A Woman Meets The Messiah At The Well

‘The woman said: I know that Messiah (called Christ) is coming. When He comes, He will explain everything to us. Then Jesus declared: I who speak to you am He…
Then leaving the water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people: Come and see a Man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?’ (Jn 4:25-29)
She was a simple woman but she was waiting for a teacher who knows all things. She was like an illiterate woman, too poor to go to school, but desiring to be a student in the best university in the world.
She had big dreams. She desired to meet someone sent by God who will explain to her in simple words all that she could not understand. She wanted to submit and to believe in a Prophetic Royal Teacher. She needed answers to the tragedy of sin in her life.

Because of her hope of glory, the people around despised her and none was willing to waste time in teaching a woman like her. She had beautiful dreams as a little girl but life was not fair to her. She had to do things that now she hated. The candle of hope was all but quenched.
She tried to find a man who loves her, but the more she searched the less she found him. Until this hot day, surprised by the well…

Then Jesus looked in her eyes and introduced Himself. “I am He! I am the Messiah!” I am the One you are waiting for…the One who will explain to you everything…and help you live…”
Just imagine the moment: her very Hope…your dearest and best staring at you…face to face with the Messiah…not properly dressed…nowhere to hide…with an old, rusty bucket in her hand…she forgets all things and runs to tell others…’Can this be the Messiah?

What the philosophers could not accept; what the religion leaders could not believe; what King Herod and the high priest rejected…this woman receives as a gift of grace and mercy, from the Anointed One, the Christ!
‘If you knew the gift of God and who is He who asks you for a drink…’ (Jn 4:10)
O, the mystery of this godliness!

Far Above Rubies Friends

‘He that refreshes others will himself (herself) be refreshed’ (PV 11:25)

One of the most wonderful gifts from God are godly, faithful, stable, secure, loving, Spirit filled friends. It is so wonderful to know that I can be free with my friends…that there are people who will never judge or slander me. They are free to correct me when I need correction, and that is a blessing. But true friends never harm with their words or actions. God has blessed me with friends, sisters in Christ, whose value is above rubies…

These are generous and kind, hardworking and patient, overlooking mistakes for the gain of peace, correcting with wisdom and gentleness, and most of all, reminding me of Jesus Christ, our elder Brother!

God bless them all!


‘Moreover, when you fast…’ (Mt 6:16, NKJ)

The people of God in the Old Testament fasted only once in a year, on the Day of Atonement. There is no particular command in the Bible about fasting. That may be the reason why most Christians do not remember to fast.

Jesus says that we should fast. He said: ‘When (not if) you fast…’ Fasting helps us to die to self, to become humble, that we may receive God’s favor. King David cried: ‘I humbled my soul with fasting’ (Ps 35:13, KJ)

We are commanded to ‘pray always’. About fasting there is no such command. Fasting is seasonal, when led by the Holy Spirit. When I pray all my prayers, when I wept and wept and there is no answer from God, then I fast having faith that He will not reject my plea. It has never failed. You need a fresh personal testimony about the power of fasting and prayer!

In Isaiah 58 we see that there are two groups of people. Some are just religious, they go to church, pray, sacrifice and fast. But their efforts are useless. God ignores their requests. In other words, religion and hypocrisy, these are useless and dangerous.

We see also another group of people who are the true believers. They pray, fast and apply the Word of God daily in their lives. These people are blessed with wonderful promises at the end of the period of fasting:

*Light in the darkness (understanding of God’s purpose and their identity in Christ)  

*Healing of the body, soul and spirit

*Total protection (the glory of God protects your back, the most vulnerable part of you)

*Intimacy with God, prayers answered

*Prosperity, fruitfulness at all times, especially when the environment is difficult

*Blessings in ministry, especially in the apostolic, prophetic and intercessory labor

*Partaker of the blessings of revival in your city


(Our Church will fast 6am to 6pm daily, next week! We fast and pray that we may enter into the promised blessing, that we may experience revival (personal and in the city of Warri, Nigeria) for the strength and resources to finish building the house of God, for healing, for deliverance, for financial breakthrough, for many souls to be saved, for a spirit of repentance and fear of God, for a fresh hunger for the Word of God, for a higher anointing in the ministry. All who have faith may join in this anointing).  



The Wind whispered: ‘Follow Me and you shall see the King…’

Happy me! For a long time I wanted to enter thru the gates, inside the crystal palace, on top of the hill. Now surely, my wish will come true…

We went across the city… I saw the palace with flags on the pointed roof…but the flags looked sad, the wind passed them by…

Suddenly we took another direction and I panicked: ‘Are …we not going inside to see the King?’

‘No – said the Mighty Rushing Wind. They that live inside have fine clothes made of chains. We are not expected inside. We move on, pass by the fancy houses built with hands of men…

We shall go into the desert to rest and wait. The King will meet us there…’

Going to the desert? This has never been part of any dream of mine… The most humble of all my imaginations had no place for a stop in the desert…I struggle, I weep…This story cannot be my story….Surely God has done a mistake…

There is another One who moves me to go to a place I have never been. I don’t want to go there…Why this…My confusion, this search for identity in the wilderness is the design of Another, not mine.

Finally we arrived and landed on the hot sand. I searched for flowers, for rivers, for the sound of birds. Nothing was there. What type of postcard can I send from here to my friends in the city? Just grey, hot sand… Can I ever rest here? What is there to see? My eyes are frustrated with the same unchanging picture. My skin is now darker and dry…My companions so far away…Will I ever see them again…

I did not know that the Wind leads His friends to the end of the earth…Tired, tired, tired…I fall asleep by the altar… visited by the scape goat who licks my tears…I see the Cross and now, I know…I see…The Prince of peace is mine!

‘Who is she coming up from the desert, like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense…?’ (SS 3:6)

Even Right Now, My Lord Is Doing Good!

The presence of God was too strong for preaching. The King came in our midst and one by one, the people took the microphone and prayed, and prophesied. Old and young, the educated or not, rich and poor, even little children, they patiently stayed on the line in front of the altar to talk to God. There was a strong anointing that made all patient and humble.
We bound and rejected from our midst the evil spirit of infirmity (diabetes, HIV, infertility, asthma, depression). We rejected the evil spirit of religion, legalism and false guilt. The weak declared that they are strong. The poor declared that they are rich.
Then strength and joy came! We positioned ourselves under the open heavens to receive an impartation of a fresh hunger for God. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was constant. Nobody looked at the time, nobody lost the focus or the interest of what was going on. There was much refreshing. The hope for a better tomorrow was pouring like liquid.
Jesus had great opportunity to ‘do good’ once more in our midst. Call it ‘old time religion’. I call it Prayer meeting in Father’s House. Jesus is Lord!
Receive an impartation from the overflow!
We sang: ‘Everywhere He went…He was doing good. Almighty Healer, He healed the leper
When the cripples saw Him, they started walking;
Even right now, my Lord is doing good…
‘God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power and how He went around doing god and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him’ (Ac 10:38)

The Virtuous Woman Watches

‘She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness’ (PV 31:27)
The word ‘watches’ in Hebrew means to lean forward and peer into the distance, making all effort to see if there is an enemy coming in disguise. This is a military term, to be a watchman, a sentinel upon the wall.
This woman is used to standing still, patient and focused on her task. She watches over the affairs of her household looking for breaches in the fence, to see if there is any enemy coming from outside. As a wife, she prays for her husband to resist the temptation of seducing spirits. As a mother, she prays for her children, the type of friends they have. She is careful to limit the time her children stay in front of the TV set or the computer. She is in charge of their daily Bible study and prayer time and follows their spiritual progress.
The word ‘idleness’ in Hebrew it also means to lean, but not forward as we have seen in the description of the watchman. This is backward leaning, a lazy posture of tiredness, passivity and defeat. Immediately the question arises: what is the direction that you lean to? This is not a natural description and appearances may deceive. It is a spiritual positioning that has no neutral ground.
Do you know that your husband and children, as they are going out, they represent your ministry? If you see children that are rude and lazy, one thing is for sure, their mother is not a virtuous woman. This is not my opinion. This is the Word of God. I tremble as a write it, for none is exempted.

A Living Sacrifice

“With eyes wide open to the mercies of God, I beg you, my brothers, as an act of intelligent worship, to give Him your bodies, as a living sacrifice, consecrated to Him ad acceptable by Him.” (Rom 12:1; Phillips) 

A Living Sacrifice

I have heard of a story. There was this pig and the chicken walking down the road together when they come upon a sign advertising a breakfast to benefit the poor. The chicken said to the pig: “We should donate to that worthy cause. How about if I give an egg and you provide the ham?” To which the pig replied, “Not so fast. For you that would be a contribution, but for me it would be a total commitment.”

Above The Storms

“Those who wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as a mighty eagle” (Isaiah 40:31)

Above The Storm

I read that the Palestinian Eagle is the only bird in the world that is not afraid of thunderstorm. He goes thru the wind and finds rest in the eye of the storm. Then again passes thru the winds and goes above the storm, higher than ever before. From that height the eagle can see the earth, people and other birds running away from the storm, afraid of it. But for the eagle, that height is free from fear. No other bird goes thru the storm to that height. Strong currents that help the eagle go up, are the very ones that bring the other birds down.

I also read that the baby eagle is the most difficult bird to train to fly. The eagle mother is very patient and wise to stir the nest and teach her baby to fly. One reason is that the eagle nest is very high. A young sparrow, for example, can fall from her nest and not die because it is not too high. But for the eagle, any mistake in leaving the nest and trying to fly, it means death. In other words, for the eagle, he either flies or dies. Spiritually speaking, it is either heaven or hell.

‘Talk To Me!’


Prayer is the receipe for mental and emotional health. Pray about everything! Pray about ‘the ordinary’ things of life!

‘Talk to Me about ALL your concerns’- says God!

Anxiety kills your prayer life! Anxiety should be replaced, step by step, with an active, diligent effort to pray! God wants you to talk to Him! Think healthy! Think about Jesus! Find Him inside lovely, precious and beautiful things…Force your mind to think well, to dwell on the Word, by the power of the Spirit…and you will end up with peace and joy, thanksgiving, worship and a wonderful life style of prayer.

Anxiety and prayer are opposites. Chose prayer and anxiety will go away leaving behind a mind and a heart fully protected by the peace of God ‘that passes all understanding’; high above all common sense, much more than words can say. Then at last, you shall encounter the God of that peace, the Prince of Peace Himself!

Welcome Home!!!

”And I will run to You.
To Your words of truth.
Not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God,

Yes, I will run the race till I see Your face,

My Father’s House

Oh, let me live in the glory of Your grace”

There is no man who can promise you love everlasting…There is no man who can be with you when all is lost…There is no man who can truly satisfy your soul…God did not create such a man…

This blessed disappointment is so that we continue seeking God thru His Word, in all seasons of life and all situations…Do not stop seeking, do not stop praying, do not stop loving…Seek until you find Jesus, and after that seek His Kingdom and His righteousness!
Do not waste your pains…they are blocks to build the kingdom and the steps of the ladder that touches heaven…

The Messiah

“I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth” (Rev 19:6 KJV)

The Messiah

George Frideric Handel had achieved fame by writing operas, choral pieces, and other forms of music. But by 1741 his circumstances had deteriorated significantly. His debts were so large the feared being sentenced to a debtors prison. He was depressed and plagued by sleeplessness and rheumatism.

Then, that summer, he accepted an invitation to produce a series of concerts in Dublin. Also, he received a letter from a man who had written lyrics for him in the past. This letter contained several Bible verses. As he read, Handel felt impressed to set these words to music to fulfill his commitment in Dublin.
Handel locked himself in his study and within three weeks completed an oratorio he called “The Messiah.”
It is said that while writing “The Messiah,” Handel saw visions of the subjects about which he was writing. While composing the Hallelujah Chorus, he “saw Heaven opened and the host of it worshiping the Glory of God.” He completed this masterpiece on this day in 1741.

The Way

Jesus Is The Only Way

The choice to deny self, take up your cross and follow Jesus is not a part time, temporary one. It is ‘a full time and forever’ way of life. Get used to the idea that Jesus is THE WAY! Do not just look forward to your destination, heaven.

Enjoy also the journey, the view, the wisdom, the purity, the health, the riches, the fellowship with others and so many tokens of blessings on the path that  ‘shines even brighter till the full light of day’ (PV 4:18). Christianity is designed to be the most wonderful way of life for man!

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Fret Not! God Is In Charge!

‘Fret not yourself because of evildoers, and be not envious of the wicked, for the evil man has no future and the lamp of the wicked will be put out’ (PV 24:19, 20).

Why worry about someone who has no future? Why fret about someone who goes backwards? The wicked are part of the History of sinners; they live only in past ‘glory’! There is no hope, no light and no life for them ahead.

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God’s Plans For You

God created you. God loves you. If you are aware of it or not, God is actively involved in your life. God is never taken by surprise about anything concerning you. He does not have just a vague idea about some guidelines of your life.

According to His personal revelation, God has made detailed plans about all the areas of your life. God has personally designed these plans. He that designed them, He will not stop until His plans for you are fulfilled. Whatever God starts, He finishes it.

JER 29:11

God Has Been Good To Me! Amen!

God Has Been Good To Me

John Paul was kidnapped for ransom by assasins earlier this year. They blindfolded and chained him in a lonely house, in the bush. He was told that if he cannot pay the ransom, he will die.

Then he repented of sins, especially of taking God for granted, for giving too much time and interest to his (successful) business and too little to God. He asked for mercy and vowed to change. His wife (of only two months) was praying for a miracle.

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Uncompromising Faith In God

People of this world think that bending the rules and compromising their conscience is the way to riches, promotion and success. The Bible tells us the opposite. Daniel is a wonderful example on how ‘not compromising’ – but obeying the Word and serving the Lord is the way to true prosperity, spiritual and material.

You need to have faith in God and to be bold to be successful. Cowards and cheats will never last long as leaders. Every seed planted, good or bad, will produce an harvest, sooner or later. There is labor involved in all fields. It is not even easy to be a lazy deceiver. Why not invest your time, emotions and strength in things eternal? Why not try to live a righteous life? Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Supposing He Was The Gardener

Father’s House

“Then the disciples went back to their homes, but Mary stood outside the tomb crying…she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white…she turned around and saw Jesus…supposing He was the gardener…Then Jesus called out to her: ‘Mary!’ She turned around toward Him and cried out…’Rabboni…Teacher!” (Jn 20)

Even in the midst of tragedy, disappointment and loneliness do not be in a hurry to quit seeking God and go home. Mary was left alone in the cemetery’s Garden. Most people will not feel comfortable to be there alone. But she stayed, weeping for the loss of her Lord. Jesus died and disappeared from the tomb. Double sorrow and no answer to the puzzle…

We May Lose A Battle, But God Has Won The War

Jemine Leigh says this:

“I was a really good student in high school. But somehow or the other I struggled in the University classes and I failed two courses my first year. I didn’t even know what it was like to have a C yet alone an F!

The Battle Is Not Yours

I thought my parents will go mad but my dad told me… “you won’t know how sweet success is till you fail”. He reminded me that a strong man (or woman) is not one who walks and never falls but a man who falls 7 times and rises 7 times.

Later, I graduated with Honors, but I will never forget the need to constantly pray for God to guide me, to help me. As much as I studied, I always felt the need to feel God’s presence for every exam and every project.

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