“For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me; my worst fears have all come true and have overtaken me” (Job 3:25)
These are challenging times. We need to go to the Word of God, for answers and encouragement! The main attack is not physical; it is not done by the coronavirus. This is a spiritual attack coming especially from the evil spirit of fear. You cannot fight fear with common sense or medicines. You need spiritual weapons, the Word of God, fasting and prayer! Do not cover up your fears. Do not pretend that they are not there. Face them! Confront them! Expose them! Little fears or big fears; do not tolerate them in your soul! They are the enemies of faith! Fight them until they go away! Then be filled with the Holy Spirit!

This is the story of a man of God called Job. There is much we can learn from him. Job was a righteous man who worshipped the true God. But he harbored silent fears in his heart. He was afraid that God may disappoint him one day and stop blessing him. He was afraid that one day, the devil will be stronger than God and he will lose everything he has: his reputation as a believer, his health, his marriage, his children and his property. These silent fears did not manifest when everything was good. But once the tragedy fell, the fears were exposed. At last, Job repented of all his hidden sins: fears, doubts and foolishness. Like gold that passes thru fire, his faith in God was purified and he became an established man of God. His story is an inspiration to all believers. This is the truth: God has the last say in all human affairs. The devil may attack but God sets boundaries, in space and time. Please repent of every hidden and cherished sin. Trust God, not 99% but with all your heart and with all your strength! Fear not! In Christ, there is no loss, no defeat and no disgrace!

Coronavirus or not, God is above all in every storm of life! God decided when the pain starts and when the pain will end. “He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire” (Ps 46:9). This is our God! This is how He will destroy this virus! Shout halleluiah! “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning” (Ps 30:5). God limits our weeping. He wipes away all tears! The eternal victorious King Jesus, who gave us His own personal joy, must come in the morning! This is His promise! “Even so, come Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:20). Soon, we shall meet again in the sanctuary. That place can never be quiet! We will shout and sing and dance! To the glory of our King! Have faith in God! With eyes of faith, you must see this joy even now, from the midnight hour! You must rejoice at the break of the day! Be encouraged my brethren! God bless you all! The worship must continue! In Jesus’ name! Amen!

SLL 43


This morning I was so blessed!!! Each Saturday morning many brethren come to the house of God to clean the chairs and mop the floors. But with the many restrictions we shut down the church until further notice. This morning I went to the sanctuary to ‘greet’ the Holy Spirit. The drums were silent. The piano and the loudspeakers were covered. No sound at all… Then, to my surprise, I saw two young men cleaning the chairs. I asked them, why did they come? They said that they could not stay at home and they came to do their work for God, even if nobody comes to church tomorrow. They said that they have faith that soon, the worship will start again in the sanctuary. Two young men trying to clean thousands of chairs, moping wide floors… Working silently, not for thank you, just for God… I was touched…
I could have given you their names but that is not important. They represent our hearts! We all want to come back to worship God in the sanctuary. I know that the church is not the building, but we dedicated this building to God and the Holy Spirit has been here since. Because of the situation in town, I don’t know how long these brethren can come.. The future belongs to God! But for today, these two young men, coming as living sacrifices unto God, representing our hearts, please bless them! They are men of faith! For cleaning the sanctuary no evil shall come near them! God bless them, their families and the work of their hearts! They are right! The worship must continue!
(Now you know why I love Nigeria! The Holy Spirit moves upon this land. I can see His mighty fruits. God bless Nigeria!)

Brother Peter

Brother Collins

Buckets at FH

Silent drums

Silent piano


I received am inbox note from a brother. He represents many today. You can read my answer. Read and be blessed!
“Greetings Mama; Please help me Ma! Many confusion in the body of Christ today, some claims the devil is behind the Corona virus while others believe is God what is your take? Thank you for your time…”
This is my answer to him:
“My personal opinion is not important. My only opinion is based on the Word of God. The believers and the religious unbelievers will never agree on any subject. It does not matter what the crowd says. You fast three days and pray for personal revelation. Because you are His child, God will talk to you directly and personally. The Word you shall hear will clear all fears and confusion. Remember to thank God for that is all that matters!”


There are times in life when you feel trapped and there is no way ahead! It is a prison like experience. You can’t break the invisible but real iron bars and you cannot climb the oppresing walls. Then you need to pray with faith like never before! God hears the prayers of His children! Especially the desperate prayers of pain energized by faith. You need to receive the grace of a new beginning! Only God can grant that! May this grace be your portion!

This morning start a good new path of life. Pray to Abba Father! He will hear your cries, not matter how feeble! Change your mind set! Reject fear! Desire a holy life! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! That is the eternal powerful success story of all the children of God! Go to the Cross of Christ! Desire to die to the flesh, to refuse its begging deceitful cries and turn to God Almighty! Say NO to the devil! Do not be sorry for the devil! He is your enemy and can never become your friend! Read the Bible and pray daily! Chose to know God the Father, to love and serve Him. That is why Jesus died, to save your soul, that you may live eternally! Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith! Then you shall live!

This is my prayer for you:
May the devil suffer, starve and shrink because of you!
May the Kingdom of God benefit, increase, shine, become richer and stronger because of you!
May God smile over you because of the godly choices you shall make starting from today!
Give God all the glory for this new beginning of grace!
You can do it! In Jesus’ name,


Some people asked me what to do in times like these. First of all, trust God! Look unto Jesus! He is your Helper in times of need! That is the KEY! Read your Bible daily and pray! Worship God (play worship music on your phone or radio). Stay calm and be joyful! Be wise! Encourage others! Listen to your pastors. Obey their counsel! Fear not! This plague has come TO PASS! Have hope! The future is better than the present!

These are some medical and common sense guidelines: Wash your hands with (Dettol) soap and water as often as possible. Keep a little container with bleach by your sink. Dip your hands there often. Bleach kills this C-virus instantly. Do not shake hands with others and do not hug. Avoid going close to people (2 meters in between). Do not visit people and do not allow others to visit you inside your house. If anybody comes to visit you (friends or relatives) go and meet the person outside where there is fresh air blowing. Talk as little as possible. The rest of the discussion is on the phone. Tell them that for now, they cannot come inside your house. That is your doctor’s advice. (Call my name if you need to. I am a medical Doctor: Dr (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh). Safety first! Do not spend money for non-essential things. For now, buy only food, medicine and credit for your phone. Live a simple life! Humble yourself! You will discover the blessings of a simpler life! If you buy stuff thru the internet, or somebody brings things to you, leave these gifts outside the door for at least one hour. The virus will die outside. Use bleach on your door handles and on anything like plastic, metal etc. You can also use the hot air from a hair dryer on any material or fabrics you buy and where you cannot use bleach.

Keep this in mind: This C-virus is very sensitive to heat. Do not complain about the heat outside. I believe it is a blanket of grace upon Nigeria. Every evening do ‘steam inhalation’. Breathe thru your nose and thru your mouth! The hot air kills the virus on your face, in your mouth, throat and nose. To the hot water you can add mentholatum, ginger roots, mint leaves (or tea bags), lemon grass or ‘dogoyaro’ leaves (the best of all). Any one of these is good. You can also combine them. You do it once a day, every evening before you go to sleep. No virus will be able to survive on your face! It is a simple and not expensive method but very efficient! This is my advice to you as a doctor and mother! God bless you all! It is well!


“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus… Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel, for which I suffer trouble as an evildoer, even to the point of chains; but the word of God is not chained” (2Tim 2:1, 8, 9)
My desire is to encourage you thru the Word of God. This encouragement never fails. As believers in Christ, we focus not on the outward circumstances, we focus not on ourselves, but on The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God ‘made flesh and dwelling among us’ (Jn 1:14). The Word of God is profitable always, but especially now, when there is so much anxiety in the world, because of this epidemy with C-Virus. My advice is that you read and retain the Word of God. Read your Bible daily. Pray for understanding. The Word of God is food for the soul and living water for the spirit. It will make you strong, wise and happy.
Listen to this story: Apostle Paul was in chains, in prison. He could not come out and preach. Writing from his cell, he said that the Word of God can never be chained by men or demons. He who was in prison was encouraging others who were free! This is the truth: The Word of God has no limitation; no barrier and it bows to none. “God’s word is not chained (bound or imprisoned)” (2Tim 2:9). Just think of this: Paul was in prison in Rome, on the death row. He was waiting to be called anytime to be put to death. Why? Because he was preaching the Gospel of Christ Crucified and Resurrected. He was telling the people of Rome that the Caesar (their king) is not God, as he claimed to be, he is only a mortal man. He was telling the people that Jesus Christ is God. Paul said: ‘stop worshiping Caesar and worship only Jesus!’. He told them that Jesus died for their sins. Jesus died once and for all. Jesus will never die but He will come back again to judge all men! In Him, we become a new creation, we have eternal life! In Him we lose all our fears and all our guilt. In Him we find peace with God and our real identity. Because he was preaching these words, the Romans decided to put him to death. Preaching truth was his offence. That is why they said that he is ‘an evildoer, a criminal’. Afraid that he will lose his worshippers, in 64 AD, Emperor Nero condemned him to death!
(Three years later, the city of Rome burnt down, and thousands of people died in the fire. I am not saying there is any connection between these two events, but this is confirmed history).
It is said that they did not want to kill him in the city so that the Christians will not revolt. So, the Roman soldiers took him from his cell in Rome and carried him outside the city, to a place along the road that goes to Ostia (the city used as the port of Rome). It was a busy road. Because he was a Roman citizen, they did not disgrace him, by killing him thru crucifixion. By law, a Roman citizen was to be beheaded for a quick and painless death. Tradition says that they tied Paul to a pillar and a soldier beheaded him. They said that his head fell of his body and bounced three times on the ground. On each spot, a spring of water came out. A rich Christian woman called Lucina, took his body and buried him on her land at that very place. Later, a church was built on top of the place where Paul was martyred. It is called “The Church of Saint Paul at the Three Fountains” (Chiesa del martirio di San Paolo alle Tre Fontane, in Italian). It is one of the oldest churches in Rome. The three springs of water flow till today.
On a busy road, without any brethren around, this is how the great Apostle Paul died. But his life is not a tragedy. He wrote more than three quarters of the New Testament. These are the Books that Apostle Paul wrote: The Books of Romans, 1 and 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 and 2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon and possibly Hebrews. Two thousand years have passed since the great Apostle died. But his words can never die. Millions of people got saved by reading these books. His words can never be chained. Who remembers the words of Emperor Nero, the proud and coward king? But we all read the words of Paul and get encouraged by them. Even today! I encourage you to read, memorize and quote the Word of God. Because of circumstances, you may have to stay inside your house. But the Word of God is like a dove than no hunter can trap, and no king can kill. May the Word of God set you free! Praise the Living God!
(My husband and I visited the cell, of The Mamertine Prison in Rome, where Apostle Paul was imprisoned before he was killed. In the first picture: I took this picture myself: The prison cell where Apostle Paul stayed in Rome. It is from this place underground that he wrote many of his epistles. On the floor there is a hole from where water springs forth supernaturally (it is said that God provided water for the baptism of many of the poisoners who became saved there. The second picture shows “The Church of Saint Paul at the Three Fountains”, outside Rome, built on the place where Paul was martyred. In the third picture, inside the church you see the pillar where they tied Paul to be beheaded)

Apostle Paul's prison cell

tre-fontane church (where Paul was martyred)

The pilar were they tied Paul in the Church of three fountains outside Rome


I hope that you are not tired of celebrations. We pray for more reasons to rejoice, especially in times like these. Ok, this is a good reason to praise God once more: Our youngest daughter, Jemine Leigh Oakes was born this day, some years ago… (I will not tell you her age). She was born at a time when we had a lot of financial problems. We were young, just coming from Europe. We worked as medical doctors in Nigeria. We trusted some bad people and we lost all our money. When Jemine was born, we were living in Warri, Nigeria. In fact, we could not afford to go to a private clinic. I delivered her at home, in the living room. Her dad, who is a doctor, delivered me that early morning at about 5 am. Her arrival into this world came with a flood of blessings. People came to visit us and gave us gifts and money. They encouraged us to start afresh. That is how we started Lily Clinic!

From her first breath, Jemine had a melody in her voice. She was beautiful, bold and confident. She was a ‘Warri Girl’. She loved singing and dramatizing. I still remember one day, a musician told us: ‘do you know that your daughter can sing? Really sing?’ Her father and I were surprised. We did not take her seriously. But it was true. She had a good voice and a good musical ear. She also had a good memory (she could remember the words of many songs and the exact key to play the tunes).

She became born again as a teenager. She is a woman of faith! She prayed to marry a man of God and she did! She married dear Matthew Oakes. They have two sons: Olver and Emory.

In the past, I had some inferiority complexes about my work and ministry as a mother. But today, looking at our children and grandchildren, I have to admit that God blessed us beyond any dream I ever had. I am a proud mother! God bless you, Jemine! With the blessings of Christ! You are a child of Covenant! Whoever blesses you is blessed!

(I use Jemine as a godly point of contact to bless all of your children! In Jesus’ name!)

(In this video clip, Jemine worshipping God at her church in Woodlands, near Houston, Tx).