But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. So David inquired of the Lord, saying: “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And God answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all” (1Samuel 30:6-8)


This is one of the most difficult times for David, the future king of Israel. He was rejected by the Philistines as a soldier. He came home to Ziklag to discover that he has lost everything. The wicked Amalekites took away his wives, his children and his property. Also, everything belonging to his soldiers was all gone. The people were so grieved and angry that they wanted to stone David, their leader. The word ‘grieved’ in Hebrew means to become bitter and rebellious. May God help you not to become bitter and rebellious during the trials of life!

What does David do in this situation? What will you do?


The Bible says that he wept until he had no more tears. After that, he gets up and he ‘strengthens himself in the Lord his God’. In Hebrew, this word means to be encouraged, to help, to play the man, to prevail, to be courageous, to lean on another who is stronger and become strong again. This is David’s secret. This is the secret of the saints in the history of Christianity. When difficult times come, they run towards God and pray! They do not backslide; they do not run to the world for false encouragement. They run to God, they worship and pray and so, they are saved!  David runs towards ‘The Lord his God’. The names of God here are: Jehovah and Elohim. The meaning of ‘Jehovah’ is ‘I AM’. He is the self-existing One; the covenant God of Israel, the personal God of His people.  Elohim is the God of Genesis, the God who created all things. Elohim has to power to change the circumstances, to grant a new beginning and to make all things new.


David believes that God loves him, that He cares! Alone, rejected, and in trouble, David ran to God! Be careful: in difficult times the devil will attack you with doubt and confusion. He will point you to the wrong direction. The devil wants you to doubt the love and faithfulness of God. He will push you to run and run without any vision or destination. You shall be attacked with fear and discouragement! But do like David: run to God and pray. Ask for wisdom. God will answer you. His Word is final. It is not what your doctor, your bank manager, your boss or any other man says to you. It is what God says! That is final!  Defeat discouragement! Pick up the broken pieces! Is there fresh trial? God supplies fresh, more abundant, grace! There is a difference between a strong man and a strengthened man! Even if you are weak, lean on Jesus and receive strength. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and so you shall become strong!


This is the lowest point for David, just before the ascending to the throne! The true king David emerges!  Sorrow and pain do not last forever. Labor is not forever. Soon, the baby shall be born and the mother shall rejoice!! This is the royal way of the Cross. Embracing the pain of brokenness, accepting the risk of humility, thru the tears of holiness, God will lead you from tragedy to triumph. This is His Word for you today: “Pursue the enemy, overtake those losers and, without fail, recover all! God is with you! You can do it! For the glory of God! In Jesus name,  amen!”

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