During the midweek service Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon called ‘The Wonder of Faith’. Her main scriptures were taken from the Book of Romans: ‘For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written: The just shall live by faith’ …God has dealt to each one a measure of faith” (Rom 1:17; 12:3,b). She said that faith is the gift of God. There is a faith that comes by grace and it is unto salvation. After the point of salvation the believer must grow spiritually. Christianity is also called ‘living by faith’. Faith must be invested daily, trusting God in big or small challenges, in situations concerning us or interceding for others. Faith is not passive. True Biblical Faith is a living faith. God will give us enough opportunities to stretch out faith. You need to go to ‘the spiritual gym’ to exercise your faith. This exercise is done by studying the Word of God, prayer and active participation in your local church. You need to pay the price for faith to mature and to become fruitful. Oh, the joy of an ever increasing faith! It is more than gaining silver or gold! God is pleased when we exercise faith. Believing in Jesus is called the work of God! He rewards His children who seek Him diligently, as they walk by faith and not by sight. Mature faith enters the rest of victory. Unbelief and doubt never rest. Faith seats! Doubts stands! Faith ends in joy!

The Lord Jesus wants us to trust His word even before we ‘see the miracle’ with our eyes. The Nobleman whose son was sick trusted the bare word of Jesus and that was the moment when the miracle of healing happened. “Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your son lives.” So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke to him, and he went his way” (Jn 4:50). May our faith increase and become fruitful! To the glory of the Lord! Trusting the Word of God alone, we declare that every ‘dying’ hopeless situation in our lives (natural or spiritual, marital, health challenges or financial) shall live! May our faith be revived! May the miracle happen! May we never lose the wonder or faith in Jesus! To the glory of God! In Jesus’ name! Amen!

(Rom 12:3; Eph 2:8; Jn 6:29; Heb 4:3, 11; 11;6; John 4:46-53)

SLL 10


“Therefore we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away” (Heb 2:1)

Dear child of God, did you know that you can drift away from God, from your spouse or from close friends? This is how drifting apart (away) is defined in general: Moving away from something slowly (like floating on air or on water, as a result of outside forces, with no control over direction). It means to gradually become distant from someone after a period of closeness; to begin to be less of a friend and more like a stranger; to move from place to place aimlessly; to alienate; to arouse hostility or indifference where formerly has been love, affection or friendliness.

When drifting away happens spiritually, the believer slowly goes away from the passion he once had for God for His Word. He slowly forsakes His first Love, Jesus Christ. Secondly, he loses interest is the fellowship with other brethren. This is called backsliding. It comes thru neglecting the basic requirements of growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. In particular, he neglects the study of the Bible and prayer meetings. Selah!

The following are signs of drifting apart in marriage (You can spiritualize these sings and apply them to your relationship with Jesus, your heavenly Bridegroom). The intimate holy romantic relationship between husband and wife can become rigid, cold, mechanical and unfulfilling. Marriage becomes boring. Remember that drifting away is a slow process. You may not realize it until the emotional coldness is visible to others.

What is the cause and cure? The Bible says that ‘we must give more earnest heed to the good things we once heard’! Go back to the Bible! Fast and pray! You need to listen and listen well to the Word of God and to the counsel of mature Christians! Child of God, open your ears and your heart! Do it now!

Signs of drifting apart in marriage:
*You purposely avoid one another
*You don’t do things you used to love to do together anymore
*You stop talking about the future. You live in the past. You think of the future as ‘me’, not as ‘we’. You see the future of your marriage as blank, hopeless
*No more sweet intimacy (mechanical unfulfilling sexual relations)
*You stop showing affection to one another (smiling, touching, saying ‘I love you’).
*You look for attention, for emotional (sexual) gratification from others. You are excited and inspired by others more than your spouse
*You feel better when you are not together (you are happier when your spouse is travelling, when he (she) is not at home
*You don’t laugh much with one another when alone
*You talk less with one another (you only talk about money or children. You do not talk like friend to friend anymore)
*You ignore, complain, argue, mock or get easily irritated with the other
*You feel that something is missing but you don’t know what!

As a child of God you should know that drifting away is a spiritual matter. This coldness coming between you and God, between you and your spouse is the evil work of the devil. He hates all good things. He wants to corrupt the gifts God has given to you. He will love it if you separate or divorce. The devil hates your love for Jesus. He hates the testimony of a godly marriage. You need ‘to wake up’ from slumber and do spiritual warfare. Fast and pray! Your soul and your marriage is worth it. Your testimony as a believer in Christ demands it! For Christ’s sake, come back home! It is not too late! I pray for you this morning! God is with you! You can do it!


‘This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel says: ‘In repentance and rest is your salvation; in quietness and trust is your strength!’ But you would have none of it. You said: ‘No, we will flee on horses’…Therefore pursuers will be swift! A thousand will flee at the threat of one…till you are left…like a banner on a hill’ Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you. He rises to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him’ (Is 30:15-18)
This is the royal road of salvation. Many holy pilgrims testify to it. From time to time, I am troubled in my soul but I do not know why. I pray and ask God to come to me. I wait for God quietly and patiently. I know that God does not tempt me. I am confident He knows that I wait. I know that He will not give me more than I can bear. I know that He is Almighty and He is kind. It is not His fault that I find myself so troubled. I know that it is sin living in me. My problem is that I do not know what sin plagues me. I do not want to assume anything. I want God to come, to expose the very sin that troubles me. I am willing to repent. I want to repent. Just to know the truth, that is all I need…
This waiting is hard. Waiting for God to come is never easy. There is a false hope called ‘fleeing on horses’. I become impatient with God and just go away, abandoning my position of waiting. The horses look attractive; they look strong. The horses that call me are money and fame. They invite me to a life of activity, of ‘ministry’ far away from this ‘demanding’ God. My hope is that I become a master rider. I can teach others to ride them too. I can enroll in horse races and become a champion of the world. On top of a horse I look taller and more impressive with my achievements. I will surely look more ‘cooperate’, more ‘posh’ than others who can only afford lowly donkeys or walk on foot…
A sinner always imagines himself a champion, far away from the restrains of his Father’s House. But this ambitious life of sin has no rest and no peace. There is no oasis in the desert of the world. There is no cup and no well to drink water when thirsty… just a continual lust for more medals and more trophies. A sinner is a lonely champion. He kills all to climb the mountain of fame. Along the path, he makes only enemies. He has no friends. He fights to win. He has forgotten the power of love and life. Salvation and rest are strange dreams killed to feed the horses. At last, forsaken and guilty, he plants the flag of sin on top of the Everest of his own childhood ambition…
Success without God will surely damage your soul.
Money without God will surely dry your heart.
Marriage without God will surely destroy your vision.
Child of God, Come back to your Father! Have you forgotten the taste of mercy? Do you still remember how it feels to be loved? Wait for God, even if you think that it is ‘too late’! You need God’s mercy much more than money, fame or miracles.
This is God’s promise:
‘Even now, I rise to show you compassion!’
‘Amen, Lord!
Show me compassion, according to Your promise!’

FH 5
(In the picture, people coming to the altar, during last Sunday service, in our church, praying and worshipping God)


This is a wonderful sermon my husband preached today. Please read and you shall surely be blessed!
During the Sunday service, Pastor Richmond Leigh continued preaching on the theme ‘Power from on high’. His main text was taken from the Book of Revelation: “And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last. I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen” (Rev 1:17, 18). He said that as a church, we are entering a new season, into a higher level of anointing. We need to be Baptized and Filled with the Holy Spirit. Nobody knows all the functions of the third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit. The major work of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ! He reveals Him to us; opens our eyes to His Majesty so that we can worship Him. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth and helps us believe and understand the Word of God.
Pastor Richmond Leigh said that it is possible to be born again and not be baptized with the Holy Spirit. It is true that no one can be saved without the work of the Holy Spirit in his soul (Rom 8:9). One of the secret works of the Holy Spirit is that of convicting a man of his sins, of enlighten him about his spiritual state and his need for the Savior. The Holy Spirit does the work of regeneration; therefore, the sinner becomes born again. As you can see, salvation is always a miracle. Without this deep and secret work of the Holy Spirit, a man may become religious, he may go to church, but he is not saved. The Holy Spirit does not force anyone to be saved. He is a gentle but powerful influence on the soul. Thank God for the humility of the Holy Spirit, willing to do this secret work in the heart of man without apparently coercing him! Glory to God for our salvation!
One of the symbols of The Holy Spirit is the water. The effect of the water is that it wets you or it quenches your thirst. There are degrees of these effects. For example, the rain drizzling outside. A man goes in the rain. After some time, he will get wet. But if the rain is torrential, he will get wet faster. If a man drinks a cup of water, he will be filled (gets wet) in the inside. But if a man is dipped into the ocean, he will become ‘wet’ instantly both outside and inside. He will be overwhelmed by the water. All these illustrations show degrees of ‘wetness’ from the same water.
In Greek, the Word ‘baptism’ means to submerge, to immerse or to overwhelm. (It is a pity that in many churches, they have lost the true meaning of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They call it a ceremony by which the Christian becomes an official member of the church). The true Baptism of the Holy Spirit is when a child of God is suddenly ‘immersed in the ocean of the Holy Spirit’ by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit and fire! It is a unique, specific and powerful experience! The baptism with the Holy Spirit is always a definite experience, something clear and unmistakable. It is recognized by the person to whom it happens and to others who look at him. Regeneration is something unconscious, the secret work of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of man. It is non-experiential. Nobody knows exactly the moment when he became born again. It takes time to discover the fruits of the Holy Spirit ‘growing’ in your spirit. But the Baptism with the Holy Spirit is different. It is conscious, experiential, definite and clear. It will literarily ‘shake’ you! Once you experience this baptism you can describe the experience with words. Your life will never be the same again. You shall receive ‘power from on high’! You shall receive boldness to preach the Word of God, to witness for Jesus! You receive an unshakable assurance that you are saved forever!
On the Day of Pentecost, the disciples ‘were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance’ (Ac 2:4). What was the purpose of the tongues? Was it to brag that they were so spiritual? No! The purpose of the tongues was to witness about the Lord to those who could not understand their languages. The visitors to Jerusalem said: ‘we hear them speaking in our own tongues the wonderful works of God’ (Ac 2:11). Boldly, Peter stood up and preached Christ Crucified and Resurrected. We conclude that when a man is baptized with the Holy Spirit, he will inevitably bear witness to the testimony of Jesus! The reverse is also true. Is a man is filled with an unholy spirit, he will preach another ‘gospel’ and he will never exalt Jesus! Later, Peter healed a crippled man in the name of Jesus (Acts 4). The religious leaders rebuked him. Again, Peter answered boldly telling them about Jesus and the power of His name. He did not defend himself and did not talk about the miracle. He kept focused and praised Jesus! He preached to them salvation in the name of Jesus! Later, in the house of Cornelius, as Peter was preaching, the people were baptized with the Holy Spirit. It was the same reaction: ‘For they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God’ (Ac 10:46). Some argue that all these events expressed a form of moral change, the manifestation of sanctification. But you can see that it is different than sanctification. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is an extraordinary work of God and results in witnessing for Jesus, having the power to stand for Him and boldly preach His Gospel!
Apostle Paul speaks to the Believers in Corinth. He knows that they have been Baptized with the Holy Spirit because they had many spiritual gifts (1Cor 1:1- 13; 12: 1-11). In the same time, they had been involved in matters of moral deficiencies. What do we make of this? We say that a man may have one of more gifts of the Holy Spirit and still lack the fruits of the Holy Spirit. He may be gifted and still lack moral character. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit, prophecy, speaking in tongues, does not guarantee spiritual maturity. The great Apostle Paul said that if I have many gifts to serve God, but I lack the Agape Love, which is s fruit of the Holy Spirit, ‘I am nothing’ (1Cor 13:2). What shall we choose? We need both! We need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for power, for witnessing for Jesus, for preaching God’s Word, for ministry in general. But we also need to mature spiritually, to produce fruits! We need to study the Word of God and to apply it to our daily lives. By the power of the Holy Spirit, and prayer, we need to grow in the grace and the in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Fruits manifest thru the process of sanctification. By applying the Word of God to your daily life, and by prayer, you shall become mature. This is a slow but sure growth to spiritual maturity. To overcome sinful tendencies is not a one-day thing. The Holy Spirit in you will help you to mortify the misdeeds of the body. Even Jesus, “though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered” (Heb 5:8). In the same way, sanctification is a painful process but necessary to produce the exquisite fruits of the Holy Spirit: “Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Gal 5: 22, 23). To produce these fruits, it takes a lifetime. But to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and His gifts it takes just a moment in time.
You can manipulate men, but you cannot manipulate the Holy Spirit! It is better to speak in a human language and clearly say that ‘Jesus is Lord’ than to pray in tongues without any interpretation. If you are baptized with the Holy Spirit you can never be an ‘ordinary’ ‘gentle’ Christian. If you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, a type of supernatural passion will burn in your heart. Your words will be ‘hot’ like fire and the people who listen to you shall be like wood that burns. People will not be able to resist your words. They will bow to the Jesus you preach! Like Queen Esther, you become bold, ready to go before the King and take the risk ‘to perish’. You become like Shadrach, Meshach Abednego who were ready to burn than to bow to the idols. These were ordinary people like you and me, but thru the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, they became exceptional people who God used mightily. Like the believers in Corinth, you do not have to become ‘a perfect Christian’ before you pray for the Baptism and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The only thing you need is to have faith that God answers prayers and to be hungry and thirsty for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! A man Baptized with the Holy Spirit will testify about His Lord, Jesus Christ in an exceptional way! He will make men worship God! “Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev 19:10).
This is the command of God: “Do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” (Eph 5:17, 18; NKJ). What does it mean ‘to speak to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs’? It does not mean to attend a church where they only sing hymns, or they chant psalms without musical instruments. The answer to this question is found in the book of 1 Corinthians. Apostle Paul describes the type of church service they had in the first century. “Whenever you come together, each of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has a revelation, has an interpretation. Let all things be done for edification” (1 Cor 14:26). The Apostle Paul says that ‘each of you’ should contribute spiritually to the service singing a psalm, a spiritual song, sharing a revelation, speaking in tongues or interpreting tongues. Everybody must keep the unity and the order of the Spirit. Everything must be done to the glory of God and for the edification of the Body. Apostle Paul warned them of the danger of becoming proud and rebellious. It was possible that as they manifested the gifts of the Holy Spirit the service will become disorderly. Paul makes a correction concerning the excesses in the church. These manifestations are identical in character but vary in degrees of expression. Some people are more passionate than others. It is not wise to compare two people who each has been baptized with the Holy Spirit. The Baptism and the gifts of the Holy Spirit can create a wonderful energy, a passion, a holy zeal and ‘a fire’ in the church. This is called revival. We should pray for it. We should desire it. But we should be careful that the fire will not do damage to the name of God as we manifest the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The other extreme is to act in fear and to quench the move of the Holy Spirit. That is wrong. We need godly wisdom to welcome the Holy Spirit, to host Him in our services and to allow Him to move freely in our midst.
What are the signs, the marks and the manifestation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? There are two types of experiences: Subjective and Objective. The subjective manifestation is what the believer says about his experience. When a child of God is baptized with the Holy Spirit the first inevitable sign to him is a sense of the glory of God, an unusual sense of the presence of God. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit makes real to him the things he has previously believed by faith. Things difficult to explain, the mystery of the union with Christ, heavenly things, these become so real to him. It is an immediate awareness of the glory of God. Generally, we walk by faith and not by sight. But at the Baptism with the Holy Spirit, the spiritual sight becomes so clear in an immediate way. Suddenly, doubt vanishes, and faith becomes very strong. The assurance of salvation is established, and none can shake it. Apostle John was a disciple of Jesus for three years. He was the closest to Him. But when he saw the Lord in glory this is how he expressed it: “When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead!’ It is almost impossible to describe these things with words. If you have experienced them, you will know them. If you have not experienced them, you cannot understand them. If a Christian grieves the Holy Spirit and backslides, he will lose some of his spiritual sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and his faith will become weaker. He will still believe that he is a Christian, but he will not be able to be confident in his witness to others. These glorious things he once delighted in become pale in his mind. His faith and joy decrease.
Finally, this is a good question: Are you baptized with the Holy Spirit? Do you understand these things? The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is a wonderful supernatural experience granted to them who are already born again and who pray for it. Jesus Christ, our High Priest in heaven, is the Baptizer. Child of God, you must seek this experience, until you receive it. It may be accompanied with speaking in other tongues or not. But one thing is clear, ‘power from on high’ is granted to the believer, to preach and to pray. Educated or not, the believer will be able to witness to his Savior and Lord with great assurance and conviction. He will fear God more than he will fear men! Signs, wonders and miracles will follow the spoken Word. This is the basis for true ministry. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is needed by all believers but especially by them who evangelize. This baptism is the explanation of revival, when the move of the Holy Spirit changes nations. Oh, how much we need that! We need revival in Nigeria! ‘Holy Spirit please come and fill our hungry hearts! Revive us again! Baptize us with power from on high! In Jesus’ name we pray!’. Worship the Lord!

RSL 16


The Lord Jesus said to Ananias about Apostle Paul at the beginning of his ministry: “Go! This man is my chosen instrument to proclaim My name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel. I will show him how much he must suffer for My name.” (Ac 9:15, 16)

This applies to all who desire to follow Jesus. The word ‘suffer’ here is experiential pain, not just imagination. There is a cross that kills the flesh; not all at once, but little by little, daily… For every drop of the revelation of God’s name, I had to suffer; so that I should desire to know it desperately…The knowledge of God’s name is for them that pay the price. The door of God’s intimate treasures is never found by them that just pass by…
I had to be sick, really sick, with no desire to go to see a doctor…for me to press on to know who Jehovah Rapha is, how He operates and delivers and heals…in the quietness of my spirit, there came a knowing…that my sickness is not ‘a sickness’, not a dead end… but a pathway, a road…who could have believed that…a pain that could not go away, forcing me to come closer to the throne and receive a testimony, not just healing, but so much more…

The healing baptized me…never the same, much more hungry to know the Healer and not just His touch of the moment…I became the apprentice to Jehovah Rapha…what a privilege…how can I ever describe in words the class rooms in the clouds…the surgery on top of the mountain…all my friends dwell in the same atmosphere and they too have lost the desire to be ordinary…

The first test expected by Jehovah Rapha is to praise Him in all situations, not because I feel like praising, not because my pain is gone, not because I know not what else to do…but just because the praise belongs to Him and can never be retained by men or idols…so if you look for healing, praise God with all the strength you have…do not imitate others, do not compare with others…just go on and think of God, think of His power and glory and willingness to touch and heal you… the presence of the infirmity, of the sickness, of the pain, is just the pulpit from where the praise must go up to the Owner…

Like a miracle flower in the desert, no water, no shade, but still blooms by the power within, I will rejoice and praise God, my Savior, my Lord and yes, my Healer!

“Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines; though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food; though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls… Yet! I will rejoice in the Lord! I will be joyful in God my Savior!” (Habakkuk 3:17, 18)

Poopy flowers

(In the picture, red poopy flowers growing from under the ruins of ‘the dead church in Sardis’ -Rev 3:1- They look like the blood of the martyrs. I took this picture during a trip to Turkey)


In Australia there is the Nardoo plant, an edible beautiful water clover fern that’s made into cakes. It grows all over the place, in the lakes and swamps. The native people used to eat it when they are very hungry. The nardoo is very tasty and sweet but it contains no vitamins, no nutrients and no carbohydrates. It is a fake food! It has an enzyme that destroys the Vitamin B1 in the body. The result is a sickness called Beri-Beri. It manifests as weakness of the legs, palpitations, heart failure and death. The people who eat the Nardoo plant like it and feel filled, but eventually, if that is all they eat and depend on it, they will die. It does not kill immediately but with time, it is fatal.
Dear Friend, in the same way, religion alone may be interesting. Church going may be ‘sweet’ to your emotions. But if you feed your mind with worldly religious ideas, you create a fake spirituality. It has no power. It cannot help in times of need. It will make you proud and foolish. It will eventually kill your soul. You need to come to Jesus! You need to become born again! Do not settle for anything fake! The true original salvation bought by Jesus Christ with His Blood is what you need! Study the Bible! Pray daily! Start attending a good living church! Ask serious Christians to help you, teach you and pray for you! Seek until you find eternal life! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! God bless you!
(In the picture, the beautiful water plant called Nardoo)

Nardoo plant


“The God we worship can save us from you and your flaming furnace” (Dan 3:17)

This is a glimpse from the American History. During the summer of 1787, the American Constitutional Convention was at gridlock. For five weeks there had been a debate and a division concerning how each state should be represented. Should larger states with larger populations have more votes, or should each state have one vote, regardless of their size? Tempers flared and the division grew wider as each side strongly defended its position. Then one day, Benjamin Franklin addressed President Washington with these words – “Mr. President… I have lived, Sir, a long time and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth — that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?” Though Franklin was not what we might call an ‘evangelical believer’, he did recognize and understand that God is in control.

God is in control of all events, as evidenced by the fact that he is sovereign over the future. God doesn’t just know what’s going to happen in the future, but actually controls future events. This counters, among other things, the false teaching known as deism. Deists believe that God has merely created the world and established certain laws by which his world works. He is like the clockmaker whose hands build the clock but are then removed from its regular operation. That is not the Bible’s view of God’s role. If it were, how could he know the future with any certainty? Instead, the Bible teaches that every event that takes place in the universe comes at the direct command of God. Consider that amazing story when Jesus tells Peter how to acquire the temple tax for the two of them. “Go to the sea and cast a hook and take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth you will find a shekel. Take that and give it to them for me and for yourself” (Matt. 17:27). Jesus didn’t just create the fish and let it swim wherever it wanted. The only way Jesus could have done this is to direct the actions of the fish in a place that was unseen by human eyes. God directs the fish of the sea and He directs the birds of the air. Every single one of the thousands of birds that you sometimes see flying together, in a form that seems chaotic to our eyes, is directed by the command of God.

Today, our nation (Nigeria) looks like it is out of control, yet God is still on the throne. Only He knows what will eventually happen to America. As Franklin said, “God governs in the affairs of men.” This does not mean that everything that happens is according to His will. What it does mean is that even when men are living outside of the will of God, they are never beyond His control. Someone has said that history is ‘His-story.’

Child of God, remember that you are not alone. No matter the problems you are passing thru, Jesus is with you. He is the Fourth Man in the Fire! He is the God that saved Daniel from the lions. He is the God who gave old Abraham and old Sarah the son of promise, Isaac. He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our Heavenly Father too. Tell yourself this morning! ‘I am no longer a slave to fear! I am a child of God! God is in control of my life!’ Say it until you believe it! Faith and hope shall rise in your soul. The peace of Jesus will cover you as a soft blanket. Love will manifest. You are a fruitful vine! Keep praying! Endure to the end! Jesus is Lord! God is in control!