God Has Been Good To Me! Amen!

God Has Been Good To Me

John Paul was kidnapped for ransom by assasins earlier this year. They blindfolded and chained him in a lonely house, in the bush. He was told that if he cannot pay the ransom, he will die.

Then he repented of sins, especially of taking God for granted, for giving too much time and interest to his (successful) business and too little to God. He asked for mercy and vowed to change. His wife (of only two months) was praying for a miracle.

Five days passed, no food, no word…then suddenly the robbers started panicking and released him into the bush telling him to run…He ran and ran until he reached a village. Now he is back to church and he is keeping the vow he made to God, always working at the site.

Except you pass thru the fire, you will not understand this type of testimony. On his T-shirt it is written: “God has been good to me!” Amen!

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