“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you” (Ac 1:8)

The prayer meeting started well. The praise was good and strong. We praised Jehovah, the covenant keeping God. At the beginning, the brethren were quite shy to enter the presence of God. The evil spirit of religion was a hindrance. The brethren were spiritually passive. We had to do warfare against the evil powers of darkness, the spirits of fear, intimidation, manipulation, Jezebel, water spirits, doubt, discouragement and confusion. We destroyed the spell placed on them by occult powers. I was sure that the people of God were hungry. I could hear the rumblings of their (spiritual) stomachs. But the hunger was not strong enough to push them on. There was a battle in the atmosphere. Led by the Holy Spirit, we sang a prayer: “Do something new in my life, something new in my life, something new in my life, Oh, Lord…”


Because of my broken leg I did not attend the ‘Saturday Class’ for about three months. I was very hungry to be (re) filled with the Holy Spirit in the midst of the brethren.  But my reflexes of a mother kicked in. I had to wait until ‘the children’ eat and drink first. They did so slowly, carefully. At last, there was a breakthrough. The Holy Spirit came down closer to us. I could ‘feel’ Him as a weight, as a burden on my heart. That holy pressure was the signal for me personally. I freely dived into the river of Living Waters to cleanse and to drink. For the next few minutes I was only partially aware of the people around me. The Living God became very real to me. It is hard to explain… I stood in the light of God’s glory. I felt light and at peace; totally satisfied that I did not miss my holy moment. Yes, it is good to go to the House of the Lord! Nothing compares with the presence of the Holy Spirit filling a room in response to believers seeking God with all their hearts.  Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit we sang: “Jesus who died, He is now glorified! He is King of all kings!” Jesusssssssssssssss!!!!!! Hallelujah!


“I was asleep, but my heart was awake. There’s a sound! My beloved is knocking. “Open up for me, my sister, my darling, my dove, my perfect one. For my head is drenched with dew, my hair with the dampness of the night” (SS 5:2)

Yesterday I spend the day with our daughter and her baby. Her husband has gone to work. I observed that her phone has two types of ring tones. There was the regular official tone for everybody calling. Then there was another tone, ringing a sweet music of love, coming from her husband. That is how she knew when he was the one ringing. She ignored the crowd tone some few times. But when the phone was ringing that special music she always ran to the phone, place the phone on her ears and went to a secret place to converse with her husband. I think this is wonderful… May all married women take this as an example…

Read the scripture above… The Bride knows the sound of her Lover. Even if she is sleeping, ignoring the sounds of the world, her heart is forever alive to the call of her Christ. She cannot resist it. She does not want to resist. Keeping spiritually awake is the work of grace in the heart of the child of God. The Lover complains that He is wet with the dew or the night. It means that He has been standing outside too long. The Bride still has to learn how to act fast at the sound of love. That is not time to stretch your tired legs. That is no time to look for excuses… The Lover calls and she must run to the door. That speedy running is counted as love! Lazy love is failed love!

The unbeliever knows nothing about this. The spiritual ‘goat’ sleeps all the time. She loves her sweet green grass bed more than anything else. She loves her soft hay pillows more than her marriage. A goat is too independent to be a good wife. She only awakes when her belly is empty and it is time to look for food. Love has no sound or taste for the unbeliever. This is wisdom: Do not marry an unbeliever because you will spend the night outside the door, lonely and tired of knocking…

In Christ I declare: I am a child of God… I am a sheep…The Lord is my shepherd… I shall not want… By the grace of God I shall not be found wanting of love… I shall not ignore the voice of my Savior, of my Lord… I shall run towards Him any time He is calling me… I hate to sleep alone, to be comfortable and happy when my Lover is still outside the door… I shall not take His loving voice for granted…I shall not frustrate His grace… I shall love Him more than any other person, including my very life, for without Christ I am nothing…. My heart shall forever be awake and sensitive to His voice… I shall not grieve the a Holy Spirit… I shall not make provision for the flesh… I am dead to the lusts of the flesh… Revival is my portion… My spirit longs for the voice, for the touch of my Lover…in Jesus name, amen!

‘Even so come Lord Jesus, the Spirit and the Bride says ‘Come!’



“Remember the former things long past,
For I am God, and there is no other;
I am God, and there is no one like Me,

Declaring the end from the beginning,
And from ancient times things which have not been done,
Saying, ‘My purpose will be established,
And I will accomplish all My good pleasure’;

Calling a bird of prey from the east,
The man of My purpose from a far country.
Truly I have spoken; truly I will bring it to pass.
I have planned it, surely I will do it” (Is 46:9-11)

A sister said to me recently: ‘Malia, one reason why I like you it is because you are always intentional in all you say and do…’ I was a little surprised. This is the first time anybody called me ‘intentional’. I did not know what to think about the ‘compliment’… So, I decided to look at the word ‘intentional’. What does it mean? This is what I found…

To be intentional it means to think before talking, to be calculate and deliberate; to do all things on purpose, considering the consequences. It means to have a strategy in life and to apply it; to be pre-planned and premeditated. It is a form of loving effectual wisdom. To be intentional you need to have a purpose. A purpose is God’s design for that action! It is the reason for which something exists, something is done, made or used. The purpose is the intended or desired result of an action. It is the end or the goal of anything done. This behavior is blessed by God. This is because God is a God of purpose. Everything God does has a purpose. He knows the end from the beginning because He planned that expected end.

The opposite of being intentional means to be accidental or impulsive. This describe a man who acts without thinking, swayed by evil forces outside his control. If someone is impulsive, it means that he acts on instinct, without thinking decisions through. This man talks for talking sake. He acts just for acting sake. He has no plan, no design, no strategy or purpose. He is foolish man, ignorant of the consequences of his words or actions. For example, if you worked for an entire year to save money for a car and then suddenly decided to spend it all on a ‘designer bag’ instead, that would be an impulsive purchase. This behavior always ends in regrets.

In Christ I declare: I am a child of God! I serve the only Loving God! I worship the only Living God! I have the mind of Christ! I do all things to the glory of God! I love God! I love people! It is my desire that the will, the plan and the design of God be done in my life! By the grace of God, I think and pray before I speak! I think and pray before I act! I take responsibility for my words and actions! I take risks loving people and speaking the truth in their lives! If they receive my words, both them and me shall be blessed together! If they reject my words, I let go and just go on. Life is too short to dwell on rejection. May I ever be intentional in all I say or do; in my marriage and in my relationship with all my children ( natural and spiritual)! May all I say and do give glory to God! In Jesus name, amen!


“I will stand at my watch post;
I will remain stationed on the city wall.
I will keep watching, so I can see what He says to me
and can know how I should answer
when He counters my argument.

The Lord responded:
“Write down this message! Record it legibly on tablets,
so the one who announces it may read it easily.
For the message is a witness to what is decreed;
it gives reliable testimony about how matters will turn out.
Even if the message is not fulfilled right away, wait patiently;
for it will certainly come to pass – it will not arrive late” (Hab 1:1-3)

This is an advice for the children of God who receive prophetic messages. There are only two types of prophecies: false or true! There are no spiritual neutral (innocent) prophesies! You can never ‘play safe’ with prophesies!

The false prophesies originate from the devil and are spoken by false prophets. The intent of these words is to excite your flesh and quench your spirit. For example, a prophet tells you that you will become a millionaire but he does not inspire you to draw closer to God. That is a false hope and a false prophesy. Any word that does not lift The Lord Jesus Christ, that does not inspire you to worship God the more, does not challenge you to love the Bible, that is a deception and a lie. It is spiritual poison and it is deadly! You have to identify these false prophesies as soon as possible and with all the spiritual strength you have, you need to reject them the way you fight an enemy or a sickness. If you tolerate them, ‘meditate or pray about them’ the risk is that you grieve or quench the Holy Spirit in you. That is exactly what the evil wants. Then you become spiritually crippled and too weak to believe the truth when you hear it. God forbid! I say it again: God forbid!

Then there are the true prophetic words. These originate from the heart of God and come to you thru the appointed servants of God. These prophetic words are to be received and believed with all your heart. These are good spiritual healing blessed words. Please note that God does not need your money to produce results. In matters of faith, the poor and the rich are on a level ground. You need faith in God and faith in the prophetic word! God needs to work with your faith. Many believers have been disappointed by false prophets and now decide to reject all prophetic words, if they are true or false. That is foolishness. As a maturing believer you need to learn how to receive the good and reject the evil. You need to do both these actions! With time your skill in doing so will increase.

As a practical advice… I write down godly prophetic words. I love to write. I write them in my diary or even paste them by the mirror in my bathroom. I force myself to see them as often as possible to make it easier for me to believe them. Faith takes time to grow. I want to help my faith. Just like a mother and her baby, it is my responsibility to nurture my faith, to see it produce visible results. This is what I do daily: I study the Word of God, I pray (in English and in tongues), I worship God with words and songs and I believe prophetic words. This is my basic daily spiritual menu and I forbid dieting.

My prayer: I pray for you this morning that your spiritual appetite will increase, that your spirit will be revived to dream again, that you see yourself loved by the Father, happy and fulfilled as a child of God! For with our God, nothing is impossible! God loves you! God is never late! To Him be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!



Somebody sent me a note this morning…
‘Dear Malia, I am a born again Christian. I have a good job. I am usually good in my office, hard working, patient and faithful. My boss is a good person. I know that I walk in the favor of God. recently I made a mistake in the papers… I am worried about the reaction of my boss… I need encouragement… Thank you…’

This is my answer to her:
‘Dear… thank God that you are a child of God. This is the most important thing to describe yourself. Things, people and jobs come and go but salvation is eternal. The. Bible promises that if you are a child of God, obedient and faithful to God, then peculiar blessings shall follow you (Deut 28:1-14). For example, God promised to bless the works of your hands! This blessing is from heaven! It is not from your boss! Just try your best in that office. The rest leave it to God. When you make mistakes, remember that you are not perfect, that you are human. Also, pray that God will turn your mistake into a testimony! God can do that! God wants to do that! So you see, there is no need to live your life in fear or have regrets. All things work together for good for the children of God! Never forget that!
Love, Malia’


“Where there is no revelation (prophetic vision) people cast off restraint (run wild and become naked); but blessed and joyful is whoever obeys God’s law” (PV 29:18)

God speaks to you first if all thru the Bible and His Spirit. He also speaks thru His prophets whose words are always in unity with the Word of God. God gives you not only a short term vision, how to solve your problems now, what you should do today. But He also gives you the long term plan, the strategy on how to maintain and refresh the miracles, your marriage, children or the healing you have received. Just like the lights of the car, you need both these revelations to be happy and successful in life.

Without God’s vision and His living Word, the people ‘perish’. In Hebrrew, the word ‘perish’ it means to become idle, to cease from doing good works, to become stubborn, rude, rebellious against God and His delegated authorities. It also means to become wild, to run about naked like a crazy man, to be demoted from all privileges in the society and in the church. These are the signs of a spiritual blind, spiritually deaf and spiritually dead person! Selah!

Today, if you are a child of God, if you have eternal life, if your spiritual ears and eyes are open to the beauties of the Gospel, then bow your head and worship your Savior! Give thanks that by God’s grace you hear, enjoy and obey God’s Word. Give thanks to God that you are covered by the Blood of the Lamb, by His mantle of protection and glory. Give thanks that you live happily serving God! Give thanks! Give thanks! In Jesus name, amen!


“So Abraham hurried into the tent to Sarah and said, “Quickly, make ready three measures of fine meal; knead it and make cakes.” ( Gen 18:6)

More than three months ago I broke my ankle. I could not stand or walk. My husband chose to lovingly and sacrificially take care of me during those difficult weeks. Some people advised that I should go ‘abroad to stay with our children, to have a better treatment’. Others said that we should hire a maid to take care of me. My husband and I, in one accord and ‘with no shaking’ (as we say in Nigeria) decided that I am going nowhere and I will stay in the house, in Warri, until healed. My husband also decided that we shall not hire anybody and that he will cook the meals and do whatever is necessary in the house. This decision was not easy because he is a very busy man with ministry and all. But this was what we decided as a married couple.

The devil attacked and I was incapacitated for a while. We did not want to make it easier for the devil by allowing any form of separation in the flesh or spirit between the two of us. We did not want to bring in any strange spirit in the form of a hireling ‘maid’. The danger to negatively affect the atmosphere in the home was greater than the so called benefits. So we decided ‘to stick together’, to pray and to seek the face of God thru it all. Looking back, I can confidently say that it was a very wise decision. As my ankle was healing, so our marriage became better, stronger and sweeter. We had time to re-bond as a couple. We had long uninterrupted hours of fellowship in the presence of God. We open our hearts afresh to The Holy Spirit and to one another. We became vulnerable to one another once more. We prayed new prayers. We sang new songs.

Since last year we had planned a vacation during this time. For some time we were not sure if I can make it. I did not want to travel in a wheel chair. But God His wonders. This vacation is one of the best we ever had. I am still limping (for now) but the sweet wine of Jesus produced long ago at the wedding in Cana flows gently in our marriage. This trip was free from errors of judgment, foolish anxieties and unnecessary complications. It was very relaxing and good for our bodies and spirits. Thank God!

I want to confess this: one thing I truly missed all those weeks of lying in bed is to wake up before my husband, to have a quick ‘quiet time’ alone, drink my coffee, and then prepare our breakfast. It is true that my husband became a champion at cooking during this time of trial. But I still consider the kitchen to be my own personal ministry and I was so happy to come back to my holy duties as a wife. We are in Houston in a hotel with a mini kitchen (we generally like to stay in hotels that have cooking facilities). I just finished making an omelette (4 eggs, onions, tomatoes, hot pepper, ham…) and I am happily waiting for my husband to wake up hungry for both spiritual and physical food. By the grace of God, I am ready to give him both. Like with Sarah of old’, you never know if one day you have the privilege to cook for angels or even for The Lord! Your dreams can come true at the end of a good meal!

Marriage is sweet for me, for us… What the devil intended for evil, God used it for good. God always has the last say in the affairs of His children. To God be all the glory!

Lastly… dear children, be happy for your parents are happy! This is your inheritance and approved by God portion in life! Reject depression and frustration! Reject poverty and foolishness! Reject doubt and stagnation! Rejoice in The Lord! And I say again: rejoice! It is well!

Your mother,