“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord” (PV 21:31)


Today is the first day of ceremonies for the dedication of our new sanctuary. Everything was done in the presence of the Lord and for His glory!  Jesus, You are beautiful! There is victory in Jesus! The background of life is active spiritual warfare. If you believe in warfare or not, if you believe in the existence of the devil or not, this is the truth: there is war in the heavenly realms. The horses represent the power of men aided by the devils. They stand for the most sophisticated technology and strategy of the wisest men on earth. But all the horses in the world cannot defeat the smallest child of God whose faith is rooted in Jehovah. God is not intimidated by galaxies of demonic horses, by powerful bombs or by the latest deadly weapons invented by men. Salvation, freedom and victory are gifts of grace, coming from the Lord! Even for the youngest believer in Christ, the victory is sure, deliverance is established and freedom is confirmed.


Examine yourself: You are either on the side of the devil and his horses or on the side of Jehovah! You are either on the side of human strength or on the side of Christ Crucified! In Christ you can never lose! Today, I have seen tired, confused and disappointed horses, fainting because of thirst, in the middle of the battle. There was no river around and no rain forecasted for them. I have also seen today the banner of Jehovah lifted high above His children. God poured strength into the weak, healing unto the sick and joy to the broken hearted. I have seen all these wonderful things today. His banner over us is LOVE! He who is with God is in majority! What a wonderful day to be alive and to worship God! Jesus is Lord!

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