My hands are filled with God’s Harvest!  The parents attend our church. They waited for 8 years for children. These are our blessed twin grandchildren (a boy and a girl): Michael and Michaia! This is God’s promise fulfilled: ‘You shall live to see your children’s children…” (Ps 128:6). May the blessing of fruitfulness be your portion too! In Jesus name, amen! Glory to God!

Eu cu nepoteii mei spirituali. Mama lor (fata mea an Hristos) a asteptat 8 ani de casatorie ca sa aibe copii. Sant gemeni: un baiat si o fata. Slava Lui! “Să te binecuvînteze Domnul din Sion, să vezi fericirea Ierusalimului, în toate zilele vieţii tale, şi să vezi pe copiii copiilor tăi!” (Psalm 128:5, 6)

Twins Michael and Michaia Ojigho

3 comments on “PRAISE REPORT

  1. tuoyoanderson says:

    Glory to God.

  2. bridget okafor says:

    wow! praise God I rejoice with them.

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