“I cannot do it (I am not able to do it; It is beyond my power to do this)” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires (a favorable answer of peace)” (Gen 41:16)

Joseph stands before the greatest man alive at that time. Pharaoh has the power to kill him or free him. Jehovah God sent a dream to Pharaoh and none of his ministers could interpret it. God gave Joseph a dream as a young man. He also gave him the gift to interpret other’s dreams. He was successful in the past in this ministry. He has enough experience to be confident about his skill. His fame has gone before him. The ‘drama’ is set for him to promote himself. But no, standing before Pharaoh, Joseph remains calm, patient and humble. He refuses to fall to the temptation to give glory to himself for the gift of God. He clearly says: “I am not able to interpret your dreams…”

He then directs Pharaoh’s attention to the God of Israel who is his father’s God. He clearly says that only Jehovah God can help the King of Egypt. This is a direct and dangerous provocation to the deity of Pharaoh who people believed he is a god. But the Holy Spirit has prepared the road before His servant who spent 13 years in slavery and prison for such an encounter like this. He interprets the dreams and proposes a 14 years plan to save Egypt from destruction. Pharaoh cannot resist the divine wisdom of Joseph.

What is the lesson for us? This is the road to supernatural promotion, to walk in the favor of God which is given only to the truly humble. Be like Joseph! Pray and make a covenant with God that from today, until your last breath, you shall always give God all the glory for your gifts, blessings and ministry! You shall hate pride! You shall refuse to promote yourself! Then, your success is assured! You shall be an ambassador of the Prince of Peace wherever you go! You shall be a servant of Christ to all people everywhere! You shall be a leader of men! There is no greater ‘job’ that that! Amen!

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