My husband and I have just arrived back to Nigeria after a very successful ministry trip. ‘Big people’ are welcomed back at the airport with flowers and greetings. But I prefer to be welcomed with fresh revelations and testimonies to the glory of God! This is one of them waiting for me. Read and be blessed. May your faith increase! In Jesus name!

“Dear Malia 
Greetings to you ma. Welcome back! I remember some years ago when you shared the testimony of my car, you referred to me as having 3 kids. When I came to see you in your office, while talking to me, you still mentioned my “3” kids. I drew your attention to this and reminded I have 2,not 3 kids. You did not take back your words, instead you said “maybe you’re meant to have 3″! I told you how my husband doesn’t want more than 2,and he’s very vehement about it. He wants to provide the best for our kids so 2 were just all he wanted, especially in this economy. You just smiled and told me” maybe the arrival of the 3rd will open more doors of blessings, because there must be a reason why I keep saying you have 3
kids”. When I got home, I repeated your words to my husband and he said “Malia does not speak empty words o! But I still think 2 are ok, so let’s be extra careful.”

Since then we’ve been so careful not to be pregnant. But even though I agree with him when he insists about having just 2, deep in my heart I always felt we were not yet complete. So I prayed and told God I will not go against my husband, I’ll continue to take precautions according to the Will of my husband, but God, let your Will be done. And that’s what we’ve been doing ever since. Being extremely careful.

My testimony Malia is that During the yearly time of fasting and prayers I was healed of stomach ulcer and got pregnant. I did not even know that it happened! Right now I’m already two months pregnant!! I’m a living witness that God’s Word does not fall to the ground, It must accomplish that which please him. He knows what we need more than than ourselves. Our women monthly fast this year, I prayed fervently and passionately for a special Blessing before the end of the year. I was expecting material blessings, but God who knows all, gave me more than I asked or expected. All the Glory to His Name Forever and ever. Lord I’m grateful for this Blessing!! All Glory to your Name!!

P. S- My husband is so happy about it and I’m wondering if he isn’t the same person who was insisting on having just two!
Once again I give all the Glory to God. I thank God for using you to touch our lives positively. God bless you Malia!!
Your daughter in Christ,

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