“And He has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us” (Ac 17:26, 27)

Today, the people of Nigeria were to vote to elect their president. But the elections were postponed. Many are angry, frustrated and dis-appointed. I am sorry about that. I cannot change the events. But what I can do, I do! I pray for Nigeria… I pray for revival, for God’s favor and healing in this land. I pray for a fresh download of living hope and supernatural peace for the people living in Nigeria! I pray for godly wise leadership! I believe that God answers prayers! God never fails!

I am a foreigner (better said an ‘oyibo’) living in Nigeria since 1980. I did not choose this country. I came here as a proud unbeliever. So many things have changed since then… Let me count just few blessings that will forever connect me with Nigeria: My husband of 45 years is a Nigerian. I became saved in Warri, Nigeria. My husband and I had a very successful private hospital here in Warri, Nigeria. We made money and fame here in Nigeria! Our last baby, Jemine, was born In Effurun, Nigeria. Our three children grew up and went to school here in Nigeria. For a time we went to live in America. It pleased God to send my husband and I back to this land to start a church for His glory and for the good of the people here. This is how Father’s House Bible Church, Effurun – Warri was ‘born’ in March 2000. My husband and I are pastors in full time ministry here in Nigeria. In Nigeria I learned a new language called ‘pidgin English’. I am very happy with that!

Why I am saying all these things? Every day, and especially in times of trial, I encourage myself in the Lord! I remind myself of what I have and not what I’ve lost! Therefore: No matter how ‘bad’ Nigeria is or becomes in the future, I can never deny the wonderful blessing this country has been to me and mine. I know that God created the whole universe. There are 195 countries in this world today. Out of them all, God ‘picked’ Nigeria for me!!! Can you imagine that? It may be hard to believe but it is the truth! And God never makes mistakes!

Did you know that not only did God create each one of us but He put us in this world in these times and in a particular place of His choosing? None of this is by chance or error. We may not be happy about God’s choice of timing or place. After all, the times are troubled and the world (some places in particular) is shaky.

There is little we can do about living in these times. We can’t re-invent ourselves in another time. However, God gave us a free will and a life to live the way we choose. So we can move about for whatever reasons we consider valid. We can move to a place we believe will offer us more money, greater security or a better life-style. But rather than being unhappy or even fearful about where we are and casting around for other options, perhaps we should be praying: “Father, You have placed me here at this time. How do You want to use me? How can I be available to You so that You can work out Your purposes in this place?”

So, in an increasingly insecure world, these words of Scripture serve to root and ground us. They provide us with the security of knowing that we are where we are because that’s what God has ordained, and to date He has not shown us otherwise.

Let’s pray: “Abba Father, it’s not a mistake that I am living in insecure times, in a place that’s difficult and sometimes frightening. Please help me draw my security from You and not from the place where I live. Show me how I can be Your instrument of peace and healing here and now, how I can shine with Your love and joy and how I can share the good news of who You are with those around me. Father God, please I remind You to bless all the people living in Nigeria! We vow to give You all the glory! In Jesus’ name! Amen!”

Tali, Malia, A and J

(In the picture, my husband, Pastor Richmond Leigh, and our two daughters, Alina and Jemine, dressed in beautiful Nigerian attire)


  1. Mary Ann says:

    God has blessed you both with a beautiful family!
    And a beautiful church family 🙂

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