“And when they had prayed, the place where they were assembled together was shaken; and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they spoke the word of God with boldness” (Ac 4:31)


In the Bible we are commanded to pray always and with all types of prayers. We need to obey this command! Prayer is not man’s invention. God invented prayer as a means of communion with Him. Men are religious by nature but saved by grace thru faith. The only people who can pray ‘acceptable-to-God’ type of prayers are the children of God. This is the revelation of the Bible. This revelation excludes millions of religious people all over the world who pray to some god of their imagination. Jehovah God does not listen to their voices. This revelation challenges us, the born again believers in Christ Jesus to pray more and to pray better. We should pray big prayers for our God is a BIG GOD! He is in fact the Almighty God of the Universe and our Heavenly Father as well! God promised to listen and to answer our prayers.


Now, this is a good question: Why do we not pray well? What are the hindrances? These are some of the reasons:

We are spiritually dead in sins. This is a test: if you do not pray, you are not born again!

We are too comfortable, too self-sufficient. We do not really see the need to pray! We think that we can solve the problems by our own efforts.

We are too busy and do not have time for prayers. We think that prayers are a waste of time. We think that prayers are meant for losers or lazy people. We assume that we are champions and do not need prayer.

We are spiritually weak, dry, internally backsliding. We may be born again but the cares and pleasures of this world are oppressing the spirit. That is why the desire to study the Word and to pray is quenched.

We feel too unworthy to pray. We have failed too many times in the past and now, we feel ashamed or discouraged to pray once more. Inferiority complexes are poison to the spirit. If you think that you are not good enough as a person, as a wife or as a mother, for example, you will soon be tired to pray. Your ‘credit’ with God is low. You give up on yourself as a person in general and as a prayer warrior in particular. Look back and see that there was a moment when you just decided to stop prayer. You said to yourself: ‘God listens to others but does not listen to me’. That is a lie of the devil but you believed that lie; and you stop praying. Since then you are suffering silently.

We are ignorant of the will of God about different situations. You can only find what God likes and what God hates in the Word of God. Prayer must adjust to the scriptures. Prayer must be according to the truth! The study of the Word of God and prayer are twins. They both grow together hand in hand. If you neglect one, the other will suffer.


Finally, what is the solution? This is an emergency! Do not waste more time! Wake up! Open your eyes! See Jesus!

Go back to God, back to the Cross! Draw near to God by the Blood of Jesus! The best Man who has ever lived on earth died so that you pray! If this revelation does not touch your heart, it means that you are not a child of God. Give your life to Christ! Pray big serious prayers and not just some small requests. Pray like this: “God I want to know You! Have mercy on me!  Show me Your face! Show me Your glory! Glorify Yourself in my life! Save my soul! Use me for Your glory! Help me to worship You in Spirit and in Truth! Help me to love Your Word! Fill me Holy Spirit! Give me the Spirit of prayer, grace and supplication! Reveal to me the power of God! I want to fulfill Your plan and purpose in my life! Help me to be spiritually fruitful! Help me to die to self, to the devil and to the world! Help me to live for You! Revive my soul! Help me to love You Father! Help me to Love You Son! Help me to love You Holy Ghost! Help me to be like Jesus Christ, my Savior and my Lord! Help me to stand for You as a city on a hill! Help me to be wise! Help me to intercede for the salvation of souls! Help me to sing a new song to You! Help me to become Your servant, a worshipper of God! Thank You Father in heaven! In Jesus name I pray, amen!”


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