“The Lord is near. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:5-7)
By the grace of God I am a medical doctor by profession and a pastor by calling! Please read, meditate and pray about this information! During this lockdown many people battle with anxiety. My desire is to help you! Anxiety is a common feeling. it is an uncomfortable feeling of nervousness or worry about something that is happening or might happen in the future. When anxious, you see the future as dangerous! Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear about what’s to come. These are some examples of situations that can make you anxious: the first day of school, going to a job interview, giving a speech in public, being alone in a crowd, flying, your boss or pastor is calling you, you lose your job, going to see the doctor or the dentist…

Anxiety disorders are characterized by a variety of symptoms.
One of the most common is excessive worrying that disrupts daily functioning. You cannot be calm and you cannot stay focused! Because of worrying, you can’t work well! Other signs include agitation, restlessness (you feel like getting up and leaving the room), fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tense muscles, trouble sleeping, social situations.

Don’t ignore anxiety! It is normal to be anxious but not over-anxious. When anxiety interferes with your prayer life, you reading the Bible or your worship, then it may be empowered by a demon. Fast three days! Pray asking God for mercy and deliverance! Pray for the courage and faith to confront that demon! Pray that the Holy Spirit reveals to you the entrance of this demon! You must ‘see’ the past door of entrance because the demon must leave thru exactly the same door! Pray in tongues! Be ready for freedom! God is with you! This is the time for your deliverance and victory! I testify that for more than 20 years I am ‘anxiety free’! This is the truth! God has delivered me from this spiritual poison! God can also do it for you! The Lord is near!!! Jesus Christ is Lord!!!!

THE MALIA ($37,50)

After more than a month of lockdown, our daughter, Jemine and her husband, Matthew Oakes will re-open their shop tomorrow, 1st of May. They have a plant and flowers shop in Houston, Tx. It is called ‘The Flora Culture’. For the soon coming ‘mother’s day’, they named some plants using different mothers’ names. This one is called ‘The Malia’! That is my name-oh!!! (See me in the picture, with blue ribbon around… Am I not fine?). If you live in Houston, please ‘patronize’ them and go and buy ‘me’! I am only $37,50!!! The rest of you who live outside Houston, please pray for them! I use our children’s shop as a point of contact to pray for all of you who, after the lockdown, you re-open your businesses! As children of God, we can never lose! This is my work, to loudly unashamedly boast about my children! ‘A beg, helep my children-oh!!!’ Praise the Lord somebody!


The Malia plant


This is a wonderful testimony from a daughter in Christ! She is married with two children. She comes from a wealthy family. After marriage, she had problems on how to adjust to a more humble life. She has tried many types of businesses but she could not achieve her heart’s desire. She is a committed Christian, wonderful wife and mother. I am a witness that over the years, she never gave up trying to improve her life! This morning, she sent me this joyful testimony! It is to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others! Praise the Lord!
“Good afternoon Malia!
How are you Malia! I pray good by the grace of God.
I testify to God’s goodness and favor, in this period of Lockdown, I know and hear of complaints about this period, but for me I want to give glory and thanks to Papa God. This this period people have placed orders for nosemask, from 2, 5, 7, 10,24, to over 60, I felt joyful like a little child whose Father just gave the best gift a child could want. Malia this is my first time doing business, I am just happy, excited and grateful, yes I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the orders increased as they increased, but all I see is the grace of God upon me, cause I don’t have a shop or the manpower for it, or major skills, but God’s grace is more than sufficient for me.
Ma even I did a video on how to make a nosemask. To God alone be the glory I uploaded on youtube. The Lord truly has brought me a long way, by myself I wouldn’t have attempted it ( would have made some excuses as to why it’s not such a good idea), but thank God for grace to be bold and courageous ( Joshua 1:9).
I am still in the learning process and I know that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me . I hope you like it, all comments and corrections are most welcome Ma.
Thank you Jesus. In all things I give thanks to Papa God for he is good and his mercies endures forever.
Have a lovely day Ma. Your daughter…”


“The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you!” (Ex 34:10)
This evening I received a wonderful testimony from a Christian sister I respect so much. Read and be encouraged! Please, encourage her too! (She will read your comments!)

“Dear Malia, I have always desired a higher walk of faith in my Christian journey for some years now. Though l believed God’s word to be true, it appeared l was not really dependent on it. I trusted God for prayers on certain challenges but I did not follow through, definitely l allowed fear and doubt… But last year l made up my mind and prayed that God will help me take His word for what it says. I began to confess that l need His Power from on high to quicken my mind and for His word to renew my mind. I took the promises of God for myself and ask God go teach me to rely on His word. Whatever happened, l deliberately chose to dwell and received God’s promises. As long as it is His word, l believed it, not minding what l feel, see or hear. God’s word settles it. When I got challenges with my health and finances, God taught me how to trust Him. He has made my faith strong by allowing me to pass through difficulties. He always shows up at my wit’s end. He specializes in impossibilities with men. He always makes a way when l trust Him to the end. I have enjoyed this experience during this season. Nothing is impossible with God. His word is full of Power and fulfilment. I only need to trust Him!

l now realize that the Lord has brought me into a new season of Supernatural experiences. I believe that from now on l need not live a life of struggles anymore, but bask in Supernatural pleasant surprises . Ex 34:10, Hab 1:5, Is a 41: 8-20, Mk 11 23-24, Mk 9: 23. Jn. 11: 34-40. These and some other Scriptures God has imprinted on my heart in this season. And so l am full of Hope and divine aspirations in this my new age. Rm 15: 13. I am overflowing with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Dear Malia! I have to thank you and Tali so much for always challenging us to let our faith rise. I can not fail depending on God. When l shall take a leap of faith, l can either fall into His hand, the most secure place, or He will give me wings to fly! Thanks again mum for your love!”


I had a wonderful childhood. This picture is about 60 years old. It was taken at the end of the school year. I just finished primary one and I took first in my class. The teachers gave me a certificate of honor. My parents gave me a big bouquet of flowers, you see that I carry in my arms! My father was the principal of the school and my mother was my teacher. This picture was taken in the old train station of Orsova, Romania. The old city is now under the water (The Government built a big dam on the River Danube. The waters rose and covered the whole town. We all moved to another town also called Orsova). My father, Prof. Albai Ion, is now in heaven. All I have left are priceless memories. I still remember how safe and strong I felt by his side. He was holding my hair because the wind was blowing and wanted to cover my face. I still remember how proud he was of my sister and I. He openly praised us and told us that we can achieve anything we want in this world if we work hard and stay focused. Before he died he gave his life to Christ. He prayed to ‘Jesus, the God of his daughter Lia in Nigeria’. When I told him that I want to marry Richmond, a Nigerian, he was very concerned. Initially he refused my request. But with time, he accepted my husband with so much love, like his son he never had. What joy it is for me to remember my father this morning…

Albai Ion


Do not forget God “who led you through that great and terrible wilderness, in which were fiery serpents and scorpions (COVID19), and thirsty land where there was no water; who brought water for you out of the flinty rock; who fed you in the wilderness with manna, which your fathers did not know, that He might humble you and that He might test you, to do you good in the end” (Deut 8:15, 16)
This present lockdown is a form of wilderness. As the people of God needed to pass thru the desert, to arrive at the Promised Land, so we need to pass, thru some spiritual dryness. May we see God’s purpose in this season of our lives! May we cooperate with the purpose of God! To the children of God, I am saying that the faster we obey God, the earlier we shall be out of the wilderness. Many people complain when passing thru hard times. This I a question: What is wilderness good for? Wilderness is a place where you wander about waiting for God, you feel wasted and forgotten by God. It is a place where God teaches you humility. God appreciates humility in people. Read Deuteronomy 8.
In the wilderness God does two things:
*God teaches us the value of humility and the value of the Word of God (Deut 8:2, 3)! Never forget that! God appreciates humility in people. He gives ‘more grace’ (unmerited favor) but only to the humble (Jam 4:6). The evil spirit of religion produces false humility, which is an inverted pride! God never accepts that! The fruit of the Holy Spirit is genuine humility. You become humble like Jesus! God appreciates and rewards the one who is humble and who ‘trembles at His Word’ (Is 66:2)!
How do you know that you are genuinely humble? This is just one test: you totally trust God to provide for you everything you need (spiritually and physically)! You do not trust in your wisdom or in your strength! You trust only in Jehovah Jireh!
How do you identify false humility and the fact that you do not trust Jehovah Jireh as your total Provider? You complain and you boast about yourself!
1-You complain about His provision! You are not content with what you have right now! You are not dying of hunger, but you complain that you do! You lust after ‘the cucumbers of Egypt’ and you complain that you do not have them. You tend to focus on what you lack and not on what you already have!
2-You boast about the things you have (food, clothes, opportunities…) like you are the one who provided them on the table!
In other words, a humble person does not complain when he does not have and does not boast when he has! He lives by faith in God, with a grateful heart, giving thanks to God always!
*God allows us to pass thru the wilderness to prepare us for future blessings (Deut 8:16)! God wants ‘to do us good in the end’. In Hebrew, the word ‘good’ means to become better and to live in prosperity! This promise is for you and your children!
Think about this: What makes you complain? The food on the table ‘is not sweet’; the attitude of the Government; the weather is too hot; the words you hear, the circumstances… Never forget! Everything we have is from God! God does not owe us anything! Child of God, you must not complain! What about pride; the boast of life? Do you think in your heart: I am more beautiful than others… my job is better… Stop boasting! All you have is a gift from God! The wilderness reveals the deep things in your heart! The way you behave in the wilderness this is how you will behave in times of plenty!
As you can see, this lockdown has put a stop to fleshly attitudes. God is guiding us thru this spiritual wilderness so that He will bless us at the end. Do you feel His guiding hand? Did you thank Him that you are not alone? That even now, you are making progress. When we shall come out from this ‘prison’ we shall not go back to the way ‘life used to be’! No! We shall enter a better place of peace and prosperity! Do you believe that your future is better than your past? Then say so! Boast not about yourself but boast about God! He ‘does great things too marvelous to understand. He performs countless miracles. He gives rain for the earth and water for the fields. He gives prosperity to the poor and protects those who suffer’. These are the promises of God: “From six disasters He will rescue you; even in the seventh, He will keep you from evil. He will save you from death in time of famine, from the power of the sword in time of war. You will be safe from slander and have no fear when destruction comes. You will laugh at destruction and famine; wild animals will not terrify you. You will be at peace with the stones of the field, and its wild animals will be at peace with you. You will know that your home is safe. When you survey your possessions, nothing will be missing. You will have many children; your descendants will be as plentiful as grass! You will go to the grave at a ripe old age, like a sheaf of grain harvested at the proper time! “We have studied life and found all this to be true. Listen to my counsel and apply it to yourself” (Job 5:8-13; 17-27; NLT)
Let’s pray: Dear Abba Father, I thank You, for who You are to me! You are my God, my Provider, my Guide in this life, my best Friend, my Doctor, my Lawyer, my Helper, my Peace and my Joy! You are my Life! Thank You for Your Word, for teaching me humility and wisdom! Thank You Lord that You are my Hope! My future is better than my past and present! I give You alone all the glory! I worship You! In Jesus’ name, amen!

SLL 49


This morning I saw a little light, at the media stand, shining in the dark sanctuary. I went closer and I saw brother Shammah at the laptop. He came to do some ‘editing’. Can you imagine this type of faithfulness? Nobody called him. It must be the Holy Spirit! People worry about C-virus and complain about the politicians. But this brother came from home to do ‘editing’ for our messages. When all things are well, people like him pass unnoticed. But now, this humble brother was the only star I saw in the darkness. I was blessed! God surprises me every day. His work and His worship can never stop. Even in the middle of this ‘lockdown’, even if it is done by little men, rejected or ignored, in hidden corners, God’s work and worship must continue. God is changes things. The hypocrites are scattering… But God’s remnant will surely be gathered! I have seen it again and again! The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot quench it! Brothers and sisters, may your little line shine! Lift up the name of Jesus! God will reward you! God bless Brother Shammah and many others like him! Praise the Lord!