed so that others may perform their duty.

If you use your personal strength to do ministry (even if it is to sweep the church) the glory will not go to Jesus, but to yourself. That is very dangerous! You will be a fake political religious man using the strength supplied by the evil territorial spirits around you!

But if you use God’s strength to do ministry, the glory goes to God alone! Jesus wants you to come closer to Him, so that both of you sing together, dance together and become lovers and friends. This intimacy is the source of all supernatural spiritual strength.  Talking like Jesus, singing like Jesus, dancing like Jesus, serving others like Jesus, will release the fragrance of His Person to all others around you. Be like Jesus and your life will give Him all the glory.  Men will know that you are heavenly person, an ambassador of Christ. Your ministry will be approved by God and by men! What a wonderful promise! May this word touch your heart today! In Jesus name, amen!


“I returned and saw under the sun that—

The race is not to the swift,

Nor the battle to the strong,

Nor bread to the wise,

Nor riches to men of understanding,

Nor favor to men of skill;

But time and chance happen to them all” (Ecc 9:11)

This expression is attributed to Charles Darwin who brought the idea of ‘Evolution of the species’. He believed that the animal species develop from one another, from the inferior to the superior. He also believed that the weaker species die and the strong ones survive. He said that the fittest survive because they can better adapt to the environment and because they have stronger ‘genes’ to multiply faster. It is Darwin that said that men came out of monkeys. This theory was later applied to the human behavior in general.  Even today people believe that the leaders, the champions and the heroes are the strongest men. They are the ones who are physically fit, eat well and daily train in a gym. It has affected many intellectuals all over the world. It is the basis of racism, discrimination of all kinds and the culture of abortion. The people who believe in this theory say that those who are eliminated in the struggle for existence are unfit to live anyway. They are not sorry for the weak, the handicap, the ugly, the poor and the humble.

The following is an example taken from a famous book that expresses this idea. “He was a killer, a thing that preyed, living on the things that lived, unaided, alone, by virtue of his own strength and prowess, surviving triumphantly in a hostile environment where only the strong survive.” (Jack London; The Call of the Wild)

Now, I want to say: This is a worldly theory. The world is the system of men that works without God. The devil is called ‘the god of this world’ (2Cor 4:4). The theory of evolution totally ignores Elohim- God, who is the Creator of all that is created. The survival of the fittest ignores God who is in charge of His creation, who decides who lives and who dies. God promotes and demotes any man He wants. In fact who the world calls strong is nothing to God. “That is why Scripture says: “God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble” (Jam 4:6)

When Jesus Christ came to this world He did not seem ‘fit’ as the world describes its heroes. He died on the Cross in weakness. Men and devils thought that is the end of Him. But Jesus ‘survived’ over them all. His descendants are like the stars of the sky and the sea on the seashore. We are His children and we are like Him. We may look weak and foolish but we live forever! In Christ, we overcome the world! The wisdom of the world is foolishness to God.

This is my testimony: I grew up in Romania, a communist country at that time. We studied Darwin and his theory in school and we believed in it. I did not believe in God. I really thought that monkeys were my ancestors. Thank God for Jesus! After I got saved, I repented of all my foolish and dangerous worldly ideas! I now believe and know without any shadow of doubt that God has created me, saved me and sustains me.  God loves me! I have no business with Darwin and his world. My business now is to serve and worship my Savior and Hero forever! He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! Halleluiah!