“Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge” (Heb 13:4)

God invented marriage! That is why marriage is to be honored. Marriage must be holy for God is holy. Sex should be restricted only to the married people. God’s Word forbids sex outside the marriage. There shall be no premarital sex, no fornication, no adultery, no homosexuality and no polygamy. It is not just the acts but even the lustful imaginations are counted as sin! God shall judge that sin! God loves you and God loves your marriage! God is the enemy of the enemy of your marriage! Amen!

This is a great question: How do we glorify God? How do we worship God thru our marriage?

Only a Biblical marriage has the potential and the capacity to become worship to God! Is your marriage founded on the Word of God? If yes, then use it to find and worship God! Your marriage will become a challenge, an example and an inspiration to many! God will use you and your spouse as His ministers!

*The marriage is a picture of Christ and His Bride, the Church! A loving and faithful husband is a picture of Christ. That is why God personally judges adulterers. In particular, an unfaithful husband misrepresents Christ as a loving and faithful Savior. God is jealous over the Name and the Reputation of His Son Jesus Christ. No one is allowed to stain or corrupt that Name, not even thru foolish sexual lust. God judges that adulterer!

*Marriage reflects the Godhead (God the Father)

Marriage is a picture of the Love of God the Father. All living things have a head. The head of the wife is her husband. The head of the husband is Christ and the head of Christ is God the Father (1Cor 11:3). Divorce or adultery corrupts this revelation. An unfaithful husband misrepresents God. It is like a decapitated body. God judges that deception. That is why God is so harsh in judging adultery or divorce!

*The wife’s destiny is to be a God’s sent Helper to her husband. She helps the husband fulfill his calling as a man of God. That is her work and ministry before God. By doing this, she will fulfill her destiny too! The word ‘helper’ is the same with the word used to describe the Holy Spirit, who is the Comforter, Encourager or Helper. The wife is to the husband what the Holy Spirit is to the Christian. A rebellious wife misrepresents the Holy Spirit. God will judge that! Young men, be careful! If you marry an unbelieving woman that is a tragedy! No matter how pretty, she will not able to help you fulfill your destiny. She will be a spiritual liability to you! That is why God does not bless an unequal yoking marriage. The saved husband has to pray for his wife, for the mercy of God to save her. Only after she is saved that she can fulfill her role as a helper to her husband.

*The children shall be trained in the fear and the knowledge of God! It is only in a home where both husband and wife are saved that the children learn to know who God is. When children are born to unbelievers, they do not know God for their parents misrepresent God to them. There is a great difference between the children born to believers and the ones born to unbelievers. An unbelieving parent may be religious but at home he is harsh, greedy, unloving and unfaithful. This is totally the opposite of who God is. It is only the grace of God that can help the children born to unbelievers or to believers who are backsliding.

May God help al hurting marriages! May God save the unbelievers who are married to believers! May God help their children! We come against the evil spirits of lust and rebellion! We reject you! Go away! Holy Spirit please come…May God glorify Himself in Your home! May your marriage become worship to the Living God! In Jesus name, amen!

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