Many Christians complain that the only sermons they want to hear is about material prosperity; how to make money and how to prosper on earth. They do not want to think about deep spiritual blessings, about heaven or eternal things. But ‘life is more than food’- Jesus said. I appreciate when people give me gifts of food or money. But I appreciate even more when people come, and led by the Holy Spirit, they give me their hearts and time.

A dear daughter in Christ came today with a little vase and with a fresh flower in it. I tried to perceive the perfume but I felt nothing. She told me that it is still in a bud and it will bloom by tomorrow. Then the fragrance shall come forth. She wanted the flower to bloom in my house. Her words and gesture touched my heart. This is a gift for the soul, for the spirit, for my heart. I thank God for her life, for her sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, knowing when to come, what to say and how to bless me. I tell you the truth, the “oyibo’ in me was very happy tonight.

Please pray for her! Pray that God will delight Himself in her life, that she will fulfill destiny as a woman of God! In Jesus name, amen!

flower from Agatha

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