This picture was taken 6 years ago today during the construction of our church. This young sister, her name is Pat. She works very hard at the church’ site during all her holidays from school. She does the same work as the brothers. She can drive the bobcat and carries cement too. She asks not for any special privileges. God bless her and all the servants of God who quietly work and faithfully serve the King!

Malia and Pat


Our granddaughter Angel is 13. Her mother just informed me that she has passed the test for ‘the cheerleaders team’. She was very sick these few days. She had the flu: fever, cough, body pains and weakness. She felt very bad not only because she was sick but that she had to pass the tests this week. She has been preparing for months with her colleagues. On Monday she was too sick to even go to school and missed the first day of cheerleader’s tests. On Tuesday was the last day for the cheerleader’s test when they have to dress with the proper costumes. She was still sick. She could not eat food, only drinking orange juice. She wept begging her mother to let her go and do the test. Her mother was worried because she looked so weak. She phoned me to ask for advice. I told her that in the natural, she should not allow her daughter to go to do any test when she is sick. But I also told her to have faith in God, for a miracle. I said to her: “when your 13 years old daughter cries that she wants to go to pass a test, it is not good to quench her spirit. She has faith. She is a fighter.’ I told her to tell Angel: ‘Ok, let’s go. We shall pray to God for supernatural strength and favor. If you pass the test of not, I and Malia (your grandma) are very proud of you. In our hearts you are always a champion!” They prayed and they went to school. Her mum sent me a message that immediately they arrived, supernatural strength came upon Angel. She did all her routines perfectly, with charm and grace. We praised God for that!
This evening, they called me face time very happy, shouting and praising God. Angel has passed the tests!!! From now on, you may see her ‘cheer leading’ at sports events and other occasions.
This seems like a small testimony. But to me, her grandma, it is a big story that encouraged me this evening! The fact that God proved Himself strong in a teenager’s life, in her hour of need, makes this testimony great! We are all grateful and happy! To God alone be all the glory!
Lessons: God is an ever present Help in times of need! Put your trust in God and He will make sure that you will not be disappointed! Sickness and trials should not stop you in doing the right thing! Pray! Do your best, leaving the rest with God! With God all things are possible! God bless your children who learn to trust in God!
(In the picture, Angel and her mum (our daughter)
Cheer leader
Alina and Angel



1).Yesterday’s Wives.
Welcome my husband, hope the office was not stressful.,
your favorite food is ready, let me lead you to the bathroom
first,then you take your dinner, you look so tired, am sure
you’ll be okay after taking your dinner, welcome my one and

Today’s Wives
Please don’t put unnecessary pressure on me, you can go
to the fridge pick up the stew, microwave it and boiled the
remaining rice, i am your wife and not your cook.

2).Yesterday’s Wives
Darling stop thinking about our lack of money.its going to
be temporary.God will see us through and we are going to
come out of it stronger. After all, we can still feed ourselves
and the children.We need to give the Almighty that glory.I
am with you through thick and thin,my husband,the owner
of my dowry.

Today’s Wives
Look I am sick and tired of living in this abject poverty with you.Why did you bring me to your house when you know that you are not ready for marriage?Every day is one complaint or the other.Are you the complainant general of Nigeria.We don’t have cars,our house is in Tudunwada,when your mates are in GRA. Look if you don’t find solutions to your problems,you will come back and not find me in this your rotten house.

3).Yesterday’s Wives
My husband,we only have 3 children,don’t you think we should have more.You know children are gifts and mercies from God.And the more the merrier.

Today’s Wives
Look am sick and tired of this marriage.You won’t allow me to rest by your constant urge to have more children.I am okay with our two children.I can’t allow you to spoil my figure 8 by bearing another 4 children.You are so wicked that I feel you want to spoil my psychedelic looks.If you dare force me,I will sue you for rape.

4).Yesterday’s Wives
My husband,take heart and don’t worry.i shall go with you to Zaria. Your being transferred from the glitterati of Abuja to Zaria might be a blessing in disguise.We shall take the advantage of the educational institutions to advance our education.Some disappointments could be a blessing.

Today’s Wives
Me I can’t follow you to Zaria-o.God forbid bad thing.From Abuja to Zaria?I can’t cope with such a demotion.To start living in a village.You had better look for another wife.I can’t live in a city without silver birds, Amigo supermarket or Dunes

5)Yesterday’s Wives
My husband,I have enough clothes.This N30.000 you are giving me, Please, keep it and save for a rainy day.

Today’s Wives
Why are you so stingy?Do you have super glue in your palms?What an insult.What kind of shopping do you want me to do with N50.000? What can I buy?Is it Swiss lace or Dubai gold.I am disappointed in you.Your mates are giving their wives $5000 to shop,here you are humiliating me with Naira. I don’t blame you.It is because I refused to marry Chief Antonio that’s why you are messing up with me-ooo

(Somebody sent me this article. It is funny but it is the truth. I don’t know the professor who write it. The only correction I can make is that what the author calls ‘Yesterday’s wives’ defines born again women of God. Listen! A godly Spirit filled woman of God is not something to be found only in the past, on the shelf of a museum, with dust on her hair… No! For as long as God is God, His children are everywhere. But like the gold is found under the ground and as the genuine pearls are found at the bottom of the sea, you must look for them! Lazy people fall into trouble by marrying worldly people. Pray! Pay the price for godly character, godly marriage and godly friendships! You will never regret it!)


“We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all—all but the sin. So let’s walk right up to him and get what he is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help…Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Heb 4:16; TM; NKJ)

We have arrived before the throne of grace. The Lord Jesus is the High Priest. The Lamb upon the throne is there to give grace and mercy for them who are truly in need. Until we understand the revelation of God’s mercy to sinners, we cannot proceed to the higher realms. This royal mercy is the anchor that connects us to the Lord, more clearly revealed when we stumble and fall.

Grace means unmerited favor from God. He sovereignly gives gifts and blesses His people in spite of their sins. Grace destroys all boasting of self and pride. Of necessity, the release of royal grace leads to worshipping the King.

Mercy is God’s sovereign kindness to a sinner who was His personal enemy. Mercy is God’s attitude of compassion to one who suffers the terrible consequences of his sin. In the absence of mercy, the sinner has to die a slow and terrible death, with no human cure available.

When in great trouble, look up and see the throne. Then you shall see His hand waving to you, calling you ‘Come higher…’ So ‘let us’ come boldly to the only place in the universe where we can find help, protection, provision and miracles.

Please observe… such royal blessings come only to them that are ‘in need’. The Lamb upon the Throne is not available to all in the same way. There are many people who suffer, are poor or sick. God has to qualify your status as a person ‘in need’. The word means to lack something vital, to be in want, poor and suffering unto death. Without the mercy of God, the need will kill you. Need is not a selfish desire or a superficial want. Often we confuse need and want, but God is never deceived.

For the release of mercy, we are invited to come ‘boldly’. It is ‘a need-for-mercy-emergency’! This word is more connected with the speech. It means to pray with confidence and faith. It describes a free, open speech without any manipulation, religious hypocrisy or deception. For example, in the army, a solider has to ask permission from a senior colleague before he can speak openly. It is not enough to be in trouble. He has to ask for the favor of free speech. If permission is not granted, he cannot trespass his boundary and ‘speak up his mind’.

Let’s pray: “Father, I am sorry for the many years I have wasted deceiving myself that I can do it on my own. The truth is that I need You. I need Your mercy and Your grace. I need a fresh touch from You. I need Your power, Your resources and Your guidance. Without You I can do nothing. It has come to that… My need has brought me to You. Please receive me… I am Your child… broken and lonely, homesick and wounded, O Lamb of God I come, I come…”

In Christ I declare:
“I need Thee, Lord, I need Thee, every hour I need Thee… Bless me now my Savior, I come to Thee…”
In Jesus’ name,

Joseph 2


“May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob set you up on high [and defend you]; send you help from the sanctuary and support, refresh, and strengthen you from Zion” (Ps 20:1; 2; AMP)
This is the promise of Jehovah, the Self-Existent One. He is the only Living God who needs nothing from outside His Person to exist eternally! This is His pledge: to be with you when you are in in trouble; when you are under attack, alone and sick, abandoned or in pain….when lawyers abandon your case for ‘lack of evidence’… when doctors cannot find the source of your fever… when friends forsake you and the neighbors mock you… when you are ‘too old’ to marry and ‘too barren’ to have a child… when your need is greater than the supply… when hell has found your address and is ready to pay to kill… when prayer ‘does not work’ and the inspiration for singing has dried…
“Holy Spirit, please, come down!!!”
May God who wrote your name in the Book of Life remember you, help you, support, refresh and strengthen you! May God disappoint your fears, melt your doubts, arrest your sickness, fight against your oppressors and overturn the tables! May the power of praise in worship in Zion locate you and ignite a fresh holy fire in you! May the hand of God lift you up, far above the reach of all your enemies! May the increase of God’s kingdom include your home! May you see your children’ children! May you rejoice always, for God is with you! To the Glory of God who can never fail!
In Christ I declare:
I have seen the downfall of satan!
My trouble shall become my testimony!
I shall always praise and worship the God of my salvation, healing and deliverance!
God is my ever present Help in times of need!
Zion is my hometown forever!
Revival is my portion!
In Jesus name,
SLL 12


This is my book. It is a daily prophetic journal. This book is like a puzzle. The daily readings look like scattered pieces, some long and some short. It may seem that there is no particular ‘connection’ between them. You may not see ‘the picture’ initially, but patiently arrange the pieces together. Like a necklace made of pearls, the only string holding them is the Holy Spirit. See these pages as daily food for your spirit and medicine for your body and soul. These are also weapons of righteousness, strong enough to defeat the powers of darkness affecting your environment. Each day has ‘a prophetic’ declaration, reminding us of the treasures we have as believers in Christ. We tend to forget the power of truth spoken aloud. Just to be reminded that ‘I am a child of God!’ is enough to stir my soul each day. This ‘spirit of faith’ is the engine and the power ‘to produce’ miracles.

You can buy it from Amazon.com or from our church’ bookshop! Read and be blessed! Thank you for buying it!
Love in Christ alone,
Lia Leigh (Malia)

Doe of the morning


“Envy and jealousy will kill a stupid fool… Don’t die before your time by being too wicked or acting like a fool…” (Job 5:2; Ecc 7:17)
This is an African story I heard some time ago. Once upon a time there was a vulture that always envied his neighbor, the great eagle. Daily he looked up on the sky and saw the eagle soar effortlessly, higher than any other bird. The vulture tried to catch the wind that lifted up the eagle. But the same current of air injured him and brought him down. Even their feathers were so different…The eagle looked like a king and he looked like a beggar, or so the vulture thought…Envy was slowly killing the vulture but he was ignorant of it.
One day, the vulture reached his breaking point. Unhappy, angry and jealous the vulture went to ‘a native doctor’ to make ‘a medicine’ to kill the eagle. The man said that it is possible to kill the eagle but he needs some of the vulture’s own feathers to prepare the poison. The vulture agreed and with his own beak he plucked some of his feathers. But the ‘medicine’ did not work and the native doctor said he needed some more feathers to make a stronger potion. This went on and on… The vulture agreed and each time he left the shrine he had fewer feathers on his body.
Little by little, he became ‘naked’ and powerless. Without feathers, he lost his ability to fly. One day, the eagle spotted a bird on the ground that looked like a turkey ready to be roasted. He quickly went down and carried the poor vulture to eat it for dinner. This is the sad story of a vulture that was foolishly envious of the great eagle.
What are the lessons? We are all born sinners. Envy is one of the works of the flesh. Envy is a wicked thing; it means to desire what is not your own; to covet what is forbidden; to hate the success and blessings of others. Envy is resident in our flesh from birth. Envy kills its owner, it is suicidal. The child of envy is ungratefulness. An envious man is wicked and foolish, not thankful for the portion and destiny God has given to him. He always wants another’s gifts and blessings!
Sinner, give your life to Christ! Come to the Cross of Christ for deliverance! Jesus died for your sins! Jesus is the only Savior given to men of earth! If envy and bitterness is already a stronghold, an addictive way of thinking, then you need deliverance from the demon who is now controlling you. But for you to be delivered, you need to be willing! Nobody can deliver you ‘by force’. Humble yourself! Have faith in the Word of God! Ask your pastor for help! Envy has to be acknowledged as sin, repented of and replaced with peace, contentment and thanks to God. If not, it will be a slow bitter poison to you, destroying any chance for you to have a happy life! But if you insist in your foolish stubbornness, I tremble for you.
Oh…that we may desire to be grateful to God who freely, generously and graciously has blessed us with so many blessings in Christ Jesus!
In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
I am grateful for salvation, for every blessings and gifts given to me by God!
I do not compare myself with others! I am not a foolish busybody!
I thank God for the blessings given to others!
God is my portion and inheritance in the land of the living!
I am truly satisfied! May the name of Jesus be glorified in my life!
In Jesus name, Amen!
(In the picture, two African vultures on the roof)
African vultures