“A time to kill,
And a time to heal” (Ecc 3:3)
“Dear Sister…, I too have been in a desert season, where tears flowed freely and there was no water to drink, to replace them… I too became spiritually dry and depressed…I know how you feel… There is a danger to become bitter, but you should reject that! Today, I am free and well! I thank the Lord Jesus for His compassion… He never allowed me to suffer more than I can bear… He always made a way where there seems to be no way… My Jesus did not come too early! He allowed me to taste my salty tears until they dried on my face like Elijah’s brook… My Jesus did not come late… I passed thru many trials but I am still alive to write these words to you… Be encouraged!
This is God’s promise and order: Death before resurrection and killing before healing! Your body, your emotions, your dreams will die before you can experience healing life. The doctors will try and fail to bring a cure. The pastors will pray and God will not answer. This is the season called ‘a time to kill’. But one day (God alone knows that mercy day), things will suddenly change for good! Light will shine in your darkness and the colors of the rainbow will confirm the healing! The same doctors, the same medicines that in the past failed to cure you, will miraculously ‘work’ this time! Both as a doctor and as a patient I confirm this hope to you! Your life will not end in sorrow, shame and sickness! God has not finished with you yet! Many souls are waiting for your encouragement! God delights in you and longs to hear your voice on earth singing songs from heaven! Love never fails! Love must rejoice!
My sister, be encouraged! God knows His job! Your reputation as a Servant of God is His responsibility! ‘Weeping may endure for a night…I agree with you, the dinner was bitter… but the morning light brings new mouthful of mercies and fresh baked joys for breakfast! It is well! Smile if you can…Try! Today is a good day! Declare it to be so, and it shall be so! Hallelujah!
(I wrote these words to encourage a woman of God in pain…)

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