“From childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work” (2Tim 3:15-17)


Dear children, today is the last day of 2016. As a pastor and as a mother, I was thinking, what is the best advice I can give to you, to help you enter the New Year with a new hope and a revived heart? I had some good options in mind but then, after prayer, I decided to go back to basics and simply tell you this: READ YOUR BIBLES! You cannot complain that I am too hard on you. This is my counsel: Read your Bibles daily! Read both the Old and the New Testament! Read your Bibles with faith, believing that God, who is your Father in heaven, shall speak to you thru His Word! As you well know, the Bible is not an ordinary book. There is no book that can compete with the Bible in value, beauty and power! Books are written by men inspired by their own spirits and imaginations. I agree with you: some books are very good and interesting. But the Bible is unique! The Bible is a HOLY BOOK! It is written by God the Holy Spirit. It is true that men wrote the words on paper but these men were completely under the influence and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. When you read other books, you can predict the story; you become bored and tired after some time. But when you read the Bible you will be challenged, surprised, revived and encouraged by the very God who keeps you alive. Reading the Bible you shall discover and participate in the most beautiful and romantic love story of all times: how Jesus loves you and wants to make you one with Him! He died on the Cross so that you become a child of God! There is no greater love than this! Read about Jesus! Read until you know Him well! Worship Jesus Christ, your Savior and Lord!


The Word of God is truth and truth will set you free. By reading your Bible, shall experience the power of salvation, deliverance from bondages, spiritual freedom, peace and joy. In the Bible you shall find guidance from God in all situations, healing for your body and soul, help in time of need, joy when you are sad and wisdom when you make decisions in life. God speaks thru His Word! As the body needs food and water to live, so your soul needs the Bread of life and the Water of Life, all found in the Word of God. As you read the Bible you shall have holy living words in your mouth to preach to others. You become a blessing to many! You shall be known as a man or a woman of God! There is no greater title than that! Doing God’s work is the best and most profitable work! Starting now, make a clear decision that in 2017 you shall pay the price to be a good student of the Bible. The very reading of the Word will pay you for all your effort. Wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and have your quality quiet time. Read the Word with your voice. Listen to your voice. Then pray that the Holy Spirit will interpret what you have read.  Meditate on that Word throughout the day. You will see that you feel stronger, wiser and healthier! The devil hates this counsel… But, dear son, dear daughter… I promise that I will continue to pray for you! The Lord is your Helper and mine! Let’s do it! Happy New Year!



“He thwarts the plans of the crafty so that their hands achieve no success” (Job 5:20)

A sister who attends our church sent me this letter:
“Good Morning Malia! Compliments of the season! How are you and Taleigh doing? Indeed our God is ever faithful. Malia, I have been in prayer mood for about a week before the last women’s meeting and your message from the book of Esther was exactly what I had been praying on. (For my marriage, husband, children, home, etc) It’s like the Holy Spirit kept prodding me to pray in that line & read about Esther’s ordeal and what she did. I honestly feel I’m just managing my marriage and the sweet wine is not as sweet as in the past. But I’m grateful to God and glorify Him for what he is doing in my home. After the last women’s meeting, I was fully charged and continued with the prayer points you gave us. Then something strange happened. I dreamt about the young lady who helps me, my ‘house-maid’. She is 28 years old. In the dream I saw her breastfeeding my son and immediately asked her why? In the dream, she said she wanted to take my place because she had nothing and I have everything. I was shocked. I immediately rejected her words in the name of Jesus. (I am happy that in the dream I was a woman of God). I then saw her crying and walking away. I woke up and was shocked. I prayed and asked God to please reveal the true situation of things because physically speaking, she has been good to me and I have also been good to her. This dream is a shock to me. I did not suspect her and was not praying in her direction at all.

Few days later, my 5 year old son told me at night that he wanted her. (He specifically mentioned her name). I was surprised and explained to him not to want her again as she was not family. Last night, about 3am he woke up and told me he was hungry. While making food for him, he told me again that he wants her (he doesn’t say it causally; you would know he really means what he’s saying). I immediately started praying for him, breaking any soul tie, conscious or unconscious and evil influence she has over him or my home. I pleaded the Blood of Jesus, prayed in tongues etc… Later, I explained to him why he should not want her. We went back to bed after he ate around 4am. I know I did not sleep deep because I had to wake up b4 5am. I had another dream about her where I decreed the word of God Job 5:12 to her cos she threatened me. I woke up praying that verse of scripture. For now, I have decided to let her go and I told her nicely to take the day off. I will keep praying over my kids, hubby, marriage, etc. This whole thing is a mystery to me Malia. Please advise me Malia, it is well…”

This is my answer to her:
“Dear… I am very happy for you! I thank God for your life! You are not just a wife and mother. You are a woman of God! Praise the Lord! This is a good example how faith in the Word of God combined with prayer achieves results. The devil and his agents are successful only in the darkness. In the natural these people seem innocent. They may be hard working, humble and faithful to their employers. Not all show signs of demonic wickedness. Not all serve juju openly, are seducing, rude or lazy. This deception is a weapon to blind them who pay their salaries. As the devil, their plan is to ‘kill steal and destroy’, physically and spiritually. But according to the Word of God you just quoted, no witch can be successful in the home of a child of God. The spell is broken when the child of God prays in faith trusting God for deliverance. Once truth is revealed, it sets the captives free. About your situation right now…This matter is too sensitive to ignore. We are talking about the spiritual safety of your little children. You cannot ignore these two dreams. This particular woman must go away. Do not be emotional. You have to choose between her tears and your children’ tears. I know that you are a good woman and very generous. There are others who look for jobs. Some are good and some are bad. Pray for discernment when you interview the next one. God will help you make the right choice. This lesson you must apply in other situations for we do not walk by sight but by faith! Thank God for everything! I have placed your letter in my wall on fb. Some people will comment. Learn from others who have more experience in matters like these. We must help and pray for one another. I wish you well! God bless you and your family! In Jesus name, amen!”



“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (2 Cor 9:11)


This evening I received this note from a sister in the church:

“Merry Christmas, Malia! For a long time now I have been praying to God for financial blessings in my home. I became tired thinking my prayers were not heard. But when I read your article ‘Talk to Jesus” it brought hope to me. I was encouraged to still trust God and to continue to pray. I am trusting God for supernatural breakthrough in 2017. As I was praying for finances I thought the Holy Spirit said to me to be generous to others who have greater needs. Initially it was hard for me to think about giving to others from the little I have. But then, I decided to obey the voice in my heart. I sent for a lady to come so I can give her a message. When she came I decided on the spot to surprise her. I give her one shirt that someone bought for my son (but my son already has one like that). Malia you need to see the happiness on her face. Then I also gave her small rice, some tomato and very small cash. She left thanking God and me. I told her to just thank God who provided the gifts and the joy. Me too I am thanking God because in this state I am now He has helped me to put smiles on some people’s faces. I started the day sad thinking that this Christmas is poor. But now, at evening time, I am grateful to be alive and to be called a Christian. I feel so much better. In fact, I feel rich! Like you used to say: ‘My liver is smiling…’ Love you Ma”


This is a good example of the way the Holy Spirit breaks the bondage of greed, self-pity and fear. To be generous is not a natural gift. We are born stingy and selfish. True generosity is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is a lesson we need to learn again and again. You do not need to be rich to enroll in the school of practicing generosity. Any time is good enough, even when you think that you are too poor. When you pray for a financial breakthrough, the Holy Spirit may tell you to invest in the work of God, in your church or in the lives of others who are needier than you. It is like Isaac planting seeds during famine. God blessed his faith and he reaped a hundredfold that same year. That was a miraculous great and quick harvest (Gen 26). God encourages faith and generosity! You take risk with God, and He will bless you more than you imagine!


I want to encourage you, child of God! You have been praying for greater finances, a better job or business. Then God sends you someone that you should help. Do not be afraid to share. Break the hold Mammon has on your mind! Fear not! You shall not die poor! The devil is a liar! God is in control of your life and your finances! Once you are a child of God, you can never lose! Learn to be content and generous in all situations! Give God all the glory! Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning! Let your faith increase! Be a blessing to God and to His people! God is a God of miracles! Things change from day to day (sorry, from moment to moment)! Little is much when God is inside! May your liver smile! In Jesus name, amen!


There was a humble family who unconditionally opened their home and hearts to Jesus: Martha, Mary and their younger brother, Lazarus. Jesus loved the three of them and called them friends. He often visited them with His disciples. Each time it was a celebration of sorts. Maratha was the oldest for she is ‘in charge’. She is a practical woman. She goes straight to the kitchen and prepares the dinner for everybody. Mary helps her but soon, she leaves her alone. She goes to sit at the feet of Jesus to listen at His words. Martha becomes worried and upset. She criticizes Mary for abandoning her ‘female’ duties. Mary does not defend herself. She keeps quiet and Jesus defends her.  The Lord declares that what Martha is doing is good but what Mary has chosen is the best. That position Mary has found, at the feet of Jesus and listening to His words, is the best place in the universe. Nobody will be able to take it away from her. The place at the feet of Jesus is a place of worship, peace and spiritual service. The greatest gift you give to a teacher is to sit down and listen to his words. Mary sees the Lord as her Lover, her Master and her Teacher. Martha sees Jesus as ‘a baby’ who needs to be fed. For her, Christmas is forever.  She was more concerned with the natural needs of Jesus than His spiritual needs.


Martha was serving Jesus by cooking for Him and His disciples. Jesus said that in the process of serving Him she became ‘cumbered’ (KJ). The word means to be distracted with care, drag things all around or to hinder the movement by clutter. Martha is anxious to perform well so that Jesus and the others appreciation her.  Anxiety is a work of the flesh; a painful, abnormal uneasiness of mind, over an anticipated problem. An anxious person doubts the miraculous power of God. Martha becomes easily upset because when she is not appreciated for his labor. This is the story of Martha. But Mary choses the best! She knows that there is food to cook and dishes to wash. But she appreciates the Word of God so much that she will abandon the kitchen work for a moment at the feet of Jesus. Both sisters love Jesus. Both serve Him well. But Mary’s choice is the best and it will not be taken away from her.


From this story I have learned great revelations that I apply in my walk with God. The most important ‘work’ for me is to find the feet of Jesus!!!! It is only at the feet of Jesus that miracles happen. It is only there that I can hear the Word of God directly from the mouth of God! It is only there that I can truly worship in Spirit and in Truth! Do you remember the woman who wept (Lk 7:36-50)? She poured out her tears and her love at the feet of Jesus. No other feet on earth are the same! Can you imagine if Ruth made a mistake and went to lie down at the feet of another man instead of Boaz? She could have been raped and killed trying to get married…


From this story I also learned that I don’t need to be ‘a great man of God’ to be able to worship my Lord. I am a woman like Mary; no problem with that. I should not desire a complicated religious life ‘cumbered’ with robes, caps, titles and ceremonies! I desire the simplicity of Christ! Free in Him! When I enter a house or a church, I spiritually ‘scan’ the atmosphere searching for my Lord.  I do not look for men, no matter how rich or famous they are. My soul is attracted only by my Lord. Most of the time, I find Him in humble places and among humble people. I find the place where my soul can rest and listen to His Word. Gossip makes me tired. The Word of God makes me happy. I go to the place where I am happy. I do not pretend to just please people. If Jesus is not in that ‘inn’ I go out. The presence of God the Holy Spirit is like spiritual oxygen for me. In its absence I gasp for air like a fish outside water. I have learned that if I sit down at the feet of Jesus ‘big religious people’ will look down on me. They will criticize and intimidate me. I have learned to keep quiet. How can I argue with a blind man? My Lover will defend my choice and my Lord will fight my battles. It has happened again and again. I have learned that my choice to locate the feet of Jesus is blessed by Him. I become like a landlady of that little ‘holy ground’. Once I locate my place of worship I lose the fear a tenant has. It is the spot under which my treasure lies forever. I cannot be fired, sacked, divorced or rejected out of my destiny! I learned to be confident of my calling. I know that no tenant can evict the landlady and no maid can replace the mistress who is faithful to God and to her husband. I have discovered the power of humility, the freedom of worship and the grace of His glory revealed in me. The effort and the pain necessary to find that holy safe and happy place cannot be compared with the joy of resting in His embrace. This is my Lover, this is my Friend! My Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ! Oh, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!





“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden” (Mt 5:14)

Nigeria is in economic recession. This year our city Warri-Effurun did not have Christmas lights on the streets. The leaders of our church decided to buy some and connect them from pole to pole for a distance of about a mile on Warri- Sapele road, by Urhobo College. We also bought a long cable to connect everything to our generator. We thought that the effort and expenses were justified. These beautiful lights and stars were a symbol of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Light of the world. We too, the born again Christians are also called ‘the lights of the world’. We reflect the light of Christ! We cannot be hidden! In the general darkness and depression, the streets lights were blinking hope and joy, especially at this Christmas time. They have been on for about a week. But this evening something bad happened… we discovered that somebody climbed the pole and badly damaged the cable ripping off the connections. That is why this Christmas evening the lights are off.

Just in case the person who destroyed the lights reads this note… this is what I want to say to you:

“Dear Friend, I don’t know who you are but God knows you! First of all I want you to know that God loves you. This is the truth! We put on these lights on the street to bring hope to the people of Warri and Effurun. These lights are a symbol of the True Ever Shining Light of the World, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He was born two thousand years ago in a poor family. His mother was a virgin called Mary. At Christmas we cerebrate His birth! Jesus is both God and Man. He came on earth from heaven. He lived about 33 years doing only good, healing people from diseases and setting the captives free. He died on the Cross for my sins and yours. Jesus is calling you. He wants to save your soul to give a new beginning in life, to give you peace and joy.

You have damaged the lights our church hung there. This is very bad. If you live this life of secret wickedness and destruction you can never be happy on earth. And if you die in sins you shall go to hell, where there is terrible eternal punishment. I beg you: Come to Jesus! We forgive you! You can repent of your sins and become born again by the power of the Holy Spirit! Tomorrow our electrician will repair the damage you have done. The lights will be on again. You can only spoil the lights on the streets but you cannot quench the light in our hearts. Light is stronger than darkness. Love is stronger than hatred and envy. This is a very good opportunity for you to change your life. Become a child of God! Turn this bad thing into a good thing. Jesus, the Light of the world cannot be quenched!!!

I pray for you in the name of Jesus! You will feel very restless and you will not be able to sleep. This is because the Holy Spirit will arrest you and will convict you of sin. You cannot have peace until you make peace with God. I say it again: Friend, God loves you! Come to Jesus! Come home!”



“But in spite of this, the people kept sinning. Despite His wonders, they refused to trust Him… and did not believe in His wonderful works” (Ps 78:32)


This is a word for parents and pastors. Christmas is a season when our Lord was born. It is also the time to remember that Joseph and Mary became parents to baby Jesus! Please read Psalm 78. We know that the people of Israel had witnessed the miracle power of God again and again. For example, God sent ten plagues on Egypt so that His people will be free. God split the Red Sea so that His people may cross over. God defeated their enemies and protected them by His power. God provided food in the desert and during times of famine. God healed them from all their diseases. God showed His love and care for them as a Father loves His children. The relationship between God and us is the story of grace found in Christ Jesus!!! But we are told that the people kept on sinning because they forgot about what God has done. This is a question: how can the people of God forget what He has done? How is it possible that the children of God should forget what their Father in heaven has done for them?


The first reason why the people of God forgot what He has done is because they disobeyed the command to teach the younger generation the Word and the Work of God. The people of God failed as parents and as teachers. Please meditate upon these words! Selah!!! In particular, they failed to teach the children about the supernatural power of God and His miracles. This failure is very serious and it affected the next generation. The children did not grow up as total unbelievers. They believed in God but only in general. They knew that if you go to church and read the Bible you will find God. But the young men and women grew up as ‘ordinary religious’ people, doubting God’s miracles. A religious evil spirit affected a whole generation!


But it is not only the children who were hurt by this failure. It was the parents too. They forgot who God really is and what He can do. In spite of experiencing uncountable miracles of healing, provision and protection, they did not acknowledge God openly or praised Him in the presence of the children. I hope you know that the best method to remember a lesson is to confess it openly and to teach same to others. The more you teach your children (natural and spiritual) the wonders of God, the more you are able to remember them and to worship God more. As you faithfully teach your children who God is and what He is doing in your midst, God will multiply the miracles to you and to your family. This word is confirmed by generations of parents and pastors who obeyed God’s commands to teach their children the Word of God and to testify about the miracles they have experienced.


“Give ear, O my people, to my law;

Incline your ears to the words of my mouth…

Which we have heard and known,

And our fathers have told us.

We will not hide them from their children,

Telling to the generation to come the praises of the Lord,

And His strength and His wonderful works that He has done …

That they should make them known to their children;

That the generation to come might know them,

The children who would be born,

That they may arise and declare them to their children,

That they may set their hope in God,

And not forget the works of God” (Ps 78:1-7)


Dear parents and children, pastors and congregations, together as family in Christ, we must obey God’s Word! The Holy Spirit ignites the fire but we must keep it burning. This is God’s plan and purpose for us. Failing to teach the next generation about God shall be judged by the same God we have ignored. Selah!!! As a servant of God I fear God and therefore I chose to obey His commands! My work as a pastor, as a mother and a grandmother requires me to diligently study the Word of God and to teach it to my children. This teaching ministry is not easy. Children hate discipline. There is price to pay, both for the teacher and the student. It takes time, effort, concentration and determination to study the Word and to pray for understanding. Because English is not my first language, I also pray that God will help me to communicate well, so that my children, my students (in Nigeria) will be able to understand and receive the Word of God. The Word matures them spiritually. It creates faith and hope in them. This is God’s amazing work. God has given me children and a public platform to declare His Word. I have a responsibility to God. He will judge my work and my motives with His fire. I care about the spiritual progress of (my) God’s children. They must become men and women of God. They must believe in the supernatural God who saved and called their parents to ministry. They must intimately know the Person of God the Holy Spirit. They must believe in miracles the way we do. They must worship God in Spirit and in truth! Finally, ‘as for me and my household, we shall serve the Lord’!

A healthy and happy mixed race family



Something strange happened today, which is the second day, during the Nativity drama. The brethren from our church acting the crowd are about 200. They have done weekly rehearsals since September. But today, the number of the ‘actors’ playing the crowd in the Nativity drama suddenly increased to about 250. We did not what was the ‘problem’. We had some challenges accommodating the overflow. It was at the end of the performance we were told that some young people who came to watch it yesterday decided to go and sew Jewish costumes for themselves and quietly joined the cast today. By the time Pastor was informed that some of the ‘actors’ are not members of our church, it was too late. The drama has started. Even so, all went on very well and nobody observed anything wrong.

To me this is not just strange, but wonderful. Young people in Warri and Effururn are known for bad things. But this time it was different. Something attracted them to join the ‘actors’. They did not come to steal, beg or mock. They came to act the birth of our Lord. We could have been very angry but we remembered that the Holy Spirit has His own way moving people to come closer to God. Who knows what happened in these young people’s hearts yesterday? It seems that they could not resist the pull to worship God in this way. They came ‘to collect their reward’ from God. The Holy Spirit was totally in control, even allowing these young people to act ‘without human permission’.

Our Lord said: “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to Myself.” (Jn 12:32). It is possible that today we have experienced a prophetic ‘drawing’ after the Savior! Nigerians are blessed! The people here are not ‘shy’ when it comes to God! They may break some rules but they love Jesus. We give thanks to God for the success of this evening event! We did not charge fees or any offering. It was done for the glory of God and for the encouragement of the people. We believe it has achieved that! To God be all the glory! Merry Christmas!




“Whoever hates me hates my Father as well. If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. But this is to fulfill what is written in their Law: ‘They hated me without reason.’ (Jn 15;23-25)

It is Christmas season again. Thank God! We are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. During this time people visit each other, exchange gifts and good wishes. All these are good. I am grateful for the many gifts and cards we have received. Thank you! God bless you! But for me, the Word of God is the only “Gift” that satisfies my heart. In particular, the Words of Jesus are Manna from heaven for my soul; they feed my faith, they give me hope and make me strong. In the passage above I am reminded once again that not everybody loves Jesus. How do I know that? Because He said so! Therefore it must be so! Our Lord said that the world hates Him. The world is the system by which men live ‘a normal life’ without needing God. On the contrary, the Kingdom of God is made by all believers, the born again children of God, who live eternally with Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said that the people of the world hate Him. He warns us that because of Him, this hatred shall be extended to us the believers. This warning is a sign of love. This is the truth: I am not ‘better’ than my Master. It is a privilege for me to share in the hatred and persecution my Lord has suffered on earth. As a child of God I have to get used to the idea that all unbelievers around me, even the nice and religious ones, shall hate me for Christ’s sake. Sharing in this ‘second hand’ hatred is painful. But the pain produces the sweet passion love for Jesus, knowing that both of us suffer exactly the same. This identification with the Cross of Christ is the true mysterious fountain of worship. If you call yourself a Christian but you have not suffered persecution, hatred and rejection for no other reason than the fact that the glory of God rests on you, then you are deceived. You are either not born again or you are backsliding. All true born again Christians share in this peculiar pain of persecution and spiritual discrimination. If you desire to avoid this pain, you betray your Best Friend, Jesus Christ. God forbid!

The word ‘hate’ appears four times in these verses. To hate it means to violently dislike another. It also means to love less than you are supposed to love. Idolaters hate Jesus! For as long as you hold to an imaginary idol in your heart, you shall love that idol and you shall hate Jesus! Chronic un-repented hatred becomes a spiritual stronghold occupied by the demons of fear, anger and malice. People who hate others love to make them suffer. In particular, they persecute the believers looking for ways to cause them pain. Dear child of God, the men of this world desire to humiliate you, to oppress you and to make you cry. Then they become happy. Your weeping excites them. They rejoice at your pain. These haters have no good reason for their hate, no excuse at all why they do these wicked things. The devil is their lord. They cannot help themselves. They go on creating misery everywhere. They break people’s hearts and joke about it. Their only friends are wicked people like themselves.

What should you do? Have faith in God! As a born again Christian you should not fear the unbelievers’ hatred. You should not desire their company. You should not be jealous of their power or wealth. You should not hate them back. The best thing is to trust God in all situations and to remain calm under un-explainable persecution. Pray for your ignorant enemies that they may repent. Overcome evil with good! Remember: God blesses His children who suffer for His sake! Pray for the grace and the strength of God to sustain you during these attacks. This suffering is not forever and at the end of it, the crown of life is given to His faithful servants! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Finally I say to you: Merry Christmas!


(These toys belong to our children. This year they could not come for Christmas. I have arranged the scene of the Nativity on my table as in ‘the days of old’)



“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Is 43:19)

Not too long ago we received a prophetic word in the church. “There shall be rivers in the desert’. I did not know how this word will manifest but I believed it 100%. This is our testimony as a church: Today, for the first time since we started the church, Father’s House Bible Church, we transmitted the Sunday Service live thru the internet. I am told it is called ‘streaming’!!!

Listen to what a dear friend for the US wrote: “Good Morning Malia- I finished watch Pastor Tali preaching the word. It was wonderful for my soul. Especially when he said there is no way you can be called and have failure. Glory to God for what He has done and is doing! He never fails!”

Yes, today we have experienced the beginning of the prophetic blessing: “Streams flowing in the desert” going forth from Warri-Effurun, Nigeria, to bless the nations! From now on, all our Sunday services, the Nativity Drama and Jesus Mega Party shall be be streamed live! Glory to God!




This evening was our last prophetic prayer meeting called ‘Saturday Class’ for this year. The anointing was strong. We praised the Living God! “Praise awaits You Lord in Zion”. We used praise to weave a ‘red carpet’ as entrance to the King of kings. “God is fearful in praises”. We are grateful for knowing God, for knowing His name, His Word and His Spirit. We are grateful for all the privileges and gifts we have in Christ! We sang: “How beautiful You are! How marvelous You are! In all the earth, there is no one else like You…” Tonight, the praise ‘brought God down’. It is a wonderful feeling to praise God as a Spiritual Body. It lifted us up to have a glimpse of heaven. Let everything that has breathe, praise the Lord!

Then the Word came (from Gen 21 and 26). There shall be rivers of water in the wilderness. God shall bless His people even now, during national recession. We shall not just survive, but blessings shall over flow from us to others. Isaac dug his father’s well. During famine he planted and reaped that same year a hundredfold. (We shall continue to serve God sacrificially. This time is not like in the past. Our blessings shall come quickly and mightily). God confirmed to Isaac the oath Abraham made when he dug the well. Isaac submitted to the vision and the anointing of his Father Abraham. He re-opened the same well that Abraham dug. The water of life was found under the rubbish the enemies have dumped in the well. Life is stronger than death. Prosperity is stronger than poverty! Healing is stronger than sickness!

Abraham dug the well and sacrificed six lambs by its side. This is to confirm ownership in the midst of the enemies. He then planted a tamarisk tree by the well, a symbol of Jehovah God. Then he raised an altar and prayed to God. He called the God of that well of the water of life in the desert by a new name: Jehovah El Olam, which means the Eternal God. This evening we received a new revelation of God’s name. It was ‘fresh water in the old well of our father’. Jehovah means the covenant keeping God. El is the short form of Elohim, the uncreated Creator. Olam means Eternity! The tamarisk tree grows in the desert or salty soil. Its leaves contain salt. It is an ever green tree. It has very hard wood. It lives very long. It has beautiful flowers at the end of spikes. You can only admire it from afar. It is called ‘an invader’ tree because it spreads fast and destroy other native trees around. It stores all the salt and the water of the desert in its leaves. The tamarisk tree is a symbol of El Olam. That is why Abraham planted it by the well of water. Abraham raised an altar and prayed to El Olam. God answers his prayers and helps Isaac to reclaim the wells.

JEHOVAH EL OLAM is ‘The God who slowly but surely accomplishes His covenantal promises’. He guarantees the fulfillment of His promises. He is the God of all generations. He promises to be the God of your descendants. He is the Eternal God, the uncreated Creator of the Universe; the God who has no beginning and no end; the God outside time and its effects; the God of always and forever! El Olam is the God of the history of mankind. He never gets old and never gets tired. All His attributes are eternal (love, patience, power, wisdom, word, promises…). He is self-existent and needs nothing. His power is eternal. He is the perfect God. Because He is eternal, God is a comfort to saints and a terror to sinners. He is also called The Ancient of Days (Dan 7:9, 10, 13, 22). Jesus is the El Olam, the Resurrection and the Life, the Beginning and the End (Jn 11:25, 26; Rev 22:13). Knowing El Olam delivers you from the fear of death; gives you the confidence that God will be with your children and their children. He is the source of all faithfulness and patience in all generations.

Soon we shall celebrate Christmas. When she knew that she was pregnant with Jesus (The Eternal Well of the Water of Life), Mary praised Jehovah El Olam, the covenant God off all generations:
“And Mary said:
“My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.
For He has regarded the lowly state of His maidservant;
For behold, henceforth ALL GENERATIONS will call me blessed.
For He who is mighty has done great things for me,
And holy is His name!!!
And His mercy is on those who fear Him
He has helped His servant Israel…
As He spoke to our fathers,
To Abraham and to his seed forever” (Lk 1:46-55)
May the revelation of God’s name Jehovah El Olam be a blessing to you and to your seed forever!

(In the picture you see Abraham’s well, 4000 years old, still in function, with a small tamarisk tree by its side in Beersheba, Israel)





The women’s fellowship was very good. It was well attended; there was great expectation and feeling of thanksgiving ‘in the air’.  This was our last fellowship this year. We gratitude in our hearts, we all knelt down to thank God for keeping us and our families alive from January to December.  We sang: ‘Eshe, Baba-o…’ (Thank You Lord…). The sisters testified of supernatural healings and God’s protections. We all thanked God for Father’s House, for being a church where the Word of God is preached and nobody is manipulated to give money. We all agreed that our church is like an oasis in the desert. Thank You Lord!

Then the Word of God came. It is the story of Queen Esther.


This is the story of Hadassah Esther. When Vashti was in the palace, Esther was ‘a Nobody’. She was a simple Jewish girl, an orphan living in the house of her uncle Mordecai. She could not have imagined that in less than a year, Vashti will be on the streets and she will be crowned as the new Queen of the Persian Empire. Her husband shall be King Xerxes, the richest and most powerful man in the world at that time. But the honey moon was short. Trouble came but by the grace of God the enemy is defeated.


We shall identify with Queen Esther. All of us we shall fast daily in the Month of January. We want to enter the New Year with a strong spiritual foundation. In the first week of February we shall invite our husbands to a dinner and cook the food ourselves. Everybody shall contribute. The rich and the poor, the young and the old, everybody shall do something so that the dinner will be a holy success. The single sisters shall serve the food with faith that next year they shall be married and join us at the table.


Esther was surely not the most beautiful face Susa. But it is on record that she had favor with the eunuch. Just like that, the eunuch in charge of the harem liked her. He stands for the Holy Spirit. He knows what the king loves and hates. He was the one who advised Esther what perfume, what jewelry, what clothes, manners or language to use, to impress the king. That is how Esther ‘received favor with the king’ and became his queen. If you have favor with the Holy Spirit, you will surely have favor with King Jesus. Grace upon grace is already been given… With the crown on her head, Queen Esther ‘received favor with all men who saw her’. The hidden grace became the foundation of visible grace of promotion.


The story of Esther is a story of grace. There are levels of grace, increasing the influence of ministry. When grace is given, it has the potential to increase its own power, to multiply its reach. Men who’ve ignored you, they will soon observe you and come closer to help and minster to you. Grace changes the flow of men and circumstances. Holy success follows… Grace is more attractive than natural beauty. It cannot be bought with money or gold. It is reserved as a unique divine gift for the humble in Christ. It is not easy to kill your pride, but the Cross is able to do it. There is a fear that becoming humble men will take you for granted. This is true…but by the time the sunshine of grace will rise on you, the same men will have no other choice than to come back to you and declare that God loves you!


This is a question…what do you make of these words? Are you interested in them? Do you covet the best gifts from God? May your heart desire this exquisite jewel of all ages called the grace of God! Your life will never be the same again, I promise you…


Prayer points: Father God, help me to appreciate Your grace in my life! Holy Spirit, please give me favor with my husband! Lord Jesus, help me to be a woman of God! In Jesus name we pray, amen!




“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (PV 22:6)


God is a Father. He ‘trained’ His only Begotten Son with love and wisdom. The result was that Jesus never disobeyed His Father until His last breath on earth. God the Father is our perfect pattern as parents. Jesus is our perfect pattern as a child. We are called by the special names of ‘mothers and fathers’. God gives us children so that He can share with us the beauty of being a parent; to teach us the responsibility of being a mentor. We are to care for our children with the love, gentleness, patience and strength of God. Our children are not our ‘property’. We are not free to sell them or ignore them. We have to give an account to God for our work as parents. ‘Our’ children are God’s property. They belong to Him. God expects us the parents to train the children to be holy; to love God, His Word and the Body of Christ! As parents we also need to study the Word of God to live by it!


One thing is clear: we cannot save our children’s souls. Only God is able to do that, by His grace. But we should prepare our children to walk with God. We train the children in the ‘way they should go’ not in the way they want to go. The Bible is the standard for this training. It is not enough to provide material things for the children. Spiritual training is even more important than the latest electronics in the market.


This training is not easy. The child will resist the training. We need to start as soon as possible. Even a toddler can learn to stay quiet when we pray and can learn to say ‘Amen!’ Once the child is out of the home, going to boarding house or to the university, he starts to become ‘old’. It is more and more difficult to train him after a certain age. As parents we should know that the time of training our children is limited and it passes away so quickly. The teachers in the schools and the pastors in the churches cannot replace the effort the parents need to invest in the destiny of their children.


The Hebrew word ‘to train’ means to walk on a narrow road. It also means to initiate, to dedicate and to disciple a child.  To initiate it means to bring a person into a secret group or to start an action. We need to teach our children the mysteries of Christ, to baptize them into the invisible spiritual life of God. The earlier they know the Person of God the Holy Spirit, the better! We should bring the children to church services. We need to ignite that holy passion, to start the fire of the Spirit in the child’s heart so that he is able to love Jesus with an undying love. We need to teach our children to be spiritually free and truly creative. We also need to discipline the child. We need to set boundaries of love. We need to enforce these boundaries and rules. When a child is stubborn and rebellious punishment must be applied, never in anger and always with love. As parents we need to pray that all these methods will work. This is the standing rule in the home: Parents must pray!  Their lives will mold the character of the child. We need to live by the Word of God as practical holiness is very important for the children to imitate.


This is good news: God promises to bless our efforts. Our little children will soon be adults. By the grace of God they shall be responsible, generous, loving and godly people. They are the best rewards for all those long hours of prayer and teaching at home. The promise is that when the child is ‘old’ he will not depart from the narrow and safe road of God. Our children and even grandchildren shall be safe, happy, faithful and spiritually mature. No parent needs to be ashamed of his work at home. God promotes the faithful parents with everlasting joy! May God bless all the mothers and the fathers; all the grandmothers and the grandfathers who love Jesus and His Word! Your labor of love shall be rewarded! I speak as a mother! I speak as a pastor! I know it! I believe it! Amen!



“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony” (Heb 11:1, 2)


Christianity is a walk of faith. No matter what I tell you, if you do not believe the Word of God, I will speak in vain. Faith is ‘the baby conceived’ when the spirit of man becomes one with the Word of God. Faith is the fruit of the Holy Spirit produced in the spirit of the believer. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, which is the truth. Examine your life if your faith is growing! That is why you need to attend a living church and listen to the preaching of the Word of God. You need to study and meditate on the Word! Pray for understanding. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! This is how faith grows ‘organically’. God shall reward you more than you can tell!


Try to imagine this: Faith has strong hands. Faith grabs and holds the promises of God knowing that they are real. When doubt tries to hold the Word of God, it slips thru its fingers like water. Doubt is always empty handed and frustrated. But faith holds and holds the Word of God until it manifests as a visible testimony. Christianity is a life style that starts with faith and ends with sight. This ever maturing faith, tried and tested in the furnace of fire, is acknowledged and rewarded by God. By this blessing, your position shall change from a ‘baby Christian’ to an ‘elder’ in the Kingdom. From a prince you shall become a king! These are spiritual ‘titles’. No man can give them or take them away from you. No mater your natural age, if you are a child of God, you are either a baby or an elder. A baby trusts God. But an elder is more than that. He trusts God and God trusts him! Selah!


May this be your heart’s desire and prayer this morning: “Father God, please help me to be an elder in your courts! Please increase my faith! Help me to pay the price for a mature faith! Help me to trust You always! Give me the testimony of a true servant of God! For Your glory alone and for my own good! In Jesus name I pray, amen!”



The prophetic prayer meeting was good. We all praised God and bowed at His feet singing: “Oh, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord! For Him alone is worthy, Christ the Lord!” Then the Word came. The Holy Spirit said that we have been faithful and obedient during this long season of spiritual warfare. The enemies have been pushed behind and the damage done to them is so great that it will take a long time for them to recover. Until then, there shall be a season of peace when we shall buy land and build houses. God will bless us with supernatural extraordinary blessings, spiritual and material. Divine healing, fruitfulness and financial prosperity shall be our portion. Nigeria is a country in recession. It is a form of Biblical famine. We believe the promises of God that during this famine He will bless, protect, increase, heal and deliver us abundantly. We declared that in Christ, even during national trouble and famine, we shall not be ashamed of our testimony, we shall not become spiritually dry and we shall not be disappointed in our God! Many people may suffer hunger and frustration in life. But we shall ride on with God and shall have abundance of provision and supernatural blessings (Ps 37:18, 19). Amen!


Read Genesis 26. Isaac planted seeds during the time of famine. God blessed him and gave him a hundredfold harvest. His wealth was not stagnant but continued to increase. He was a man of peace. He enjoyed the blessings of peace. He was not a famous man, a warrior like his father Abraham. He was not a good business man like his son Jacob. Isaac was a man known for only one thing: he was a digger of wells. The wells represent deep hidden blessings, the water of life. He knew where to find life even in a hopeless dead place. He believed in God of miracles.  He obeyed God’s Word. He was greatly tempted to go ‘abroad’ and find ‘greener pastures’. But God told him to stay and dwell in Gerar, in the country of the Philistines. The word Gerar means ‘Rough land’.  This is his testimony: in the midst of his enemies, during drought and famine, Isaac became extremely wealthy because he obeyed God. We identify with his testimony!


What was in Isaac’s mind to be able to trust God, that He will prosper him during famine? Who is the God he served? Who is our God? God is a God of miracles! God is able to make the blind to see; the deaf and dumb to hear and speak; the cripple to walk and dance. God created all things and His hand is not short during trying times. God said that He will make rivers to flow in the desert, in the deep valleys of troubles and on the barren heights of difficult situations. God says that we should forget the past troubles and the former lack of good things. We should see this ‘new thing’ God is doing, right now, in our midst. Jehovah Jireh promises to provide impossible things. Rivers shall flow in the wilderness and many shall come to see the wonder of our supernatural prosperity (Is 41:17-20); 43:18-21). These blessings are spiritual and natural. This miracle is done by God so that His worship will continue for the praise of His glorious name. Nothing and nobody can stop it. God has decided to bestow His favor on us. It is the amazing grace of God. This is big! Thank You Lord Jesus! We chose to believe the Word of the Lord!



“And they overcame him (Satan the Adversary, the Accuser of the Brethren) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto death” (Rev 12:11)


A mature believer in Christ is known for walking in constant victory. He does exploits continually. He has learned to apply the Cross daily, to kill the lusts of the flesh and to reject satan’s lies. He has learned to trust in the Lord with all his heart. His faith in God is applied daily in practical life. That is called divine wisdom!


The truth is that the devil cannot be defeated in your own power. First of all you need to be born again by the power of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, to gain the victory over the weakness of the flesh and over the power of the devil, you need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This testimony of victory cannot be borrowed or bought from another. It is a personal victory flag with your name on it!  For as long as you trust in men, in pastors, in prophets or even in yourself, you cannot have victory in spiritual warfare. The devil works thru deception. He will direct your attention to men or to yourself. He will try to deceive saying that your faith is in God but in reality you are trusting in men. But God knows the truth. God will not give you the victory for as long as deception still works in your mind.


Before praying for victory in any area of your life (marriage, children, fruitfulness, finances…) you should pray that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to see the possibility of a stronghold of deception still standing in your mind. Once you see it clearly, you can attack and destroy it. It takes just a simple prayer of faith and the deliverance is done. It will fall like the Jericho wall. After that, the victory will manifest quickly. But if you are deceived, I mean you are spiritually blind, a thousand long prayers will accomplish nothing.


I testify that the Word of God is true. It has worked for me. If the devil likes it or not I declare that in Christ, I AM AN OVEROMER!!! In Christ alone, having faith in the power of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, the enemy of my soul has been overcome, defeated and disarmed. My weapons are not worldly (bitter ambition, envy, seduction, manipulation, bribe…) but might thru God, by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have trampled over serpents and scorpions and they are now dead. They mocked and insulted me. But hissing, they died. Christ in me, the Hope of Glory, is greater than the prince of this world. I am seated with Christ in heavenly places and in His name I have authority over all the power of the enemy! I know how to lose. For many years I was deceived by the devil! He accused me and I believed him. He gave me sickness and I accepted it. He intimidated me and I trembled. But his power over me is finished! This is the miracle I proclaim: I know how to win! I have experienced the sweet fragrance of victory over my former master, the one who accused me before God day and night. By the Blood of Jesus, I have overcome! I am healed, delivered, fruitful, spiritual, strong and wise! I can shout my victory from the rooftops and the devil cannot shut my mouth. I am a child of God! I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I boast that Jesus loves me! This testimony is true! Glory to God!


Child of God, stop going in circles! Be encouraged to fast and pray for a deeper revelation of what it means to be a true hero of faith! May your testimony come! May your strength increase! May your faith be strong! May your joy be full! In Jesus name, amen!



One of the greatest revelations for me was to find out that I it is possible to live on this earth totally fulfilled, completely free from all wicked fears and terrorizing inferiority complexes. When I gave my life to Christ, I was so happy to know that my sins have been forgiven. “Oh, Happy day…When Jesus washed my sins away…” It was a great surprise for me to discover that forgiveness of sins is just the beginning of the blessed Spirit filled life. The Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse of uncountable moments of pure joy that paved the narrow way leading to heaven!

As a baby Christian seeking God I was surprised to discover that many Christians are too easily satisfied. They just pick a church, join in the activities and that is all for them. No more fasting and prayers. No more longing for a deeper experience with the Lord. In particular, it is a sad thing for me to know that so few Christians desire to know the power of the Cross. They run away from Calvary not knowing that they cheat themselves by ‘denying the power thereof’. But as for me, I made up my mind long ago that I will go closer to the Cross and see it by myself. There was a magnetic attraction for me to go there… to see… to touch… to listen, to any drop of revelation found at the foot of the Cross. Just the way many people here in Nigeria are desperate to go ‘abroad’ so was I to go to the Cross of Christ. But the closer I went there, the fewer people I met on that royal way.

For a long time I was considered crazy…’why go there… the cross is too negative’ – they said. I lost friends along the way. I was often lonely and confused. No pastor I knew could help… But still I could not stop looking up. Against all odds I slowly started climbing that hill, not really knowing what is there to find at the top. It was not easy. But the price I paid cannot compare with the glory revealed. What I found at the Cross changed me forever! It’s so called ugliness and terror hides the greatest treasure man can ever know on earth. This I can tell you: If you have not had a personal encounter with the Crucified, you do not know Him well.

This letter is an invitation to all who want to taste that the Lord is good; to all who long for deeper waters of knowing God; to all who have a melody in their hearts but they lack the words to match the tune; to all whose dreams have expired and they hope to start afresh; to all who feel rejected, abused, ignored, mocked, forgotten, disappointed and in pain… I invite you, friend… Let’s go to Calvary and hear the triumphant voice of God: ‘It is finished!’

Come… Clinging to the Cross I beg you come… take your heart in your hand and knock…knock… Suddenly, the gate of life eternal shall open and together, we can step in… the angels, the pearls, the rainbow and the glory will welcome you inside… Behold! The Lamb of God who died once and rose again for all… His name is Jesus! He came so that love may have a face and life may have a voice! I saw the King of kings! I testify that He loves you! This is a royal invitation! Bride of Christ… Friends… Children… Come…





“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Phil 4:4)


This is a simple command: Rejoice always! And yet, it is one of the most difficult commands to obey. Why? We all want to be happy; nobody choses to be sad. It took me many years to learn how to rejoice in such a way that it becomes a life style of glorious, ever increasing and faithful joy. What is the problem?


Most people depend of their circumstances to create and maintain a life of happiness. This is a serious mistake because you cannot control your environment. There are too many factors that influence the things around you. In this life things go ‘up and down’. It is the same for all people, no matter where you live.  A good job can be lost. A dear husband can leave his wife for another woman. Children fail exams and may choose to be wayward for a season.  A sickness can wipe away all your savings. And many things like these…


For joy to be stable its source must be internal, spiritual. The fountain of joy must be the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer. Please note that it is only a born again child of God who is able to obey the command to ‘rejoice always, again and again’. According to the Bible all unbelievers are basically depressed and frustrated with their lives. They may hide their feelings behind fashion or a good make up but the heart is bleeding inside. Nobody can change his own heart! It is only God who created it that can touch it and change it!


This constant powerful rejoicing has to be ‘in the Lord’. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the child of God. It is possible for a believer to grieve the Holy Spirit. Then the joy becomes less but it is never completely wiped out. Thru repentance the ‘joy of salvation’ can be restored.


I had to learn and practice the holy habit of living joyfully. I had to learn to ignore my feelings. By the power of the Holy Spirit I had to learn how to kill my tendency to doubt the Word of God. My flesh had to be crucified with Christ so that my bent towards rebellion will die. With time, I learned to trust the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth and strengthen me to obey it. Once thru the Cross I mastered my flesh, joy became a part of me. Always!


There is another mistake I made in the past. This is a common mistake with many young believers. I depended too much on my emotions to be happy. I forgot that spiritual joy is deeper than my emotions, which are superficial, an expression of the flesh. That is why my life was like a ‘roller coaster’. For example: yesterday I was very happy because my children behaved well. But today things changed.  Because they forgot to clean their rooms I became angry and sad again. My sadness of today had the power to cancel the happiness of yesterday. I was like a man who never has any savings. That added to my anxiety for I felt that I can never be truly and permanently happy. This wrong pattern of thinking went on for many years. The devil cheated me often, stealing my peace and joy.


I got angry with myself. Then I one day my faith rose and I asked God for ‘Holy Ghost wisdom and strength’! (By the way, this is always a ‘dynamite’ prayer!).  The Lord answered immediately! He said that I should ask for my ‘daily bread’. As the Cross I carry is a daily cross, so the bread must be a daily bread!!! This is a daily expectation of spiritual and natural food. It is not an hourly request and not a weekly request. Just daily and that is enough! Also, the Lord Jesus reminded me of His Word: Troubles come in daily doses too! “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own” (Mt 6:34). Light shone in my spirit!


Praise the Lord! By His grace I had learned over the years to have separate ‘spiritual compartments’ for daily needs and daily prayers. My days are full with new mercies, new wisdom and prayers. This is my ‘daily secret’. My joy started flowing like a river connecting my days! In this way, my joy of yesterday cannot be damaged, polluted or spoiled by the ‘trouble’ that may come today. Each ‘item’ is separate and do not touch one another. I may have some anxiety today. I will pray to God about the matter. But my ‘yesterday’ joy has become part of me, for it has already been eternally saved in my heavenly account. That is why I can now testify that my joy is stable and strong as the Rock of Ages who gave it to me! The lusts of the flesh and the difficult circumstances around me are not able to destroy what God is building in me. To His glory and for my good!  So, my children, I say rejoice! For Jesus is Lord over your lives! And I say again, rejoice!