“Hear my cry, O God;
Listen to my prayer.
From the end of the earth I call to You, when my heart is overwhelmed and weak;
Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I [THE ROCK that is too high to reach without Your help].
For You have been a shelter and a refuge for me,
A strong tower against the enemy
Let me dwell in Your tent forever;
Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings”

“For they drank from the spiritual ROCK that traveled with them, and THAT ROCK WAS CHRIST”
(Ps 61:1-4; 1Cor 10:4)

Meteora monastery



“Be filled with the Holy Spirit!” (Eph 5:18)

To be filled with the Holy Spirit is God’s command. It is not a once and for all times experience. You need to be filled always. After pouring out to others, as you do ministry, you need to be re-filled again. You need to have faith that the Holy Spirit is willing and able to fill you. You need to trust the love of God your Father. You need to present your body as a ‘living sacrifice’ and pray that you be filled. To be filled with the Holy Spirit is an experience. You shall feel the filling. It is like drinking water on a hot day. It is like wine, sweet and strong. It is not just a wish or an imagination. You shall become happy beyond expression. You shall pray in tongues as easy as you breathe.

Let me try to explain further… If your heart’s capacity is one liter (for example) and there is one liter of water inside, that is called full. But if God enlarges your heart, your vision of Him, your spiritual capacity for ministry, then one liter of water will only be half full. You will feel a need for more filling! You will feel thirsty for more of Jesus! You will long to worship Him more…That is why the command “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” demands a continuous exercise! Pray: “Moreeeeeee……”

“Like the woman at the well I was seeking
For things that could not satisfy;
And then I heard my Savior speaking:
“Draw from my well that never shall run dry”.

Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up, Lord!
Come and quench this thirsting of my soul;
Bread of heaven, Feed me till I want no more
Fill my cup, fill it up and make me whole!”

May the Holy Spirit ignite the desire, the passion in you to be filled with the Spirit of Jesus!



“I cannot do it (I am not able to do it; It is beyond my power to do this)” Joseph replied to Pharaoh, “but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desires (a favorable answer of peace)” (Gen 41:16)

Joseph stands before the greatest man alive at that time. Pharaoh has the power to kill him or free him. Jehovah God sent a dream to Pharaoh and none of his ministers could interpret it. God gave Joseph a dream as a young man. He also gave him the gift to interpret other’s dreams. He was successful in the past in this ministry. He has enough experience to be confident about his skill. His fame has gone before him. The ‘drama’ is set for him to promote himself. But no, standing before Pharaoh, Joseph remains calm, patient and humble. He refuses to fall to the temptation to give glory to himself for the gift of God. He clearly says: “I am not able to interpret your dreams…”

He then directs Pharaoh’s attention to the God of Israel who is his father’s God. He clearly says that only Jehovah God can help the King of Egypt. This is a direct and dangerous provocation to the deity of Pharaoh who people believed he is a god. But the Holy Spirit has prepared the road before His servant who spent 13 years in slavery and prison for such an encounter like this. He interprets the dreams and proposes a 14 years plan to save Egypt from destruction. Pharaoh cannot resist the divine wisdom of Joseph.

What is the lesson for us? This is the road to supernatural promotion, to walk in the favor of God which is given only to the truly humble. Be like Joseph! Pray and make a covenant with God that from today, until your last breath, you shall always give God all the glory for your gifts, blessings and ministry! You shall hate pride! You shall refuse to promote yourself! Then, your success is assured! You shall be an ambassador of the Prince of Peace wherever you go! You shall be a servant of Christ to all people everywhere! You shall be a leader of men! There is no greater ‘job’ that that! Amen!


The Doe of the Morning
“This book is like a puzzle. The daily readings look like scattered pieces, some long and some short. It may seem that there is no particular ‘connection’ between them. You may not see ‘the picture’ initially, but patiently arrange the pieces together. Like a necklace made of pearls, the only string holding them is the Holy Spirit. See these pages as daily food for your spirit and medicine for your body and soul. These are also weapons of righteousness, strong enough to defeat the powers of darkness affecting your environment. Each day has ‘a prophetic’ declaration, reminding us of the treasures we have as believers in Christ. We tend to forget the power of truth spoken aloud. Just to be reminded that ‘I am a child of God!’ is enough to stir my soul each day. This ‘spirit of faith’ is the engine and the power ‘to produce’ miracles”
(from my book)

(available from or our church’s bookshop)





“A Psalm of David: “Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me; bless His holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits” (Ps 103:1, 2)


Do you know what the middle verse in the Bible is? Do you know what the Holy of holies of the Word of God is?  Do you know the very heart of the scriptures? It is Psalm 103:1, 2!!! The KJV has an even number of verses (31,102) and, thus, does not have a single middle verse. The “middle verses” are Psalm 103:1-2, with 15,550 verses before and after.


This is a revelation! What does God want from us? He wants us to Praise and worship Him! God wants us to bless His Holy Name! God wants us to always remember His benefits; his many acts of kindness, His favor and His rewards for our service! God wants us to be grateful and openly to show our appreciation to Him for everything He has done for us! This is the heart of the hearts of spirituality!  Praise the Lord!!!!!



“But others mocking said: “They are filled with new wine.” (Ac 2:13)


This is the definition of mocking:

*To treat with ridicule or contempt; malicious belittling;

*To imitate, to mimic as to resemble closely just for fun

*To frustrate another’s hopes or efforts; to cause another to appear irrelevant, ineffectual, or impossible


This is my testimony: As an unbeliever I ignorantly practiced wickedness. I somehow learned the terrible skill of mocking others. I will imitate their voice, their accent, their style of walking. My friends and I will laugh and laugh. By ridiculing them I will try to present myself as better than them. This was a game of pride. In particular, I use to mimic the religious people, the born again Spirit filled Christians. To me, they look crazy, weird, clownish, stupid and confused. They were an easy prey. They could not defend themselves well. When I ask them why do they pray so loud, why do they weep, why do they sing off key like the drunkards? They will say that it is because the Holy Spirit ‘pushes’ them to do so. That was very funny to me and the mocking continued…


This was my life until I became saved. I repented of my sins. I came to the Cross and I gave my life to Christ. Then the Holy Spirit filled me. From that moment on, I became ‘worst’ than the people I use to mock in the past. Right now I am technically drunk in the Holy Ghost.  You may mock my religion, my accent, my fashion style, my body or my singing. I understand… I do not judge you… But try to look beyond my ‘foolishness’ and see the reality of my Savior who indeed has changed my life.  Since Christ has come into my heart and filled me with His Spirit I lost all my fears, all my inferiority complexes, all my doubts and all my wicked social skills. I am now at peace with God, with myself and with others. The wine of the Holy Spirit is sweet to my soul. I forgot the taste of bitter poisonous struggle for fame. I know for sure that I have eternal life. The mockery of others does not touch me. It cannot frustrate my hope for it is rooted in eternal glory. It cannot hinder my efforts to worship, to minister to the Lord or to preach to sinners.  Mocking me shall fail for I cannot be discouraged by men or devils anymore. This is my secret power. I am filled with the Holy Ghost! Today, I share my secret with you not to mock me, but to join me. For the pleasures of God are real, pure, sweet and strong! They are more than this whole world! Come to Jesus! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!  Jesus is Lord!



“Better is a little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble with it” (PV 15:16)


In Hebrew, the word ‘trouble’ in means confusion, anger or destruction. This is my stand: I prefer to have less money, to dress with simple clothes and eat ‘ordinary’ food but with peace and joy in the Holy Ghost; than to have a million dollars that is mixed with confusion and anger that will destroy me.


Worrying is feeling restless or being overly concerned about a situation or problem. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into overdrive as you constantly focus on “what might happen”. You become oversensitive about your environment. The people around seem to be a threat to you. You fear that your family and friends will add to your troubles. You withdraw from them. Worry is poison to your relationships.


What is the Bible’s view about this subject? WORRY IS SIN!  What are the causes of worry? Money is top of the list! I read that eighty percent of all Americans worry about money. Other reasons for worry is your health, the opinions of others about you, your body image, thinking about your past mistakes and the unknown future, watching news on the TV and other things. Worry produces depression. It steals the joy of life. Worry divides the mind. Somebody said that ‘worry is emotional atheism’. The one who worries says ‘My God is too small for my big problems…God is in exile. God has abandoned His throne!” Repentance says: “God is back on His Throne. He cares for me!” You need to reject the god of your imagination and go back to the God of the Bible!


“Do not worry about tomorrow!” (Mt 6:34) This is the command of Jesus! To worry is to disobey God’s command!

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible: “I will trust and not be afraid!” (Is 12:2)


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

Jehovah Jireh is my God and He cares for me!

I will trust God and not be afraid!

God shall provide all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus!

I prosper in all things!

God’s grace is sufficient for me!

My life is a testimony that my God is alive!

I shall give God all the glory for everything!

I shall rejoice!

In Jesus name




“And Pharaoh said to Joseph, “I have had a dream, and there is no one who can interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that you can understand a dream, to interpret it.” So Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, “It is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace.” (Gen 41:15, 16)


Please read again the wonderful story of Joseph. In Genesis chapter 41 Pharaoh has two dreams and wakes up troubled in his mind. He does not understand their meaning. He now needs a man to interpret his dreams. His court magicians are not able to do it. This is now a great opportunity for any man to be promoted and rewarded by Pharaoh. Who is the ‘lucky’ man? Suddenly, the cup bearer remembers ‘his faults’. He recommends a Hebrew prisoner called Joseph who previously correctly interpreted his dream. Joseph is hurriedly brought from his prison cell and he now stands before the greatest man in the world at that time.


Joseph listens to Pharaoh telling him his strange dreams. By the power of the Holy Spirit he correctly interprets them. He even suggests a plan of action that will save Egypt from destruction because of famine. Pharaoh and his royal aids are all impressed. Pharaoh then asks his ministers if there is any Egyptian better qualified than Joseph to become his special assistant. None was found better than him. That is how Joseph became the Prime Minister of Egypt.


The word ‘interpret’ appears seven times in this chapter. In Hebrew it means to open up something that is closed or mysterious. It means to bring light into darkness, to make clear to others something that appears difficult, so that other may understand the true hidden meaning.


From this story we see that ‘interpretation’ of mysteries is the ‘pass word’ to greatness. Interpretation of mysterious words opens doors of wealth and promotion that no man can shut. This is true in all cultures and generations.  In the New Testament it is called the ‘word of wisdom’. It is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Divine wisdom is the well where all great treasures are found. In the presence of divine wisdom, poverty, sickness and trouble bow down and cannot rise. Do you need money? Do you need healing? Do you need freedom from bondage? Then pray and pay the price to receive the gift of divine wisdom which comes from the Holy Spirit. May my words find favor with your spirit today!


“Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Heb 13:4)

God invented marriage! That is why marriage is to be honored. Marriage must be holy for God is holy. Sex should be restricted only to the married people. God’s Word forbids sex outside the marriage. There shall be no premarital sex, no fornication, no adultery, no homosexuality and no polygamy. It is not just the acts but even the lustful imaginations are counted as sin! God shall judge that sin! God loves you and God loves your marriage! God is the enemy of the enemy of your marriage! Amen!

This is a great question: How do we glorify God? How do we worship God thru our marriage?

Only a Biblical marriage has the potential and the capacity to become worship to God! Is your marriage founded on the Word of God? If yes, then use it to find and worship God! Your marriage will become a challenge, an example and an inspiration to many! God will use you and your spouse as His ministers!

*The marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church! A loving and faithful husband is a picture of Christ. That is why God personally judges adulterers. In particular, an unfaithful husband misrepresents Christ as a loving and faithful Savior. God is jealous over the Name and the Reputation of His Son Jesus Christ. No one is allowed to stain or corrupt that Name, not even thru foolish sexual lust. God judges that adulterer!

*Marriage reflects the Godhead (God the Father)

Marriage is a picture of the Love of God the Father. All living things have a head. The head of the wife is her husband. The head of the husband is Christ and the head of Christ is God the Father (1Cor 11:3). Divorce or adultery corrupts this revelation. An unfaithful husband misrepresents God. It is like a decapitated body. God judges that deception. That is why God is so harsh in judging adultery or divorce!

*The wife’s destiny is to be a God’s sent Helper to her husband. She helps the husband fulfill his calling as a man of God. That is her work and ministry before God. By doing this, she will fulfill her destiny too! The word ‘helper’ is the same with the word used to describe the Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, Encourager or Helper. The wife is to the husband what the Holy Spirit is to the Christian. A rebellious wife misrepresents the Holy Spirit. God will judge that! Young men, be careful! If you marry an unbelieving woman that is a tragedy! No matter how pretty, she will not able to help you fulfill your destiny. She will be a spiritual liability to you! That is why God does not bless an unequal yoking marriage. The saved husband has to pray for his wife, for the mercy of God to save her. Only after she is saved that she can fulfill her role as a helper to her husband.

*The children shall be trained in the fear and the knowledge of God! It is only in a home where both husband and wife are saved that the children learn to know who God is. When children are born to unbelievers, they do not know God for their parents misrepresent God to them. There is a great difference between the children born to believers and the ones born to unbelievers. An unbelieving parent may be religious but at home he is harsh, greedy, unloving and unfaithful. This is totally the opposite of who God is. It is only the grace of God that can help the children born to unbelievers or to believers who are backsliding.

May God help al hurting marriages! May God save the unbelievers who are married to believers! May God help their children! We come against the evil spirits of lust and rebellion! We reject you! Go away! Holy Spirit please come…May God glorify Himself in Your home! May your marriage become worship to the Living God! In Jesus name, amen!



This poem was send to me by a young sister, a teenager. She is about the same age with Mary when she became pregnant with Jesus. This girl had deep inferiority complex for many years. She hid it from her parents. But she told me in confidence that her class mates and other young men say that she is ‘ugly’. She also said that when she placed her picture on Facebook, even boys that she does not know commented that she is ugly.

I encouraged her to pray; to look unto Jesus; to be sure that she is truly born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. I told her that Jesus is Beautiful and as she worships Him, she will become beautiful too! I also told her that holiness is beautiful and growing in grace will become her unique, deep and lasting beauty! I also encouraged her to start writing a journal and the way she feels. That will help her bring out her confusing and oppressive emotions so that she can confront them. That was at the beginning of this year. She truly surprised me by sending me wonderful letters and poems. I never knew that such a treasure of loveliness was buried inside. I can see the worm becoming a butterfly. I admire the love, the gentles and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in dealing with this girl.

In the past, she was attending our church with her parents and siblings. She now lives with relatives in Lagos waiting to enter the university. She will read your comments. On behalf of herself, I say thank you to all who chose to pray, encourage and lift up ‘a broken flower’ planted in the garden of our Lord. God bless you all!


Lost in a world of my own

A place where I’m hunted by my own shadow

Where darkness is the order of the day

With everyone skilled in the art of SIN

Blindfolded with evil

And with ears blocked by lies

With heart made of stone

And every mail I get is a blackmail

Going down the same road

A lonely and scary path

I notice a light

A spectacular glow

Getting to the end

I am arrested for trespassing

“How dare you come before

The Great and wonderful King

With such filth in you?

It is time to pay the price with your head and blood”

Being lead to be beheaded

A strange but gentle Man

Among the Guards leading me

Whispers into my ears

And says” if you have FAITH

In Me you will gain SALVATION”

“Who are You?

Why do you choose to save me?”

For I deserve to die

But if you are willing to save me

Though I do not know You

I’ll have FAITH in You!”

As soon as I made that choice

There was a loud cry saying: ‘FATHER! She believes!’

With trumpets blown really loud

I was set free

From fear and depression

Given a new name…

I was now called ‘BELOVED’

I could see light

I could hear truth

My heart became so soft

And every day I now get a mail

Reminding me that I am loved ..

Though I am still in that same world

But I am no longer hunted by my shadow

I was lost but now I am found!

And on that note

I am nominated and rewarded with the crown of FAVOUR

For I have found FAVOUR before GOD and Man

Halleluiah to my Savior!


bruised flower

It is in times of soul abasement, that the . . .


tenderness, and

grace of the Holy Spirit are better known.

As a Comforter, as a Revealer of Jesus, we are,

perhaps, more fully led into an acquaintance with

the work of the Spirit in seasons of soul abasement

than at any other time. The mode and time of His

divine manifestation are thus beautifully predicted:

“He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass:

as showers that water the earth.”  Psalm 72:6

Observe . . .

the gentleness,

the silence, and

the sovereignty of His operation: “He shall come

down like rain.” How characteristic of the blessed

Spirit’s grace!

Then mark the occasion on which He descends.

It is at the time of the soul’s deep prostration . . .

the waving grass is mowed,

the lovely flower is laid low,

the fruitful stem is broken,

that which was beautiful, fragrant, and precious is cut down . . .

the fairest first to fade,

the loveliest first to die,

the fondest first to depart.

Then, when . . .

the blessing is gone,

and the spirit is bowed,

when the heart is broken,

the mind is dejected, and

the world seems clad in wintry desolation and gloom,

the Holy Spirit, in all the . . .



comforting, and

refreshing influence of His grace, descends,

speaks of the beauty of Jesus, leads to the

grace of Jesus, lifts the bowed soul, and

reposes it on the bosom of Jesus!

Precious and priceless, then, beloved, are the

seasons of a believer’s humiliation. They tell . . .

of the soul’s emptiness,

of Christ’s fullness;

of the creature’s insufficiency,

of Christ’s all sufficiency;

of the world’s poverty,

of Christ’s affluence.

They create . . .

a necessity which Jesus supplies,

a void which Jesus fills,

a sorrow which Jesus soothes,

a desire which Jesus satisfies.

They endear the cross of the incarnate God,

they reveal the hidden glory of Christ’s humiliation,

they sweeten prayer,

they lift the soul to God.

Are you as a bruised flower?

Are you as a  broken stem?

Does some heavy trial now bow you in the dust?

Oh never, perhaps, were you so truly beautiful;

never did your grace send forth such fragrance,

or your prayers ascend with so sweet an odor;

never did faith, and hope, and love develop their

hidden glories so richly, so fully as now!

In the eyes of a wounded, a bruised, and a

humbled Christ, you were never more lovely, and

never more precious to His heart than now . . .

pierced by His hand,

smitten by His rod,

humbled by His chastisement,

laid low at His feet,

condemning yourself,

justifying Him,

taking to yourself all the shame, and

ascribing to Him all the glory!

(by Octavius Winslow, 1808-1878)



Recently I was very sick. I had to re-learn these basic lessons of faith. I was in that place of fear, confusion loneliness…. I know how easy it is to doubt, to accept defeat. To die is very easy. To live is hard. I almost forgot this truth… One night, during prayer, I chose to fight back inch by inch. Like a desperate woman, I prayed for my healing, for a testimony to share with others, for a new reason to glorify God in my life! The devil did not give up easily and for a long time he looked like a winner. But I pressed on, declaring the Word of God over my life and praying in the Spirit. The battle was stronger than I anticipated. It lasted longer that I imagined. But slowly, I started gaining ground. I reclaimed the lost blessings. The day came when I said: “I am healed!”

In Hebrew, the words ‘acquainted with grief’ (Is 53:3) can also be translated as ‘Knowing my sickness’. This revelation added fire to my bones. In my sickness I felt strong knowing that Jesus intimately knows me even in my sickness. He is not like the doctors who argued in my presence calling names of strange fearful incurable diseases. They could not even agree what treatment is the best for me. Thank God that Jesus is not like them! He knows every microbe, every virus and every cell. At His name, they all bow! Jesus is my Creator! He knows the damage the enemy has done to me. Jesus is not intimidated by my sickness… So one day, with one touch, my body was healed. O, sweet victory! My faith in His Blood has made me whole! Glory to God!

“And Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” (Mk 5:34)

(notes from my journal, November 2014)


The prayer meeting was good. What we covet the most is the presence of the Holy Spirit, moving un-hindered in our midst. Nothing else compares with Him. The anointing tonight was enough to heal even an elephant. Like the woman with the issue of blood, we pressed thru the crowd. We closed the gap between us and Jesus. The distance between us and the world, with its burdensome passions and past sins, was getting bigger. Spiritual progress was made tonight. The cloud moves so we must move. We prayed against the evil spirit of spiritual laziness, stubbornness, religion and doubt. Go away! In Jesus name, amen!

This is how I feel… I am tired of praying, tired of staying focused, but I must continue to pray. The road of pain may be long but I trust God that suddenly, things will change, even for me! My name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Therefore I shall be healed!

I want to sleep, but I must go on… I can’t rest until the Holy Spirit gives me rest. I can’t settle by myself. God has to settle me. Lord Jesus, make me a sign and a wonder! Use me for Your glory! My prayer must be sustained until something happens! I must pray a ‘touching’ prayer, until I touch the heart of Jesus! Break my stony heart, Lord! This hardness of sin, break it, Lord!

Lord, please help me! I need you! Holy Spirit, help me to enjoy today, this very moment! Prayer is sweet. Help me to enjoy prayer… I loose and let go of all my grudges! I trust You Father to help me fulfill my destiny!

I cannot come to You Jesus! Come down to me! That is why You died on Calvary! Forgiveness is so expensive! The price is the Blood. There is no atonement except for Your Blood that was shed on the Cross! Fill me, mold me, design me, heal me, change me…all for Your pleasure and glory!

“Kiss the Son lest He be angry…” (Ps 2:12).  I kiss the Son of God…and I am now safe! Only the true worshippers are safe! Welcome Holy Spirit! I now have peace! Jesus, truly, truly, You are beautiful!



I just received this letter from a sister in the church. Read and be blessed!

“Good morning Malia, I want to testify to what God has done for me, for about 2wks now I don’t sleep well at night due to ulcer pain that wakes me from sleep, I try to eat well before going to bed each night and pray but the pain still wakes me up, during the day I try to manage the condition (ulcer) because in Aug. I was hospitalized and was to go for endoscopy in Benin but I refused hence I have been ‘faithing’ it.

When I came for the women’s meeting yesterday I was already having pain so I sent my daughter to buy me a little cake to eat, during the praise and worship I really could not sing or dance well I was just managing myself, so when my daughter came with the cake it was already testimony time, so I ate a bit of the cake but was highly in discomfort to the extent that I had to undo my belt and loosen my skirt just to relieve the pain, but as soon as you said God has finally allowed us to proceed into the season of healing I felt a little coolness in the upper region of my tummy by the end of the service the pain had gone completely so I was like, let me wait and see what will happen at night, and to God be all the glory I slept without any pain waking me up and even right now that I am yet to eat no pain at all PRAISE THE LORD, Lord i am so grateful. God bless you mom.

I am healed and made whole by Jesus and Jesus alone, on my way to church yesterday I had ask someone to buy 2 bottles of emtrisil for me, they are still here untouched. Lord I am so happy…”

This is my answer to her:

Praise the Lord! The devil deceived you to believe that you have ulcer. You believed a lie and that is why you got sick. Lies make people sick but there is no medicine to cure the ailment for it is a spiritual attack!  I am happy for you! Remember that you are a woman of God. You need your body to be strong so that you can serve God!  Your testimony is not yet complete. God has healed you to bless you! He will open a door for you for a financial breakthrough. That is what the devil wanted to hinder from you. Keep in touch! To God be all the glory!



“And suddenly, a woman who had a flow of blood for twelve years came from behind and touched the hem of His garment. For she said to herself, “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made whole” (Mt 9:20, 21)

We just ended our women fellowship in the church. We shared wonderful testimonies and we praised God in song and dance. Then the Word of God came. “God wants to bless you at another higher level of blessings! God wants you to enter into a season of healing and prosperity!”

This is the story of a dying woman who was healed by her faith in Jesus. At this time in her life she has no money, no hope, no strength and no life. Because of her condition, it is possible that she has no husband and no friends. Then she hears about Jesus! This is the moment faith was born in her heart! “Faith comes by hearing the Word of God’ (Rom 10:17). She was told that Jesus is the Christ; that He has healed many from incurable diseases just like her. She was told that Jesus is not like the other doctors who made her suffer; that He does not even ‘charge money’ for treatment. “What does Jesus expects from me?”- She asked others… She was told that the only thing Jesus expects from her is faith in His Person! She has to believe that He is the Son of God; that He is Jehovah, that He is the Word of God made flesh and that He can do all things. These words planted faith in her heart. Immediately she made up her mind to use the last drop of strength to seek Jesus, wherever she may find Him.

‘She said to herself: “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made whole”. This is the beginning of the miracle of healing. This woman spoke to herself! She started conversing with the Word of God within her soul. This type of meditation is the foundation of healing faith. It is a proof that you are born again. The unbelievers ignore their dead soul and have no interest to disturb it. Please think about this! Talk to your soul! Encourage yourself in the Lord! This interior spiritual conversation is like the wind blowing over the valley of dead dry bones. It will help you ‘kick’ the dead battery of your miracle! Selah! King David did the same thing: “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God” (Ps 43:5)

The more she held on the Word of God, the more she encouraged herself, the stronger her faith grew inside. She now believed that just a touch will be enough to make her whole. If the tips of her fingers can touch the edge of the garment of Jesus, that will be enough to heal her instantly and completely. She trusted God, not just for an improvement, not for just getting ‘better’ but for a total and final healing and deliverance. With just a touch, the sickness will be gone completely! Faith 100%! Doubt 0%!

To be made ‘whole’ it is more than an improvement in your circumstances. It means to become the way God created you to be and nothing less than that.  In Greek, the word translated ‘made whole’ is the same as the one used for ‘salvation’. To be made whole it is a total salvation, renewing and healing of your body soul and spirit. Only God can do that! This is a great revelation! This woman aimed for the best! She inspires me. When we are sick or in trouble, we tend to compromise and accept ‘anything that will make us feel better’. The devil takes advantage of this weakness and supplies temporary solutions that we may regret later. This partial healing will prevent your becoming whole. Think about it! Do not be impatient when praying for a miracle! Aim for the best God has for you! Let this be your desire and prayer: “Lord Jesus, I trust You alone to make me whole…” Aim for the best!



We just ended a wonderful fellowship with the women in our church. The following are some of the testimonies shared during the meeting. Read and be blessed in Jesus name! Have faith in God! If God has done it for them, He will do it for you!

Sister E came with her six months old baby girl, her first child. She almost died during the delivery. She had to do an emergency CS because her Blood pressure rose suddenly. She was unconscious for three weeks. Many lost hope that she will be alive and well. Miraculously she woke up from coma. After discharge from the hospital, she discovered that many people helped them with money for the hospital bill. The bill was about a million naira. She said that she almost had another crisis of Blood pressure. But she and her husband had faith and prayed. She them phoned all the people who borrowed them money to be patient that they will pay later. This is a young couple that is just struggling financially even before the crisis came. Miraculously, one by one the people said that there is no need for them to pay; that they should take the money as a gift. They are now healthy and free of debt to take care of their baby and to serve God.

Sister I had an accident. She was driving when a girl of about 14 jumped in front of her car. It was a bad collision. The girl fell flat on the street, not moving. Time stopped for them. Then suddenly the girl stood us and dusted her uniform. She came to her window and said ‘I am well ma’. She then crossed the street like nothing has happened.

Sister T said that she is new in Father’s House. She said that her marriage was very bad. Her husband stopped going to any church for some time. When he said that they will come to Father’s House she was happy so that they can go together. The first time they attended our church she said that what she observed is that the women here are very peaceful and submissive. She said that in her former church the women are aggressive and each fights for her position. But in Father’s House there is peace like a blanket over all. She also said that she is surprised that her husband chose to come regularly to church and is even in the committee attending to the generator and the electric power. Her husband is a rich politician and used to be ‘big man’. But he chose to join the ‘electrical team’. She was pleasantly surprised. Their marriage is so much better. She attributes all these changes to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sister F said that her son in the university had an unexplained headache. The doctors said that his case is complicated. She prayed with him and sent him back to school. All the medical tests proved to be negative and the headache has disappeared.

Sister N is in her forties and she is genotype SS. Medically speaking, it is a miracle that she is still alive. She needed a tooth extraction. The doctors were afraid to do the surgery because of her condition. She told them to go ahead that God is in control. The surgery went on without any problem. She said that she will serve God all the days of her life!

Sister O came at the last women meeting with a terrible headache and fever. She almost stayed home with an excuse of sickness but she eventually came. During the testimonies she could not concentrate well. A voice was telling her to go and see the pharmacist for malaria drugs. But during the prayer session a prophetic word was spoken ‘God wants to deliver you from the spirit of poverty! Money shall meet money in your hands!’ She said that suddenly that word ‘pushed’ her to pray like never before. She forgot about the headache. At the end of that prayer for financial breakthrough, she was healed from her fever.

Dear Child of God, these testimonies are given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for your encouragement! To God be all the glory! In Jesus name, amen!


Are you a child of God and also jobless? This is my advice: obey the Word of God! God wants to bless the work of your hands! You have no job but you have two hands and ten fingers. All those are millions! Your imagination is too wild! You have a tendency to ignore the present…and dwell too much on the past or on the future… Pray about this…God’s name is I AM and not ‘I was’ or ‘I will be’.

In the scripture below you see a connection between working (with God) and timing! God works today, right now, so we must do the same! Stop dreaming about work and work! Stand up right now and use your hands! Do something with your hands today! God wants to bless that action of obedience! Money will come! Have faith!

“Working together with Him, we strongly urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain [by turning away from sound doctrine and His merciful kindness]. For He says: “At the acceptable time (the time of grace) I listened to you, and I helped you on the day of salvation.” Behold, NOW is “the acceptable time,” behold, NOW is “the day of salvation” (2Cor 6:1, 2; AMP)