“Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God” (1Cor 6:9, 10)


There are 104 million alcoholics in this world. Recently, I had to counsel some women who are married to alcoholics. Their once ‘sweet’ husbands became monsters, abusive and violent. A wife told me that in 20 years of marriage the husband often attacked her with his fists and feet, the kitchen knife, the hammer and the mortar used to make pounded yam. This happened each time the husband was drunk. When he was sober he will apologies and buy gifts for her. But then, he will drink again and the bitter circle continues. She wanted to be faithful to the marriage vows but the violence was too much. She wept and wept… Sadly, for the sake of her life and children, I had to tell her to separate from her husband. It is painful to say that these are ‘Christian’ people.


Read this sad letter: “My addiction to alcohol built steadily and, before I realized it, I had become a morning as well as an afternoon drinker. I decided to stop drinking. I was awake most of that night. By noon the next day every bone in my body ached because I needed another drink. I tried to resist it but I could not. I will run to the place I kept the bottles. In a blind panic, I nervously poured a glass full of gin, my hands shaking so violently that I spilled half the bottle. As I gulped it down, I could feel the agony gradually lessening. Then I finally knew the terrible truth: I was hooked. I couldn’t quit. I became a slave to the bottle…”


I never drank alcohol in my life but as a medical doctor I know and I have seen the ravages of this ‘slow poison’. Alcohol affects the body, the mind, the emotions, the relationships and the social behavior. Most marriages break down because of alcohol. The children suffer immensely.


Why do people drink? Most of them it is to escape the stress of life. Like a child wanting to play with a new toy, they want to try a new pleasure. But the Bible says that you should not use your body to experiment with sin, with alcohol or sex. This is because your body is not your own. It belongs to God!!! Sin leads to sickness, poverty, shame and untimely death! We are commanded to glorify God with our bodies!  (1Cor 6:18-20)


The Bible has two types of messages about drinking alcohol. Some seem to encourage some drinking. ‘Wine gladdens the heart…’ (Ps 104:15). But there are others that condemn it. In Proverbs 23 you see that alcohol is responsible for much unnecessary sorrow, broken hearts, scattered dreams and lifelong shame. The drunkard will come to poverty. He will see strange things and will not be able to separate reality from imagination. That is a crazy troubled man. The drunkard needs Jesus, if not he will go to hell. Sad but true!


This is the counsel I give to you, especially to you, the young people? The best thing you can do is never drink at all! Do not be curious about alcohol, drugs or premarital sex! There is nothing good in sin!  Alcohol is a wicked master, addicting and controlling. No man plans to become an addict with the first bottle of beer. But the truth is that most people who take a sip end up as addicts. For sure: you will regret your first sip. But you will never regret abstinence. Remember that drinking alcohol is a choice! Do your choices bring glory to God? Do your choices are helpful to you and others (to your spouse, children)? Do my choices make me a slave?


Finally, with a trembling heart and praying, I say: you who are already a drunkard, you who are already on the road of destruction, I beg you to listen…Stop now and think!  Please remember God, your Maker!!!! God loves you! Please pray to God! Pray to Jesus!!! I am not speaking as a doctor now! I am speaking as a servant of God, as a mother, grandmother, pastor and friend! If the devil in the bottle tells you that your case is hopeless, that you will die an addict… that is a lie! The devil is a liar! Come to Jesus! There is still hope for you! Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

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