One of the greatest revelations for me was to find out that I it is possible to live on this earth totally fulfilled, completely free from all wicked fears and terrorizing inferiority complexes. When I gave my life to Christ, I was so happy to know that my sins have been forgiven. “Oh, Happy day…When Jesus washed my sins away…” It was a great surprise for me to discover that forgiveness of sins is just the beginning of the blessed Spirit filled life. The Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse of uncountable moments of pure joy that paved the narrow way leading to heaven!

As a baby Christian seeking God I was surprised to discover that many Christians are too easily satisfied. They just pick a church, join in the activities and that is all for them. No more fasting and prayers. No more longing for a deeper experience with the Lord. In particular, it is a sad thing for me to know that so few Christians desire to know the power of the Cross. They run away from Calvary not knowing that they cheat themselves by ‘denying the power thereof’. But as for me, I made up my mind long ago that I will go closer to the Cross and see it by myself. There was a magnetic attraction for me to go there… to see… to touch… to listen, to any drop of revelation found at the foot of the Cross. Just the way many people here in Nigeria are desperate to go ‘abroad’ so was I to go to the Cross of Christ. But the closer I went there, the fewer people I met on that royal way.

For a long time I was considered crazy…’why go there… the cross is too negative’ – they said. I lost friends along the way. I was often lonely and confused. No pastor I knew could help… But still I could not stop looking up. Against all odds I slowly started climbing that hill, not really knowing what is there to find at the top. It was not easy. But the price I paid cannot compare with the glory revealed. What I found at the Cross changed me forever! It’s so called ugliness and terror hides the greatest treasure man can ever know on earth. This I can tell you: If you have not had a personal encounter with the Crucified, you do not know Him well.

This letter is an invitation to all who want to taste that the Lord is good; to all who long for deeper waters of knowing God; to all who have a melody in their hearts but they lack the words to match the tune; to all whose dreams have expired and they hope to start afresh; to all who feel rejected, abused, ignored, mocked, forgotten, disappointed and in pain… I invite you, friend… Let’s go to Calvary and hear the triumphant voice of God: ‘It is finished!’

Come… Clinging to the Cross I beg you come… take your heart in your hand and knock…knock… Suddenly, the gate of life eternal shall open and together, we can step in… the angels, the pearls, the rainbow and the glory will welcome you inside… Behold! The Lamb of God who died once and rose again for all… His name is Jesus! He came so that love may have a face and life may have a voice! I saw the King of kings! I testify that He loves you! This is a royal invitation! Bride of Christ… Friends… Children… Come…


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