“Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer…” (Ac 3:1)


In the past, Peter and John worked together as fishermen. Jesus called both of them to salvation and ministry. We see them here going together to ‘the prayer meeting of the church’. They were instruments in the hands of the resurrected Christ to miraculously heal a man who was born lame. In the natural, they had very different temperaments. Peter was hot tempered and talked a lot. John was gentler and quieter. But in Christ, they were brothers, friends, co laborers united in purpose and zeal.


This is a question: who are your friends? ‘There is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother’ (PV 18:24). His name is Jesus! His family in heaven and on earth is very big! Jesus has many brethren that may come your way.  Blessed are you if the love of God comes to you thru people! Blessed are you if your friends invite you to church! Blessed are you if your friends pray for you, encouraging you to read your Bible or to think about Jesus! Blessed are you if your spouse is spiritually mature and is a true worshipper with a servant’s heart! Today, when you pray, please thank God for your family and friends in Christ! They are the brethren of Jesus, ‘the angels’ that God uses to bless you! Even if you have no money, you are blessed and rich beyond words! To God be the glory!

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