“Let your fountain be blessed and enjoy the wife of your youth…Enjoy life with the wife you love…” (PV 5:18; Ecc 9:9)


A relationship is defined as a state of connection between people; an emotional attachment between individuals. An interpersonal relationship is a strong and deep friendly connection between two or more people.  It may range in duration from brief to enduring. It is based on love, family or social commitment, association at the place of work or fellowship in the church. These may be regulated by tradition, specific laws, mutual agreement, prayers or promises made to each other.


We shall now discuss the relationship between Christians and specifically in the marriage. God invented the institution of marriage. God alone has the key to a successful marriage. He gives that secret key to them who are born again and who want to know His ways in all things, including their married life. Because we are born sinners, it is very easy to take love or marriage for granted. To take for granted it means to accept or to use something or someone in a careless manner. In marriage, it means to live together, have children but without true love for one another and without giving glory to God. This is a sad but very common reality even in the Christian homes.


Human beings are created to love God and to love others. God invented marriage so that love can have a place to grow so that He can bless it. True love means to intimately know each other. This intimacy requires mature spiritual and emotional stability. Each partner needs to know himself and the other. Marriage is a deep full time work of love. A lazy man will make a bad husband. A selfish woman will make a bad wife. The fear of intimacy is poison to satisfaction in marriage.  It leads to loneliness and depression even while married. In this way marriage has lost its godly purpose.


Marriage, love, friendship is not easy. There are many snares to avoid, many tests to pass. In the process of knowing one another, we fall into many temptations. Sacrificial love is risky because sin still dwells in the flesh. We dream big but we invest too little for our dreams to come true. Most lovers get disappointed in life. A relationship can be wounded superficially or very deeply. Hurts received in marriage are very painful. The wounds of betrayal, even with prayers and patience, are slow to heal. It is easy to give up and decided to be ‘on your own’. Many married couples have divorced spiritually or emotionally but they still live together. They sleep in the same bed and take care of their children. But their love got sick and died.  You should know that the devil hates Christian marriages. He will fight with all his strength to destroy your home. Pray for yourself and for your spouse. Pray also for the marriage itself, for that invisible cord of the Holy Spirit between the two of you. Marriage is to be enjoyed in the presence of God. Like wine, marriage should mature with time, in the presence of God.



My husband and I we are very different in the natural. He is ‘black’ and I am ‘white’. We are from different continents and cultures. We like different types of food and different styles of fashion. We have different natural and spiritual gifts. We have different strategies of solving the challenges of life. But the unity of the Spirit is established between us! In Christ, we are one! We are married for 42 years. Not just married, but happily so. Our marriage is a challenge, an inspiration and a blessing to many. It is also a ministry that gives glory to God. Both of us have learned over the years to be spiritual, humble, grateful, hardworking, wise, strong, faithful, gentle and loving with one another. These are the fruits of the Holy Spirit working in us. We have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to be free in our lives, to change us into the image of Jesus. The secret of the success of our marriage and ministry is the Person of God the Holy Spirit. That is our secret!!! To God be all the glory!


“An offended friend is harder to win back than a fortified city.
Arguments separate friends like a gate locked with bars” (PV 18:19)
In Hebrew it means that if your true friend betrays you, the friendship is mortally wounded. Love becomes like a beggar, a fugitive on the streets of unfulfilled dreams. The broken heart will look for the home where it grew up but now, the gate is closed, the password forgotten. The split, the divorce will grow to become a monster, bold and loud, rude and wicked, too hard for mercy to conquer. A once close friend, when injured or deceived, becomes a potent and irreconcilable enemy. These are some sayings from wise men of old: ‘bitter are the quarrels of friends; those who love beyond measure will also hate beyond measure; deep friendship once injured is forever lost’. Jesus said this: ‘Woe to the world because of offences! For offences must come but woe to that man by whom the offense comes’ He said that it is better to cut off hand or foot and even pluck your eye than to offend, to injure, to betray ‘a little’ child of God (Mt 18:6-9).

Do not take your marriage for granted. Be very careful to avoid quarrels which cause division. Be sensitive when you sense that ‘the devil is in the room and the quarrel is coming’. The Holy Spirit will prepare your heart to sense that you need to keep quiet and still. Communication is like playing table tennis. Each partner feels like responding to the words of the other. Be careful: if the tone of voice becomes too high, the tendency to argue increases. Show self-restrain. Both love and self-control are fruits of the Holy Spirit. Talking is like driving a car. It is exciting to drive it full speed. It is fun to defend your opinions. But look at the Holy Ghost ‘traffic signs’. Keep below the speed limit. Learn to use your breaks. From time to time check your spiritual brakes, if the pads of patience are still functioning well and the oil of wisdom still intact. Quarrels between close friends, between husband and wife can end in disaster. You can wreck your marriage and it may not be possible to repair it on earth. Behave and speak in such a way that tomorrow, you do not need to apologize for your actions and words of today.

Child of God, when things are hard, when tears freely flow and nothing is able to stop them, when you make mistakes, when you are misunderstood, when friends fail and family withdraws… then remember that God is always faithful! “Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!” (Heb 13: 8). He was betrayed by sinners but loved to the end. Crawl into His loving arms and find peace. You may not need to know all the answers. You may not need to have all the deep revelations of conflict because God knows them all. He knows your heart. He knows that you love Him. He knows your weakness and strength. He knows each word even before it comes on your tongue. He loves you with an everlasting love. You are secure in knowing Jesus, your Savior, King and Best Friend. He died for you. He forgives you. He is still with you. Inside your heart, no matter what, you can rejoice always! Love is not easy. But love is still the best gift of God. Be jealous over it! Cherish it! Give thanks!



Since we started the ministry, the greatest enemy my husband and I faced was the attack against the unity of the Spirit in our marriage. We had to learn how to identify and resist the devil each time he came ‘to visit’ our home. We had to learn how to keep close to Jesus and to one another. The temptation is great thinking that I can do it alone. We give God all the glory for our marriage and ministry. These are some lessons I learned along the way of life:
For me, apology is a friend and an enemy in the same time. For example, if my husband tells me that he is grieved by my actions or words, I apologize immediately. If I am not aware that he is wounded that is different. But if he tells me that I grieved him, the apology must come instantly from my heart. This is not the time to analyze my behavior. I know that he loves me. He prays for me. If he says I was wrong, then I am wrong. Period! Pain for me is a wonderful teacher. I do not waste it. I learn from everything, even from my ignorant mistakes. I apologize and promise to change. And I keep my word. I pray and trust God to change. I do not foolishly repeat the same mistake again and again taking for granted that the Holy Spirit will help us ‘to settle’. I always remember that love is a very delicate thing. A sudden electrical surge of one second can destroy a very expensive computer. Even so, a ‘little’ quarrel can damage trust and quench the spirit of love. So, I am very careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit! In Christ I declare that Jesus Christ is my first Lover! My husband is second lover! Then follow the children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends! I thank God for them all! This is my story! This is my song


Today we are very happy! We have entered this building in October 2015. Since then we only use Generators to have electricity, both in the church and in our apartment. NEPA is the Government official agency that supplies electricity in Nigeria. It is very expensive to buy diesel. We have applied to NEPA since then. We filled all their forms and obeyed all their instructions. But they always had so many excuses… We did all things we knew…we begged, we got upset and we prayed on and on… Finally, today, we have NEPA!!! I can say that this trial forced us to learn how be patient! God makes all things beautiful in His time! This is God’s time! For us, this is a miracle. That is why we say: to God be all the glory!

This is the day


“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Rom 8:1)
How does guilt come? When we see another person suffering, it causes us pain. It leads to us thinking that we should do something to relieve the suffering of others. If we cannot help another or if we fail in our efforts, we experience feelings of guilt. The criminals have no sense of guilt. We try to over-compensate that and start feeling guilty so that we are not tagged as criminals. Guilt is an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes—accurately or not—that he has compromised his own standards of conduct and bears significant responsibility for that violation. Guilt can be a good feeling for it helps us repent of sin. But guilt can also become a terrible burden that affects the whole life. There is something called ‘the disease of false guilt’. At the root of false guilt is the idea that what you feel must be true. In other words, if you feel guilty, you must be guilty! Feelings, emotions become the king of the soul. Guilt is never single. Anxiety is the wife of guilt. They always walk together. Their children are called depression and inferiority complex.

Feeling guilty is an unpleasant experience. The person tries to avoid guilt in four ways:
*Repression- he hides denies or ignores the negative experience but the guilt resurfaces later.
*Projection- the guilty man blames the victim or other people. For example, children blame the parents for not given them the best in life. This attitude adds false burden upon others and the guilt lives on.
*Sharing in the feelings of guilt is another method widely practiced. They borrow their guilt to others who are willing to take their burden. This is common between husband and wife.
*Self-punishment- others end up punishing themselves for the crime they have committed (or imagined that they did it). They decide ‘not to enjoy life’. Living like a beggar is often the result of uncompensated guilt feelings

Spiritually speaking, the only place to find freedom from sin and guilt is at the Cross of Christ. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved! The devil will attack you with false guilt placing burdens that do not belong to you. This creates a life of bondage. You get addicted to your burden that was not yours in the first place. If you even imagine deliverance the devil comes and tells you that you are selfish for desiring freedom, for wishing that you can enjoy life. The vicious circle of bondage goes on. You need to go back to the Bible and believe the Word of God. Jesus died to save your soul! Jesus died to pay for your sin. His Blood was shed so that you are free from the power and guilt of sin! Doubt in the promise of God will keep you in bondage and make your life miserable.

Let’s pray: ‘Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on us! Forgive us for the sin of doubt. I now command these demons of doubt, depression, religion, anxiety and false guilt to go away, in the name of Jesus! I destroy every occult covenant made against your soul! Stop apologizing to the devil! Stop punishing yourself! Jesus Christ made you ‘free indeed’! Believe the Promise of God! You are free! Enjoy your life and your salvation! In Jesus name, amen!”

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God!
Jesus took away my guilt and shame!
There is no condemnation for me!
I am free indeed!
In Jesus name, amen!



“Behold! My Servant whom I uphold,

My Elect One in whom My soul delights!

I have put My Spirit upon Him;

He will bring forth justice to the Gentiles.

He will not cry out, nor raise His voice,

Nor cause His voice to be heard in the street.

A bruised reed He will not break,

And smoking flax He will not quench;

He will bring forth justice for truth.

He will not fail nor be discouraged,

Till He has established justice in the earth;

And the coastlands shall wait for His law” (Is 42:1-4)


On the Cross Jesus cried: It is finished! The grace of God given to us is rooted in the finished work of Christ! This is the revelation of the Word: After the Cross God does not require any other sacrifice. The sacrifice of Jesus is supreme! It is enough! The Father is satisfied!

The second revelation is this: God can never fail! Jesus did not come to earth hoping to win! He was the Elect One, the Servant of God who was destined to win! Jesus can never fail or be disappointed! In Hebrew the word ‘fail’ means to be low in spirit, to lose strength, to stop functioning normally, to be unsuccessful, to be bankrupt, to disappoint self, to faint, to be hopeless, dull or depressed because of  somebody’s rebuke. To be ‘discouraged’ it means to lack courage and confidence, to stop doing something, to break in pieces because of wicked oppression.  Jesus can never be described like this. Even the child of God who is filled with the Holy Spirit cannot be described like this. No matter what the devil did to Him, Jesus fulfilled the plan and the purpose of God to save sinners like me and you! Jesus is not trying to bring justice: Jesus has established Justice! He is the Judge of all! He is confident, strong and self-sufficient because He is God!  The hope of the world is not a dictator or somebody like Donald Trump! The hope of the world is a Servant!  Jesus is Truth! He will persevere unto victory for the truth! Truth must win! On the Cross truth died but on the third day, truth rose from the grave! Truth can never die again! Let every man be a liar, God will forever be true!


As a Teacher, He is delightful, patient and gentle!  To Jesus, nobody is useless, nobody is hopeless! He can deal with weak people without destroying them! He can surely deal with you and your problems without breaking you! Your hope is Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb! Your hope is Jesus, the Eternal Servant King! Christ in you is the Hope of Glory! That is why your future is better than your past! Be confident of your faith: You worship a God that can never fail! In Christ, you too can never fail! Halleluiah!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

My God can never fail!

I can never fail!

All things work together for my good!

This is my portion, my song and my testimony!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name





“Until the day breaks

And the shadows flee away,

Turn, my beloved,

And be like a gazelle

Or a young stag

Upon the mountains of Bether” (SS 2:17)


This is the voice of the Bridegroom to His bride. Jesus tells His Church: ‘Turn my Beloved…” In Hebrew the word ‘turn’ means to walk by Me; to sit down with Me; when in danger quickly return back to Me. This is a call to close intimate fellowship with Jesus.  This is a walk of faith and not of sight. This is a safe, pure and romantic travel. This holy exercise shall be in the night, before the ‘day breaks’. Jesus is the Light of the world. If you follow Him you shall never stumble. It is in darkness that your faith is trained. The day brings distractions that may hinder your walk with Jesus. This walk is upon the mountains of Bether.  This word means ‘separation’. You need to walk with Jesus and forget the world. He is jealous for you. Divorce the world! On this holy mountain of separation unto Your Lover, your eye shall be single and your heart shall be united with His own! He is so beautiful that I promise: you shall not miss the world. There shall be no more shadows and no more lies. The Shekinah glory of the Holy One shall be all the light you need. The pillar of fire by night shall lead the way and bring you to the Promised Land of Destiny!


Jesus compares you with a gazelle. These are thin, graceful antelopes that live in Africa and Asia. They are very beautiful animals. Men hunt them as trophies. They live in herds and are highly social. Their diet of grass and leaves keeps them constantly grazing and they have little need for water, being able to extract moisture from their food. They have many enemies like the cheetahs and the wild dogs. They are exceptionally alert and rely heavily upon their impressive senses of hearing, sight and smell to detect any threat. They run very fast with speeds of almost 100 Km per hour. From time to time, when running, gazelles leap, springing high into the air with all four feet to distract the enemy. These jumps intimidate the enemies and they stop pursuing them.


Spiritually, you are like the gazelle. Jesus sees you beautiful. You should see yourself the way Jesus sees you. He says that you are beautiful! Believe Him! You need to be alert and watchful. There are many enemies. If in danger, you need to flee from sin, turn back and run to Jesus! You need to jump in the air proving the power of resurrection. This is the dance of eternal life. You need to learn its steps! The enemies will get tired to follow you and go back. You need to stay close to Jesus and to one another.


Can you hear your Lover’s voice of concern? Can you feel His jealousy? Can you touch His heart of love? Jesus loves you more than you shall ever know! This night, leave the valley of sin and death and climb the mountain of Bether called Zion. May you have a fresh revelation of God’s love for you! Be like a gazelle!