“You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows” (Ps 23:5)

The women fellowship was very good. We praised God with songs and we shared testimonies of God’s power and grace. We encouraged one another in the way of the Lord. Then there was a prophetic word concerning marriages in Nigeria. Many couples struggle with the idea of marriage. There are very few successful Christian, Spirit-filled homes. There are very few role models for the younger couples preparing for marriage. Most marriages are based on worldly, pagan, religious concepts or the practice of polygamy. I have lived in Nigeria since 1980. Both as a doctor and a pastor, I have rarely seen truly happy marriages. It is very rare. If the husband is happy, the wife is sad. If the wife is happy, the husband is frustrated. Most couples are more concerned about their children, about money, than the level of happiness in their marriages. Most couples here do not divorce but they learned to ‘manage’. Because they come from polygamous background, many wives are not devastated when the husband cheats on them. In a way, they even ‘expect to be betrayed’. Many wives tell me: ‘I don’t care about my husband’s girl friend. When he go tire he go come back home. So far he takes care of me and my children, I go manage…’

Spiritually and romantically, this is a compromised marriage. That is the reason why love is not getting stronger, holier, more romantic, pure and passionate. The love is more of less ‘practical’ and lukewarm. This is more or less the culture here. This ‘tolerating evil for the sake of peace’ is very dangerous. This attitude spills over even in the relationship the women have with Jesus Christ. The spirit of religion allows for a little bit of emotional display in worship, but the rest is ‘business as usual’. Praying becomes boring routine and worship is some musical entertainment. Men and women become too shy to display their true feelings. They feel guilty to be seen ‘in love’. The devil has taken advantage of this and quenched the Spirit in many churches. The marriages suffer too. If there is any woman who loves Jesus with all her heart, like the way Mary of Bethany did, that one may be tagged as a witch in the church. Any wife who next to Jesus loves her husband with all her heart, she may be called ‘materialistic’. Her in-laws may say that she married ‘our son or our brother’ for money. It is hard to fight such painful unfair accusations. As a pastor, I am a witness to their pain.

Tonight we did spiritual warfare! We prayed against the demons that hate agape love in worshiping God and in Biblical marriages. We prayed against the demons that attack the holy pure intimacy with have with our Lord Jesus Christ! We prayed against the demons that try to destroy our good, Christ glorifying marriages. We declared that we are not ashamed of Jesus and we are not ashamed of our love for our husbands. We commanded the evil spirits of religion, confusion, poverty, divorce, fear, sickness (malaria, typhoid fever, diabetes, hypertension, depression…), ogbanje, water spirits and untimely death to leave us and to go away, in the name of Jesus! We asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill our hearts. We declared that we are hungry to know and love Jesus more than ever before. We prayed that God will ‘turn the water into wine’ in our marriages. We prayed that the Holy Spirit will purify our hearts with a new holy boldness to stand for Jesus and to serve Him forever! I am a witness that the Holy Spirit came and filled these needy precious holy vessels. I so much love the women of God who obey God’s Word!!!

In Christ I declare:
I am a woman of God! I am born again by the Holy Spirit! My husband and I are happily married and Christ is glorified thru words and deeds in our home! I declare that the Lord has set a good table of ancient wine and great promises before us. God’s promises are fulfilled in our home! I declare that our marriage is blessed and our children (spiritual and natural) are blessed! Our cup of love overflows! This overflow will drive away our enemies and bless our friends! This table of blessings is an open door of ministry that no one can shut! All glory and praise to the Lamb upon the throne! In Jesus name, Amen!

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