“My wife, there is no retirement with worshipping God. Even in our old age, we must serve Him to the end. His holy calling to us as pastors does not have a retirement program. God will give us more grace and more wisdom, even as we get older and our bodies get weaker. Fear not! God’s strength shall equal our days!”

(The advice of my husband, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh, to me, before he went to heaven. These are precious words to me!)


  1. Mary Sweeney says:

    It’s so true. Such great wisdom he had. God has given you that same Grace and wisdom to carry on without your dear husband. He would be so proud of you. I know our Heavenly Father is too.

  2. Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

    To God be all the glory!
    I miss my husband so much… It is my private pain… The Holy Spirit helps me to forget what is not vital and to remember what is life! For example, I forgot many details about our vacations together… etc… but I remember his words and I preach them! Thank you for encouraging me! God bless you, sister Mary!

    • Mary Sweeney says:

      Praying for you Lia. I too know that pain you feel each day. I remember My husband’s words too and have his blogs to reflect on which brings me comfort.
      God is truly getting the glory as you continue the ministry that God gave you and your husband. Blessings to you.

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