One of the most frequent sins I am called to pray for thru the internet is gambling. I just received this note on my blog. He is a man from Kenya. Let’s call him Jonas. Dear intercessors, please join me in prayer for his deliverance. God bless you!

“Hi madam, the sin of gambling has haunted me for over 10 yrs, each time a coin or note gets into my hands is lost through betting. l has decided to trust in God for provision. I appreciate your encouragement. I am in Kenya…Thank you Mam”

This is my answer to him:
Dear Brother Jonas, thank you for your words. I know that it is not easy to open your heart and speak about things that bring pain, shame and guilt. I encourage you to trust God for the deliverance. Read the Bible, especially the New Testament and see how Jesus healed people who were sick with incurable diseases. Gambling is a demon. He is not afraid of you. But he is afraid of Jesus Christ! Attend a good living church. Open up to a trusted mature (in age and spiritually) pastor. Fast and pray! Fight for your freedom. Fight for your soul! God loves you! You could have died many times but God kept you alive. Please come back with a good testimony! I will share your prayer request with other friends who will pray for you. God bless you!


  1. Please pray for me. My husband is cheating on me with my girlfriend and he’s with her rite now and I’m so crushed. I have no friends and I need comfort so badly. Please pray that God will take away my pain and heal me and protect me. I have no self esteem and I’m can’t take this hurt. This girl friends and family all do voodoo.
    I pray that I and my marriage, will be delivered from all spiritual warfare, spells, and spirits and filled with Gods healing, love,peace and protection.

    • Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

      Dear Kimberly, you are a child of God! You are stronger than you think. Your self-esteem does not come from man’s approval but from God who is your father. There is no voodoo that works against a believer in Christ. Fear not! No weapon fashioned against you can stand. I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort you, give you divine wisdom and courage to live like an overcomer! In Jesus’ name, amen!

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