I Am A Dreamer


I am a dreamer. I am not speaking of dreams in the night, good or bad. I have a purpose, an identity and a hope. The fountain of all these is found in Christ alone. He encourages me to dream. We dream together. We laugh together. When men are sad and withdraw from the light, together we find a million reasons to sing a new song.

My plantation is the first on the right as you enter the land called ‘Perfect love drives out all fears’. My harvest is plentiful. Each apple, each bluebell exists for the pleasure of my Prince. Peace is the dew and joy is the fragrance of flowers never seen by men.

The gate of my garden is always closed and the fence is high. It is only My Prince that visits inside. He alone has the key to the straight gate. The fence round about is dull and ordinary. It is designed to be so by my Lover.
‘There is no beauty that we should desire Him…’
Why waste beauty to them that destroy?
But inside, o…in the cool of the day, when all work is done, the wind blows like strings and the stars shine with smiles…
Are you afraid that I waste my life on dreams?
Are you afraid that one day I will wake up and the only thing I’ll see is dishes in the sink and socks on the floor?
Have no worry my friend…a million socks on a million floors cannot take away the new heart given to me by my Lord! It is not the gift of any man. It is from Him whose voice is like waters and whose scarred hands touch me right now, as I write this simple letter to you, my dear friends on earth.
It is well with my soul!

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