“A time to kill,
And a time to heal” (Ecc 3:3)
“Dear Sister…, I too have been in a desert season, where tears flowed freely and there was no water to drink, to replace them… I too became spiritually dry and depressed…I know how you feel… There is a danger to become bitter, but you should reject that! Today, I am free and well! I thank the Lord Jesus for His compassion… He never allowed me to suffer more than I can bear… He always made a way where there seems to be no way… My Jesus did not come too early! He allowed me to taste my salty tears until they dried on my face like Elijah’s brook… My Jesus did not come late… I passed thru many trials but I am still alive to write these words to you… Be encouraged!
This is God’s promise and order: Death before resurrection and killing before healing! Your body, your emotions, your dreams will die before you can experience healing life. The doctors will try and fail to bring a cure. The pastors will pray and God will not answer. This is the season called ‘a time to kill’. But one day (God alone knows that mercy day), things will suddenly change for good! Light will shine in your darkness and the colors of the rainbow will confirm the healing! The same doctors, the same medicines that in the past failed to cure you, will miraculously ‘work’ this time! Both as a doctor and as a patient I confirm this hope to you! Your life will not end in sorrow, shame and sickness! God has not finished with you yet! Many souls are waiting for your encouragement! God delights in you and longs to hear your voice on earth singing songs from heaven! Love never fails! Love must rejoice!
My sister, be encouraged! God knows His job! Your reputation as a Servant of God is His responsibility! ‘Weeping may endure for a night…I agree with you, the dinner was bitter… but the morning light brings new mouthful of mercies and fresh baked joys for breakfast! It is well! Smile if you can…Try! Today is a good day! Declare it to be so, and it shall be so! Hallelujah!
(I wrote these words to encourage a woman of God in pain…)


“You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows” (Ps 23:5)

The women fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and we shared testimonies of God’s power and grace. We encouraged one another in the way of the Lord. Then there was a prophetic word concerning marriages in Nigeria. Many couples struggle with the idea of marriage. There are very few successful Christian, Spirit-filled homes. There are very few role models for the younger couples preparing for marriage. Most marriages are based on worldly, pagan, religious concepts or the practice of polygamy. I have lived in Nigeria since 1980. Both as a doctor and a pastor, I have rarely seen truly happy marriages. It is very rare. If the husband is happy, the wife is sad. If the wife is happy, the husband is frustrated. Most couples are more concerned about their children, about money, than the level of happiness in their marriages. Most couples here do not divorce but they learned to ‘manage’. Because they come from polygamous background, many wives are not devastated when the husband cheats on them. In a way, they even ‘expect to be betrayed’. Many wives tell me: ‘I don’t care about my husband’s girl friend. When he go tire he go come back home. So far he takes care of me and my children, I go manage…’

Spiritually and romantically, this is a compromised marriage. That is the reason why love is not getting stronger, holier, more romantic, pure and passionate. The love is more of less ‘practical’ and lukewarm. This is more or less the culture here. This ‘tolerating evil for the sake of peace’ is very dangerous. This attitude spills over even in the relationship the women have with Jesus Christ. The spirit of religion allows for a little bit of emotional display in worship, but the rest is ‘business as usual’. Praying becomes boring routine and worship is some musical entertainment. Men and women become too shy to display their true feelings. They feel guilty to be seen ‘in love’. The devil has taken advantage of this and quenched the Spirit in many churches. The marriages suffer too. If there is any woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, like the way Mary of Bethany did, that one may be tagged as a witch in the church. Any wife who next to Jesus loves her husband with all her heart, she may be called ‘materialistic’. Her in-laws may say that she married ‘our son or our brother’ for money. It is hard to fight such painful unfair accusations. As a pastor, I am a witness to their pain.

Tonight we did spiritual warfare! We prayed against the demons that hate agape love in worshiping God and in Biblical marriages. We prayed against the demons that attack the holy pure intimacy with have with our Lord Jesus Christ! We prayed against the demons that try to destroy our good, Christ glorifying marriages. We declared that we are not ashamed of Jesus and we are not ashamed of our love for our husbands. We commanded the evil spirits of religion, confusion, poverty, divorce, fear, sickness (malaria, typhoid fever, diabetes, hypertension, depression…), ogbanje, water spirits and untimely death to leave us and to go away, in the name of Jesus! We asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill our hearts. We declared that we are hungry to know and love Jesus more than ever before. We prayed that God will ‘turn the water into wine’ in our marriages. We prayed that the Holy Spirit will purify our hearts with a new holy boldness to stand for Jesus and to serve Him forever! I am a witness that the Holy Spirit came and filled these needy precious holy vessels. I so much love the women of God who obey God’s Word!!!

In Christ I declare:
I am a woman of God! I am born again by the Holy Spirit! My husband and I are happily married and Christ is glorified thru words and deeds in our home! I declare that the Lord has set a good table of ancient wine and great promises before us. God’s promises are fulfilled in our home! I declare that our marriage is blessed and our children (spiritual and natural) are blessed! Our cup of love overflows! This overflow will drive away our enemies and bless our friends! This table of blessings is an open door of ministry that no one can shut! All glory and praise to the Lamb upon the throne! In Jesus name, Amen!


My husband and I are pleased to announce that in few months we shall be grandparents for the 7th time! Our daughter, Jemine and her husband, Matthew Oakes are expecting a second baby boy. Their son Oliver will have a little brother! We are so happy hearing this wonderful news!!! In this world of pain, any good news is so much welcomed! To God be all the glory! Praise the Lord! Singing Nigerian chorus: “Jesus You love me too much-ooo….Too much-ooo … Exces love-ooo…”

M, J and O



“Restore unto me the joy of Your salvation
And grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me” (Ps 51:12)

The prayer meeting was good. I say ‘good’ because the Holy Spirit was with us, to direct, rebuke, comfort and strengthen. Tomorrow many people celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’. Maybe I needed to remember the feelings of a mother whose baby is sick. The congregation was weak this evening. My instincts as a mother in Zion were stirred to the core of my being. The baby was too weak to swallow the solid food I prepared in advance. I had to give the baby the water of life, drop by drop on its feverish tongue. I reminded the brethren that only the child of God ‘feels’ the presence of the Holy Spirit. Only the child of God is able to truly love God and other people. The unbelievers talk about love but it is only a fading imagination in their confused puffed up minds. Only in the presence of God there is ‘fullness of joy’. Nowhere else can this free powerful liberating joy be found!

King David committed adultery with Bathsheba. For an hour of pleasure he killed her marriage, he killed her husband. Unbroken and unrepentant, for about a year, the beloved King of Zion survived on past glories. He gained a woman and he lost the joy of his salvation. He repented at last but the pain was deep and lasting.

In the same way, this evening, we repented because our hearts were hardened too. Religion is spiritual adultery. In the midst of men who lust after miracles and grieve the Holy Spirit, we stumbled and fell. Thank God for the drawing power of the Holy Spirit! Back to the Cross! God wants our hearts to be tender, trembling at His Word, humble and faithful, at peace with Him and self. Led by the Holy Spirit, we came back to the source of life, to the fountain of joy. We sang and prayed: ‘Create in me a clean heart, Oh, Lord…And renew the right spirit within me… Cast me not away, from Thy Spirit, Oh, Lord… Take not Thy Holy Spirit from me… Restore unto me, the joy of my salvation… And renew the right spirit within me…’ In the presence of God we found ourselves. It is so easy to become hard of hearing and stiff-necked. It is so easy to lie that all is well, when all is not well. It is so easy to become proud. Truth liberates but truth is so hard to be appreciated. Truth is a choice. We choose truth tonight! ‘Unto Jesus I surrender…Unto Him I freely give…Worldly pleasures now forsaken, Take me Jesus, take me now…’ I love You Lord Jesus! There is none like You! In weakness and strength I am Yours! I will never be ashamed of my tears! I was born to worship You Lord Jesus! I love You Jesus! Let the whole world say what they may, nobody can take this joy away….Lord I believe… Take me Jesus, take me now!’

FH 20


“Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you” (Is 46:4)
Many years ago I have passed thru a very hard road. It was long and lonely. I thought that heart pain will kill me. But by the grace of God I came to the other side. God changed my ashes into beauty, my depression into dancing and my pain into anointing! I now use the revelations I got in the furnace and the testimony imparted at that time, for ministry. I could not have been a pastor without this Jesus’ royal cross stamped on my spirit, By the grace of God I now encourage others who come behind me on the same road of disappointment and pain.
Dear child of God, your tears are falling on your book. But this wet page is not the last page of your life story! God has not finished with you yet! Faith that crosses over is gold purified in the fire. No man can give to you and no money can buy. The devil cannot steal it. It becomes part of your eternal ‘savings account’. Faith is your victory!
God encouraged me thru the Word of God who says that even when I cannot carry myself, God will carry me thru. Even to my grey hairs, when my strength fails, when I need glasses to read and a walking stick to walk, God will not abandon me! This is His promise! Like a mother with her baby, God will ‘back me and carry me’ thru this life on earth. Our God is a responsible God! God creates and God carries. Let this word revive your hearts tonight! God bless you all!
(In the picture, a mother carries her sleeping baby thru the waters, in a village in Congo)
African mother


David Livingstone (1813-1872) was a Scottish explorer, medical doctor, missionary, and anti-slavery campaigner. By the time he turned twenty-one, Livingstone had accepted Christ and made up his mind to become a medical missionary. He became a great hero for his epic discoveries in the heart of unexplored Africa. He spent the last six years of his life almost cut off from the outside world, refusing to leave his beloved Africa. He preached the Gospel to the un-reached tribes in Africa. He used his medical knowledge to treat many people in the jungle and in the villages of Africa. After suffering a variety of tropical illness’ throughout his life, Livingstone died of dysentery in 1872, aged 59. He passed away kneeling in prayer. His body was taken to England and buried in Westminster Abbey. However, the local African attendants were somewhat reluctant to give up Livingstone. In the end, they cut out his heart and buried it in the African soil. They gave back his body to the English men saying: “You can have his body, but his heart belongs in Africa!” Because of his books, Africa became at once the favorite field for missionary enterprise of almost every denomination.

Some sayings of David Livingstone:
“People talk of the sacrifice I have made in spending so much of my life in Africa. Can that be called a sacrifice which is simply paid back as a small part of a great debt owing to our God, which we can never repay? Is that a sacrifice which brings its own blessed reward in healthful activity, the consciousness of doing good, peace of mind, and a bright hope of a glorious destiny hereafter? Away with the word! It is emphatically no sacrifice! Say rather it is a privilege! Anxiety, sickness, suffering, or danger now and then with a foregoing of the common conveniences and charities of this life, may make us pause and cause the spirit to waver and the soul to sink; but this is only for a moment. All these are nothing when compared with the glory which shall be revealed in and for us. I never made a sacrifice”

“Would you like me to tell you what supported me through all the years? It was this promise of Jesus: ‘Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.’ On these words I staked everything, and they never failed me.”



“Therefore watch carefully how you walk, not as unwise, but as wise” (Eph 5:15)

This month, three years ago, I fell and broke my left ankle. It was a painful time, but I had learned many lessons. To the glory of God, I am now healed, both in my body and in my spirit. Part of the healing was to become wiser in the way I walk. I cannot avoid that place in my house that brought so much pain. Daily I have to pass thru the same ‘dangerous’ area at the bottom of my steps; the place were I missed it and fell. I am wiser now. I am more humble. I am slower… I carefully study my steps. I do not just run ignoring danger. My heart is filled with thanksgiving for what God has done in my heart since that terrible fall. It could have been worse. Thank God for His presence and for His healing!

We are commanded to walk carefully, wisely and not foolishly. It is our responsibility to avoid pitfalls. This is a command for the believers! Our ‘walking’, our behavior, our way of life should be totally in the Spirit and not lead by emotions or by the lust of the eyes. We should walk ‘circumspectly’, says King James. What does it mean to walk circumspectly? The answer is simple: walk like a cat!

Have you seen a cat walking on dirty or wet ground? She hates it! She has decided to remain clean. She wisely chooses her steps. She walks carefully, slowly, looking where to place each foot, jumping over if the place is too soiled…At the end of the journey, unbelievable, walking on mud and dirt, her body and even her paws are still clean. At last, she will not rest until every stain is removed by her rough tongue. You may not like cats like I do, but please accept this: pigs are dirty and cats are always clean!

This world is full of sin. Some believers boast that they can go anywhere and visit anyone, no matter how corrupt or wicked. If the Lord sends you with a message to ‘the red district’ or to ‘the mafia headquarters’, then go with faith and you shall be protected. But if the purpose of your spiritual journey is a mixture of religion, adventure and material gain, you will not be protected from the corruption of the flesh or from unclean spirits soiling your garments. You shall lose your spiritual ‘virginity’ to satan, just like Eve lost hers. You shall hate the light for exposing your stains and you will run towards darkness like unto a friend.

It is only true confession and repentance, the deep work of the Cross, that can change the heart. It is only the Blood of Jesus that can cleanse these stains of lust, foolishness, deception, mockery and shame. Be wise therefore! Even a stray cat knows how to avoid dirt! Be clean! Be pure! In Jesus name, Amen!


Stray cat 3



I am a very happy grandma! In the picture, you see our oldest grandson Alex Atiyota, with his girlfriend Ally, at their prom, last week (May 2018). He just got admission to read Engineering Major in University of Houston. Alex, you are a man of God! This is one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen. Well done! The Cross will lead you and protect you, to the end of time! God bless you both! 

Alex and Ally


“Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish” (Is 46:10)
In 1999, The Holy Spirit told my husband and I, to come back from the U.S. and to start a church here in Warri. It was not easy but thank God, we obeyed. We started Father’s House Bible Church in the building of our private hospital, called ‘Lily Clinic’. To our surprise, God blessed us beyond imagination. In 2009 we bought this piece of land opposite Urrhobo College, Effurun. The first picture shows a green grass field with wild flowers. It was taken on the 9th of May, 2009, the very day we bought this land. It was ‘a virgin land since Adam’, as they said. We built our sanctuary on it. We did it without taking any bank loan, without any ‘launching’ or manipulation for ‘raising funds’. The same God who sent us with a missionary anointing back to Nigeria, who said that we should start this church, the same God provided the land and all the resources, human and financial, natural and spiritual, to complete the building. We testify that most of the work was done with non-professionals and volunteers from our church and that there was no accident at the sight until we finished the buidling. By the grace of God, three years ago we dedicated the sanctuary! We have been meeting inside with God the Holy Spirit since then. God alone knows the end from the beginning! He is the eternal, all powerful and the only wise God! To Him alone be all the glory!
This testimony is given to the glory of God, to the shame and defeat of the devil and for the encouragement of many Christians, especially the pastors! All things are possible with God! 
FH 17
Dedication 2


“Then the Lord answered me and said:
“Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets,
That he may run who reads it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time;
But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
Though it tarries, wait for it;
Because it will surely come,
It will not tarry” (Hab 2:2, 3)
There were two worms climbing a tree. One said to the other: ‘Life is good on this tree… I wish nothing else…’ But the second worm remembered the word his parents told him when he was very small. His dad said to him: ‘Dear son, your destiny is to fly! You will not crawl on trees forever! You are a beautiful butterfly! Your wings are planted inside your heart. One day, you have to wrap yourself in a cocoon. Inside that tight place, with no windows and no doors, God will give you the gift of wings. Then you shall come out like a butterfly. Then you shall fly like your mum and I. Do not let anybody kill your dreams…’ Yes, dad…’ he said… Confidence building up, he told the first worm that he will fly one day. But the ordinary worm rebuked him saying: ‘Stop talking like that! We are worms! We live and die like worms! Forget flying! Stop dreaming impossible, foolish dreams! Let’s crawl on this tree…’
For a time they went up in silence. But suddenly, the worm that had wings planted inside looked up! He saw his parents flying high, calling from above… That is all it took! A vision of true destiny! A look upwards, to the hills of incense! A gaze to the Helper in heaven! Immediately, fearlessly, he started wrapping himself in the cocoon. The ordinary worm tried to stop him but it was too late. He entered the holy place where the sun light disappears and God’s glory manufactures wings to fly. Dead to the world of worms, at the fullness of time, he came out with rainbow colors painted on his wings! Fly, fly, fly… to glory! Worship was born! Love was made perfect by the fire of freedom! This is the song of them who believe that in the presence of God dreams indeed come true!
SLL 38



“Now Joseph had a dream, and he told it to his brothers… The Lord was with Joseph, and he was a successful man…” (Gen 37:5; 39:2)

The prayer meeting started slow but thanks be to God, we got the ‘push’ to rise to a higher level of faith. I told the brethren: This present moment is the only one that ‘we have’. Stop thinking about the past or the future! These are far away! Time distorts them! We are now in this very moment. We need to choose to make the best with it. It is a small moment in time, but it is real. Let’s use it to draw closer to God, to pray and to worship God. Not a future prayer! Not a past glory! As you are breathing now, let your spirit rise towards heaven now! By the grace of God we shall ‘finish the race’ well! God called us to be champions. God knows His job. He can never fail. Do not look at yourself. Look unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith!


Even as we declared these words of faith, I sensed a hindrance. The best way to describe it was an evil spirit of discouragement, of doubt, of inferiority complex. It was like a strange voice talking from bellow, from under a basket. It said: ‘you are praying for nothing. You are nobodies. God does not listen to you. You are too small for God. At the end of this service nothing good happens…’ We identified and rejected this strange evil spirit and by the grace of God we ‘cleared the road’ for the journey of faith to continue.


We continue to study Joseph.  He is a type of Christ! We identify prophetically with him. He was given two names, one by his mother (Joseph) and one by Pharaoh, his boss (Zaphenath Panea). The first means ‘Increase’ and the second means ‘divine secret wisdom; a revealer of dreams’. Each of us we laid our hands on hour heads and received the mantle of increased prosperity and wisdom from above to know, not only the acts of God, but especially His ways. God spoke to Joseph about his future. God’s Word came to Joseph in the form of two dreams. God’s Word said that Joseph will be the leader and the savior of his family. Joseph believed God’s Word and after many years of trials, the dreams came to pass, even more that he could have imagined. Like Jesus, he became the savior of the world. What is the secret of Joseph? How did he become so successful? The answer is of course, God’s grace. But what did Joseph do so that the dreams of his youth come to pass? How did he facilitate the Word of God so that it will perform in his life?


There are two basic things Joseph did:

*he openly confessed with his mouth what God deposited in his heart!

*he kept himself sexually pure!


These two requirements to ‘prepare the ground for our dreams to come true’ seem so simple. But this is the truth revealed in the Bible! Let us not complicate ourselves! This evening we did like Joseph. We exercised the Holy Spirit of faith! According to the Bible, we confessed with our mouth today what God spoke into our hearts in the past. “It is written: “I believed; therefore I have spoken.” Since we have that same spirit of faith, we also believe and therefore speak” (2Cor 4:13). Each one of us told somebody in the room: ‘I will own my house. I will not die a tenant… the future in my marriage is wonderful and must be wonderful…I am healed… I will surely marry…God has provided the money for my children’s school fees, I shall worry no more…’ These confessions may seem childish but they became very powerful as they were released from our mouths. Without speaking the word out, the same word may stay inside the heart like a worm in a cocoon that will never become a butterfly to fly… As we spoke the words out, the Holy Spirit will use our words as ‘a raw material’ to manifest the same word. When we get healed, when we enter our houses… somebody will remember to say: ‘this man, this woman, had said it all along…’ God will take the glory of the release of the spirit of faith! Next, we all repented of all sexual sins, we trusted the Holy Spirit to cleanse the memory of such, to purify our emotions and to renew our minds. There is no more hindrance now! By the grace of God, we have now opened the gate for our dreams to come true! Glory to God!

FH 16


The Women’ fellowship in our church was very good. We praised God with songs and dances. We shared testimonies to the glory of God! Sister T celebrated her 50th birthday. For a long time she had no car. She used the keke to do her business. God blessed her miraculously with a new car. She thanked God for her life, her health, her children and her ministry. Sister A is new in our church. She escaped death two times these month. She was to go to a burial ceremony when the Holy Spirit told her to go to church. She went to church and found the brethren sweeping the floor. She joined them to work for God. Later she went to the burial ceremony and they invited her to sit under a big canopy. She felt restless to sit on that place. She left the ceremony. Few minutes later the canopy fell and two men died. God re-directed her steps to save her. A week later armed robbers came to their house and robbed her neighbor but they did not see her. She and the children escaped unharmed. Sister B said that her husband was very sick in November last year with a sickness that looks like asthma. He almost died. They went to the hospital and they gave him treatment. But he was still sick. In desperation, they prayed for healing and God touched him. He has not been sick since then. We all gave thanks to God for His goodness and love! Then the Word came!
“The heart of the righteous ponders how to answer; he thinks carefully before speaking. But the mouth of the wicked pours out evil things; it overflows with evil words” (PV 15:28)
In communication, this is one of the most important skills you need to learn: think before you speak! Use your mind before you open your mouth! This is God’s command and not just His advice! Obeying this simple command shows the difference between a wise patient man and a foolish angry man. “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (Jam 1:19). The child of God takes speaking as a very serious matter. The Christian knows that “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (PV 18:21). Our words encourage or kill the spirits of others. The words you speak reveal your heart to others, for better or for worst. A Christian faithfully studies the Bible and has a great deposit of the Word of God in his heart. Even so, he does not speak impulsively, quoting scriptures at random. He meditates on how to speak. He thinks carefully before speaking; he studies his subject. He does not over-react emotionally under provocation. He prays that God will supply words to him when he opens his mouth. But an unbeliever answers before thinking. His mind is too slow and his mouth is too fast. He is impatient, foolish, talks loudly and nonstop. He opens his mouth and he pours out words without thinking, without preparation. In Hebrew the word ‘pour out’ means to gush forth without any restrain. This word means to emit a foul odor as if the mouth becomes the anus of the body. This is a total reversal of body functions and a disgrace of human behavior. The word ‘evil’ it means speaking something bad, troublesome, words that produce sorrow, grief and hurt in the listener. The wicked man speaks evil words without restrain. He has no fear of danger for the future consequences of his speech. He has no shame for his foolish behavior. If you are married to an unbeliever or if your boss is an unbeliever, just imagine how much you will suffer because of his mouth. Your life will be ‘hell on earth’.
In conclusion, we cannot control the words other people speak to us. But we should be jealous over our ears and hearts. We should calmly assess the states of their hearts thru the words they speak. Words reveal of what is hidden in their hearts. Dear single sister, as you date that young man, listen to what he says. Do not put words in his mouth. Do not listen to only what you wish to hear. Let him be! His words that come from his heart are the x-ray of his soul. Study his words like a doctor studies the x-ray! You should not marry an unbeliever for the pain is great in an unequally yoked marriage. As for you dear godly wife… If you are married to an unbeliever, there is much pain in listening to your husband. Pray for him! Do not correct only his words! He cannot help himself! Pray for a change of heart in him! Then his words and actions will change! As a godly wife, make a vow with your tongue that you will not speak quickly, emotionally and foolishly. From today on, you shall pray in the Spirit and you shall think before you speak. Your words shall be few but heavy with the dew of heaven! Speak to the glory of God!
FH 15


“And forgive us… as we forgive…” (Mat 6:12)
Forgiveness is a choice ‘a heart thing’ and also mighty spiritual freedom and victory. By letting go of your rights to be angry, to see revenge and to become rich from another’s suffering, you chose the royal option of forgiveness. You bring your enemy and you set him free at the foot of the cross. By doing this, you set yourself free from the burden of pretending to be the Judge of the earth, which is an honor that belongs to God alone.
Forgiveness is very difficult, very costly. It is easier to forgive an enemy who mistreated you than to forgive a friend who has betrayed you. The desire for revenge is natural in a sinner’s heart. To forgive is un-natural. Forgiveness is a supernatural decision done in the presence of God for the sake and for the honor of Christ alone. It is a choice. It is the conscious act of the will. The feelings may betray you initially. When hurt, you may not feel any desire to forgive. You may struggle in your heart with feelings of vengeance and anger, but you can overrule them by the power of the will, strengthen by the Holy Spirit.
The reason why it is so difficult to forgive it is because showing mercy looks like weakness; it looks like the reaction of a loser. To exhibit anger, to warn others with vengeance, to threaten your enemies … that looks like a champion’s way of life in this world. No one wants to be seen weak or as a coward. That is the why only the children of God can forgive and win the battle against the strong of this world. This grace of forgiveness is released thru ‘the weakness and foolishness of the Cross’ (1Cor 1:18). It is the mystery of God revealed to His children alone!
May you experience the peace of God, the fruit of forgiveness! May you experience the intimate fellowship of the sufferings of Christ thru forgiving others who have offended you! Child of God, be filled with the Holy Spirit! Rejoice! And I say again, rejoice!


“Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm” (Daniel 6:3)
I live in Nigeria since 1980. Recently, I’ve been saddened at the many examples of un-confessed sins and hardened hearts, found among the leaders in the church and in the government. I know that in Nigeria many Christians are backsliding. It is epidemic! But that is not an excuse for us the remnant, to backslide with them. What is the solution to stop this evil ‘virus’ of ungodliness in the land? Of course it is the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in action! According to the Word of God, this is teh prescription: To be able to stand against the evil flood, we the true believers, need to pay the price to attain an ‘excellent spirit’ like Daniel of old. Then we shall intercede and God will heal the land!
In Daniel Chapter 6 we see the old prophet passing thru the fires of testing on the road to promotion and prosperity. He is about 90 years old when he was thrown into the den of lions. This is his most difficult trial so far. Because Daniel was a faithful servant, the king was planning to promote him. But the enemies became jealous and wanted him dead. We are told that the secret of his success was ‘an excellent spirit’. This describes as abundant fruit of the Holy Spirit, a mature spiritual wisdom and understanding of the ways of God! To be excellent it means to have the highest quality of character; it means to go above the limit of previous achievements; it means to be superior to all others in a race. It means to be the Champion of the champions!
Daniel was promoted under three different wicked and corrupted kings. The secret of his extraordinary life was that he cultivated an ‘excellent spirit’. Nobody is born with an excellent spirit. You must be born again and you must be Spirit filled before you can start the journey of acquiring this ‘excellent spirit’. There is a great price to pay. But the reward is above all dreams! An excellent spirit will set you ‘above presidents and princes’. You do not need to enter politics to be promoted above all these big men. Genuine promotion is God’s work! But be careful, an excellent spirit does not happen in one day. Impatient men refuse to pay the price. That is why, loving power, they become corrupt. This excellent spirit will not always make you famous. King Belshazzar needed a wise man with an excellent spirit but he did not know that Daniel was living close by. For a long time you may live in obscurity but eventually, this spirit will shine to the glory of God! To have such a spirit you need to desire it above all material things. You must hate sin with a passion. You must reject empty religion, lies, hypocrisy, pornography, corruption, stealing, vulgar language, lust, love of money and many other sins. You must desire purity of the body and the spirit. Above all, you must be jealous for the name and the glory of Jesus!
You can see the intimate relationship between God and His faithful servant, Daniel. He could boast that ‘God Almighty is my God’. Can you really say that God is your God? If you pass the test of hungry lions, then you are set for divine promotion. Many say about life: it is not a do or die affair. But if you desire an excellent spirit, then you may have to say that your Christian life is ‘a do or die affair’. Queen Esther said: ‘I will go and see the King! And if I perish, I perish’. This is the road to the excellency of knowing Jesus as Lord!
Dear child of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, be encouraged today! God is still God! He rewards faith, purity, faithfulness and holiness! If you go back to the Bible, you will be surprised again at how good and powerful God is! I pray for the prodigals to come home! Dear child of God, start the journey to pay the price and develop an excellent spirit! Jesus is your Savior and your Lord! Let every man be a liar, God is forever true! God is longing right now to bless you, in your body, soul, spirit, marriage, children, family, finances, ministry and business! I pray for my adoptive country Nigeria! I have not lost hope on behalf of this land! God loves Nigeria! I am a witness! Jesus Christ is Lord!