“Your glorying is not good. Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump? Therefore purge out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, since you truly are unleavened. For indeed Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us. Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” (1Cor 5:6-8)


The Christians in Corinth were ‘glorying’ (rejoicing) over things they should weep about. A man who called himself a Christian was living in gross sexual immorality. The other Christians were to rebuke this man but they did not. Apostle Paul said that this man should be “delivered to Satan for the destruction of the flesh that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus”. This sounds very ‘harsh’ to our ears. Why such a drastic measure? Was this not an ‘ordinary’ act of adultery?


To understand what Paul had in mind, we need to remind ourselves about the story of Exodus in the Old Testament. The people of God were in Egypt, in bondage, for 430 years. They tried everything they could to free themselves but they failed. Finally, God sends His servant Moses to confront and defeat Pharaoh, the King of Egypt. God’s judgment is upon Egypt. After experiencing many disasters, Pharaoh finally agrees to let God’s people go to worship Him in the desert. God commands Moses to tell the people that this particular night they will leave the house of bondage. Each family was to sacrifice a year old spotless lamb. The flesh was to be roasted in the fire and eaten with bitter herbs. This bitter meal symbolizes the suffering and sorrow of slavery. The fire is a symbol of God’s consuming sacrifice. This innocent lamb dying for their freedom is a picture of the Cross. They were commanded to eat this meal in a haste, standing, dressed up and with shoes on their feet. The bread was to be baked without yeast. It was called ‘the unleavened bread’. They should carry the remaining unleavened dough on their shoulders. They should destroy every remnant of yeast for the next seven days. Anybody who hides and keeps yeast for baking bread should be ‘cut off’ from Israel (should be killed). The reason for this strange terrible warning was so that they remember that night, the night of their freedom! It was called the Passover night! It was a feast to be celebrated every year!


The leaven or yeast is a small quantity taken from the old dough. It has the power to penetrate the new dough and ferment it. The little yeast works inside, silently and mysteriously until the whole dough is chemically changed. Once added to the dough, the yeast cannot be removed. The Lord told Moses that the reason why His people should eat bread without yeast is because their freedom was purchased quickly. There is no time to wait for the yeast to work and the dough to rise. Spiritually speaking, eating unleavened bread is a symbol of an instant miracle, an automatic deliverance, a quick healing! No time to wait! Once the people obeyed God’s command, they received great favor with the Egyptians who gave them silver and gold. Selah!!!


Apostle Paul says that Christ is our Passover. We too need to remove every form of leaven from our hearts and from our church. Spiritually, the leaven stands for malice, wickedness and religious hypocrisy. Every form of hypocrisy must be repented of and destroyed. If not, the miracle you have been praying for cannot come. Who is a hypocrite? If a man comes to church with two wives, that man is a sinner, an unbeliever or a baby Christian. But he is not a hypocrite. But a married man who calls himself a Christian, who prays, attends church, sings Christian songs and serves God, and has an adulterous affair, that man is a hypocrite. He is not only an adulterer. His sin is not only sexual. He is wicked, a deceiver, a hypocrite. Another example: a man who pays his tithes regularly but steals money in his office, that man is a hypocrite. A couple attends church regularly. But the husband and the wife quarrel on Sunday morning. But in the church they smile and sing choruses. They are hypocrites.


Hypocrisy therefore is the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case. It is pretending to be better than you are in reality. You deceive others that you are a Christian but you are not. This hypocrisy is a poisonous leaven. Once allowed to grow it destroys the whole heart, the whole family or the whole church. Jesus cursed the barren fig tree. He also cursed hypocrisy and the hypocrites. The lesson: for as long as you practice hypocrisy, you are grieving the Spirit! God cannot answer your prayers. You have to choose between your hidden cherished sin of hypocrisy and a healing miracle, a deliverance miracle or a breakthrough miracle. Repent of hypocrisy! Purge that old leaven! Be a new lump, spiritually pure, honest and humble! Then God will prosper you!


As for me and my husband, we are children of God and pastors of a church. We have repented of every form hypocrisy, malice and wickedness. We have opened our hearts to God and to the Body of Christ. We take the risk to be hurt by brethren or by false brethren in our midst. But this risk taken for the sake of love is better than to allow the fermentation of bitterness, malice and occult in our hearts. I pray for you, dear child of God, that these words will stir your conscience! I pray that for Christ sake, you repent of hypocrisy and become free! Then you shall be healed and delivered! In Jesus name, amen!

Passover meal


(In the picture, you see roasted lamb, bitter herbs and unleavened bread. This is a portion served in a Jewish home at the Passover feast these days).


“Now it happened on the third day that Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace, across from the king’s house, while the king sat on his royal throne in the royal house, facing the entrance of the house. So it was, when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, that she found favor in his sight, and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Then Esther went near and touched the top of the scepter. And the king said to her, “What do you wish, Queen Esther? What is your request? It shall be given to you—up to half the kingdom!” (Esther 5:1-3)
Queen Esther had a great need. Only God could help. The people of God, her people, were slaves and exiles in Persia. That was bad enough. But now, Haman, the prime minister of Persia and King Xerxes’ best friend, has planned to kill all the Jews. Mordecai, her uncle, warned her of the danger of staying passive and quiet, trying to hide in the palace. He manifested his sorrow by dressing in rags. Dressed in this way, he cannot go before the king. Lesson: our personal ‘righteousness is like filthy rags’ (Is 64:6) and it is not acceptable before God. Mordecai urges Esther to intercede with her husband, the king. There is a law saying that going before the king un-invited is punishable with death. The only way to live is for the king to extend his scepter of mercy and grace. Esther has to make a final decision: Be selfish and live or lay down her life for God’s people and probably die. She decides to do God’s will. She fasts and prays three days. On the third day she stands up and dresses with her ‘royal robes’. This is significant. The third day is resurrection day. During the three days of fasting and prayers she ‘died to self’. She identifies with the Lord Jesus Christ. On the third day, she identifies with His resurrected life. From this moment on, she can die no more. Even if they kill her body, her spirit will live on. Knowing your identity in Christ is victory power!
Sure of her salvation and the backing of heaven, Esther goes to meet the king. Lesson: Once you are free from the fear of death, you become a Bible hero. Nobody can intimidate a child of God with death, for death means going to heaven. The royal robes signify her identity as a priest and king in Christ. She claims the promise of Jehovah that: ‘no man can stand against you all the days of your life’ (Josh 1:5). Having faith in the Word of Jehovah, Esther stands strong in the power of God. With all his evil incantations, with all his money and fame, Haman has no chance before her. Once a child of God stands in his royal authority, the wicked perish. Haman died that moment. Knowing her identity in Christ, Esther goes before the king. Please observe that she did not go as his wife (dressed with a kitchen apron or in a sexy night gown) or as the mother of his children (dressed in maternity clothes). She dressed with her royal robes, crown and all. She went to see him as his co-equal. King talks to king! King does not talk to commoner. In Christ, there is no male no female! This is what it means to be an ambassador for Christ, anointed to speak before kings and governors, walking and talking by the Spirit of Almighty God! Victory is sure!
Dear believer in Christ, do you know who you are? Esther was born in the ghetto but now she is the queen. She must act like one! A queen does not hide; she is not shy or foolish; a queen is a warrior, a member of the army that knows no defeat. Once he sees her dressed in her royal robes King Xerxes addresses her as ‘Queen Esther’ and not ‘my wife… my dear… Mama Junior…’ The gift promised to her, even before she asks for anything, is ‘half of his kingdom’. He did not give her half of his savings account or half of the kitchen. Because she stood as a Queen, he gave her ‘half of his kingdom’!!!
In the past, the same king called his other wife, Queen Vashti that she should come with the crown on her head. But she refused to come. Because of her disobedience, she was sent away from the palace. Vashti represents a weak believer who is not sure of her salvation, ignorant of her authority as a king and priest in the Kingdom of God. May we learn from her mistakes!
Haman was a very wicked, rebellious and ambitious man. He was coveting the king’s position. He was dreaming of the king’s robe, crown and horse. But once Esther entered the royal battle and stood for Jesus, he lost it all, including his life. Putting on the royal robes is a prophetic act. It means to ‘put on Christ’ (Rom 13:14). It means that you openly identify with the King of kings. It means that you carry the cross and follow Jesus. It means that the flesh is dead and the spirit is alive! There are times when you have to be wise ‘like a serpent’ (Mt 10:16). This means to keep quiet and hide. But there are other times when silence is poison and words are life. May we know the seasons! May we have the wisdom to know what to do! May we receive strength and stand for Jesus! May we be prepared to speak a word in season to them who are weary! May Jesus Christ be glorified in us always! May we pay the price to be a source of inspiration to many! Be a blessing to others! Glory to God!
(In the picture, the former Empress of Iran, Queen Farah Pahlavi. For me, she looks like Queen Esther… just to help with my imagination…)
Farah Queen



The Women’s Fellowship was very good. We praised God with singing and dancing. We prayed and prophesied. We shared testimonies about the goodness of God. There was an altar call for prayer for the married women who pray to have children. The God of Abraham and Sarah will give you the desire of your hearts! Then the word of God came: THE NEED TO BE PATIENT

Genesis 16 is a painful chapter to read. We see Abraham and Sarah making mistakes. We see the consequences of their mistakes. We see the suffering of the maid Hagar and we cannot but sympathize with her pains. This is the basic story: God promised Abraham that he will be the father of many descendants. Many years have passed since that promise was made and Sarah was still unable to conceive a baby. Tired of waiting on God, Sarai becomes impatient and tells Abraham ‘to sleep’ with her Egyptian maid Hagar. According to the tradition at that time, the slave’s child will be hers. Abraham did not argue with her proposal. He slept with Hagar and she became pregnant immediately. Once pregnant, Hagar ‘despised’ her mistress. Her proud attitude brought major crisis in the home.

Sarah ‘dealt harshly’ with Hagar who runs away thru the desert, towards Egypt, her home. She stops at a place called Shur, about 150 miles away from the home of Abraham. The Angel of the Lord (who many believe is the Lord Jesus Christ) encounters her by a well, comforts her; shows her grace and mercy. This story reminds us of another Gentile woman who met the Lord Jesus Christ by the well (John 4). Does Jesus care for the oppressed, the slaves and sinners? The answer is yes! He cares! Oh, the ways of the Lord are so different than our ways. The Angel tells her to go back home to her mistress Sarah. She obeys! Pregnant, she treks back another 150 miles. Selah! That must have been difficult. It was not easy to go back to her slavery and submit to Sarah. But this time she had hope from God. She eventually has a son called ‘Ishmael’, meaning ‘God who hears me’.

Abraham and Sarah’s manipulation of God’s plan for their lives displeased God. For the next 13 years, God keeps silent. Abraham is 99 years old when Jehovah El Shaddai speaks again. He calls Abraham to a life of holiness and total surrender (Genesis 17). Abram’s name is changed from Abram to Abraham. Sarai’s name is also changed. Sarai means ‘Princess’. But now, as Sarah, she becomes ‘a royal princess’, God’s Princess! This is true blessed promotion in life (Gen 17:15, 16)

What are some of the lessons for us? The most important lesson is that we need faith and patience to inherit the promises of God (Heb 6:12). Many believers pray for greater faith. Few pray to be more patient. Faith matures thru testing. One of the most difficult tests to pass is the test of time. We need to learn to endure joyfully the trials of faith. This endurance is called patience or perseverance. God is patient and faithful. He desires that we should be like Him. Patience builds character and hope. It is only the patient believer who is ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to experience the comforting Love of God. Patience eliminates every disappointment in life (Rom 5:1-5). An impatient man or woman conceives trouble, will experience much pain and shame. Insisting to receive a blessing before God’s time will surely bring sorrow. It is not easy to wait on God. But waiting for God’s time is the best protection against disappointment. The waiting time connects the promise to the performance. It is hard to be patient. But it is the best way! Never use worldly means to accomplish God’s work. Wait upon the Lord! Impatience is sin! Repent! Go to the Cross. You have hurt yourself and many people close to you. As you walk by faith, in case of delays, pray for wisdom to understand the mind of God. Even as you trust God for a better future, be grateful for what you have right now, at this present moment. Don’t worry about tomorrow! Before the breakthrough comes, do the little good work you can today. Learn to slow down. Enjoy a quieter life. Take time to smell the roses… Continue to pray. Do not give up on prayer. Often, delay is not denial. Serve God the best way you can. Worship God and give Him thanks no matter what! Sooner or later, the testimony shall come! Amen!



“Whoever claims to abide in Him must walk as Jesus walked” (1Jn 2:6)
The Saturday night prayer meeting was very good. The Holy Spirit helped us to pray, praise and prophesy. We prayed for our bodies. We dedicated our bodies to God as members of righteousness. Our feet shall go ONLY where the Holy Spirit shall direct. We shall not go towards the darkness of the world. We shall walk like Jesus walked. Our hands shall not touch evil things, fornication, stealing or needless violence. Our hands shall be used to praise God. We shall lift holy hands unto the Lord. We shall clap in harmony with the Holy Spirit. God will bless the work of our hands! Our eyes shall see only what the Holy Spirit reveals. Our eyes shall be like X-ray to see in the Spirit realm. The darkness around us shall become light and we shall see King Jesus enthroned in every situation. Our eyes shall not be interested in lustful, dirty or covetous things. We shall be blind to the pictures of the devil. Our ears shall be circumcised by the Holy Spirit. Every unholy blockage is removed. We shall hear only the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding us in the path of life. We shall be deaf to the voice of the evil spirits even if they use a trumpet to talk to us. We prayed for our hearts, minds and mouths. We shall be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak only the Word of God.

We plead the Blood of Jesus over our bodies, souls, spirits, families, marriages, ministries and businesses. In the name of Jesus!
We confessed and repented for any contact with seducing spirits in the past. We rejected the evil spirits of pornography, ‘play-boy’ magazine, homosexuality, fornication, adultery, corruption, deception, fear, confusion, rebellion and hardness of hearts. In the name of Jesus! The anointing was strong enough to heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and encourage the weak. We ended the meeting by thanking God for ‘the great and mighty things that He has done’! Hosanna in the highest! Imela-o!



My husband and I have just arrived back to Nigeria after a very successful ministry trip. ‘Big people’ are welcomed back at the airport with flowers and greetings. But I prefer to be welcomed with fresh revelations and testimonies to the glory of God! This is one of them waiting for me. Read and be blessed. May your faith increase! In Jesus name!

“Dear Malia 
Greetings to you ma. Welcome back! I remember some years ago when you shared the testimony of my car, you referred to me as having 3 kids. When I came to see you in your office, while talking to me, you still mentioned my “3” kids. I drew your attention to this and reminded I have 2,not 3 kids. You did not take back your words, instead you said “maybe you’re meant to have 3″! I told you how my husband doesn’t want more than 2,and he’s very vehement about it. He wants to provide the best for our kids so 2 were just all he wanted, especially in this economy. You just smiled and told me” maybe the arrival of the 3rd will open more doors of blessings, because there must be a reason why I keep saying you have 3
kids”. When I got home, I repeated your words to my husband and he said “Malia does not speak empty words o! But I still think 2 are ok, so let’s be extra careful.”

Since then we’ve been so careful not to be pregnant. But even though I agree with him when he insists about having just 2, deep in my heart I always felt we were not yet complete. So I prayed and told God I will not go against my husband, I’ll continue to take precautions according to the Will of my husband, but God, let your Will be done. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. Being extremely careful.

My testimony Malia is that During the yearly time of fasting and prayers I was healed of stomach ulcer and got pregnant. I did not even know that it happened! Right now I’m already two months pregnant!! I’m a living witness that God’s Word does not fall to the ground, It must accomplish that which please him. He knows what we need more than than ourselves. Our women monthly fast this year, I prayed fervently and passionately for a special Blessing before the end of the year. I was expecting material blessings, but God who knows all, gave me more than I asked or expected. All the Glory to His Name Forever and ever. Lord I’m grateful for this Blessing!! All Glory to your Name!!

P. S- My husband is so happy about it and I’m wondering if he isn’t the same person who was insisting on having just two!
Once again I give all the Glory to God. I thank God for using you to touch our lives positively. God bless you Malia!!
Your daughter in Christ,


“Now it happened, when David and his men came to Ziklag, on the third day, that the Amalekites had invaded the South and Ziklag, attacked Ziklag and burned it with fire, and had taken captive the women and those who were there, from small to great… David and the people who were with him lifted up their voices and wept, until they had no more power to weep… Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. Then David said to Abiathar the priest, Ahimelech’s son, “Please bring the ephod here to me.” And Abiathar brought the ephod to David. So David inquired of the Lord, saying: “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all… So David recovered all…” (1 Sam 30:1-18)

This is one of the most interesting and practical passages in the Bible. David was at one of his lowest points in life. While David and his men were away, the Amalekites (who represent the demons) have captured their wives, children and all their property. The men wept for the loss until the tears failed to come. David’s friends were so grieved and angry that they wanted to stone their leader to death. In these terrible and tragic circumstances, we are told the ‘David encouraged himself in the Lord his God’. Once he received strength to stand, David asked for the lined ephod to be brought to him. This ephod is the most beautiful part of the dressing of the High Priest. By faith, David does the ministry of a priest. He boldly enters the presence of God and asks questions concerning the terrible situation. God gives him the strategy. He is to pursue the enemy, overcome it and he shall recover all that was lost. David obeys the Word of God and he recovers all.

What is the lesson? Child of God, when prayers fail, when tears are dry, when friends betray and money is gone, when you are all alone and completely misunderstood, then do what David did: ‘encourage yourself in the Lord your God!’ Be careful not to allow depression to set in. Depression is very addictive. Failure feelings become a nest of comfort zone. You feel like a loser and start hating the change for the better. Other believers, your pastors and friends are all good to help you when they can. But do not be over attached to human beings. No man is God! There shall be times when you are all alone and you need to learn the royal secret of self- encouragement in the Lord. You enter the presence of God with worship! You go to the Word of God, you remind yourself of His promises; you remember the testimonies of the past. Pray and stay focused. Strength and hope shall come! Jesus said: ‘You shall receive power once the Holy Ghost comes upon you!’ (Ac 1:8).

If you find yourself in an impossible situation then go to God and ask for wisdom. You are a priest and a king. Behave like one! Reject all inferiority complexes concerning your royal priesthood calling! A king is known by his heart and his mouth. Your father is the Lion of Judah! Roar like your Father! By the power of the Holy Spirit become bold and speak with authority. Pray to God! He hears you! Prophesy over your life and circumstances! In the name of Jesus, demons will run away. Why live with this sense of failure and loss when truly you can fight back and ‘recover all’? Things lost when you were young, opportunities missed in the past, mistakes and regrets of years gone by, these things can be changed; these can be reversed! At the name of Jesus every knee must bow! God can grant you total recovery! These are the secrets of encouraging yourself: Entering the presence of God, prayer, the promises of God, His provision and finally warfare praise. Be strong in the power of God’s might! Come back with a testimony! Let’s glorify God together! In Jesus name, amen!

SLL 11