THE MALIA ($37,50)

After more than a month of lockdown, our daughter, Jemine and her husband, Matthew Oakes will re-open their shop tomorrow, 1st of May. They have a plant and flowers shop in Houston, Tx. It is called ‘The Flora Culture’. For the soon coming ‘mother’s day’, they named some plants using different mothers’ names. This one is called ‘The Malia’! That is my name-oh!!! (See me in the picture, with blue ribbon around… Am I not fine?). If you live in Houston, please ‘patronize’ them and go and buy ‘me’! I am only $37,50!!! The rest of you who live outside Houston, please pray for them! I use our children’s shop as a point of contact to pray for all of you who, after the lockdown, you re-open your businesses! As children of God, we can never lose! This is my work, to loudly unashamedly boast about my children! ‘A beg, helep my children-oh!!!’ Praise the Lord somebody!

The Malia plant

2 comments on “THE MALIA ($37,50)

  1. Mary Ann says:

    I pray Jemine and Matthew will be blessed in their re- opening.
    The Malia sure is a fine plant !

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