“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (Jn 10:10)

This is God’s eternal command: “You shall not steal” (Ex 20:15). To steal it means to come secretly and gradually taking something that does not belong to you. Stealing is a sinful habit directly connecting with the devil. The thief takes something that belongs to another and uses it without asking the true owner for permission. The more foolish and ignorant the owner is of what belongs to him, the easier is for the thief to steal. The more God is blessing you, the more the thieves are attracted to you. This is natural.

It is said that thieves prefer to steal from big companies far more than from private individuals. In this way they feel less guilty for companies have no voice, no heart and no face. I also read that thieves prefer to steal from wealthy men more than from the poorer ones. They feel that the rich ones should be punished for their wealth. By stealing, they see themselves as ministering justice. This is the wickedness and the deception of sin.

The devil is called ‘the thief’. He deceives people that he is kind, helpful and funny. He makes friends with the foolish and spiritually ignorant. But his only intent is to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. He steals money and material property but he also steals spiritual things. The devil and his agents want to steal your peace, joy, testimony and the Word of God from your memory. He has no mercy for you. He does not care if you become poor so that he becomes rich thru your loss. If any person steals habitually without any remorse or any desire to change, that person is not a child of God (1Cor 6:10). A confirmed thief is a child of the devil.

The opposite of stealing is to be kind, loving and generous; it means to give gifts, to let go of your things and to protect another. A sign of repenting from stealing is that you begin to work with your hands and you stop begging. You need to have a good job or business. Protect your testimony and your reputation. “Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need” (Eph 4:28)

The highest and worst way of stealing it is stealing from God. If you habitually refuse to pay your tithe and you are happy like that, then you steal from God. If you refuse to give to the work of God, you are stealing from your Maker who holds your breath in His hands. Be careful! As a child of God you shall have no peace if you steal from God! “Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions” (Mal 3:8)

Let’s pray: “Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for forgiveness for stealing from You. We vow that from now on, we shall pay our tithes to a local church. You evil spirit of foolishness and ignorance, go away in the name of Jesus! Begging, go away! You evil spirit of stealing, go away from us in the name of Jesus! We hate you! We resist you! We repent from any desire to become rich on behalf of others. We repent of covetousness. We declare that we are satisfied with Your provision. We vow to be generous with others. We want to work with our hands. Please provide jobs for us. Bless the work of our hands. Change our hearts, Oh, Lord! We destroy every connection we have made with the evil spirit of stealing. We destroy every covenant that was made against our material and spiritual wealth. We trust You Lord for prosperity, peace, joy and protection. We receive the eternal abundant life of Jesus! We vow to give You alone all the glory! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”



  1. Maria says:

    Hi, I need some help, please. I was running to get home and my iPhone fell out of my pocket. A guy picked it up, said he needed money and that if I meet him and give him 40 he’ll give it back. My phone is off (it died), doesn’t have find my iPhone on it, and the guy either has it or sold it or something, I can’t call him again because it’s off and I have no clue where he is except I was in Manhattan near Astor Place when it happened and I live in Brooklyn. It’s an iPhone 5s, white, and has a blue phone case. I have a lot of personal info on it that I need (not credit card stuff or anything but things that help me curb my anxiety like voice recordings and stuff) and now I don’t have it and my anxiety is skyrocketing. If you/your friends or anyone else could PLEASE pray that God returns the phone back to me somehow, that the guy has a sudden change of heart and reutrns it, or that he charges/sells it to someone who charges it and the police can track it, I would really really appreiciate it. I’m really panicking. Please pray, thank you so much.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      I shall pray that you have peace no matter the circumstances… The thief can steal your money but cannot steal your soul! God can use even negative and painful events to bring something good from it. I pray that this test will become a testimony for you to share with others in similar circumstances, to encourage them! You are blessed! In Jesus name, amen!

  2. Bongani says:

    I believe um forgiven

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