“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples” (Jn 15:7, 8)
‘Ask and it shall be given unto you’ (Mt 7:7). This command was given by the Lord at the beginning of His ministry. He encourages all believers but especially ‘the baby’ Christians to ask in prayer. He promises that the answer to their need ‘will be given’ to them. Three years later, just before going to the Cross, the Lord encourages His disciples, the mature believers, to also ask. But this time He said that the answer to their request ‘will be done’ for them. He did not say ‘given’ but He uses another word: ‘done’. From these promises we see that the answer to the prayer of God’s children may be ‘given’ or may be ‘done’. In Greek the word ‘given’ means to offer or to grant something that is on display. But the word ‘done’ means to manufacture, to produce, to generate something from raw material; it means to become, to come into being or to come to pass; to assemble the parts until the product is finished, to perform. Interestingly, the same word means to be married. It is like joining two parts to make a new thing that is whole.
The best way I can describe the difference between these two promises is this: a baby Christian is like a little girl who goes with her mother to a shop where there are many beautiful dresses on display. The mother asks her: ‘what dress do you want?’ She looks at them and says: ‘The purple one, mum…thank you…’ The mum buys the dress and it shall be ‘given’ to her daughter. Now see the difference… The mature Christian is like a woman who also needs a dress. She goes to a shop to buy one. But in that shop they do not have readymade dresses on display. They only have beautiful silk materials of all colors. The Owner of that shop is a ‘Fashion- Designer’ called Jesus. He will take the measurement, design the dress and sews it. There is a period of waiting until the dress is ready. But that dress is more beautiful than words can describe for it is made specifically for the woman by the same Designer who created the stars in the sky.
This is the challenge: It takes more faith to ask for a dress you do not see with your eyes at the beginning. You need to trust the Divine Taylor. It is expected that the disciples should stretch their faith and trust God for a ‘designer’ miracle. The answer shall be ‘done’ for them. Many mature believers get jealous on the baby Christians who go and easily ‘receive’ their miracles. There is no need for that. For no readymade dress will fit as good as one made specifically for you!
This is the lesson: Do not be discouraged! Trust God to ‘produce’ your miracle, to assemble the parts for the finished product. He will prove His love for you as a Bridegroom loves His Bride. But you need to have faith and patience. There is a waiting period until the miracle is ‘done’. For example, if you pray for the fruit of the womb, as a baby Christian you can ‘choose’ a baby from what is displayed to you in a dream or a vision. But if you are a mature Christian, you shall see nothing except the Word of God. You need to trust God to manufacture a baby who is just right for you. The time will also be perfect for the baby to come to you. This principle also applies to the prayer for a life partner, buying a house or the request for other needs. This promise of God is about a creative miracle for you!
But there is a price to pay! For them who abide in His Word, God provides an utterance for prayer that will ‘create’ the answer. For a time you do not see the answer to your prayer. But you have to trust God that He will ‘do’ it for you! The condition is to abide in Christ and His Words to abide in you. The word ‘abide’ means to stay in a given place and in active expectancy; to continue without interruptions; to dwell, to endure, to be faithful to Jesus to the end. You need to resist and reject the evil spirit of religion, doubt, fear, rebellion and backsliding. Then you can qualify for a ‘designer miracle’. The second condition is this: the Rhema Word of Jesus must abide in you. You need to have a love relationship with your Bible. The word ‘Rhema’ means ‘a specific utterance that flows like water’. This is the written Word of God and the prophetic utterances the Holy Spirit gave you in the past. These Words must ‘flow like water’ in your soul. The Word of God shall produce roots and fruits in you. This faithful abiding gives glory to God and will surely reward you with a ‘designer’ miracle. What better promise than this do you want? If these promises do not challenge your spirit this morning, to study the Bible and to pray more, I don’t know of any other thing to say to help you….
“Lord Jesus I love You! You are the Lover of my soul, the Author and Finisher of my faith and the Designer of my life! Thank You for the wonderful gracious and great promises You have given to me! I worship You…”
In Christ I declare
I abide in Christ and His words abide in me! I ask now for what I need! Right now, the answer is manufactured for me in heaven and shall be delivered to me on earth! I believe 100%! I trust God and I wait! My life and my miracle shall glorify God!
In Jesus name,
The bride of Christ

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