Jesus said: “In the evening you say that tomorrow, the weather will be fine because the sky is red” (Mt 16:2)
This evening, I took some pictures from our parking lot. Are these not beautiful? This is Effrun, Nigeria. Time 6:30pm. You see our church’ food-court and a portion of our fence. But what attracted me was the sky above us. To me, it is like the student angels were trying their new water colors. The day was downcast. But suddenly, there was an opening in the sky that lifted my spirit. No matter what you people say, I love Nigeria. I love it for one reason alone: it is because the Holy Spirit loves it! Let me saying again: “God loves Nigeria!”. Don’t worry… I am not a politician. I am just a worshipper of the Only Living God! So, according to the sign of the sky, soon… we shall gather again to serve God in the sanctuary… Hope is in the air… Halleluiah!

Food court

Fence FH

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