“For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power (making it active, operative, energizing and effective); it is sharper than any two edged sword, penetrating… between joints and marrow (of the deepest parts of our nature) exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart” (Heb 4: 12, AMP)
Just like the pregnancy, like the hidden power of life within the womb, the Word of God ingested works without interruptions until it pleases God to behold the final masterpiece. There is Holy activity in my spirit. No rest until there is rest. Peace has a crown and smiles like a queen. Truth is a friend, a father and a judge. Like a bird flies away, leaving behind the sad, sad cage, so yesterday is quietly put to rest. Tomorrow is a sketch of hope’s song. Today is my gift, to fill with God’s presence until the overflow expands it to be more than twenty four hours. There is work going on inside of me. None can stop it and none can steal it. I love how God is good to me. His goodness is power that changes me, beholding His glory!
In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God! I am saved by the Blood of the Lamb, by the Grace of the King of Kings! I trust the Word of God! Even when I do not see much ahead, His Word is still the unquenchable light at my feet! I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus! I gaze long on the eternal things of God’s invisible Kingdom! I only glance at the visible things of this world, for they are temporary! I break any addiction with the infatuation with the material things! I love the Word of God! I trust the Word of God! In all circumstances, in Spirit and in Truth, I will worship God! This is my pledge!
In Jesus’ name,
sll 26


“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us” (Ac 17:26, 27)

Today, the people of Nigeria were to vote to elect their president. But the elections were postponed. Many are angry, frustrated and dis-appointed. I am sorry about that. I cannot change the events. But what I can do, I do! I pray for Nigeria… I pray for revival, for God’s favor and healing in this land. I pray for a fresh download of living hope and supernatural peace for the people living in Nigeria! I pray for godly wise leadership! I believe that God answers prayers! God never fails!

I am a foreigner (better said an ‘oyibo’) living in Nigeria since 1980. I did not choose this country. I came here as a proud unbeliever. So many things have changed since then… Let me count just few blessings that will forever connect me with Nigeria: My husband of 45 years is a Nigerian. I became saved in Warri, Nigeria. My husband and I had a very successful private hospital here in Warri, Nigeria. We made money and fame here in Nigeria! Our last baby, Jemine, was born In Effurun, Nigeria. Our three children grew up and went to school here in Nigeria. For a time we went to live in America. It pleased God to send my husband and I back to this land to start a church for His glory and for the good of the people here. This is how Father’s House Bible Church, Effurun – Warri was ‘born’ in March 2000. My husband and I are pastors in full time ministry here in Nigeria. In Nigeria I learned a new language called ‘pidgin English’. I am very happy with that!

Why I am saying all these things? Every day, and especially in times of trial, I encourage myself in the Lord! I remind myself of what I have and not what I’ve lost! Therefore: No matter how ‘bad’ Nigeria is or becomes in the future, I can never deny the wonderful blessing this country has been to me and mine. I know that God created the whole universe. There are 195 countries in this world today. Out of them all, God ‘picked’ Nigeria for me!!! Can you imagine that? It may be hard to believe but it is the truth! And God never makes mistakes!

Did you know that not only did God create each one of us but He put us in this world in these times and in a particular place of His choosing? None of this is by chance or error. We may not be happy about God’s choice of timing or place. After all, the times are troubled and the world (some places in particular) is shaky.

There is little we can do about living in these times. We can’t re-invent ourselves in another time. However, God gave us a free will and a life to live the way we choose. So we can move about for whatever reasons we consider valid. We can move to a place we believe will offer us more money, greater security or a better life-style. But rather than being unhappy or even fearful about where we are and casting around for other options, perhaps we should be praying: “Father, You have placed me here at this time. How do You want to use me? How can I be available to You so that You can work out Your purposes in this place?”

So, in an increasingly insecure world, these words of Scripture serve to root and ground us. They provide us with the security of knowing that we are where we are because that’s what God has ordained, and to date He has not shown us otherwise.

Let’s pray: “Abba Father, it’s not a mistake that I am living in insecure times, in a place that’s difficult and sometimes frightening. Please help me draw my security from You and not from the place where I live. Show me how I can be Your instrument of peace and healing here and now, how I can shine with Your love and joy and how I can share the good news of who You are with those around me. Father God, please I remind You to bless all the people living in Nigeria! We vow to give You all the glory! In Jesus’ name! Amen!”

Tali, Malia, A and J

(In the picture, my husband, Pastor Richmond Leigh, and our two daughters, Alina and Jemine, dressed in beautiful Nigerian attire)


“How is your beloved better than others, most beautiful of women?” (SS 5:9)
Next month, my husband and I, will be married for 45 years! We married as unbelievers. God’s grace saved our souls and also our marriage. Both of us are medical doctors by profession and now in full time ministry. The older I get, the more I appreciate my husband’s character. Without fear and without shame, I can boast about my God and I also can boast about my husband. Below is a partial list of my husband’s qualities, blessings that I have discovered over the years. According to the Word of God, and by the grace of God, my husband is ‘better than others’.
He is:
*A true man of God!
*A wonderful husband to me, a wonderful father and a grandfather!
*Loving, generous, compassionate and kind!
*Bold for God. He does not take the easy path because of fear. He confronts difficult situations like a soldier.
*Perseveres until he achieves results. He does not get tired in the middle of the problems!
*Honest, truthful and open; he does not lie, steal or cheat!
*Courageous, doing what is right even in the presence of rejection or danger!
*Willing to sacrifice himself and his money for the work of God and helping others!
*Controls himself; he stays calm under provocation, temptation or stress!
*Just and fair; he does not discriminate!
*Good citizen; he abides by the laws of the country!
*Spirit of excellence; he does no compromise his conscience; he does his best and he is happy with his work!
*Keeps his promises; is dependable and trustworthy; he hates to disappoint others!
*Respects others; he honors their rights, dignity and freedom! Hates to hurt them unnecessarily!
*Responsible; he does not shift blame on others!
*Patient; he knows that good things take time to achieve! He is willing to wait.
*Forgiving; he is able to leave hurtful things behind; does not seek revenge! (He forgets my mistakes)
*Peace Maker; he is able to talk things without being violent!
*Very good teacher. Most of the things about life in Nigeria I have learned from him directly!
*Encourager. He encourages me to fulfill God’s plan for my life, to do ministry.
*Lover. He loves me with words and deeds when we are alone and he declares his love for me in public.
And so on… And so on …
To God be all the glory!
Now you know one of the secrets of our happy and strong marriage! Dear sister, if you are a married woman, boast about your husband too! I will rejoice with you! But don’t forget to give God all the glory! He who has ears to hear, let him (her) hear! May God grant you the blessing of a wonderful marriage! In Jesus name, amen!
(In the picture, my husband, Pastor Richmond Leigh and I)
Tali and I 11


“The liberal soul shall be made fat… A generous person will prosper, and anyone who gives water will receive a flood in return… whoever refreshes others will be refreshed” (PV 11:25)
God promises that if you practice generosity you shall become (spiritually) fat! (I was trying to diet and lose some weight when I saw this scripture…I am joking…). The word ‘fat’ means to be ‘oily’, to be prosperous in all things and anointed for ministry!
In Hebrew the word ‘liberal’ means to be generous and noble. In the past people believed that kings were chosen by God. The ordinary people expected their rulers to behave like God. One of the royal attributes was to be kind and generous with their resources. Low class people were seen as stingy and wicked. Generosity of spirit was valued as a royal quality. This generosity is not only about money. It is an attitude of life. You can be generous with your time, emotions, words of encouragement and your desire to help others. Spiritually speaking, a generous person is someone who is willing to be a channel of blessing, to be used by God to bless others. God promised to greatly bless such a willing person!
A greedy man sees generosity as a waste of resources. He is afraid that generosity will lead to poverty. But it is not so! A greedy man is a foolish man! The Bible encourages us to be noble and generous; investing in the work of God and helping others. Why? The first reason is because God is the most generous Person in the universe! God is the Original Giver! And we must be like God! The second reason is that generosity really works! It is a good business! This is God’s Law: if you plant mercy, help, kindness and encouragement into the lives of others, you shall have a harvest of the same. The giver is blessed and the receiver is blessed! If you are generous, people are attracted to you. Nobody likes a greedy man.
This is a good practical advice: If you are lonely or you desire to be married, then be generous in your attitude to others. Soon, you will become a spiritual ‘magnet’. This is another of God’s laws: If you sow sparingly you shall reap sparingly. If you sow generously, you shall reap generously (2Cor 9:6). By your present sacrificially planting, you dictate the size of your harvest in the future!
This is my testimony: as an unbeliever I was a selfish and greedy coward. I was afraid to share. I was afraid to become poor. I was afraid to be cheated by others. Things changed after I became saved. I saw that God sent His Son to die for me, to be my Savior. There is no greater sacrifice than that! I also saw that my Lord Jesus Christ went to the Cross for me and by His death He paid all my debt of sin. I was overwhelmed by this most generous God. I wanted to be like Him! I wanted to be free to come into His presence and worship Him! I prayed and was filled with His generous Spirit. Little by little I started practicing generosity in every way I could. I gave to the people not just money but especially my heart. I gave them my best prayers and my most ‘expensive’ sermons. Little by little, my heart became free and I started rejoicing in this adventure of giving! Then I started to reap from my sowing! This life style became a flood of blessings to me! Now, at the hour of my need, I testify that there are so many people who pray for me, encourage me and refresh me. I testify that the Word of God is true! God is faithful to His Word!
Child of God, you are a royal spiritual priesthood! Behave like one! Be a generous and noble soul! Better said, be like Jesus! Your reward will be great on earth and also in heaven! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Start by praising God today for revealing the truth to you! Freely you have received! Freely give to others! In Christ I declare  (un-apologetically and unashamedly) that I am fat, favored and free! I am risen, refreshed and revived! Hallelujah!


A daughter in Christ, sent me this note. For many years she lived in fear of bad news, poverty and untimely death. She is happily married and mother of three beautiful children. As you read her words, allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you…The Bible says: ‘Rejoice with them who rejoice” (Rom 12:15). By doing that you identify with her testimony and you shall receive the same. For the Spirit is One! This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil who has lost again, and for the encouragement of other children of God! (If you want to encourage her she will read your comments on fb). Please observe that our God blesses with more than expected help and provision! He is the God of ‘More than Enough’. Praise the Lord!

“Hello mum it’s exactly a month you prayed for me, our God is ever faithful, never failing.. my testimony is.. God has not only deliver me from spirit of fear and anger but He has bless my husband with a new job which is better than the previous job I told you that he lost it two weeks ago. He used to travel a lot. We only saw him once a month. The new job’s pay is two times the previous one. He goes to work from home. The children and I are happy Mum even though am too Shy to speak to you face to face, I wish to feel your warm embrace…Hmmmmmm… It’s a privilege to be a child of God and know am no longer a slave to fear. I give God all the glory.. Thank you mummy for being for your children and always interceding God bless you Malia!”

This is my song….
“If I have ten thousand tongue
Still won’t be enough
Narakele mo…….”

FH 3-9


“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away. Behold, the new has come!” (2Cor 5:17)
A daughter in Christ sent me this note. She started attending our church not too long ago. She has been religious for many years. She is a successful woman by any standard, what people here call ‘rich woman’. She is happily married, a loving mother, a successful professional woman. But according to her, she was not serious with God. In the past, she was ‘playing church’. It is sad that in many churches, the wealthy people, who give big offerings, they are regarded with a special honor. Because of that, they can hide behind their tithes and offerings and pretend that they are very spiritual. Pastor and congregation, for the sake of money, are willing to be deceived. That is so sad…When she came to Father’s House, she finally had rest for her soul. Nobody was interested in her fashion sense, the type of car she is driving or in the millions in her account. In our church, the offerings are given in secret as the Bible commands. God knows! No need to be proud! This sister finally came to the Cross. Unlike the rich young ruler, she came to Jesus and she stayed! May her testimony bless you! Glory of God!
“God bless you Malia, I can never ever appreciate you enuf, for persevering for me. For taking the challenge and pains to run this race that we are all benefiting from. I am so far from arriving but waking up everyday knowing I will get there soon. I am been transformed daily and pushing hard to be a better me. The best wife I can be. The best daughter, Boss, subordinate. Just too busy trying to reach the mark that nothing counts…. is wonderful. Believe me my mum, I am not even bothered about money, promotion, kids, the things I use to be anxious over anymore. But guess what? To my surprise, these blessings just role in with no struggle. I just got promoted, financially blessed on all sides. I have a more loving and caring (I mean really attentive) husband that care about my feelings. And guess what? These are things I don’t even care about anymore. God can never lie. He says what He means and He means what He says. Many years ago He said to me: “go to Father’s house where women don’t suffer”. Right now I ain’t suffering. I wake up with joy each day.
Ma, I want to tell you that I am not your usual daughter. I grew up in the streets. I was not brought up but just grew up with none of those with perfect upbringing and good background. But He has always been my God. I should be a cleaner, a security women or just a market woman but He always makes me head. As a child my parents could not afford to buy uniform for me. I grew up in the slump. I was the girl that even the poor people refer to as poor. Sometime, it’s overwhelming because I feel I don’t deserve it and I let my background and my bitter past get a better judgement of me. But guess what? Jesus always pulls me out and reminds me I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I, … a bush girl is ROYAL PRIESTHOOD!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Me royal??? Me was worth His blood???? Hmmmmmm!!!! It’s a privilege to be call His own. I am learning how to bow down and worship the Lord! There is none like Him!
Hmmmm!!!! If u know my story, then u will understand my heart for God!!! My life can only be God!!! No explanation!!! Mum, u will never understand ma. Thank you ma.
Mum!!! Even in my grave, my bones, my dust will worship this God!!!!! He is just too good!!! Too partial with me. One day I will go to where I was born and where I grew up and snap some pics. I will show you… so that you understand me better… from where I come from… I know my place without God, so I can’t even think of any life without Him. And now, I just crave more and more for him and being the right atmosphere, under great mentors… u understands why my joy is so unspeakable ma…
Sorry to take ur time this morning ma, at times I just what to be on top of a mountain and scream His praises so loud!!!! Thank you ma!!!! Your daughter…”
Worship 4


“Now Joseph’s brothers saw him in the distance, and before he arrived, they plotted to kill him. “Here comes that dreamer!” they said to one another. “Come now, let us kill him and throw him into one of the pits. We can say that a vicious animal has devoured him. Then we shall see what becomes of his dreams! .. Although Joseph recognized his brothers, they did not recognize him. Joseph remembered his dreams about them and said, “You are spies! You have come to see if our land is vulnerable.” (Gen 39:18-20; 42:8, 9)

Dear Child of God, Read the story of Joseph again! The world (even the religious world) hates and try to kill true dreamers! But the secret of overcoming dreamers is that God is with them! God’s favor is on them. Nobody can destroy that! They do not only survive the attacks of dream haters, but they live to gloriously fulfill their dream and to tell the story! Even if you give up on your dream, your dream does not give up on you! You are married to your dream. Forever! Hold on to your dream! In God’s time, by God’s grace and power, for God’s glory alone, your dream will come to pass! Be encouraged today!