This was the last prayer meeting called “Saturday Class” for this year. We started strong and we finished even stronger.  This evening we prayed for a sister from our church that lost her husband. Her in-laws want her to worship the river goddess, to appease it so that she and her daughter will not die. But this is a lie! We know that she is a child of God. We prayed for strength to stand for Jesus, for wisdom to speak or to keep silent and also for peace. Secondly, we also prayed for all the activities in our church this month: The dedication of the new sanctuary, the Christmas programs and the end of the year Jesus Mega Party. We prayed that all our guests will travel safely. There shall be no trouble, loss, lack, quarrels, anxiety or confusion. Everything we shall say and do will give glory to God!  We invited the Holy Spirit in our midst.  He came ‘as usual’ in His own ‘special way’. We rejected the evil spirit of religion, the fake ‘holy spirit’. We rejected the fear of sickness, the fear of bad news, untimely death, poverty, pride and ‘bad luck’. The Holy Spirit brought joy to us as we yielded to Him. We then praised God for His goodness and faithfulness towards us. To God be all the glory!

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