I received another testimony of healing, from a daughter in Christ. She is a married woman, mother of two children and faithful as a worker in the church. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of the brethren. Read and be blessed! (Please encourage her too. She will read your comments). Thank you and God bless you!
“Dear Malia, I had this pain in my armpit for about a month now. It’s been so disturbing that I just kept touching it and trying not to be scared even though the discomfort and slight pain won’t let me be. So, on Wednesday, my husband got back from work and as he was having dinner, I was telling myself I had to tell him about this pain. Just then my phone light came on, I looked behold it was your testimony of chest pain and the supernatural healing you got. Immediately it occurred to me I had not spoken to the Lord about this particular pain. I decided not to discuss it with my husband but take it to God in prayer. Hmm!!!! This God enhhh… I said a simple prayer that night. The next morning my entire prayer time was devoted on this pain….. At the end of the day I realized there was no longer discomfort nor pain… I waited for the next day which is Friday still no pain. We had a communion service in the house, and I shared the testimony with my family. Up until now no pain, no discomfort… No be small totori this God dey do Him children….. Truly I can’t thank God enough for this supernatural healing. I am glad I belong to Jesus and I eat this healing bread He has so freely given to His children. This kind God o, I never see Your type ooo…. This kind God o… Blessed be Your Holy Name….. Hallelujah!!”

FH 31


“My soul longs, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself where she places her young by Your altars, O LORD of Hosts, my King and my God. How blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they are ever praising You. Selah! (Ps 84:2-4)
After two months of lockdown, we shall have church service tomorrow in the sanctuary. The brethren in charge of cleaning the house of God came this morning with buckets and detergent, and made everything spotless. God bless them! My husband and I live in the church’ premises but we miss the brethren coming together to serve and worship God. During this lockdown a pair of sparrows made their nest to raise their babies in the street light in the church’ parking lot. The cover was broken and they just took advantage of a quiet and safe spot to become our ‘free tenants’. You see, even the little birds appreciate the presence of the Holy Spirit! Until their babies fly away, we shall leave the nest there. Kindness is more important than esthetics. I believe that the God that helps these little birds, will help you too and provide for your needs! Dear Brethren, Praise the Lord!
(In the pictures: 1-The birds and their nest… 2-the sanctuary sparking clean waiting for the brethren to come tomorrow)

Bird in the light

FH 30th of May 2020


“YOU SHALL NOT LISTEN to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul” (Deut 13:3)

Here we see a peculiar sin that starts with the ears and ends in the heart. God commanded His people NOT TO LISTEN to false prophets. In Hebrew, the word ‘listen’ means to hear intelligently, to give attention and try to understand the words you hear so that you can obey them. This is the sin of a student listening to his teacher. This sin means to listen humbly and respectfully the words of the false teacher. The sin is to ‘borrow’ your God given ears for the devil to use. God is the ‘landlord’ of your ears, but you invite the devil to be the free tenant. As the sexual lust of the eyes is equal with adultery, so the lust of the itchy ears is sin! Lies pollute the ears and poison your spirit! This spiritual contamination destroys your wisdom, peace, joy, and faith! Listening to lies is very addictive. It is like taking cocaine or drinking alcohol! It gets worst with time! Have you thought of that? There are many prophetic ‘what-sup and Facebook’ messages… Must you listen to them all? Must you have an opinion about them all? Be careful! Be jealous over your ears! Are your ears clean? Are your ears circumcised and cleansed by the Holy Spirit? If not, your ears will only bring trouble to you and to your ministry (2Tim 4:1-5)!!! Selah!

Our Lord Jesus Christ warned His disciples to be careful with their ears! He said: “Pay attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” (Lk 8:18). He said that if your ears are ‘dirty with the sin of error’ more error shall be added to you until you backslide! But if, by the power of the Holy Spirit, your ears are cleansed from lies and deception, you shall become cleaner and stronger still. Good ears are necessary so that faith can be built in the heart! “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom 10:17). If you still struggle with doubt and anxiety, if your faith is still small compared with the challenges you face, it may be that you need to cleanse your ears with the earbuds of the Spirit! “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev 2:29)!

Let us pray: Dear Heavenly Father. we confess the sin of being carless with our ears. We did not use them to listen to Your voice. We borrowed our ears to the devil’s agents to listen to lies and deception. We have sinned! We ask for mercy from You. We are sorry, Father God! Cleanse our ears and our hearts with Your Spirit. We plead the Blood of Jesus over our bodies, souls, and spirits! Please help us to love only Your Word and to listen only to Your voice! Holy Spirit, please fills us afresh! In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!

Ear wax


This is the second healing testimony I received today. He is a young brother, about 21 years old. He lives with his mum. He goes to school and he works part time. He is a very talented and creative young man in the area of media. He is a true worshipper. He is always encouraging me with scriptures and songs. He sent me this note. This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others. Jesus is Lord!
“Dear Malia, I have a testimony. Recently, I was in a dark mode (I was very sick). On Sunday afternoon, there was a very simple headache and I didn’t give heed to it. But after some time, the headache increase but this time dizziness kick in. I had to go to the near by pharmacy with my mom because I can’t see properly. When we got there, the guy question me and did some check up. The result was TYPHOID FEVER (I wasn’t scared, I’m praying this out). But he added: “guy, blood nor dey your body oh”. Immediately I heard this word, my heart dropped. I took the medicine. I forwarded a message to Pastor … (our light house leader) about my condition. I did prayed. I waited for the healing to come. Monday and Tuesday night I slept with difficult breathing. I was still waiting for my miracle… Today I woke up well! Thank You Jesus! Right now, by the grace of God, I’m strong, in fact, more than healthy (if there is any word for it) . I’m super excited MA. All glory, Honor, Adoration be unto God! Glory! Glory!”

FH 29


This testimony is given to the glory of the only Living God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is given to the shame and defeat of the devil and for the encouragement of others. Last night, a brother in Christ sent me this inbox message. He is happily married with children. I am a witness that both him and his wife are faithful with God’s work in the church. three days ago he became very sick. they prayed! God touched him and healed him instantly! All the brother wants is that together, we should all praise God for what He has done! Halleluiah! Read and be blessed!

“Good Evening Ma Lia. I know that this is rather late in the night, and I am very sorry for the inconvenience to you but I just can hold this in my spirit and I have vowed to always testify about God’s goodness in my life hence forth.. I have been feeling very sick since Monday evening experiencing body pains, nagging headaches, weakness, chills and high fever that I had to commence self medication for malaria yesterday morning. In line with Covid19 protocols in my work place I had to report this to my company’s doctor who advised that I stay at home until my malaria treatment is over and then report to him about my condition. The truth is I became very worried about the possibility that this could be Covid19 and my family could be at risk so I had been taking care to maintain some distance from my children and to an extent my wife, even though it has been difficult. Since the fever started on Monday night we have been praying together lifting me up for healing. This night, some few minutes ago, while we were praying, I was moved in my spirit and began praying in tongues… Suddenly I felt strength coming into my body, and peace in my mind…A kind of release came upon me and I started laughing… I knew instantly that I have been healed by God!!! I immediately told my wife and children and we all started worshipping and praising God. I used to get exhausted just by talking, my walk that had been slow but now I have vigor … Right now I am singing, clapping and dancing freely with strength and power, no headache and no body pains and no weakness!!! Glory to God Almighty who has healed me and to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior who paid the price for this healing. I thank God for His unfailing love and grace upon my life and for this miracle of healing which has strengthened my faith and trust in God and my desire to know Him and to pray to Him about challenges and difficulties I may encounter. God bless you and Ta Leigh for spiritual teaching and nurture you provide us about the Lord Jesus. Good night Ma!”

God’s Word: “Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise!” (Jer 17:14)

Joseph 2



I live in Effurun/ Warri, Nigeria. I love our garden. The plants we planted are humble plants. They are ‘low maintenance’. They are very happy with just sun shine and water. I took this pictures two days ago, after the rain. The plants revived and look so happy! Their simplicity and beauty teaches me that my life too, should not be complicated and cluttered with many things. My mind should be clean and transparent. I should be humble and grateful for my life. Then I will be happy! And, like our plants, I should always remember to praise God always!
God’s Word: “The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good” (Gen 1:12)

Plants garden 1

Plants Garden 2

Plants Garden 3

Plants Garden 4


“Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them!” (Mk 11:24)
This is my testimony: I remember once, I had a serious chest pain. Because I am Christian. you may take it for granted that I pray always. But at that instance, I was deceived! I thought that I prayed, but I did not!!! I was only complaining about the pain. Like Elijah, I was using complaining as a form of ‘prayer’. That was wrong! Complain is not prayer!!!! Talking to God in the name of Jesus, that is prayer!!! I forgot that in all situations, God is my first ‘option’. In fact, my only ‘option’!!! The pain continued and I was surprised that God is not hearing me. I was saying ‘Why, God, why?” Once I saw the deception, rejected the devil and I truly prayed, the pain stopped and ‘there was a great calm’. What a difference!

What is the lesson? Ignoring to pray is a very common mistake. When pastors, friends and doctors fail, after suffering for a long time, finally, we remember God. He is patiently waiting for us to pray. Once you pray trusting the Lord Jesus Christ, with faith 100% and Doubt 0%, God answers the prayer immediately! God does not waste our time! It is only we that waste our own time! It is a pity that even after this, I repeated the same mistake. Sometimes I assumed that I prayed…But I did not! The devil deceived me not to pray anymore saying to me: ‘you have prayed already, why disturb the Master?’ It was very much like the way Jairus’ family members discouraged him to trust Jesus for a miracle. “While Jesus was speaking, someone came from Jairus’ home and said, “Your daughter has died! Why bother the teacher anymore?” (Lk 8:49). Jesus told Jairus, ‘fear not, just believe!’ To my shame, if it is not for the grace of God, I could have accepted the death of my dreams as they were lying in bed, helpless and fainting for lack of prayers… Thank God that He has overruled my mistakes so many times, I cannot count them…. In all things, we give thanks… But one good thing coming from our past pains and mistakes is that today, we can exchange testimonies of the grace and the goodness of God! I am waiting for you to share with me prayer testimonies. Let’s worship the Lord Jesus together!


“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding” (PV 4:7)
Somebody gave me this advice long time ago. It has been useful to me all these years. It will be wisdom of life to you too! Never forget! This is the order of importance starting with the greatest:

1-Your relationship with God! (Know God!)
2-Your relationship with yourself! (Know yourself)
3-Your relationship with your spouse! (Know your husband/wife)
4-Your relationship with your children! (Know your children)
5-Your relationship with church people and your co-workers
6- Your relationship with others!

This list must be in this order! Once you switch the order, you will fall into trouble! For example, if you love your children more than you love your wife, you will fall into trouble! But the most important thing to remember is this: God first! God first! God first!


Jesus said: “In the evening you say that tomorrow, the weather will be fine because the sky is red” (Mt 16:2)
This evening, I took some pictures from our parking lot. Are these not beautiful? This is Effrun, Nigeria. Time 6:30pm. You see our church’ food-court and a portion of our fence. But what attracted me was the sky above us. To me, it is like the student angels were trying their new water colors. The day was downcast. But suddenly, there was an opening in the sky that lifted my spirit. No matter what you people say, I love Nigeria. I love it for one reason alone: it is because the Holy Spirit loves it! Let me saying again: “God loves Nigeria!”. Don’t worry… I am not a politician. I am just a worshipper of the Only Living God! So, according to the sign of the sky, soon… we shall gather again to serve God in the sanctuary… Hope is in the air… Halleluiah!

Food court

Fence FH


My Lord, my Lover, “Take me with You. Let’s run away. The King has brought me into His private rooms” (SS1:4)
This pandemic of COVID19 and the lockdown has reveled many hidden things, in our homes and in our churches. By the order of the Government, all churches are to be shut down. As all government authorities are there with the permission of God, it means that God’s will for us, for now, it is to stay at home. I believe it is the loving discipline of God the Father; a form of ‘time out’ for His stubborn children. Discipline is not hatred. It is is tough love! We may not like it, but this is His will for now. We must thank God in all things. We need to quiet our spirits and find God in our ‘lockdowns’. Each child of God must have new testimonies of God’s provision, protection and peace in his home. We are hearing different stories: some families, some marriages are getting better; others are quarreling every day. The lockdown did not bring the peace or the quarrel. God used it to revealed what was there before now, when in the past, the business, the visiting of friends and the church activities were used to cover up for cracks in the relationships. Jesus said: “every house divided against itself will not stand” (Mt 12:25). May your marriage be healed from divisions and may it stand the test of time! In Jesus’ name!
Please listen! God’s first command is to love God with all your heart and strength! The second command is to love others as you love yourself! But sin tries to deceive us. He wants to turn things upside down. Many Christians love people more than they love God. They obey the second command more than the first. Many Christians go to church, not to seek God and His Word, but to meet with friends and to do business. To expose our hearts, God, who knows everything, decreed that for now, we should stay at home and examine our motives for going to His House. Until we repent of religious hypocrisy, the doors of the church will remain shut. The earlier we humble ourselves, repent and change, the faster the day of going back to church shall come. But the ones who refuse to repent, will not be able to come back. There is a harvest in the Kingdom of God. The harvesters are angels. The wheat shall be gathered in the Lord’s barn and the tares shall be burnt! There is a testing and a proving in the Body of Christ! It is not done by man. It is done by God! Glory to God!
For now, stay at home! Read your Bible. Fast and pray! The truth is that if you are not happy when you are alone by yourself, you will not be happy when there are friends around you. Stop pretending! If you are not happy at home, you will not be happy in the church! Find yourself in Christ! Find your calling! Find your destiny! Find your spiritual gifts so that you use them! About the married couples… use this lockdown to revive your romantic godly love! Do you still remember your ‘honey moon’? You wanted the marriage celebration to end quickly so that you go and be alone with your lover! Have you forgotten that feeling? Alone with my husband!!!! Alone with my wife!!!! Do these words not stir some happy memories in you? On your honey moon, you did not need a crowd around you. You wanted to go to an island and be alone with your loving spouse. May this lockdown become ‘a honey moon’ to you! Church activities should not replace a bad marriage. Go back to basics! Go to Jesus and pray for healing, pray for deliverance. Pray for revival in your home! Use this pain well! I am waiting for your ‘romantic’ testimonies! And finally, remember your covenant before God: in sickness and in health, in bad times and good times, Jesus is still our Lord forever! Let’s worship Him!
(In the picture, my husband and I, some years ago)

R and L 2



“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went” (Ac 8:4)
God used persecution to scatter the disciples. They went away from Jerusalem, away from the Apostles. They were lonely and afraid. But during this difficult time, they were forced to depend on the Holy Spirit alone and His gifts. Using the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit they preached the Word of God to all people they met.

Are you going through some kind of pressure today? Well, it is not punishment for our sins — Jesus took our punishment fully, on the Cross. The pressure, the trials, and the problems that come are by no means always the result of sin in our lives. Sometimes they are, but it may be God’s way of moving you, of pressuring you into a new experience, into a new understanding of his truth and of His gifts in your life, and giving you a new opportunity to put them to work. Read the Bible. Pray for opportunities to do ministry. Open your mouth and preach the Word to anybody you see! Don’t wait for big men or fancy madams! The poor woman selling fruits near your house, the house boy, the house girl, somebody’s driver, the jobless youth, the sick person in a hospital… any one who has a soul, preach the Gospel to them! This is working for God! It will kill your shyness and the fear of men! It will give you more boldness to speak in public. And God will reward you greatly! God does not owe His servants! I am a witness! I am waiting for your testimonies! Recycle your pain into praise! Let’s do it!

SLL 29


“Brothers (sisters), if you have any word of encouragement for the people, you can speak!” (Ac 13:15)
“Sharing (or giving) a testimony” in Christianity is telling someone else about your relationship with God. You give your testimony on how God has saved you, how God is helping you during difficult times, how you are changing to become like Jesus! You testify how God is your Healer and Provider. Your testimony can be verbal or written. Each testimony must give God all the glory, must put the devil to shame and encourage the brethren! Dear brethren, I want to hear more testimonies from you! Bellow, is a testimony from a dear daughter in Christ! Read and be blessed!

“Dear Malia, I know that you and Tali are doing well. We see you during the online services. I thank God for your lives! My husband and I, and the children are well. I want to share a few simple but awesome testimonies with you. When the lock down started, I was excited because I needed the break from work and also I loved the fact that I would have time with God & family. After about 2 weeks, I realized it was difficult having family devotions. I prayed that God would help organize our time and HE did! We started in the mornings with the kids and it’s been awesome; they have learnt a WHOLE LOT and we are grateful to God. M… even said we should also have family devotions in the evenings which we immediately started. It’s wonderful. God is good and it’s glorious serving God. Secondly, we prayed as a family that God would remove the bad habit of T… sucking her two fingers and now she has stopped sucking even at night. Praise the Lord. This has increased the faith of all of us especially the children. Thirdly, no sickness, not even fever I love this scripture: “The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in us” (Romans 8:11). As for me, I’m learning more about God’s grace; my salvation is not by my works. I started reading the book of Romans a few days ago. Malia I really long for God’s words. I know it’s the work of the Holy Spirit. I desire to spend more time in his word. There are countless testimonies!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! God bless you Mum, we love you…”


I read this story long ago. I ‘found’ it again today. It has touched me then and it still touches me now. A Chinese pastor called Pastor Wu, was arrested because he was preaching the Gospel. He was sent to one of the worst prisons in China. He continued to share the Word even in the prison. The prison guards flogged him each time they found him praying or singing Christian songs. But he remained faithful to God. One day, to punish him more, the guards put him in charge of cleaning the toilets. Using a metal bucket, he was to collect the excreta of all the prisoners. He will carry it outside the prison, onto an open field. He did not complain. He thanked God for this ‘promotion’. He soon became very happy. Why? Because of the terrible smell, the guards refused to come with him. He did this work alone. He used the excreta as a fertilizer. He planted flowers on that field. Each morning, after carrying the excreta, he was free to stay alone in his garden for hours. He never took advantage of this ‘freedom’ to run away. With time, the smell of the flowers he planted overpowered the smell of the excreta. He said that each morning, as he went to his little garden, he will sing:

“I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses,
And the voice I hear falling on my ear,
The Son of God discloses
And He walks with me and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own;
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known!”

With time, some of the prisoners and even the guards became convicted of sin and surrendered their live to Jesus! After five years, Pastor Wu was released. By this time there was more freedom of religion. He went back to his village church to continue his ministry as a pastor. Praise the Lord!

What are some of the lessons? All things work together for good for the children of God! Be faithful! Be persistent! Don’t complain! Pray that you understand God’s mysterious ways! God can use any means (even difficult circumstances) to help you come closer to Him and to establish your testimony among men! To God alone be all the glory!

(Bellow, some years ago, my husband took me a picture at the flower market in Amsterdam)

SLL flower market at Amsterdam


Yesterday it was sunshine and blue skies. Today is rain and more rain. I took this picture from our balcony. Time: 5:45pm. The light is grey. It was still raining. The picture is not so pretty. But it is still beautiful! The plants are happy and the birds are happy. A group of doves were taking their bath in the rain. This is how life is: Sometimes hot and sometimes cold. But thru it all, life goes on…and hope survives… I still love Nigeria… Please give thanks to God that you are alive! That is enough for me!

Effurun Nigeria 19-05 20


I love Nigeria! I took this picture from my garden in Effurun, Nigeria, at 5:10PM. Is nature not beautiful? For as long as the skies are blue, the clouds are white, the trees are green… so I have hope that God will kill this yeye COVID19 virus! I tried hope before! It is always a winner! Hope never disappoints! Let’s rejoice! Jesus is Lord!

Effurun Nigeria 18-05-2020


“As Paul talked about righteousness, self-control and the judgment to come, Felix was afraid and said, “That’s enough for now! You may leave. When I find a convenient season, I will send for you… When I get a better opportunity I will call for you…When I find the time, I will send for you…” (Ac 24:25)

God commands us to do the work of an evangelist (2Tim 4:5). I want to obey His command this evening! Child of God, please do the same! Tell somebody to give his (her) life to Christ!

Apostle Paul was in chains preaching to the Governor Felix. He preached Christ crucified and resurrected. The big man Felix trembled, and answered: ‘I will talk to you later…’ He said that he will call him later. He thought that he is in charge of ‘later’. But tomorrow may never come. When it comes to making decisions for Christ, now is the holy moment! Now is the day of salvation! Now is what we have available! Many hoped to go the heaven but the demon called ‘later’ came in, and they ended in hell. These things are painful! But they have to be spoken as they are! The warnings of God are all signs of His love! Do not play with your soul! Do not ignore your destiny! Life on earth has an end. Heaven or hell are eternal! Please, think of what I am saying…

As for Felix, he liked to listen to Paul. He also hoped to be bribed by Paul, ‘to cooperate’ with the man of God. How foolish! Bribe has never bought anyone a visa to heaven! The conscience of Felix, at that time, was not really dead; but its voice was silenced by the stubborn will which would not listen. Felix treats St. Paul as Herod Antipas had treated John the Baptist (Mark 6:20). He does not resent his plainness of speech; he shows a certain measure of respect for him, but he postpones acting “till a more convenient season,” and so becomes the type of the millions whose spiritual life is ruined by procrastination. From the books of history, from what we know about Governor Felix, nothing gives us any ground for thinking that the “convenient season” ever came…

My friend, my son, my daughter, my neighbor… Please, Give your life to Christ! I beg you! God bless you!

SLL 29


Psalm 23 is one of the most beloved psalms in the Bible. It is written by King David, when he was a young man, when he was taking care of his father’s flock. The first thing he says is that he is a sheep who has a shepherd. He is not alone in this world. All the great leaders in the Bible were shepherds at heart (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, King David, and others). In Hebrew, the word ‘Shepherd’ is ‘El Rohi’. Jesus is my El Rohi! I belong to God! Because I am a child of God, ‘I shall not want’. This describes total contentment. To be content it means that you are happy, you are satisfied at this present moment. You may pray for bigger and better things, but if they come or not, you are happy now! This mysterious peace, to be happy at this present moment, is a secret and a special wonderful blessing (Phil 4:11-13). The sheep of El Rohi is satisfied. The shepherd makes her to lie down in green pastures. Sheep refuse to sleep if wild animals make noises around. They are shy and easily scared. They can run and stampede one another. The shepherd kills the enemies so that the sheep can rest. They cannot lie down and rest if parasites itch them or if they are hungry or thirsty. The Shepherd makes sure that his sheep is free from all sicknesses. He uses expensive chemicals to wash the sheep so that they are clean and happy. He will not rest until the sheep are able to rest. The reward of the shepherd is to see his sheep well fed and resting happily. When the sheep is thirsty, he leads them to ‘still waters’. Thirst is a powerful force. If the shepherd does not lead them to drink water from clean wells or clean water springs, the sheep will go astray and will drink dirty water from polluted lakes. Spiritually, our thirst is satisfied only by God’s Word. In the absence of that, people go to the world to satisfy their lusts thru sexual immorality or wild living. The sheep wake up very early in the morning to eat grass covered with the dew. The shepherd must wake up with them, to open the door for them. Spiritual lesson: Any pastor, husband or father who is lazy, who loves sleep, will not be a good leader. A Christian leader must have the heart of a shepherd. He must be a servant king. He must be sensitive to the needs of the people he leads. He must wake up early morning to have his quiet time, to be able to lead his flock.
The Shepherd ‘restores my soul’. Some sheep, they get too fat or they have too much wool. Then they get into trouble. They fall under the weight and go upside down. They are called ‘cast sheep’. Without help, they will die. The shepherd must always count his sheep. If anyone is missing, he will leave the ninety-nine, to look for the one hundredth cast down sheep, to restore her back on her feet. A fat sheep or one with too much wool stands for pride. Be careful and humble yourself! The shepherd leads the flock thru the valley of the shadow of death. Generally, the sheep love their comfort zones. If the shepherd does not lead them to new places, they will eat all the grass in that one spot and later, die of hunger. This valley is to lead the flock up, towards the mountains. It is not a valley of death but there is a shadow of danger on it. Wild animals can attack; stones can fall in the valley and injure the sheep. This valley is not a place to settle. You are going thru it. On the mountain tops you see glory. In the valley, there is pain, delays, disasters, disappointments and loss. But the shepherd leads on! At the end of this valley, the flock arrives at a cool place up on the mountain. That is where there is ‘a table set in the presence of the enemies’. It is ‘mountain a tableland’ of cool fresh grass, clean water springs, colorful flowers, and clean air. This is like a ‘holiday resort’ for the sheep. That is the time when they fall in love and get pregnant. It is a time of fruitfulness and harvest. The cup of anointing oil runs over. There is overflow of blessing! Spiritually, right now, we are passing thru the valley towards the place of blessing! We have done more than half of the road. Be encouraged! Finally, we declare: ‘Surely your goodness and mercy will follow us, all the days of our lives, and we will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever!’ In the presence of Jesus, my El Rohi, I say: “I am saved! I am safe! I am healed! I am loved! I am blessed! I am free! I am fruitful! I have found peace, protection, satisfaction, and destiny fulfilled!’ Halleluiah!

SLL 51


Tomorrow is mother’s day! Matthew and Jemine (our daughter) have prepared plants at the door for the customers who ordered them as gifts for their mothers. Are these not beautiful? If you live in Houston, Tx, please go and buy from them! The name of the shop is Flora Culture! Thank you and God bless! (I am their mother rejoicing with them from afar)

Flora culture


“And Mordecai had brought up Hadassah, that is, Esther, his uncle’s daughter, for she had neither father nor mother. The young woman was lovely and beautiful. When her father and mother died, Mordecai took her as his own daughter” (Est 2:7)

My husband and I studied medicine in Romania, the country of my birth. Unfortunately, during the communist regime, Romania was known for having many orphans and abandoned children. I still remember the practical tests we did in that particular orphanage in Timisoara. The building was imposing and beautiful from the outside. But inside, in between its walls, there was spiritual darkness, depression, palpable sadness, hopelessness and hardness of hearts. The nurses and the caregivers tried their best but they were not enough to care for all the children there. I remember that the children will cry and cry until they get tired. They told us not to carry them in our arms because we ‘spoil them’. They have learned to keep silent for nobody had time for them. Many became adults carrying psychological scars for life.

Take note: There is a spiritual bondage called ‘Spirit orphan’. People like these ‘feel’ like orphans. Their parents may be alive, or they are dead, but they feel disconnected from their care. This is a stronghold in your mind built by an demon called ‘Spirit orphan’. You need the revelation and the power of the Holy Spirit to see this bondage and to deliver yourself! Bellow, see some of the patterns of behavior of those who grew up and orphans and those who have an ‘orphan spirit’.

*Orphans have problems with their appetites for food! They never eat a normal meal. They do not have a healthy appetite. They usually eat too much or they eat less than what is considered normal. They eat quickly so that nobody will take their food. They do not enjoy their food. They either put on weigh and become obese or they look too skinny!
*Orphans have problems with sleeping. They have a tendency to sleep too much or too little. When they wake up in the morning, they are anxious. They just stare at the ceiling. They do not cry to call the adults because they have learned that nobody comes.
*They never say ‘Sorry or Thank you’. They feel that there is no time for good manners which they consider a luxury.
*They have problems in making friends. They get easily provoked and quarrel. They prefer to stay alone. They blame people for being bad and rude.
*They do not do well in school. They fear failure. Because of that they refuse to do any assignment that they think it is too difficult. They hate to be taught. They do not know that growing and learning means that you are free to make mistakes and learn from them. They hate to ask for help from others. They hate to take risks or to walk into unknown territories. They ‘move in circles’, repeating the same thing again and again. They hate ‘fun’.
*They are too emotional. They have mixed feelings. Sometimes they are high (they talk too much) and other times are low (they keep quiet and grudging). Because in the orphanage they do not have personal toys or personal space they don’t know how to make long term plans for their lives. They do not have a vision of how their lives will be in the future. They survive just ‘one day at a time’ in constant fear of ‘what tomorrow may bring’. Because they want to establish their authority, the boys learn early to be aggressive and pushy. The girls learn to seduce the adult males so that they gain favors.
*They work to please the adults. They do not work well without supervision. They do not have a goal in mind. What they want is that the adult, the adoptive parent or the spouse will be happy with them. Once they receive their approval, they stop working. They are crazy for gifts, for material things. Because of that, if they do not receive them, they learn how to steal. Often, they become over friendly with strangers trying to make new friends. They are always restless and anxious looking for the most expensive gift of all: LOVE. But they rarely find it! That is why they rarely are able to settle or have peace in the marriage.

Now, let’s look at Queen Esther in the Bible. Esther was an orphan. She was raised by her uncle in a strange pagan land. She could have been psychologically scarred for life unable to be a normal wife, how much more to be a successful wife and a queen! But the grace of God changed her to be a role model for all people in general and all women in particular, everywhere to the end of time. First of all, she was a child of God! She was beautiful inside and out. She was wise, humble, discerning, patient, loving and spiritual. She won the favor of the eunuch in charge of the royal protocol. She won the favor of everyone who saw her. Finally, she won the favor of the king who placed Vashti’s gold crown on her head. She was an original woman of God. She knew how to be poor and how to be rich! She knew when to speak and when to keep quiet! She knew how to live in a hut and how to live in a palace. She knew how to submit and how to take charge! She was spiritually mature, wise and emotionally balanced. At that time, men did not expect much from a woman. She was to be only a sex object, lost in a hated faceless, loveless, orphanage-style harem. But by the grace of God she stood in the power of God’s might! She became a ray of light in a dark world, a messenger of Jehovah among the priests serving useless Persian gods. She was not a politician but she saved her people’s lives. The credit also goes to her uncle Mordecai, for adopting her and for training her to be a woman of God. But the total glory goes to God, who alone can save a sinner, turn an orphan into a queen, an outcast into a hero! Only God is able to pick a rejected stone and make it to be the jewel of His crown! Glory to God!

(In the picture, a happy Moroccan couple on their wedding day. I imagine that they look like King Xerxes and Queen Esther on their wedding day)

Morocan wedding



“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” (Is 40:31)
The eagle is a royal bird. One of the cherubs around the throne of God in heaven has the face of an eagle. Eagles inspire us! Eagles know how to be lonely and they know how to rejoice as families. These are some of their attributes:
*Eagles flock together. They never mix with other birds. Lesson: We pray for discernment to be careful with the people we call friends. Just as light cannot mix with darkness so a believer should not be emotionally and physically intimate with an unbeliever!
*Eagles do not eat dead things; only the vultures do. Lesson: Only the children of God should take the Holy Communion, to partake in the Body and the Blood of Christ!
*Eagles mate for life. During their ‘dating’, they test each other before commitment. The female takes a twig up in the air and drops it. The interested male will go and catch it and return it to her. Then she flies higher and drops it again. The male is to go and faithfully catch it each time. Any male that gets tired of cooperating, of ‘sacrificing himself’ for her, of working and playing with her, will be rejected. He is not worthy of her commitment! Lesson: A righteous person is prudent and prayerful when choosing his (hers) life partner. Be friends with other Christians without emotional involvement! Labor together in God’s vineyard! Study each other’s ministry before you even consider a marriage candidate. Can you pray together? Can you repent together? Can you rejoice together? Test the spirits before you commit into marriage!
*During winter, some eagles have to migrate to other places that are warmer. If they have to leave the nest, the eagles migrate alone, for safety purposes. In spring time, they come back from different places to the same nest. They openly rejoice to find each other again. They fly together, hunt together, just for the pure pleasure to reconciliation. Lesson: both husband and wife need to be strong individually, to withstand the pressures of loneliness in ministry and life in general. The period of separation may be hours or days, but there is always a rejoicing, a coming back together, which is ever sweeter.
*In old age, the eagle goes away to a lonely spot and plucks up all his feathers by himself. Then he patiently waits for new feathers to grow back again. That is a lonely and vulnerable place to be. Without feathers, the eagle cannot fly. This waiting for new strength to be restored is difficult! It is a form of death and waiting for resurrection. But the new feathers are stronger than the old ones and he comes back to his nest with renewed power and zeal for life. Lesson: The Cross is not just history. Unbelievers totally ignore its call. As a believer, you are supposed to know its power intimately, to trust God for seasons of hiding and for the power to push you higher than even before. This power of resurrection is the sure and unique stamp of the true child of God!
In the scripture above, all the words are in plural. You have to imagine many eagles helping one another to fly higher than ever before. This is the power of the encouragement in the Body of Christ. If you are discouraged, look at another believer, get inspired by his strength and patience, and rise from your self-pity! If you are bored with the Bible, admire the hunger for righteousness in another brother or sister! Be an inspiration to many! Get up to pay the price for it! If you are afraid of your environment, see other believers who face worst temptations than you and still stand strong to confront the enemy! If you are in doubt, imitate other believers who persevere unto the end, focused and faithful! You are an eagle! You are not a chicken! Look for other eagles! God’s eagles!
The marathon race is hard. Many start but few finish it. The true champions will tell you that it is easy to start. It is hardest in the middle of it. But if you persevere, then suddenly, the joy of receiving the crown will ignite a new, strange power in you. It is the secret deposit of the Holy Spirit within. I have experienced it. I witness to the glory and to the never ending reserves of Christ in me, the hope of Glory! There is a point in the journey of life when you can confidently say: No more weariness, no more fainting! So, on the wings of prayer and praise, just like the eagles, rise up my friend! I’ll see you up there!