During the Sunday online service Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon titled ‘The power of the Blood of Jesus’. Her main scripture was taken from the Book of Revelation. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!” (Rev 12:11, 12a; NKJ).  It was a Holy Communion service. She read the following scriptures 1 Cor 11:23-26 and Luke 22:14-20. As a Body, we took the bread and we drank the wine in remembrance of our Lord Jesus Christ, His life and especially His death, how He shed His Blood on the Cross of Calvary.


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that this sermon is a spiritual warfare sermon. She reminded us that we do warfare against the devil from a position of total victory gained for us at the Cross of Calvary. The Blood of Jesus was shed on the Cross so that we are saved, redeemed, justified, have eternal life, are cleansed, have access to God, and have the victory always. Many Christians are not aware of the value and the power of the precious Blood of Jesus. They ‘plead the blood of Jesus’ religiously but without a proper understanding. The Blood of Jesus means the death of Jesus. Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that it is not enough to read, memorize of admire the preaching of the Word of God. By faith, as the people of God applied the blood of the lamb on their doorposts (Exodus 12), so you must apply it to yourself, for your salvation, healing, and deliverance. You must repent of all known sins (in your mind, in your speech, in your body…). Humble yourself! Open your heart so that the Holy Spirit will ‘implant’ the Word of God in your heart. It is only then that the Word produces roots and fruits in your heart, changing your character and giving you a visible testimony. If not, just hearing the Word without its practical application in your life, it leads to self-deception and even greater sins (Jam 1:21, 22; NKJ).


“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them!” (Rev 12:11, 12a; NKJ). In Greek, the word ‘prevail’ means to conquer and to have total victory. The word ‘testimony’ means to give evidence (like in a court), to confess the truth, to have a godly reputation. It also means to be a martyr (ready to die for Jesus, and for the truth). The devil is called ‘the accuser of the brethren’ (Rev 12:10). The word ‘accuser’ means ‘a prosecutor in the court’. As you can see, the children of God are in a conflict with satan, but in Christ, their victory is sure. Observe that these overcomers did not love their lives even unto death. Their priority is to do God’s will, to give God all the glory to the end, thru life, or thru death. They have overcome the fear of death. Their total commitment is their flag of victory lifted high! Please note: These are the only people that satan fears!!!


What is ‘the word of their testimony’? It is not just testifying that God has been good to you in general, that He has helped you buy a new car or healed you when you were sick. It is more than that! This is a dynamite combination: The Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross and your word testifying what that Blood has done for you, according to the revelation of the Word of God! Each time you ‘combine’ the Blood of Jesus and your personal testimony about the same Blood, satan is always defeated! He cannot stand a chance! Child of God arise! Selah!


During the Passover night (Exodus 12) God, thru Moses, instructed His people to kill one spotless lamb for each family. The father was to kill the lamb and drain its blood in a basin. (This is a wonderful picture of God the Father sending His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to go and die on the Cross). The father then dips a humble plant called hyssop in the blood, which is in the basin, and with it, applies it on the doorposts of his house. Jehovah God said that once He sees the Blood, He will pass over that home and nobody will die inside. But if the blood of the lamb is not on the doorpost, He will kill the first-born son of each family (both the Egyptians and the Israelites). This is how the firstborn of all Egyptian families died that night. (This was God’s judgment on the Egyptians gods). In the morning, God’s people were set free. For as long as the blood of the lamb remains in the basin, that blood cannot save them from death. The blood must be taken from the basin and applied on the doorposts for them to live! This is a great lesson: For your salvation and freedom the Lamb of God has to die and, by faith, you must apply His Blood to your life (Heb 11:11:28). The shed Blood of Jesus must be applied thru faith on your souls for salvation to manifest. It is the same with the healing of your bodies. This ‘application’ is done by faith, thru your word of your testimony, confessing the power of the Blood of Jesus and how this power has worked for you and in you!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that we should be more practical. She said: ‘in Christ, this is my testimony! According to the Word of God, I freely and openly testify that the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross for me has saved my soul, gave me eternal awesome benefits and has also healed my body!’


Therefore, I, (ex. Silvia Lia Leigh) declare, and testify that because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross I receive and have eternal life and the assurance of my salvation! Thru the Blood of Jesus, I receive spiritual nourishment so that I mature spiritually! I abide in Christ and Christ abides in me, in an intimate, delightful, eternal, unbreakable union with my Lord! Halleluiah!

*THRU THE BLOOD OF JESUS, I AM REDEEMED (Eph 1:7; 1Pet 1: 18, 19)

Therefore, I, (…. your name) declare and testify that because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, God has forgiven me all my sins, according to the riches of His grace. Once, I was a slave to sin and to the devil, But Jesus shed His precious Blood to buy me from the slave market and now, I am forgiven and free. I am a child of God. I have nothing to fear anymore!  Halleluiah!


Therefore, I, (… your name) declare and testify that because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, I live in the light, speak the truth in love, have genuine fellowship with other brethren in Christ, and I live with a clean conscience in the presence of God. I have no fear, no shame and no guilt concerning my past sins. I am not bound by religious laws, or by the opinions of men. I am led and empowered only by the Holy Spirit. The Blood of Jesus has set me free indeed! Halleluiah!


Therefore, I, (…. your name) declare and testify that because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, I am now declared righteous before God. I stand before God like I have never sinned. The devil cannot accuse me about my past sins or past mistakes. The devil is a liar! I reject him! I am totally covered by the Blood of Jesus, powerful, clothed, free, and joyful! Boldly, I draw closer to Jesus and become like Him, more and more, every day! Halleluiah!


Therefore, I, (…. your name) declare and testify that because of the Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross, I have free access before the throne of God anytime, day of night. My Lord Jesus Christ sits on His throne waiting for all His enemies to be made a footstool under His feet. I, too, by the Blood of Jesus, and by faith, I sit with Christ in heavenly places waiting for all my enemies (sickness, bareness, depression, doubt, fears, poverty mentality…) to go below my feet. Spiritually, I am the head and not the tail! Halleluiah!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that we should never forget the value and the power of the precious Blood of Jesus. Christ died once and for all. The Cross can never be repeated. One day, Jesus will come again, as the King of kings, to judge and punish all evil! The Blood of Jesus shed on the Cross is all sufficient. There is no sin too great for the Blood to atone. The Blood of Jesus alone saves. God the Father accepts only the Blood of His Son for the salvation of sinners. During that night of the Passover, if the people of God applied on their doorposts the blood of another animal (goat or camel, for example), or they applied silver, gold and precious stones, or a list of their good religious works, they could not have been protected from death. Nothing saves except the Blood of Jesus! Jesus only! Jesus only! The Blood was applied not for men to see and impress, but for God alone to see. The Blood of Jesus speaks better thing than the blood of Abel (Heb 12:24). There is a great difference: Abel’s blood was taken against his will, was shed on earth, and speaks about vengeance! But Jesus, He willingly gave His life, sprinkled His Blood in the heavenly Holy of Holy, and always pleads for mercy on our behalf!!! “Thank You Abba Father, that even when I cannot pray, The Blood of Jesus speaks for me, and pleads for me in heaven!” The Blood of Jesus can never lose its power! “There is power, power, wonder-working power in the Blood of the Lamb!” Worship the Lord!


Prophetic scriptures: Ps 77:14, NIV and Job 22:23-30, AMP

SLL 64


“Let us go on to maturity…” (Heb 6:1)
In your car’s gear box there are three positions: forward, neutral and reverse. In Christianity there are only two positions: forward and reverse. There is no neutral ground for a Christian. You either pay the price to make spiritual progress or you start backsliding. Salvation is free (but not cheap) because when Jesus died on the Cross, He paid it all on your behalf. But spiritual progress and maturity has a big price. Not many Christians are willing to pay it. The price? You need to study God’s Word and pray daily; you need to fast as led by the Spirit; deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow Jesus! You need to serve God in your local church; you need to pay your tithe; you need to be generous with your energy and time towards the furtherance of the Kingdom of God… Little by little your spiritual progress will manifest and many will testify to it. As you diligently seek God’s Kingdom, He will also bless you materially. You become a blessing to your generation. God will be pleased with your works done for His glory. Passivity is the way to backslide. Holy zeal for God’s glory is the way that leads forward! The choice is yours! He who has ears, let him hear and obey!



Beloved children and dear brethren, it is me again, Malia. Day and night, I remember you in my prayers. I want to encourage you afresh, in the royal way of the Cross. Since my beloved husband and your father in the Lord, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh has gone to heaven, the Word of God and prayer is my daily bread. I observed that for as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus and I focus on His lovely face, I have total peace in my heart. Each time I look around or I look at myself, my ‘peace level drops’. In the past, I was too busy to observe this delicate spiritual balance. But now, I am much more sensitive to the rhythm of the Holy Spirit who is working mightily in me. Often, I feel like Mary of Bethany who sat at the feet of Jesus. That was her favorite spot. Sometimes, her older sister Martha, calls her to help in the kitchen. Mary did not want to refuse her sister, but she was happier at the feet of the Master, to listen to His Word. These days, I do not have to go to the kitchen as often as in the past. As my beloved husband went to heaven, I do not have to cook Nigerian dishes like in the past. Over the years, I became ‘a specialist’ in cooking Banga soup, Ocro soup, Ocro- pepper soup, Owo soup, Vegetable soup and other Nigerian delicacies. There is a way my husband liked his eba or the boiled yam. For example, the plantain slices were to be cut at a special angle to be fried as dodo. He was very particular not only about the taste of the food but the presentation at the table. These days, I do not need to bother about cooking Nigerian food. My expertise in that field is needed not more. For me, a snack is enough. In heaven, my husband and all the worshippers eat the fruit of the tree of life and drink from the river of life. Over there, there is no need for diet. There is no sickness, no sorrow, no tears and, can you imagine that? No old age! To me, just the thought of it, brings me joy, that my husband is there, free from the ills common to men, free from all fears and worries. I am happy for him! Truly happy! One day, when my work is done on earth, I will join the choir in heaven! As you can see, my future is better than my past!  This is the destiny for every child of God! Halleluiah!


My husband used to say that he is not a Nigerian, that he is a Citizen of Heaven. He was right! Since he got saved, he had the visa in his passport called ‘salvation’. I am a witness to this. With the eyes of my spirit I saw God’s holy seal on his forehead. He is indeed a child of God, with a harvest of fruits proving his heavenly status. In many ways, as it is with any believer, he belonged to heaven more than to the earth. When I think of it, for me, the greatest joy of all is that in heaven we worship Jesus forever. Also, there is no more devil. Over here, we always have to remember the need for spiritual warfare. Temptations come in different forms. But in heaven, there is peace, victory, and eternal rejoicing. The worship never stops! You see, for me heaven is so much near. Just in case you think that I am going crazy (in Nigeria we say that I am getting ‘kolo’), I can say that my mind is stronger than ever. I am now heavenly minded. That is the best! To have the mind of Christ! No more fears, no more doubts! Jesus is my Savior! Death has lost its sting! Tell me, you who fear the future, is it not heaven that we all desire to go to? Some of the children of God who have gone ahead of us, they ‘made it’! We need to rejoice, to thank God for sustaining them strong and faithful on their race, to their last breath on earth. Give God the glory!


My beloved husband and pastor was, is, and will always be to me a wonderful example of how a man should live and die for Jesus! I am so proud of him. As you can see, most of the time I am talking about him using the present tense. I cannot call him ‘late’. This word does not ‘fit’ him. His body is in a grave in Warri, but he is much alive in heaven and he lives in my heart. As I speak, I speak for both of us. He laid a great foundation for the ministry. Father’s House Bible Church is our ‘baby’, prophesied by the Holy Spirit. I am now building on the foundation we laid, which is Christ crucified and resurrected! I am not building another church. It is the same church. I am raising the walls on the same foundation he took so much love and care to lay down. My husband lived on earth 71 and half years. But the things that he has accomplished as a man, many others cannot accomplish in 710 years. As a medical doctor he was successful. Both of us founded Lily Clinic in Warri. We worked as doctors for twenty years. After that, we sold the practice to three younger medical colleagues. Lily Hospital, Warri, was and it still is, one of the best hospitals in this town. Then my husband entered politics. He rose to high levels in national politics, in the party called NRC. Then we both became saved. Our journey from grace to grace continued …


In 1998 we went to the US not knowing what God wants us to do over there. We started preparing to pass the medical exams so that we can stay and work there as doctors. We bought the forms, and we paid the fees for the tests. We bought the recommended medical textbooks and started reading every day, to pass the exams. ‘Our future in America looked bright’, many said. But God had other plans for us. After reading for some months, one morning, the Holy Spirit told me: ‘I did not bring both of you to America to work here as doctors. I want you to go back to Warri, sell your clinic and start a church called ‘Father’s House Bible Church’. I will give you more details later when you are in Warri’. This is what the Holy Spirit ‘whispered’ to me. The voice was not audible; it was in my spirit. But it came with great clarity and authority. I knew that it was God talking to me. I looked across the table and I saw my husband reading and concentrating over his medical book. I quickly ‘whispered’ back to God: ‘Father, I know that you are talking to me. I am sorry… I cannot tell my husband what You are telling me. He will think that I am mad. To go back to Warri? Me? What for? Please, Father God, You tell him Yourself, exactly what You are telling me. Then he will believe. Please God help me talk to my husband… Thank You Father…’ I imagined myself as Mary and my husband as Joseph. How can you tell a man that you are pregnant by the Holy Spirit? Anyway, I kept the matter secret in my heart. After few days, one morning, as both of us were at the table reading our medical books, suddenly my husband said: ‘Lia, did God speak to you?’ I kept quiet, pretending that I do not understand his question. He continued: ‘God told me that He did not call us to America to work as doctors. That He brought us here, away from our routine work so that we can hear Him better. God said that we should go back to Warri, sell our clinic, and start a church in our building. Lia, did God tell you anything like this?’ Then I had the courage to say: ‘yes’. I told him the whole story. Immediately he heard what God told me, he suddenly took the medical textbooks from the table and threw them to the ground. He trampled on them with his feet. He called the books ‘temptation’. He said to me: ‘Lia, God has spoken to both of us. We cannot pretend we did not hear. Let us forget about medical practice. Let us obey God’s Word. Let us prepare to go back to Nigeria and start the church. I don’t know how we are able to do that, but we must obey God’. Later, we called our children and told them everything. They started crying because they thought we can now settle as a family in the US. They could not imagine we are going back to Warri… What is there in Warri? (No need to remind them that ‘Warri no de carry last’. They were too upset with our decision). Later, after praying, they decided to accept God’s will for our lives. They had to learn thru pain that their parents are not ordinary parents. That was a good lesson for them, for the future!


We used all our money to buy loudspeakers and musical instruments. We had no money left to ship them. That day, a family friend just came to ‘greet us’. He said that he came to buy an equipment to send to Nigeria. That his container is almost empty. He said that we can put all our stuff there and he will carry everything free of charge. Three months later we went to Port Hacourt and collected our things to start church. In November 1999, we came back to Warri. People were surprised. We did not tell anybody about the plan to start a church. We decided no to attend any church in Warri, waiting for the open door promised of God. On the 20th of March 2000, we started our first church service at the waiting room of our former Lily Clinic. We were about 20 people there, mostly family friends. Tali was shaking as he preached his first sermon. But the Holy Spirit was there, and He is all that matters. We reminded him to say ‘the grace’ at the end. We used a plastic basin to collect the offering (Tali said that he forgot there is an offering).


This is a reminder of the humble beginnings of Father’s House Bible Church, Warri/ Effurun, Nigeria! I will never again despise the day of little beginnings! Twenty years later, we are now an established church. As you can see, Father’s House is not ‘a break away’ from any other church or denomination. The church started by the express prophetic Word of God. As you know, both Tali and I we did not attend a regular ‘Bible school’. But the Bible became our Textbook and Constitution of life for all these years. Bishop Lewis (of the College of Bishops in the US) prophetically confirmed both of us as Bishops. But both Tali and I did not use these titles. For most of the people that knew us, for the brethren, for our children, natural and spiritual, we simply remained “Tali and Malia”.


As I remember this story, how God sent us back from the US to Nigeria to start Father’s House, I worship Him with my whole heart. God is great and greatly to be praised! Also, I am still impressed by my husband’s immediate response of obedience. This is how he was! Once he heard God’s command, he just obeyed. He did not even consider our personal inconveniences. That was his lifestyle. For him, once God speaks, there is no other answer than to obey. Whatever the cost, we must obey. He was always like that! Being his wife for 47 years, this attitude of immediate obedience has robbed on me too. Once God speaks, we say Amen! It will be later that we think about the details and the logistics. And God is faithful! He always made a way even if there was no way. Thru it all we learned to trust God’s plan for our lives even when we did not understand it. We learned to appreciate the presence of God in our lives individually and in our marriage. We learned to host the Holy Spirit during each service. God was all we had. God was all we needed. He still is!


Going back to Warri was not our plan. It was God’s plan. We choose to obey God. Thank God for the grace to obey Him. We never had any regrets. God is faithful. He took care of our children who stayed alone in the US. They are all married now, with children of their own. As for me, I can say that God is so good to me. He put a special supernatural love in my heart for the Nigerian people, especially for the brethren in Father’s House. This love is strong and true. For many years, I was a mother of three children. I am now a mother of many, a mother in Zion. As you can see from the pictures, all my children are ‘black’, like their father, Tali. I smile as I write these words. When I came to Nigeria in March 1980, a shy woman, an unbeliever, a young wife with two little children, not speaking a word of English, I did not know the mighty destiny God has prepared for me. According to God’s Word, my election and calling were from the foundation of the world. This alone explains my life. As my beloved husband went to heaven, I am now the senior pastor on Father’s House. The responsibility is great, and the mantle is heavy. Oh, but the grace of God is more than enough for any challenge I may face now or in the future. The Holy Spirit carries me on His wings. I feel Him! My heart is still in pain as I miss my dear husband. But when my flesh may fail, God is the strength of my heart, now and forever! I bow before the Almighty. My body is a living sacrifice, the temple of His Holy Spirit. Fear and doubt are my enemies. They are not allowed inside. I reject them! I am free to live and worship Jesus, now and forever! ‘My Maker is now my Husband! He is the God of all the earth!’ (Is 54:5). My spirit cries ‘Holy! Holy! Holy! The whole earth is full of His glory!’ I am weak but He is strong! Let the angels hear! Let the people bow! God loves Nigeria! This is my story, this is my song! It is well with my soul! Rejoice, all you people! Jesus is Lord!


“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand. (The seven lamps represent the eyes of the LORD that search all around the world.)” (Zech 4:10)


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 28-08-2020



Beloved children and dear brethren, it is me again, Malia! First, I desire to give God all the glory, in all I say or do. Secondly, I desire to honor the memory of my beloved husband, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh, who is also your father in the Lord. Thirdly, I want to encourage all of you with the same encouragement I receive daily from the Holy Spirit. As you know, I gave my life to Christ in March 1986. It was a crisis conversion. I did not plan to become a Christian. In fact, as many people still remember ‘the old me’, I was not a religious person. I came to Nigeria in 1980 as an original unbeliever. I met the Lord Jesus here, in Warri, Nigeria. (God bless Nigeria!) I became saved and Spirit filled at home. It was a miracle. A self-righteous proud sinner became a lamb of God! Halleluiah to the Savior!


This is our love story… I met my husband in 1973. We were classmates in the School of Medicine, Timisoara, Romania. Anatomy was our first class. Professor Dimulescu, assigned us randomly, two by two, to ‘share’ a cadaver. We were supposed to dissect the dead body, to learn practically the theory of anatomy. We were about twenty in that class. I remember that I was not comfortable in the cold room, with about ten corpses lying down, all covered by white sheets. I wanted to be a doctor but now, all my confidence was almost gone.  Suddenly, I heard The Professor saying: ‘you and you, go to that body’. He was pointing at me and at Richmond Leigh, a student from Nigeria. I remember thinking about my new colleague: ‘Who is he? Does he speak Romanian?’ This was the first time in my life that I saw ‘a black’ man, except in the pictures or on the TV. We both went to the slab. I looked at him with a curiosity that I could not hide. He looked back at me feeling happy with himself. He spoke first. He smiled and said (in a broken Romanian): “My name is Richmond Leigh. I am from Nigeria. I am happy to work with you. What is your name?’ I told him. This is how our teamwork started. But there was more to come…


Looking back at this story, I see it as the beginning of our destiny together. Who could have known that the delicate seed of true love can be planted and grow during the cold hours of dissecting a dead man? Who could have known that romance can spring up from rotten flesh, in a room that smells chemicals, and that life can rise from the dead? At that time, I did not know but now, I know the answer: It is Jesus, with His Glory, with His power of Resurrection, who, at the Cross, totally defeated sin and death. For every good gift among men, the source is always Jesus! But at that time, I did not believe in spiritual things. All I knew was that I started falling in love with a man called Richmond Leigh, from Nigeria. To me, this love was totally new. I loved my parents and my sister. But I never loved a man… I kept my feelings secret for they scared even me. Anyway, I did not know if Richmond loves me too. I was too shy to ask… This was my background: I did not have a brother. I did not know how boys think. I never had ‘a boyfriend’. I was what people call ‘a bookworm’. My parents were teachers and they expected academic excellence from me and my sister. They were disciplinarians but loving at the same time. The only way I knew how to prove my love to them was to study hard, much above the requirements in school. Doing so, from primary one to twelve grade, I was always first in the class. Reading and passing exams, that was my life and happiness. I was not too social. I was shy in public. I was not fashionable. I could dress with anything our parents provided. I did not know how to dance. I never attended ‘a night club’. I was not adventurous. My strength and confidence were always in the classroom.  I stayed in my comfort zone most of the time. I did not like surprises. (Later, my husband told me that his African friends called me ‘The Nun’. Can you imagine that? Me, who did not believe in God, looked like a nun!!! This is still a mystery to me). Falling in love was strange and dangerous to me…


Anyway, every day we met over that cadaver to dissect it. The anatomy class was not easy. Each of us had to carry the (bleached in acid) bones of a human being in a bag. We literally ate and slept with these bones. We needed to study them until even with our eyes closed, once we touch a bone with our fingers, we were supposed to recognize it. I observed that student Richmond Leigh was so skillful with his hands. I admired his long fingers. I also admired his confident look and walk. He was ‘a man of the people’, as they say. Unlike me, he was never shy in public. Even when he could not express his feelings in Romanian language, he will boldly speak English expecting the listeners to understand. I could not speak English, so I could not understand what he was saying at those times. Also, he was very fashionable. He was a student on scholarship. He did not have a lot of money to buy clothes. But the few items he had, clothes and shoes, were all good quality and nice. He walked like a prince. He was popular in the campus. He started playing guitar at the student club. Many girls admired him. I heard them calling his name. Though I was his ‘partner’ in the anatomy class, nobody gave me ‘a chance’. Me too, I disqualified myself from even trying to dream about a possible romance. This love was completely new territory and I had no map or compass to guide me in it. Therefore, I kept all things hidden in my heart. I never knew what (this still unknown) God was doing…


Life went on … At the end of the semester, as we were preparing for our first exams, Richmond met me and asked for help. That I should coach him. He told me that his Romanian language was not good enough to pass the exams. Also, he told me that he observed I am good in class and all the professors respect my zeal and knowledge. He told me that though he was playing guitar and having a social life, I should not be deceived by these. He said that he came to Romania to study, to be a doctor. He told me that he did not forget his humble roots and Nigeria and the reason why he is here. He did not want to fail the exams. Not only that, he wants to be the best doctor he can be. He does not want just a medical certificate on the wall. He said that he hates fake people. He wants to be a good doctor when he goes back to Nigeria. He also told me that he went to ask for help from some other girls who admired him. They looked nice but he could not understand their handwriting; he could not read their anatomy notes. He said that I am the only person that he easily ‘flows with’; that he understands, both my speech and my writing. He asked for help. He was so humble and sincere. I was surprised. I agreed. I borrowed him my notes. From that time on, every day, we used to seat outside, on the stairs, to rehearse all the possible questions that can come at the exams. He impressed me with his strong desire to learn, his memory, his humility, and good manners. (In my heart I blessed his parents in Nigeria who thought his so well). At last, the exams came. He had the highest mark among all foreign students. He was so happy! In fact, I never saw him so happy. We went to a cafeteria to eat cake, drink juice, and celebrate his success. Coming back, walking on a lonely road, he surprised me. Suddenly, he said that he loves me and that he wants to marry me. Just like that! There was not much romance as I imagined it. Picture us… Nobody asked me in marriage before then. I was only nineteen. For a moment, I did not know what to say. I was not a Christian to pray about it. ‘For better and for worse’, my decision was mine alone. Shaking, holding tight my umbrella in the rain, I said ‘yes’. He became so happy again! He lifted me up and ran with me like I am a trophy. Happy in the rain… We did not know what the future will bring. Before then, I have never traveled abroad. I did not know where Nigeria is on the map. Our parents were not aware of this love story. There were so many odds against our proposed marriage. But for me, that rainy evening, on a street in Timisoara, deep in my heart, I felt that it was a destiny changing moment. I said ‘yes’ to a man who asked me in marriage, who promised to love me to the end. Forty years and half later, I have seen ‘the end’ of that story, at least what can be seen on earth. To his last breath, Richmond Leigh kept his promise! God is right: “Love never fails!” (1Cor 13:8)


As I write these words, I am not sad. I have peace and even joy. I am indeed grateful to God for bringing us together, in a marriage that only God could have designed. This is our love story. We did not buy it with money. It is not for sale. We started life like two children not knowing what life or death may bring. Later, when both of us became saved, God sealed this simple natural love with His own Holy Spirit. Our marriage became ministry, a source of inspiration and encouragement for many couples. As you know, Richmond Leigh, my beloved husband and best friend on earth, is now in heaven. But to me, he is not dead. He is more alive now than ever. That is why I want to honor his life and memory. That is why I am writing our story. Let me say this: His first love was always Jesus, His Savior and Lord. I was his ‘second’ love. Oh, how I loved that second place! I want to say it again: Richmond Sisan Leigh has kept his promise of faithfulness and love to Jesus and to me, his wife, to his last breath. During marriage ceremonies, we tell the groom and his bride to say: ‘Till death do us part’. This is a good pledge. But in my case, even death cannot separate me from the love of my life, who is now rejoicing in heaven, worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! One day, when my race is finished, I will join him over there. But for now, I have work to do for God. I want to give God all the glory for my husband’s life, salvation, ministry and even his peaceful sudden transition to glory. I give glory to God for our children and grandchildren! I give God all the glory for the many spiritual children in Christ that my husband and pastor has mentored and discipled over the years. I am blessed beyond words!


Finally, I want to encourage you, dear children, to trust God for His love poured out for you! Listen to the voice of His grace and follow the steps of the Lover of your souls. Jesus died to give you life and life abundantly. May your lives and marriages be living testimonies of His Resurrection power! May the fragrance of Christ surround you and your families. Have faith in God! Have hope in His glory! I want you to dream again! Love Jesus with a new passion, none can destroy. May revival come! May the fire of holy love keep burning!


“For I am convinced that neither death nor life … neither the present nor the future … will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus, our Lord” (Rom 8:38, 39).


To God be all the glory! Love in Christ alone,



Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 25-08-2020, Warri/ Effurun, Nigeria




During the Sunday online service, Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon titled “The Word of Life and Healing”. Her text was taken from the Books of Exodus 15:22-27 and Proverbs 4:20-22. In the Book of Exodus 15, Jehovah God, for the first time, introduces Himself as Jehovah Rapha (God the Physician or God the Doctor). This is the story: the people of God escaped from the Egyptians as God parted the Red Sea for them. Their pursuers were drawn in the same waters. They became very happy and started praising God for the mighty deliverance. Then, they started walking thru the wilderness towards Mount Sinai, to meet with God and to worship Him there. Only three days later, they became thirsty and angry. They saw a pool of water, but when they drank it, it was bitter. The pool was called Marah, which in Hebrew in means ‘bitter, angry or frustrated’. Immediately, they started complaining against Moses. In Hebrew, the word ‘complain’ means to grumble, to speak negatively (to yourself and to others), to become stubborn and refuse to co-operate with the God or His delegated authority. Be careful! Grumbling is a seed of rebellion which is ‘like the sin of witchcraft’ (1Sam 15:23). Complainers never become leaders! But Moses did the right thing. He cried (prayed) to God for a solution to this problem. Lesson: a Christian does not complain. He prays and God will answer! God’s Word is Life and Breakthru power in any situation! That is all we need!


“A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet” (PV 27:7). The worldly people complain all the time. They love this world and are satisfied only with material things. But their satisfaction is superficial for even the pleasures of life seem bitter to them. But the Christians, they hunger after God and His Word. That is why they are always grateful. Even during difficult ‘bitter’ times, they find the sweetness of God’s presence and are satisfied with it.


When Moses prayed, God showed him a tree planted by the bitter waters. The word ‘show’ means a teacher who points at something, for the student to see the solution to the problem. This is what God does. After you pray, wait for God’s ‘pointing finger’ and you shall find the ‘way of escape’ from the problem.  The tree God was pointing at looked like an ordinary tree. The word ‘tree’ also means ‘the Carpenter’. God the Father pointed Moses to see Christ Crucified. The Cross is always the solution to all problems of sin or sickness. The solution is not far. It was planted by the bitter waters. God’s solution is provided besides your problem. God told Moses to cut that tree. Spiritually speaking that was the death of Christ on the Cross. Then Moses should ‘cast down’ the tree in the bitter waters, and they shall become ‘sweet’ or healthy. The command to ‘cast down’ is very important. It is not enough to find the scriptures that may help you. You must be able to apply them to your situation, to cast them into your bitter waters. This is God’s wisdom! Only when the Word touches your situation, the miracle of healing or deliverance happens! There are other examples when people had to ‘cast down’ something before the miracle happened (Ex 4:3; Jn 21:6; 1 Pet 5:7). No casting down, no miracle! God cares for you! As the waters became sweet and people rejoiced, God made a statute and tested them. The word ‘statute’ is the same as the word Doctor’s ‘prescription’. God tests your attitude to Him especially during trying times. God also tests your faith before you are ‘qualified’ to receive a miracle. God tests out diligent seeking of His presence, the motives of our worship and of faith in His Word. May we pay the price for spiritual maturity! Then miracles shall be our portion! In Jesus’ name!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh read another great healing promise in God’s Word: “My son, give attention to my words; Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes; Keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are LIFE to those who find them, and HEALTH TO ALL THEIR FLESH” (PV 4:20-22; NKJ). She said that divine healing is always connected with God’s Word and faith. For the miracle of life and healing to happen, three organs must be involved, kept pure and focused on God’s Word: the ears, the eyes, and the heart. Do not read the Bible the way you read your school textbook or the newspaper. When you read the Bible, you must ‘give attention’ to God’s Word. You ‘incline’ your ear to God’s Word. To incline it means that you bend your ear. To bend your ear, you must bend your head and body, like a servant waiting for the master. A humble faithful servant or student like attitude is necessary to receive healing. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus! Look on His lovely face! Also, keep God’s Word in the center of your heart. The seed must be sown deep to make roots and produce fruits. Then it produces spiritual life in your soul and healing to your body. “For we walk by faith, not by sight” (2Cor 5:7). Please observe that only Doctor Jesus can heal ‘all your flesh’ with just one Word, with just one touch. The medical doctors do not have a drug that can treat all your diseases at the same time. But God’s Word received by faith is ‘health to ALL YOUR FLESH’. Is that not a wonderful promise? “He sent His word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Ps 107:20). Your ears must be opened to God’s Word. Faith comes and comes!! The more you listen to God’s Word and anointed sermons, the more your faith ‘comes’ to you. “So, then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God (Christ)” (Rom 10:17; NKJ). Faith shall be tested and then produces the supernatural. Your miracle is closer than you think! “By His (Christ’) stripes we are healed” (Is 53:5)


This is another example: Jesus heals the Centurion’s servant by the power of His Word. He was amazed at the Centurion’s faith. “The centurion answered and said, “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof. But only speak a word, and my servant will be healed” (Mt 8:8; NKJ).  Jesus heals and delivers people ‘with a Word’. “When evening came, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed; and He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were ill” (Mt 8:16). If you are a child of God, you need to exercise yourself spiritually. You must study God’s Word, pray and your faith will increase. You can now see the connection between hearing and obeying God’s Word, keeping it in your heart, and the healing of our bodies. God tests our commitment to His Word. Then faith comes! Wait for the faith! If we pass the test, healing shall come. Faith will become testimony! Prayer will become praise! Amen!


Lastly, Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said: ‘I am a medical doctor and a pastor. I know that God gives the doctors the skill to treat many diseases. If you are not sure of your faith in the God of miracles, then go to the hospital and take medical treatment. Do not be ashamed of it! Take your medicines as prescribed by the doctor! That is the reasonable thing to do, at least for some time. But it also is your duty to draw closer to God, to diligently study His Word, trusting Him for a supernatural touch. Listen to anointed Spirit filled sermons. Remember: we do not buy miracles. God does not owe any man anything. Everything we receive from God including salvation, it is a gift from above; it is by His grace and thru our faith. Humble yourself. Fast and pray. Cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving to God. Do your part and God will do His part! WHEN MEN FAIL, CHRIST ALWAYS SUCCEEDS! Be healed in Jesus’ name! Amen!’ Worship the Lord!



Our beloved children and dear brethren, it is Malia again. I am here to encourage you again. Even in pain, I am still older and stronger than you all. From my heart to yours, I send peace to you! I carry you in my heart as a necessary and welcomed burden. I pray for you daily. Daily, I bring you all before the throne of mercy and grace. As I received grace in my time of need, so you shall receive the same when your need comes. Truly, we do not appreciate the grace of God until we desperately need God alone! These days I love to worship God for His grace and His mercy to me. Words fail me to express my love to Jesus! He is so good to me! Worthy is the Lamb upon the throne!


Since my beloved husband and your father in the Lord, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh went to heaven, clearly, my life is not the same. Like I said before, my life now is simpler, but deeper. In my life I passed thru many difficulties and God has helped me always. But this time has been a season like no other. The pain of suddenly losing my husband and best friend was initially unbearable. The truth is that, without God, I could have crashed emotionally. You could have heard of me being admitted in a psychiatric hospital (God forbid) This is the truth; I was not sure I could live alone; I mean without the physical support, protection, and love of my dear husband. We were together for 47 and half years!!! That is a lifetime! We became one in body, spirit, vision, and purpose. Somehow, all these years, I did not pray or prepare myself for a time I will be alone on earth. Like I said in the other letter, Tali and I believed that I should go to heaven first and he will bury me, just the way Abraham did with Sarah. We both had peace with this our plan. So, when God suddenly took Tali to heaven, I was shocked. My heart and my brain stopped working. For three days I could not think or even pray. My future disappeared from my spiritual ‘radar’. My tomorrow looked so far, impossible to reach. My heart wanted to go with Tali to heaven. I was even jealous of him; that ‘he made it’ and I am still here. I knew that suicide was out of the question. I cannot kill myself. (God forbid). But I did not understand why God kept me alive on earth when He took Tali to heaven. I saw no purpose in this physical separation. My whole world crashed. In a way, my heart, as I knew it before, died with Tali…


But then, to my greatest surprise, the Holy Spirit took over my life in a new way. He filled me with His peace and with His power. He did not allow me to fall into depression. He gave me the courage to live and to hope. He helped me to read the Bible and to pray. I saw a little light into the future. He helped me to step into Tali’s big ‘shoes’ and to lead the ministry. I saw that my life was preserved, not for my will, but for His will to be done. God helped me to see that I need to accept this ‘mantle’ that fell on me, to take this leadership responsibility. That this is His plan for me. This new role is not for my pleasure, not to please men, but only for God’s glory. Like Hannah saw the need of a prophet for Israel, and offered her womb to carry that boy, so God helped me to see ‘His need’. God helped me to say ‘yes’ to His proposal, to become the senior pastor of Father’s House Bible Church, Warri/ Effurun, Nigeria. This position was totally not my plan, ambition, or personal desire. Tali has been the senior pastor for twenty years. I was completely satisfied to be his wife, his assistant and co-pilot, in everything he needed me to be, both in spiritual and natural matters. As a person, I was never over ambitious. Once I found my place in a relationship, I became satisfied. Tali was my husband, the only man in my life! Tali was my pastor too! I loved him and I submitted to him! It was my God’s given privilege to honor him thru godly submission! Even in my dreams, I never wanted to become a man, or to lead the church. I am just trying to explain to you how this transition happened, how only God could have changed my unprepared mind. To God be all the glory!


There are two factors that helped me step into the position of the senior pastor. The first one, and the most important, was that I saw God’s offer and ‘need’ for the ministry. I just cannot refuse this God. He is my God! His name is Jesus Christ! He is my Savior, my Lord, and My Master! These are not just religious words! I mean when I say that! Like Apostle Paul, me, too, I am ‘a bondservant of Jesus Christ’. I was a sinner. Jesus died to save my soul. I owe Him my life, my all! I gave my life to Christ unconditionally. I cannot dictate to Him the type of life I want to live on earth. I am His soldier. I cannot tell Him what battles I should fight on earth. He is the Captain of my salvation. He leads, I follow! He was, He is, and He will always be in charge of every detail of my life, now and forever! I trust Him! I love Him! I cannot complain when difficult things come my way. Even when I do not understand His ways with me, I still believe that ‘His ways are perfect’ (Ps 18:30)! God never makes any mistakes. Why? Because He is the Almighty God, the Faithful God, the only Living God! The devil can attack and spoil things. But he cannot kill the soul of the Christian. Be sure of this: this world does not belong to the devil. This world, even with all the sin and sorrow in it, was created by God and belongs to God. I have accepted the fact that God is Sovereign over my life, over my world. He is my King and I am His unworthy servant! That is why I never complain! In all things, I learned to give Him thanks! For He alone is worthy of my praise! The second factor that helped me to step into this new role is this: I believe that Tali will like me to be strong and do it. In his absence, I should stand! We founded this church together on the 20th of March 2020.  As you know, we started this church at the command of God. We started this church from ‘scratch’ as they say. Father’s House Bible Church is not a branch or a breakaway from any other church. It is an apostolic-prophetic original and organic plantation of the Lord in this land! It is a burning bush that attracts men to come and have an encounter with Jehovah God! It is an oasis in the desert! To Him be all the glory!


Since Tali went to heaven, my vision of life and death has become clearer. Both as a medical doctor and as a pastor, I have seen babies been born and people of all ages die. Life and death are common, and they are also connected. I re-discovered the power of the presence of God in all things. His grace is truly enough to sustain life! In God’s presence there is strength, victory, and fullness of joy. That is why I lost the fear of death. Tali was right!  To a believer, heaven looks so real and wonderful. I now have peace about God calling Tali to heaven. Jesus said that the Father knows when a little sparrow falls to the ground and dies. How much more God knew when His humble and faithful servant Richmond Sisan Leigh, ‘fell to the ground and died’! God knows! Fear not! In life and in death, God cares for His children! God’s Word says: ‘precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints’ (Ps 116:15). When a child of God ‘dies’, God takes it personally. It is as a ‘precious’ thing, this holy transition to glory. The word ‘precious’ means something rare, expensive, and glorious, like a precious stone. As the diamond shines in the King’s crown, so the death of God’s child has its own fragrance of Christ, its testimony of resurrection, triumphant unto everlasting life! No wonder many sinners give their lives to Christ at the service of songs of the believers! In the natural, we mourn the passing of a child of God. This grief and pain of loss is human. Do not be ashamed of it. God understands. But there is a great difference between the believers in Christ and the unbelievers, even in the way they mourn their dead. We do not mourn like the unbelievers who have no hope of heaven. We mourn in the presence of God. We mourn with peace and faith. The hope of glory, the assurance of salvation and the reality of heaven, overpowers our present pain. This is the testimony of all Christians!


Since Tali went to heaven, this is my testimony too. The fact that Tali was clearly saved with many ministry fruits to prove his salvation, gives me now great peace. I cannot imagine how a Christian wife will feel if her unbelieving husband dies. I cannot imagine that type of pain. Oh, God, have mercy… So, because God calls it ‘precious’, the death of a Christian has its own glory story, testimony, and anointing. That is why ‘the memory of the righteous is a blessing’ (PV 10:7).  Like with Lazarus, when the soul of a believer leaves his body on earth, God sends His angels to carry and lead His child straight into His presence (Lk 16:22). For a Christian, it does not matter how or when you die. But one thing is sure: in life and in death, no believer is ever alone. He lives in the presence of God and he is attended by invisible, but ever-present powerful angels, who constantly minster to him. For a believer, death is a promotion, a ‘gain’. Apostle Paul said: ‘For me to live is Christ and to die is gain’ (Phil 1:21). This should be the song for every one of us who believe in The Lord Jesus Christ! Halleluiah!


As you read my letter, you see that even in my present pain, I have found peace and hope. If reading these words concerning life and death, you only sense fear of the future, it may be that you are not saved. You need to give your life to Christ!!! For the believer knows that Jesus died and rose again to make a new living way for him to pass thru death and go to heaven. This is the Gospel: Jesus died and was buried. But on the third day He rose from the grave! The power of Resurrection in Christ is stronger than death! Jesus is Lord forever! In Christ, the power and the fear of death is totally defeated. This is God’s Word! Many religious books talk about these things. But the Bible is the only Book that is completely honest about God, about life, death, and our eternal destiny. No man can be saved, and no man can go to heaven except thru Jesus Christ. That is the Gospel we preach! The prosperity and blessings God gives us on earth are good. We are grateful! But you must think of eternity! God has deposited eternity in your heart (Ecc 3:11). You must see life and death in the Spirit’ realm, thru the eyes of faith, thru God’s perspective! Ask yourself this question: After you die, where will you go? There are only two options: heaven of hell. Think of your soul! The most important part of you is your soul. You must make peace with God. At the Cross, thru faith in the shed Blood of Jesus, your soul will be saved. The Holy Spirit will witness and confirm your salvation! This is the greatest ‘gain’ you can ever have during your life of earth. Settle your soul first, then other things will be added to you. Like Tali always said: “First things first!”


God’s work remains our priority! Nobody serves God and regrets! We invest our time, effort, and finances for the expansion of the Kingdom of God, here in Warri, Effrurn, Nigeria and from here, all over the world.! This investment is acknowledged and rewarded by God. You can never lose serving God. This is His promise. As for me, I feel the wind of revival blowing over this land. God is in it! Nigeria is blessed! “Wake up, North Wind! South Wind blow on my garden; fill the air with fragrance. Let my Lover (Jesus Christ) come to His garden and eat the best of its fruits” (SS 4:16).


Finally, let me add this: during these challenging days, our children (natural and spiritual) have been a great encouragement to me. God bless them! They have matured ‘overnight’. They are more spiritual. They care for me like never in the past. God bless them with the blessings of Christ! God bless you all!  Dear children be encouraged! Shine your light for Jesus! Have peace! Be strong! Worship and serve God! God is with you! God loves you! I love you too,



Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 21-08-2020


This is a sweet note from one of our sons in Christ. I was so blessed reading it. Little is much when Jesus is inside! When times are hard and the soil of the ministry looks so dry, against all odds, a beautiful tender plant makes its way up, toward the sun’s light. It’s fragrant flower blooms between the sharp unfriendly rocks. Read the note bellow. It is from one of our sons in Christ. This young brother is a simple hard working man. If you meet him at his workshop, in his overall, you will know that he is not “an intellectual or a poet”. But he is born again, Spirit filled and a worshipper of the Most High God! He is royalty! He has such a tender heart… That is why you are able to taste God’s grace in his simple words. He and his dear wife are always sending me texts with words of encouragement, especially now, when I need it more. Their baby girl, Leah, is my name’ sake. This is also a reminder that God alone can change people, from being ‘ordinary’ men to becoming supernatural Christ-like men who shine like the stars in the dark night. People like Michael make me have hope for Nigeria! God bless Nigeria! Also, this brother is a ‘spiritually organic’ fruit of our ministry. He is a proof of the grace of God upon us (Tali and I) as we pastor Father’s House Bible Church. Warri/Effurun, Nigeria. When you read his note, each time you see my name, please give all the glory to God! For no one can receive anything good except it is given from above. I use Michael as a point of contact to bless all the members of our church and so many others who encourage me and pray for me, especially now. Finally, this brother’s words are a reminder that (Like Tali said) “The Worship must continue!” God bless you all!
“Dearest mother, Nothing worth more than having u as a spiritual mother in my life, l could remember vividly back in the days when we were preparing for our marriage, u ask my wife to tell me to come to ur office to see u. The moment I step into ur office u call me by my name and ask me about my biology parent and i said to u that they are both late, Immediately u call me by my name again and u said Micheal would u accept me Malia as ur mother? Without a mixing words I said yes, Then u hold my hands and u pray for me. At that moment I had everlasting Joy that I have find a new mother.. Ma u are not just my mother but a caring, loving, sweetest, great, most beautiful and adorable mother to me.. I pray: Jehovah God I ask u to build the wall of fire, protections, quidiance around my mother, pastor Silvia malia leigh as she take over the mantle of leadership in father’s house bible church in Jesus mighty name i pray Amen.. Father bless her the more in sound health, spiritual uplift meant, knowledge and wisdom in Jesus name I pray Amen. Mother u are highly cover with the blood of Jesus, Amen. Thank u my dearest mother in Christ, l love u and l will continue to love u mother.. Micheal & Mercy and baby Leah who keep calling ur name everyday at home”
Love in Christ alone, Malia!


“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger” (PV 15:1)
We just arrived at our hotel. The lady at the reception told my husband to write the name of his wife on the form. This is unusual. But we felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to say something at this point. We told her that we have been married for 44 years. She said ‘wow…this must be a serious commitment to stay together for better and for worse…I could have liked to tell others the same but I can’t… This is so great…what is your secret, guys?’ We told her that the open secret is God in the center of our marriage. We said that when we promised to stay married to the end, we meant every word for God is a God of covenant, who keeps His promises. He is the faithful God who blesses His faithful children. We owe to God to have the testimony of a successful marriage. It will give Him the glory!
Marriage is not easy. In fact, it is a lot of work to make it successful. From the many lessons learned along the way, this is one: ‘be angry but sin not!’ (Eph 4:26, 27). There is a great difference between a gentle and a harsh word. The same conversation in the morning, can turn from peace into war before midnight. The storm may quench or may become a hurricane before the close of the day. The boat of marriage may open the sails to enjoy the evening breeze or it may crash on the rocks of regret that same day.
The devil is real. He wants to ‘kill, steal and destroy’. When the devil attacks with anger, he will advise you to cooperate and increase it the more. He will provide free fuel to the arguments so that you alone will take the blame for the damage. Greedy and lazy people love free things and they end up being cheated. This is a very common strategy of the enemy. He starts the trouble and he will tell you how to continue it. Little disagreements turn to ugly battles where only the devil is a winner. Can you imagine that? The eternal loser becomes the winner for just one day? These are lessons you must learn and practice always if you desire to keep your marriage relationship strong and enjoy it to the end.
The first thing you need to see is that anger is a common emotion with all people. To some, these emotions manifest higher than to others. But these are common to all. When you admire a so called wise and cool headed man or woman, just know that this is not all the story. In the privacy of home, anger, jealousy, bitterness and hurtful words are spoken and exchanged. No man is perfect except our Lord. He is the eternal fountain of wisdom and the teacher of them who are willing to be His disciples. It is not enough to say ‘I will never be angry, no matter what any man does to me…I will always avoid trouble… ‘ These words sound good but are not practical in ‘the marathon race’ of an intimate relationship like marriage.
Please observe that when the evil spirit of division enters uninvited thru the door, when the passion of speaking harsh words comes into your home and when quarrels seem useful, you should recognize it as an evil attack! The earlier you do that the better. Words spoken in anger are designed to hurt and to destroy. Later, even when forgiveness, is applied, the wounds of bitter anger are difficult to heal. The best thing to do is to speak less and speak calmly. You can see that keeping a quiet grudge is not the solution! The solution is a ‘gentle answer’ that The Holy Spirit uses as a standard against the flood of evil high temper. You need to say something! Quietness is not always the best! What you say it and how you say it determines the end of that crisis. This is spiritual warfare and you need to be prepared to give a gentle and humble answer of wisdom based on the Word of God. That is why you store the Word in your heart!
Both examples of negative and positive influence are found in the story of Abigail and her husband Nabal. The harsh words of Nabal (which means a fool) provoked anger in David who became ready to kill him. But Abigail stopped that flood of evil and death thru her gentle answer of wisdom, humility and peace. Do not imitate hot headed fools! Do not attend their parties! Do not give the devil space thru anger, ignorance or foolishness! Be like Abigail! This is how you shall enjoy your marriage until Jesus comes! This is the secret of success in any relationship that God has blessed you with.
Pay the price for a godly enduring testimony, to the glory of God! You may have many regrets in life, but you shall never regret being wise and gentle under provocation, patient, loving, kind and humble. For these are the fruits of the Holy Spirit and against such, there is no law to condemn! Be like Jesus! Let your light shine in that darkness where God, in His sovereign will, has planted you! Be an ambassador for Christ thru gentle answers spoken in His name and for His glory! Quench destructive anger thru the power of the Holy Ghost! Be a peace maker! Take this challenge! The reward is greater than what you can imagine! In Jesus name, amen!
Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh
(This article was written in 2018. In the picture, my dear husband, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh and I during a trip to Romania)
RSL and SLL 6



Beloved children and dear brethren, it is Malia again. I thank God for every one of you. I pray for you daily; that God will bless you spiritually and materially; that God will keep you in the center of His will, healthy, strong, and joyful. I pray that you remain sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and that you fulfill your holy calling in Christ! You are not just saved. You are called by God to fulfill destiny in Christ Jesus! Never forget that! I want to encourage you with the encouragement I have received from the Holy Spirit!


Since my beloved husband and your father in the Lord, Richmond Sisan Leigh, went to heaven, as you can imagine, my life is much different. On the outside, my life is simpler, but it became spiritually deeper. The Holy Spirit helps me to stay spiritually strong and physically healthy. He helps me to stay focused, to keep my constant gaze of the Lord Jesus Christ. As I see His lovely face, I do not remember any other thing around me. It is my testimony that I do not worry about my life or my future. Tomorrow is too far for me. I take one day at a time, live daily in His presence, and obey His voice. That is my joy! Over the years I have learned that His presence is enough for me. His grace is sufficient for every situation. There is no accident with God. He never fails and He never makes mistakes. I have learned to trust the Holy Spirit with all my heart. This trust in Him is total, when I understand what He is doing and even when I don’t. He is so loving, wise, strong, and gentle with me. He always speaks in a way that I understand. I am so grateful. He is my very life now! Filled and led by the Holy Spirit, I have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and nothing to regret! I am indeed blessed by God! To Him be all the glory!


I have been thinking about the way my husband went to heaven. The transition from earth to heaven was so peaceful, so quick and soft. He went away like a baby. Looking back, I think God has prepared his spirit for the departure. There were prophetic signs for some time, but I did not interpret them well. I was like the disciples of Jesus, before the Cross, He told them that He will die and after three days He will rise again. He even told them it is for their good that He will die. He said that thru His death, many will become saved. Jesus said: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much grain” (Jn 12:24). From death to fruitful life, this is a natural and a spiritual law. Our Lord said that if He does not die, He will ‘remain alone’. Thru His death and resurrection, He will become extremely fruitful. Jesus died for His Bride to be born and live! Just look how many people got saved for the past two thousand years!!! Glory to God!


Jesus also told the disciples that except He dies and goes back to heaven, the Holy Spirit cannot come on earth to them. He told them that the Holy Spirit will come in His name and remind them of His words. He will lead them into the truth and give them the power to be His witnesses (read John 14 to 16). The disciples heard all these words, but their sorrow did not permit them to believe His words of hope. Few days later, after Jesus died on the Cross, they became totally depressed. Their hope died with Jesus on that Cross. Three days later, on the resurrection morning, when they saw the empty tomb, that is when their spirits became alive again. Then Jesus met with them, spoke to them, and ate with them, like they did in the past. He breathes on them the Holy Spirit. He also told them not to start ministry until the promise of the Father, the Holy Spirit, will come down from heaven. Then Jesus ascended to heaven visibly, in His spiritual body. Then the Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost! All these extraordinary, supernatural events happened in less than two months. What a wonderful story that affects all of us!


Now, just try to imagine these disciples. These were not wealthy or educated people; they were not religious philosophers. They were simple humble working-class men. Most of them were fishermen. Jesus called them to follow Him. For three years they left their trade and just followed Jesus. They became His ‘friends’. They learned from Him. They listened to Him and they saw Him doing miracles. This intimate fellowship built their faith, hope, and confidence in Him. They learned to dream of heavenly places, of using the authority of the name of Jesus! Fishermen do not dream. They only use their strong bodies to work. But now, they became spiritually romantic, heavenly minded poets. Fishermen have no time for love. But now, they learned how to love Jesus and one another. At the last supper, their hearts broke again. Jesus was telling them that He will be betrayed by one of them, and He will die. Judas, the son of perdition, betrayed their Master and Lord for thirty pieces of silver, about $600 today. What a tragedy! What a waste! So, they were thinking… This is how they saw it… The Cross was the tragedy of their lives. They forgot the words of the Master… They saw nothing good as their Lord died naked and bleeding on that wooden Cross. It was the resurrection that made them hope again. Peter, who denied Jesus three times, was forgiven, and reinstated by Jesus. He asked Peter: “Do you love Me?’ Each question was asked three times, one for each of his denials. Peter learned that Love never fails!


Then, on the day of Pentecost, the Promised Holy Spirit came down. I love the way the Amplified Bible describes that Holy Moment! Read this: “When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place, and suddenly a sound came from heaven like a rushing violent wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. There appeared to them tongues resembling fire, which were being distributed [among them], and they rested on each one of them [as each person received the Holy Spirit]. And they were all filled [that is, diffused throughout their being] with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues (different languages), as the Spirit was giving them the ability to speak out [clearly and appropriately]” (Ac 2:1-4; AMP).


Once the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples, the miracle of resurrection life and promised power manifested in them. From that moment, they were never the same again. They became the fearless witnesses of Jesus, to the end of the earth and to the end of the ages. Peter changed from a coward to a champion. He became a preacher of God’s Word in an instant. There was no more fear, inferiority complex or doubt anymore. Peter now speaks about Jesus with boldness and confidence! He tells the people who Jesus is, how He lived and why He died on the Cross. He tells them that Jesus rose from the dead and He ascended to heaven. He tells them that Jesus is God! The fear of God fell on all the religious Jews who came to listen. Three thousand became born again that day. The Word of God, in the mouth of His servant, anointed by the Holy Spirit, was working in them who believed! Please observe that this anointing for ministry did not come gradually on Peter. It came suddenly and miraculously as the Holy Spirit descended on him. This power to boldly preach God’s Word Jesus stayed on Peter until his last breath. History says that he was crucified as an old man. He asked that he should be crucified upside down because he is not worthy to die in the same position as His Master. Only God can change a man like this!


This is a reminder to all that as servants of God, what we need most of all is the Holy Spirit. Any ministry done without the Holy Spirit is done in the flesh and it will fail. No matter how gifted the preacher is, no matter how many scriptures he quotes, how many songs he sings and how many jokes he says, without the Holy Spirit, there shall not be fruit that will last. The flesh of man cannot glorify God! Dear brethren, I hope you remember that this year prophetic theme for us at Father’s House Bible Church is: “Power from on high”! Tali preached some wonderful sermons on this topic. Tali is now with Jesus. We are still here on earth. We must do God’s work until that final day. I pray that we all, together, in the unity of the Spirit, pay the price for the Holy Spirit to descend on us, like the Fire of the Pentecost. Nothing else compares with this Blessed Gift from the Father and from the Son! Jesus died to send down the Holy Spirit! Blood was shed for the oil to flow! Money cannot buy it and men cannot give it. You must see your need for the Holy Spirit in your ministry. You must desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit to the point of desperation. He will not fill you is you only pray casual prayers. I know Him! Often, the Holy Spirit uses His hammer to break your heart so that in your pain, you seek Him passionately like never in the past. This is what He did to me. He suddenly took Tali to heaven and my heart bled to death. But He did not abandon me. He came to me at my weakest and at my darkest hour. He came not only to carry me like a mother carries her baby; not only to heal and comfort but to give me His power to stand for Jesus and to do ministry. I was born again in 1986 but I have never experienced the power or the Holy Spirit as it is on me now. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! From my overflow I give to you! To God be all the glory!


The Bible says that “The memory of the righteous is a blessing…” (PV 10:7). The Holy Spirit that fell on me is another proof that Tali went to heaven. The worship must continue! God’s work must continue! I am a woman who knows love. In the past, The Lover of my soul Jesus Christ was in heaven. My dear husband was on earth. But now, both of my Lovers are in heaven. I look up and I find joy knowing that they are together. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul! Tali’s memory is a blessing to me and to all of you. There is still pain in my heart. My beloved husband and best friend of 47 years will always live in my heart. Even death cannot separate us in the Spirit. The memories are too alive and too strong. I am so grateful to God for saving my husband and for calling him to be a man of God! I thank God for giving him a platform to express his faith, to openly witness for Jesus. He was always sorry that he did not come to Jesus earlier than he did. He said that he has wasted too many years in the world. That is why he was always restless to serve Jesus better. He served God with so much passion that many were amazed. I am so proud of my husband!!! He left behind many proofs of His salvation. I can watch many of his preaching videos, strong with anointing to save and to heal. He left behind many sons and daughters in Christ. Many people tell me that it was thru Tali’s preaching and general lifestyle that they became born again or became committed Christians. “Dear Father in heaven, I am grateful!”


Finally, let me say this: Man lives on earth but once. Before Jesus comes back again, every man must die. But death is not the end of your life on earth. The unbelievers go to hell. The believers in Christ go to heaven. There is no middle ground. As much as you love your life on earth, which is God’s gift, you must remember that the state of your soul is your priority. What will be your profit if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? Nothing! No gain! Only losses!  The spiritual gain in Christ Jesus is the only thing we carry to heaven. Our testimony on earth, witnessed by people and confirmed by the Holy Spirit shall be the only blessing we leave behind. I hope that my words are clear enough to make you think about your soul, about the future and eternity. Like Tali used to say: “First things, first!” If you are reading this letter, and you are not born again, please stop now and pray. Repent of your sins and give your life to Christ! That is the best thing you will ever do on earth. The Holy Spirit will make it real to you that now, you are a child of God! Praise the Lord! As for us who are already saved, put your hands on the plow, never look back, and move forward to do ‘great exploits’ for Jesus! He leads and we follow! From faith to faith! From strength to strength! From grace to grace! From glory to glory! It is well with you! To God be all the glory! In Jesus’ name! Amen!


Love in Christ alone, Malia!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh/ 17-08-2020



During the Sunday online service Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon titled: ‘Turning curses into blessings’ Her main text was taken from the Book of Deuteronomy. “An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; none of their descendants, even to the tenth generation, shall ever enter the assembly of the Lord, because they did not meet you with bread (food) and water on the road as you came out of Egypt, and because they hired [to act] against you Balaam the son of Beor from Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse you. Nevertheless, the Lord your God was not willing to listen to Balaam, but the Lord your God turned the curse into a blessing for you because the Lord your God has loved you” (Deut 23:3-5; AMP).


She said that this scripture refers to the story of a false prophet called Balaam, who was hired by the Moabite King Balak, to curse the people of God. Balak was afraid of God’s people because they were many and seem so powerful. He wanted Balaam to curse them so that they will scatter and die. Balaam inquired to his ‘god’ about what to do. But Jehovah God Himself appeared to Balaam and told him he should not curse Israel because they are His people and they are already blessed (Numbers 22 to 24). Because of the promise of money, Balaam insisted to go. He went, but all the curses he tried to invoke, God not only blocked them, not only nullify them, but changed them to blessings. Why? Because ‘The Lord your God loved them!’. Three times God’s name as ‘The Lord your God’ appears in Deuteronomy 23:5. In Hebrew, ‘The Lord’ means Jehovah, The Covenant Keeping God. The word ‘your God’ means Elohim, the Creator, the Highest Judge or Magistrate of the universe. Child of God, this is God’s decree: The Holy Trinity, blesses you, and turns your curses into blessings because in Christ, He loves you!!! Amen! Halleluiah!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that according to the Bible, the devil is the accuser of the brethren (Rev 12:10). The devil can accuse you, but God does not listen to him! Even when the devil seems to succeed, for a time, (like in case of Job), God is still in charge! In the Court of Heaven, there are only two Lawyers: The Accuser (the devil) and the Advocate (our Lord Jesus Christ)! God the Father is the Highest Judge. When you fall into sin, the devil accuses you to the Judge. But even then, Jesus Christ the Righteous will speak for you. He will give the Judge an answer of peace (propitiation) on your behalf! As God did not listen to Balaam, so God will never listen to your Accuser. God listens only to The Advocate, The Defense who speaks on our behalf. Jesus is our Heavenly Barrister. He has never lost a case. He can never lose! Not because we are good, but because He died for us, His people. By His sinless perfect life of obedience and by His death, He has the right to speak for us. And God always listens only to Jesus!!! This is a great comfort to us! “My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world” (1Jn 2:1, 2; NKJ). It is because of Christ’ intercession in heaven, no child of God continues in sin. Eventually, he shall repent and come back to God. The devil tempts and can deceive a believer but cannot ‘touch’ (lay hold on him forever). “We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one does not touch him” (1Jn 5:18; NKJ). This is the revelation of the Bible: When they sin, God chastises His children. This holy, painful, fruit bearing discipline is also a sign of God’s love. But God will never allow the devil to forever curse His people. Be sure of that! Praise the Lord!


There are many examples in the Bible when God turned tragedy into triumph, and failure into success. This pattern applies only to the children of God! Joseph suffered much. He was betrayed by his brothers, sold as a slave, went to prison. But God exalted him to become the Prime minister of Egypt. See what he told his brothers: “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” (Gen 50:20). Job also suffered much but God turned his pain into praise. During good times and bad times, he continued to worship the only Living God. “Then Job arose, tore his robe, and shaved his head; and he fell to the ground and worshiped. And he said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return there. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:20, 21). Naomi lost her husband and her two sons. She came back from Moab as a defeated, poor widow. But Ruth, the Moabitess, followed her. Ruth married Boaz and became the grandmother of King David and in the line of our Lord Jesus Christ. Goliath cursed David by his gods and Shimei cursed David (1Sam 17:43; 2Sam 16:9-12). But both these wicked men died terrible deaths. (Lesson: It is a terrible thing to do wickedness against a child of God!). Apostle Paul was afflicted and tormented by ‘a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan’. But God ‘compensated’ him for his pain with great revelations, even as the power of Christ rested on him in his weakness (2Cor 12:7-10).  All these stories are real! Read them! Darkness, sickness, defeat, failure, oppression, and weeping may endure, but only for a night. Joy comes in the morning (Ps 30:5). What a hope! What a turn of events! Only God can do that! The power of resurrection is stronger than death! Give Him praise!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that the word ‘blessings’ appears 600x in the Bible. The word ‘curses’ about 300x. Both blessings and curses carry supernatural power, affecting people and generations. Their power lies in words (spoken, written, or spoken silently in the heart). In the Bible we see that God blesses and God can curse. But the devil can only curse. In the Book of Deuteronomy 28 you read about the blessings of obedience and the curses of disobedience. God says that if you listen to His voice and obey it, His blessings shall come, overflow, and overtake you. This is His promise! What are some of these blessings? Divine promotion, protection, victory in warfare, fruitfulness, health, and prosperity (spiritual and natural). You shall be ‘the head’ (the part that thinks, makes decisions). You shall be a leader and not the ‘tail’ (a blind follower). But if you do not listen to God’s voice or you disobey it, God’s curses will follow. What are these? Humiliation, demotion, chronic sickness (that the medical science cannot treat), mental sickness (depression, anxiety), female bareness, defeat in warfare, failure, losses, singles cannot marry, the marriages are unhappy or end in divorce, family divisions and breakdowns, poverty (even when you are educated and work hard)… etc… The devil and his agents can curse people, even the Christians. These curses cannot kill a child of God and cannot destroy his salvation. When he dies, he will still go to heaven, but he will not have a happy life on earth. The main roots of curses: Idolatry (Ex 20:3-5), disrespect to parents (PV 30:17), betrayal (PV 17:13), wickedness to the poor (PV 28:27), Unnatural sex/ homosexuality, incest (Lev 20:10-16), hating Jews (Gen 12:3), trusting flesh (Jer 17:5, 6), Stealing (Zech 5:1-5), or being stingy towards God (coming to church, listening to sermons, but not giving any offering or paying tithes) (Mal 3:8-12). Some place curses on themselves by speaking negative words to themselves (for example: ‘I am a failure. I am always poor, like my papa…I can never succeed. Na die I want die so…’). You need to deliver yourself and speak God’s Word over your life! In Jesus’ name!


Many Christians are ignorant of these curses. How do you know that you are affected by a curse, generational, familiar or a spell was placed on you? The curse is like an invisible chain holding you to the past. You observe that you cannot make progress in life. For example, you are sick. You are improving for a time, but then you get sick again. You always spend money in the hospitals. Another example: you work extremely hard, but you are not financially stable. You make money but then, you lose them, and you become poor again. Or, you are single person (sister). Men like you but they do not marry you. Or, you are married but you do not have peace in the home. You feel that God does not answer your prayers…From one problem to another… That is why you are always anxious, because you cannot become established. You have the feeling that you must start everything afresh again and again. What should you do? First, be sure that you are born again! Then, fast and Pray asking God for help, for deliverance. Repent of all known sin! Separate yourself from any contact with idols, with spiritual defilement. Draw closer to God, Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Be re-filled with the Holy Spirit. Start to praise and serve God! Learn to live in the newness of life in Christ Jesus! Trust God! Your future is better than your past!


Where is our hope? Our only Hope is found in Christ and Him Crucified! There is power in the Gospel! There is power at the Cross! Jesus died for us, the sinners, that we may live and be free, eternally! On that Cross, God made His Beloved Son to be sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God in Christ. On that Cross, Jesus became a curse so that we might receive the blessings of Abraham, faith, freedom, and the promised Holy Spirit!  (2Cor 5:21; Gal 3:10-14). Jesus Christ is our victory and our Hope of glory! We boast in the Cross where salvation, deliverance, healing, and victory was purchased for us thru the shedding of His precious Blood! By His death and resurrection, Jesus gives us the authority to use His name and win the battles against all spiritual enemies. Jesus says: “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Lk 10:19). Child of God do not waste time! It is time for you to stand and fight! Fight for your soul, for your freedom and for your testimony! Bless your family! You can do it! Jesus is Lord! Peace be upon you! Worship the Lord!

SLL 63


My beloved husband, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh, praying for the brethren… This is about a month before he went to heaven.. I am sure in heaven he worships our Lord Jesus Christ and joins Him in intercession…To God be all the glory!

RSL 65

“Whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before Him who sits on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying:
“You are worthy, O Lord,
To receive glory and honor and power;
For You created all things,
And by Your will they exist and were created.” (Rev 4:9-11)



Beloved children of God and dear brethren, it is Malia again. I cannot rest until you are all encouraged in your spirit and are able to stand strong in the faith. Your spiritual welfare is my desire and my God given burden. I pray for you always. Thank you for praying for me also. I am grateful to God the Holy Spirit for infusing His power in me daily. I look at myself and I thank God. Who could have thought that after my beloved husband, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh, went to heaven, I can be ‘normal’ again? Who could have thought that I am able to read my Bible, pray, write my feelings, and encourage others? I know for sure that this is not what the world calls ‘a normal person’. Anyway, both my husband and I were born again, and Spirit filled; therefore, we cannot be ordinary people or what they call ‘normal’. I also know that the world does not understand the things of the Spirit; but you dear children, you understand and rejoice with me. This power of the Holy Spirit is not for my own gain alone. It is for the encouragement of the brethren in Father’s House Bible church and the Body of Christ in general. Glory to God!


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ. Now if we are afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effective for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer. Or if we are comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation. And our hope for you is steadfast, because we know that as you are partakers of the sufferings, so also you will partake of the consolation. For we do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, of our trouble which came to us in Asia: that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life. Yes, we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in God who raises the dead, who delivered us from so great a death, and does deliver us; in whom we trust that He will still deliver us, you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many” (2 Cor 1:3-11; NKJ)


This morning I read again the first chapter of the Book of second Corinthians. Apostle Paul wrote these words after he passed thru a heavy trial that almost killed him. He testifies that in the midst of that pain, God was with him. God has always been with him, but during the pain, He rediscovered the sweetness of God’s presence in a new way. This is the truth: God’s presence and grace is always enough no matter the trials we may pass thru in life. Paul is able to praise God in the middle of the trial. This is not the normal reaction of the natural man. Praising God during the storms of life is always the work of the Holy Spirit. You should acknowledge that! He says: “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation!” Please observe that God is not far from you. He is closer than your breath, especially when you pass thru difficulties. God Almighty is the Father and the Source of all Mercies, Loving-kindness, Long-suffering, Peace, and Heavenly Comfort! As you read these words, you see that Paul experienced a terrible crisis. It could be health problems or persecution. This trouble was so serious that it made him think he will soon die. The devil is a liar and the father of all lies! He takes advantage of our weakness or pains and attacks mostly with fears and doubts. Be watchful during trials and resist the devil until he flees from you! Pain is not an excuse for backsliding! Jealously protect your testimony as a believer because it is your true treasure you carry to heaven!


What are the lessons we learn from this chapter? The first lesson is this: Crisis of all levels happen to all people, even to the children of God. We are all born sinners. We tend to be selfish. Sickness, depression, poverty, accidents, betrayal, persecution from family and friends, these are common problems to all men. Loved ones die, parents die… These are the common trials of life and of faith. Sometimes they seem closer and other times they seem far, but emotional pain is a neighbor that ‘greets’ us daily. The unbelievers react to trials in a negative way. They become angry, bitter, and more selfish. But for us, the Christians, during a trial, we always have a choice to make: to behave in the flesh or to act in the Spirit! In other words, to give glory to Jesus or to ourselves! The natural tendency is to become depressed, to develop a ‘victim mentality’, to become angry with God and men. In this way, you allow the devil thru your pain to decide for you, what path to take from that time on in life. Even if you are a Christian, if you allow the flesh to lead, you will choose the same attitude. You will walk in the flesh and that will ‘profit you nothing’ (Jn 6:63). You choose to become the center of attention desiring that all people should sympathize with you in your pain.  This is exactly what the devil wants you to do! You will never have peace and joy!


The second choice is spiritual. This is what Paul decided to do. In the middle of the trial, he stayed close to Jesus! He refused to allow the pain to dictate his daily attitude. By the grace of God, he trusted God to help him stand, to preserve his faith and his testimony as a child of God. Once he decided to do that, the power of resurrection, the Holy Spirit came down on him. Even in pain, his spirit became stronger! This is the secret of success in the Christian life. This is my testimony too. In the midst of pain, when I lost so much I cherished, I rediscovered that the presence of God is all that I need! His grace and mercy are truly more than enough for me.


In these verses, the word ‘Comfort’ occurs ten times and the word ‘trouble’, four times. In Greek, the word ‘comfort’ is ‘paraklete’. Translated it means somebody who walks alongside you; a Friend who never leaves you alone. This is the same Word describing the Person of God Holy Spirit. It means He is the Counsellor, the Comforter, the Advocate, the Helper, the Friend who sticks closer than a brother, the Standby One. When you need wisdom, He will tell you what to do. When you need rest for your soul, He will make you lie down in green pastures, beside the still waters. When you need healing, He heals you! When you need peace, He will give you, even beyond your understanding! When the devil accuses you and you need an Advocate in heaven, to plead your case and defend you in battles, He will do that for you. Remember that Jesus has never lost any case! When you need someone to just carry you thru the day, as a mother carries her baby, He will help you move on. In the pain and in the fire, Paul has a fresh encounter with his God and becomes refilled with the Holy Spirit. Power came down! Glory went up!


Another lesson Paul has discovered is that during trials, as the Holy Spirit helps him, he must be a source of encouragement for others who suffer in life. He must not be selfish with the comfort and help of the Holy Spirit. Your season of pain is a wonderful opportunity for you to do ministry. Never waste that opportunity to be a blessing to others, especially when you pass thru trials. Never waste your pains! Use your grief as worship to God and as a ministry to encourage others. This is my testimony too. By the grace of God, I decided to worship God in my pain, to preach His Word and to continue to do my work as a pastor. If I cannot be a wife to my husband on earth, I can still be the mother to our children, the grandmother to our grandchildren and continue the work of ministry that we started together. I give God all the glory for the strength to take the best decision. In the middle of my trial, worshipping God was my ‘way of escape’. Thru this holy exit door to freedom, many now follow me, as I follow Christ. My freedom is their freedom too. My power is theirs too. We wept together; we shall rejoice together! This is our story! This is our song! Praising our Savior, all day long! Hallelujah!


As I write these words, I feel God’s pleasure all over me. By faith, I also feel Tali’s pride that his wife of 47 years on earth, his partner in ministry, and best friend, is doing the right thing, to the glory of God! I am blessed and highly favored! Be strong brethren! It is well with your souls! Love in Christ alone, Malia!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh; 14-08-2020




May ‘my heart be stirred and overflow with a noble theme as I recite my verses to the King of kings. May my tongue be the pen of a ready writer. My thoughts are filled with beautiful words as I worship My King. I will use my voice as a writer would use pen and ink’ (Ps 45:1)


My beloved children and dear brethren in Christ, it is Malia again. I thank God for every remembrance of you. I carry you in my heart and in my prayers. I decided to write as often as I can, to share with you what God is doing in my life. It is my wish to encourage you, not by my power (which is useless but) by the power of the Holy Spirit. I do not rehearse my notes or my speeches. I just pray for the Holy Spirit to take control. I write just as I think of you. My life is an open book. As I look unto the face of Christ, my Lord, I become more and more like Him, reflecting His glory. I live in the light. I shine my light for Jesus. Truth is my belt, holding my emotions. Truth has set me free indeed, from any depression, doubts, and fears. Halleluiah!


After my husband, your father in the Lord and pastor, suddenly went to heaven, on my own, I could not have been able to live a normal life again. He was the beloved husband of my youth. We were happily married for 47 years. By the way, this is a record worth celebrating!!! On my own, the grief was enough to paralyze my mind and froze my heart. In fact, the first three days after he went to heaven, I was in a daze, like living in a dreamland. I was not sure if I was living on this earth or not. On my own, I could have become a recluse, maybe like a nun in a monastery somewhere on a mountain. Naturally, I had that tendency to withdraw and become moody when sad things happened to me. When the pain of grief broke my heart to pieces, all I wanted was to be left alone and weep, or just lie down and think of nothing. Anybody who knows me in the past, could have predicted this response. But then, the Holy Spirit took over my life in a new way and forced me to stand again. I always loved the Holy Spirit. He has helped me so many times in the past. But this time, with a broken heart and shattered love story, I thought that even the Holy Spirit will draw back, intimidated by the pain and the loss. How wrong I was. I discovered again that The Holy Spirit is fearless and all powerful. The Holy Spirit is God! He never draws back when a child of God is truly in need. I did not know what to say or what to pray, but the Holy Spirit interceded for me with words that cannot be uttered by humans. He carried me up! He gave me the strength to think well again, the courage to fight for my soul, for the ministry, for my destiny in Christ and for all of you, my dear children. In the past, as a mother, even when I was sick, if our children became sick, or had a nightmare, I must get up and help them first, before I remember my sickness. Our children are adults now. But this my heart is still the same. I am now a mother in Zion! Even when my heart was breaking with grief, I could hear your weeping, I could feel your pain. I just could not remain quiet. I could not stay passive! I had to do something. That is why I got up asking God for power and wisdom from above. God the Provider supplied beyond my imagination! God’s Love will not let me faint. His Mercy will not let me go away. His Grace is more than sufficient! Halleluiah!


By now you should know that I love to talk about my husband, your father. Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh was a true man of God. I have met many pastors in my life. The truth is that no one compares with my husband. I may be biased, but this is the truth as I see it. He was a man of God in the category of Moses, Daniel, King David, or Paul. These people do not die! They live forever! Their testimonies still challenge men, to the end of time! I cannot think of him as a man only connected with my past. I carry him in my heart at this present moment. Tali lives on in our hearts… It will always be so for as long as I live on earth. I also see him in heaven, in glory. He is happy and free. Therefore, my dear husband remains part of my eternal future, my destiny in Christ. For both of us ‘to live is Christ and to die must be gain’ (Phil 1:21). I am not sad as I quote this scripture. By the grace of God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am free from the bondage and terror of the fear of death.  I am saying it again: Christ means everything to me in this life, and when I will die, I will have even more of Him. What a promise! What a glorious hope! These words are not the words of a coward. These are the words of champions, declaring the eternal victory of Christ the Lord! Halleluiah!


As I said before, when my dear husband passed on, I was with him in the ambulance. We were alone. The driver was separated from us by a partition window. What surprised me (and it still amazing me) was that he stopped breathing like a baby. There was no noise, no struggles, no gasping for air. For few seconds I thought that he fell asleep and I was happy that he can rest a little. Then I saw that he was not breathing again. Recently, a scripture encouraged me greatly. Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea went to Pilate to ask for the body of Jesus, to give Him an honorable burial. They did not want the body of Jesus to be thrown in the common grave. We are told that “Pilate was surprised to hear that Jesus was already dead” (Mk 15:44). Crucifixion was designed to make the victim suffer long before he can finally die. But Jesus, once He accomplished His Father’s will, He bowed His head and gave up His Spirit. There was no need for more suffering. What is the revelation? Once you have finished your work for God on earth, there shall be no more wasting time. Thank God for this revelation of peace!


As I said, we were in the ambulance going to the hospital when Tali suddenly stopped breathing. It was so gentle that I thought he fell asleep. And I am even a doctor… When I discovered that he stopped breathing, I knocked at the window to tell the driver to be faster. A minute later we parked in front of the COVID emergency ward at Oghara Hospital. They carried him inside and tried what they could to resuscitate him. But I knew that his soul was gone to God. At last, they all apologized to me for the loss. I am a doctor and I know how hard it is to tell the family that their loved one is gone. There was nothing else to be done. I just bowed my head and I acknowledged God in that hospital room.  I am so happy that I was there with him to the end. He did not have to die among strangers. His soul left for God in that ambulance, hearing me praying in tongues for him. I came out and I saw brother David Efejuku waiting. I told him that Tali went to heaven. He was shocked but tried to be strong for me. Then he told me to go back and ask for Tali’s marriage ring and gold chain on his neck. I obeyed instantly. They tried to block my way saying that this is a COVID ‘no go area’.  Though in pain, nobody could stop me. A power greater than me was pushing me forward. I looked like a lioness whose baby was killed. I was not afraid of any nonsense COVID. The nurses there thought that I am already mad. Who cares? I went back to the ward. The male nurse was preparing my husband’s body to take him to the morgue. I said: ‘please, can I have his marriage ring and the chain on his neck?’ The man did not argue with me. He removed both and gave them to me. I said: ‘thank you’. I came out. I put on my finger Tali’s marriage ring, on top of mine. I put on the gold chain that I gave to him as a gift many years ago. Later, when I came home, I added a cross to it. From now on, this shall be ‘my look’. I do not need any other jewelry until I see Jesus face to face. I will always be grateful to Brother David for telling me what to do at that shocking confusing moment…


Do you remember, each time Tali conducted a wedding ceremony in the church, he will proudly and happily show his marriage ring on his finger. He will tell the congregation to buy and put on their marriage rings.  He said that his wife cannot go with him everywhere, but just a look at the marriage ring, will make him feel that I am close by. Now, his marriage ring is on my finger, together with the one he gave to me 47 years ago. Right now, God’s Word is much more real to me! “What God has joined together, let no man, not even death can put asunder. Amen!


As you see, my remembrance of these painful memories now sparkles in the glow of the Holy Spirit. Let me be clear: My life is not sad. I am not a victim. Nobody should be ‘sorry’ for me! God forbid! In Christ, I am more than a conqueror! This is my testimony. This is my song. This is the source of my worship to God! My life is a living sacrifice! What a privilege! This is my noble theme, written not with ink on fading paper, but with the Spirit of God, on the tablet of my heart, forever. I do not feel like a widow. I feel like the Bride of Christ! In fact, it is not just a feeling; I am indeed the Bride of Christ! He shed His Blood to purchase me for Himself. Tali is now with Jesus. Heaven is his final home! I know that he smiles over me as I write these words. He always encouraged me to feel free, to be myself, to tap from the creative, romantic, and poetic gift that God deposited within. “Oh, Tali dear, I know that you are happy over there in heaven. Your eternal joy of victory over sin and death is infectious. I feel your joy…”


Blessed be the Lamb upon the throne who died that we may live, that we may love and that we may worship Him forever! Glory! The worship must continue! Love in Christ alone, Malia!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh 11-08-2020


During the Sunday online service, Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon titled ‘Defeating fear’. Her main text was taken from the Book of 2 Timothy. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2Tim 1:7; NKJ). She said that this is a season of spiritual warfare. Fear is an unpleasant, uncomfortable emotion that has spiritual roots. Just like doubt, fear is an evil spirit, often attached to a religious spirit. The devil uses fear to attack all people, especially the Christians. Fear is deceptive. It may pretend to be ‘wisdom or strategy’. You need to be born again and Spirit filled to be able recognize the attack. Listen to the Holy Spirit! He will tell you the truth; that this is a demon of fear. Immediately, you should put on the whole armor of God and take your stand against it! You should raise the shield of faith thru which you can quench the fiery darts of fear and intimidation (Eph 6:11, 16). Remember! Faith in Jesus is always stronger than any fear (of sickness, poverty, failure, or untimely death). Fear can never be your friend! Fear is your enemy. Do not ‘settle’ with your enemy. In the name of Jesus, fight to finish. Like David fought and killed Goliath, you should do the same with fear. Identify your enemy; by faith, fearlessly confront it and totally reject it. God is on your side. Stay in the center of God’s will. Humble yourself under God’s mighty hand. He will give you more grace. His grace is always sufficient for every trial, battle, or challenge in life! “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Therefore, submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (Jam 4:6, 7; NKJ). You resist the demon of fear by the power of the Holy Spirit! Quote scriptures to yourself! Pray in English and in tongues, to encourage yourself! Keep the fire on until the peace of God is restored to your heart. The victory is sure and sweet. I have tested of it and I know!

The only fear permitted to live in you is the Fear of God. The more you fear God, the less you fear men and other things. This is the Word of God: “For in this way the Lord spoke to me with His strong hand [upon me] and instructed me not to walk in the way of this people [behaving as they do], saying, “You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’ I regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, and you are not to fear what they fear nor be in dread of it (not be troubled by it). “It is the Lord of hosts whom you are to regard as holy and awesome. He shall be your fear, He shall be your dread [not man]” (Is 8:11-13; AMP). The fear of God is an important aspect of biblical faith and life. The fear of the Lord leads to obedience and service: to fear God is to do His will. The Lord as King demands and deserves the awesome respect of His people, a respect that issues in obedient service. The Fear of God lies at the heart of successful holy living in the world. The fear of God is clean, pure, and eternal (Ps 19:9). When you fear God, your conscience is at peace with God and man. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, a fear equated with the “knowledge of the Holy One” (PV 9:10). Such healthy fear enables us to praise God (Ps 22:23 ; Rev 14:7); to enjoy the benefits and blessings at His hand (Ps 34:9; Ps 103:11, 13) to rest in peace and security (Ps 112:7-8 ); and to experience length of days (PV 19:23). But the fear of God also produces fear of wrath and judgment in those who do not know him or who refuse to serve him. There are, thus, two sides of the fear of the Lord — that which produces awe, reverence, and obedience, and that which causes sinners to live in terror in anticipation of His displeasure.

Few days ago, I was attacked by a demon of fear. I defeated it many years ago. This was a new attack. This is the story: I went to the parking lot without my mask. This was unusual because I always use mask when I go outside. There was a Christian brother there who greeted me. He too did not have his mask on. We were more than ten meters apart, in the open air. When I saw that I forgot my mask, I started going back to the house. Immediately I entered the house a voice spoke to me: ‘Because you went outside without the mask, you will be sick with Covid19 and you will die’. Immediately, I stopped, thinking ‘whose voice is this’? I knew that there are only three options: 1-God speaking, 2-me speaking to myself or 3-the devil. I also observed that I started feeling very uncomfortable. Remember that fear always comes as an emotion that makes you feel bad and restless. Your spirit reacts to the demon and tells you to fight back. I started praying in the Spirit. Soon I knew that this voice came from the devil. God’s voice always calms my fears. He is my Father. He never makes me feel uncomfortable. But fear is wicked, a liar, a tormentor, and an accuser of the brethren. The devil is crafty. Fear took advantage of my weakness, my mistake, of breaking ‘the law of the mask’. Fear tried to make me feel guilty about going out without the mask. But this so called ‘law of the mask’ is not God’s law but man’s law. The Holy Spirit encouraged me to stand fast and fight back. He told me: “My daughter, you can never be perfect in your own power or wisdom. I am your Covering. I am your Shield. Trust Me! I overrule your mistakes. Fear not! Fight back the enemy of your soul!” This is exactly what I did. With all my strength I started shouting at the thief, at the demon of fear! I rejected it from my house! I prayed in English and I prayed in tongues until he ran away, and peace was restored in my heart and in my house. Fear is a coward! Fear is a liar! Fear has been disgraced and totally defeated at the Cross! The Blood of Jesus was shed for me to save me! Fear has no place in my heart or in my home! This testimony of victory against the demon of fear is to the glory of God! At last, I asked the Holy Spirit, ‘what was the purpose of this attack and this victory?’ He said that I needed a fresh reminder of how wicked fear is, because many are struggling with it. He also said that now, I can prepare my sermon and I can encourage the brethren even more. His anointing will strengthen me to preach and pray! “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You” Ps 56:3; NKJ).

“I remember your sincere and unqualified faith [the surrendering of your entire self to God in Christ with confident trust in His power, wisdom and goodness, a faith] which first lived in [the heart of] your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am confident that it is in you as well. That is why I remind you to fan into flame the gracious gift of God, [that inner fire—the special endowment] which is in you through the laying on of my hands [with those of the elders at your ordination]. For God did not give us a spirit of timidity or cowardice or fear, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of sound judgment and personal discipline [abilities that result in a calm, well-balanced mind and self-control]” (2Tim 1:5-7; AMP)

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. The threat may be genuine or just imagined. But the emotion of fear is very real. Anxiety is a general fear. You cannot point to what you fear. But fear is more defined. It has a focus. The enemy can be described. The demon of fear comes in different ways: fear of sickness (Covid19), fear of the future, fear of failure, fear of divorce, fear of poverty, fear of what men can do to you and fear of untimely death. This is God’s Word: “The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe” (PV 29:25). The devil attacks with fear when we make mistakes or fall into a sin. The devil uses our guilt as a point of entry to attack. You need to resist all external demonic fears. No matter how close they come to you, you need to shut your heart to them, resist and reject. You do not compromise with the devil Fear is an enemy. Do not settle with it. Fight for your soul! Fight for your testimony! This is your responsibility! God will help you! As you stand in the evil day and fight back, God will give you more strength and confidence! Weakness is failure and it is not an option! Once fear goes away, faith is established. This living faith manifests as ‘power, love and sound mind’. The word ‘power’ in Greek is ‘dunamis’. It is the same as the word ‘dynamite’. It is the miraculous power of God able to destroy any hindrance to your faith. The Holy Spirit works strength to fight the fight of God, power, not only to patiently endure, but also to strike good blows against the devil, for Christ’ sake. Power is emphatically the attribute of the Holy Spirit and that which He specially imparts to the servants of Christ. Fear, or cowardice manifests itself by timidity and shrinking in the daily difficulties which the Christian meets within the warfare for the kingdom of God. This fear is an evil spirit! The Holy Spirit never works cowardice in men. The word ‘love’ is ‘agape’. It is the sacrificial, never failing love of Jesus. The word ‘sound-mind’ is better translated as ‘self-control’. God will give you the power to resist the attractions and the lusts of this world. Even when you are exposed to various temptations and pleasures, you can regulate your spirit and keep all passions, desires, and impulses under subjection. This is real power! “Power pass power!” (Nigerian saying).

Let us go back to 2 Timothy! Paul is in a prison in Rome. He is on death row. He writes to Timothy who was his son in Christ. He left him as the pastor of the church that he founded in Ephesus. He is concerned for him. Paul knew that his departure to heaven was at hand. His love for Timothy made him to write this letter. Timothy was shy. He needed to pastor men who are older and wealthier than him. Paul says ‘I know your troubles. Nevertheless Timothy, hold fast! Stand strong!’ Timothy was thinking: ‘This ministry is too big for me. I cannot pastor in the place of Paul!’ Paul says: ‘I know your problems and your personality! There is Someone greater than all! The work of God must go on! Be strong Timothy! Failure is not an option!’ Many Christians say: ‘I know I am going to fail. This work is too big for me! The troubles are too many’. Even before they start something, they fear that they will fail. They already plan to crash. I am not talking about never making mistakes. The righteous man falls seven times, but he gets up again! Many people fear failure even before they marry or start a business. They complain: ‘This business is too hard for me. It is too hard to stay sexually pure … To be a pastor, to sing in the choir, to stay married with this man (woman)… I cannot do it!’ But for a believer, ‘I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me! I am not going to quit!! I know that I am not worthy to be a servant of God. But I will not use my weakness as an excuse to quit. God knew me and my weakness and He still called me to serve Him. I must obey His call! I must obey Him!’ Reject the demon of failure and spiritual inferiority complex. Rest, peace, and power is what God gives even in the middle of the storm. Trust God! Paul says: ‘Timothy, you cannot fail. I pray for you! Do you know why you cannot fail? Many people are praying for you! God answers their prayers. Timothy remember that there is a gift, a promise, a potential in you! You must develop this gift of the Holy Spirit! Fulfill ministry! Stir the gift. (If you do not stir the stew on fire, it will burn). Develop a holy passion! Be a man of revival! Be an example to others! Timothy, you can do it! God is with you!’ Dear brother and sister stand for Jesus! Serve God! Teach, preach, work with the children, clean the house of God, help the work of God financially, marry well, be a good parent! Do not blame God for hardship in life! The spirit of complain and fear is not of God! May God strengthen you to stand and fight, in the name of Jesus! His Banner is lifted high! The same God who helped me win the battle, will help you too. I expect many testimonies! Be free and free indeed! Glory to God! Worship the Lord!

Prophetic scriptures: Gen 15:1; Ps 23:5; Ps 46:10; Ps 105:37

Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh 09-08-2020

SLL 62



“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep” (Jn 10:11)

Beloved children and dear brethren, it is Malia again. I have been praying to find new words to encourage you. After my beloved husband, your father in the Lord, Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh went to heaven, for three days I just lied down, unable to think or to pray. In a way, part of me died with him. I just could not gather myself to stand and wish to live. Then I received the vision of the two pilots in the cockpit of the plane, that I told you about. As the plane was flying, high in the air, the senior pilot had a heart attack and died. The co-pilot had to take charge of the plane, if not, it will crash. They were many passengers in the plane. For some time, they did not even know that there was an emergency in the cockpit. The co-pilot could not be overemotional and weep there. He must pray for wisdom and strength, take charge, and fly the plane safely to its destination. He is trained for such emergencies. In this vision, Tali was the senior pilot and I was the co-pilot. The vision was so clear. I had a choice to make. To enter depression, like must widows do, or, by the grace of God, to be strong and do something. I mean, take charge of the equipment of the plane, and fly ahead. The airport tower was informed of the emergency and now, all the information the senior pilot was receiving, it went to the co-pilot. In other words, all the words of the Holy Spirit Tali was hearing all these years, I started hearing them now. I decided to do what is right, what I know God wanted me to do, and even what Tali expected me to do in such a situation. I got up from my bed. I stood on my feet and prayed in the Spirit. I asked the Holy Spirit, for the sake of Christ and the ministry, to baptize me again, with power from on high. I knew that I can never pastor such a big church like Father’s House in my own wisdom or strength. The prayer ‘worked’!!!  God answered! The power of the Holy Spirit came on me like a mantle. Since that day, I observed that I am not able to despair, I cannot be depressed or doubt God. This power helps me to think well, to have my emotions under control and make the right decisions. It helps me to study God’s Word, to pray, to prepare and preach sermons, and even to encourage others. I know that this is not the normal behavior of someone recently bereaved. I have counselled many widows. It takes at least a year to process grief before they can ‘think straight’ and before they can return to a form of ‘normal life’. The power of the Holy Spirit on me genuinely surprised me. Let me tell you a secret…  I tend to believe that when Tali went to heaven, he begged Jesus to send a fresh dose of the Holy Spirit to me. I trust Tali! Anyway, one thing is clear, this is not ‘the old Malia’. I know myself! The only explanation for my new strength is the Holy Spirit. I also know that this anointing did not come just for me, for my personal comfort. It came because of the ministry. I could not have been able to stand and preach God’s Word in my own wisdom and strength. This miracle blessing is not for me alone, but for all the members of Father’s House Bible Church. We must all share in it. As we shared in the pain, we must share in the strength provided from above. This is God’s Work! He will surely provide all that is needed! The victory is sure! Revival is here! To the glory of God! Hallelujah!


Let me share another testimony. Another miracle is the way our three children changed ‘overnight’. As you know, Tali and I have three grown children: John, Alina and Jemine. They are all settled, married with children. After their father went to heaven, they suddenly became more mature and more spiritual. To God be all the glory! They phone me daily encouraging me to stand strong. They pray for me. They tell me that I should not worry, that everything Tali was doing for me, they will now do it. Even if that is not possible, their new passion love, to take care of me, their mother, touches my heart. Our son, John (Toju) told me: ‘Malia, you have been Tali’s co-pilot for all these years. You know what Tali knows. You are the strongest person I know. You can stand and be the pastor of the church. God is with you. God will help you…” Alina had a vision she shared with me. She said that Tali and I were Olympic champions. We were running the relay. She said that Tali was running first. He was so fast. All the other competitors were far behind. I was the next to run. I was waiting so that he gives me the baton. He came close and he gave me the baton.  I took the baton from his hand and as I wanted to run, I saw him collapse on the field. For a moment, I did not know what to do. I came to him to see what the problem is. Then he opened his eyes and shouted at me: ‘Run, Lia, Run!’ I saw that the competitors were getting closer. I also saw the doctors running towards Tali. His loud words entered like fire in my bones. I got up with the baton in my hand and I started running and running. I understood what Tali was trying to say. We are a relay team. Each of us must try his best. The glory of our coach, Jesus Christ, the interest of the team and the victory ahead is more important than the well being of each runner. We run for the glory of Jesus who ran before us to show us the way. When the team wins the gold medal, the glory goes to God and the rewards will be shared by all the participants. That is why I am running, not looking back! When my race is over; I will give the baton to another one whom God has prepared and positioned. The heavenly medal is in heaven. We run upward. We run towards Jesus! Failure is not an option! God will help us all! Apostle Paul said: “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the [heavenly] prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. All of us who are mature [pursuing spiritual perfection] should have this attitude” (Philp 3:13-15; AMP). May we all run towards Jesus, faithful to the end!


This morning I remembered a true story that happened about six years ago. Tali and I, with other nine couples from the church, were going on a cruise. We were in Venice, Italy. We went to the port to check into the ship. We had to pass the border control where they check the passports and the visas. Seven of the couples went in without any problems. Two of the couples had problems. They only had one entry visas to Italy. The cruise ship stops in several places. They needed multiple entries visas. The officials refused to allow these two couples to enter the ship. Tali and I tried to explain but all was in vain. They said only the captain of the ship may agree to an exemption. Tali and I went inside the ship to look for the senior captain. We met with him explaining the situation. He said that it is not possible to allow them in board; that he cannot break the law. The other seven couples were seeing us talking to the captain, worried or praying in tongues. At last, the captain said to Tali: ‘The ship must leave now. What about you? Do you want to enter, or do you want to stay behind?’ Tali thought for only one second. Then I heard him say to the captain: ‘We cannot leave the two couples. My wife and I shall stay behind”. Tali did not have time to explain to me why he made this decision. But over the years I learned to keep close to him, no matter the situation. I completely trusted him, better said, Christ in him. I was with him in Spirit in all that he said and did. Tali stepped behind and I followed him. The bridge was lifted, and the ship slowly sailed away. The fourteen brethren in the ship started crying. They said they too want to come down. Tali said: ‘No! you have paid for your vacation. Please go ahead and enjoy yourselves. We shall see you later”. Tali and I came down and joined the two couples. They were shocked when they saw that we stayed behind because of them. All of us lost the money we paid for the cruise. But losing money was the last thing on our mind at that time. They wept too because of us. We all went back to the hotel to plan what next to do. It was at the hotel that Tali explained to me why he decided to stay behind. He said: “Lia. I hope you understand what happened today. We are their leaders. We are their pastors and shepherds. We must take responsibility even for their mistakes. Our testimony is more important than a vacation. The good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. We must behave like Jesus who left ninety-nine sheep to look for the one who was stranded… My wife, I hope you understand…” I told him: “My husband, you don’t have to explain anything to me. We are in this together. I know you! I knew that you would do that. It was easy for me to step back with you. You are right! To be like Jesus, to keep the unity of the Spirit, to me, it is more important than a cruise vacation of few days”. Many people do not know about this story. But it is a true story. The brethren who were with us can confirm it. This is just one of the instances when Christ shone thru Tali like the sun. It was a destiny moment. Heaven rewarded it! It is only during a crisis that you will know the true worth of a man. It is only when a man is in pain that you will know the true person. When a man loses something, the way he behaves, that reveals the true character. Tali’s response to pressure amazed me and all of us. He pointed us to Jesus. Many pastors behave well in the church, but not so well during a vacation. Tali was always himself. He practiced what he preached.  I know that Tali’s reward in heaven is great.  I am so proud of my husband, your dear father. He was a true leader, a spiritual man, a true man of God. He was a good shepherd, a good pastor. He was a wonderful husband to me, a wonderful father and grandfather! I am so proud to be called Mrs. Leigh. It is my honor and privilege to carry his name and legacy to the end of my life. Dear children, I write all these letters so that you will know your father better. It will strengthen you in your spiritual identity. Remember that in Christ, you are complete!’ (Col 2:10). Fear nothing except God! Trust God always! God bless you all! I am proud of you too! Love in Christ alone, Malia!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh 08-08-2020




Dear children and beloved brethren, it is Malia again. As I said before, since my husband, your father in Christ, went to heaven, my life has changed radically. I live in a new reality, as they say. My husband’s sudden departure to heaven genuinely surprised me. I just did not see it coming. Maybe I refused to see it… It is true that both of us were sure of heaven. We both believed the Word of God that we are ‘seated with Christ in the heavenly places’ (Eph 2:6). For both of us, heaven was not just a wish, a dream, or a prayer request. We lived in the reality of the promise that as children of God, heaven is our permanent home. As you remember, Pastor Richmond Leigh (Tali) preached about heaven like he was already walking on the streets of gold. Heaven was never a fearful place for us. Heaven was glorious and wonderful because that was the place where God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ have their eternal abode.  Both Tali and I are worshippers of God. When you worship God in Spirit and in Truth, your very spirit soars towards God, following the lead of the Holy Spirit. You have a glimpse of the glory ahead. Worship on earth connects us with the worship in heaven. If you are born again and Spirit filled, you know what I am saying…


These days, the way I remember my husband the most is how he worshipped God. Maybe because he is now worshipping God in heaven. Each Sunday service, he will first blow the shofar. This was the call to worship! He will be at the media stand to be sure the sound and lights were perfect. Like Daniel, Tali had ‘a spirit of excellence’ (Dan 6:3). Like King David his friend, Tali often said that ‘he cannot offer a sacrifice to God that cost him nothing’ (2 Sam 24:24). Then Tali will approach the altar. He took his ministry as a worshipper very seriously! He will stop and pray before going up on the altar. Once there, he will worship God with all his heart. I remember the passion for Jesus in his heart and the transfigured look of joy on his face. Tears running on his face… Sometimes laughing and praying in the Spirit… Once there, he was free… Each Sunday he will say ‘let us now put on the linen ephod’. Some people did not understand that call to worship, but they still could flow with the Spirit. This vision of us as kings and priests worshipping God was inspired from King David, who was one of Tali’s mentors as a worshipper (Right now I am a little jealous when I think that in heaven, Tali and King David, side by side, worship God forever…This is a wonderful vision… I can only imagine… Finally, all Tali’s dreams have come true…Glory to God!)


You know the story… When David was in serious trouble at Ziklag, and no man could help him, he turned to God. This is the attitude of a true worshiper of God! David was in great distress: his wives and children were kidnapped. His followers’ wives and children were gone. His own men of valor who loved him, who have followed him for years just got tired of all his troubles and wanted to stone him. Losing everything, face to face with death and rejected by all men, David turns to God! (This is a great lesson for all! No matter the situation in life, remember God! Turn your eyes upon Jesus! God is always our true Helper!) During the reign of wicked King Saul, Abiathar, the priest, took the holy priestly garments from the temple in Jerusalem, and brought them to David in the wilderness. These priestly garments, also called the linen ephod, represented the presence of Jehovah God. David was not a priest by tribe. He was not from the family of Aaron. But he had the faith of the New Testament believer. In Christ, he knew that he is ‘a royal priesthood’ (1Pet 2:9). This knowledge of his true spiritual identity gave him the holy boldness to dress with the garments of the High Priest and stand before God like one. He asked God for a Word. (This is reminder that all we need is a Word from God. That Word comes expressly with power to perform and the victory is sure. More than money, more than human help, what we need is a Word of life proceeding from the mouth of God. David knew that! Tali knew that! Praise the Lord!). So, “David inquired of the Lord, saying, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them?” And God answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.” (1 Sam 30:8). God spoke to David as God speaks to the high priest, to His worshipper. As you know, David obeyed the word. He pursued, overtook the enemy, and without fail, he recovered ALL that was lost. Glory to God! This is our portion too! In Jesus’ name!


Why I bring to remembrance this story, is because each time Tali goes on the altar, he will tell the congregation ‘now, put on your linen ephod’. Then many people come to the altar, under open heavens, to pray and to worship. Miracles will just happen! Tali saw himself as King David and he invited you to see yourself as King David. You are children of God! That is the highest honor given to men! When people come to the altar and kneel, they do not kneel before Tali or the choir. No! The presence of the Holy Spirit is too strong for anyone to think in the flesh. As you remember, the Holy Spirit will make the experience of worshipping God and praying to Him very real. Because the anointing was so strong, we often felt like we left Warri and we are now in heaven? Prayers became easy. Faith will rise in the power of resurrection! Worship goes up like the incense in the Temple! This was and is the secret of ‘the holy success’ in Father’s House!  It is the manifested presence of God the Holy Spirit that made Father’s House Bible Church so different, so special. We learned how to host the Holy Spirit. And He never failed to come and move in our midst! Glory to God!


The overflow of that anointing changed lives and situations. Because of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the attitude of worship, even without laying of hands, the sinners got saved, the saved got filled with the Holy Spirit, the sick got healed, the weak became strong, the possessed got delivered, the oppressed got free and all the glory was given to God! You are all witnesses to that! Thru the overflow of the same anointing the needy got their financial breakthrough. Do you remember, Tali prophesied that all the members of Father’s House shall prosper financially? They will buy land and build their houses? We believed 100% that this was God’s Word. Fear not! That prophetic prayer is still on! God will do it! You will still buy land and build your houses. Nothing has changed concerning the Word of God.


At last, after people prayed and worshipped in the beauty of His holiness, Tali was very careful to give God all the honor and glory. He will say: ‘This anointing is the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Let us put our hands together for God the Holy Spirit! Let us put our hands together for the Son of the Living God who paid the price for this anointing this morning! Let us put our hands together for God the Father. For this anointing, this morning is not random. It came directly and specifically to us from God the Father!” Then, we all stand and offer God a loud clap offering, We did not stop until Tali told us to sit down. These are precious memories sealed in my heart by the Holy Spirit! The more I remember these things, the happier and prouder I become, to be the wife and ministry-partner of this extraordinary man, God’s servant Pastor Richmond Sisan Leigh. What a testimony he left behind! What a heritage! His life, ministry and memory are forever blessed!


Many of you ask me, ‘how are you Malia?’ Thank you for your concern and prayers. I truly appreciate you all. As for me, I not only live in the church, I live in the presence of God. The Lord is my Shepperd, therefor I shall not want. I do not compare my life now with my life in the past. I want to be real to God and to myself. My past was wonderful, but I am now looking unto Jesus who is in my future. Christ in me, the Hope of Glory, helps me to look forward and to be strong! I am a woman of faith, peace, wisdom and hope!


Looking back, I see that my husband was ready and prepared to meet God at any time. He was not just a wonderful preacher; he practiced what he preached. He was a man of faith and a man of peace. Especially in the last few months, it became clearer that he was ready to go. I did not know it will be soo ‘soon’. But it is true. When he passed into immortality in that ambulance, I was surprised that he did not ‘struggle to die’. In fact, he ‘died’ like a baby. As a doctor I have seen people die. Adults usually struggle because they fear death and are not ready for the transition. Babies do not struggle because they do not fear death. Tali passed on peacefully, just like a baby. For a moment, I thought that the sickness was gone, and he felt asleep. He was ready to meet with Jesus. Recently, our daughter Jemine had a vision. She said that Tali knew that he will soon go to heaven. That God told him so. He agreed with God on that. But he told God he was worried about leaving me alone behind and the church. That was his human concern. Jemine said that the Holy Spirit showed him my future, as the senior Pastor of Father’s House.  Tali saw that God will be with me, will be with us. God assured him that the future was glorious. God showed him that He will take care of me even better than when he was on earth. God showed him that Father’s House Bible Church, this ministry, will be strong and fruitful.  The brethren will become spiritually mature, the worship will continue, the numbers will increase and the revival he was always praying about will become a reality. He saw that Father’s House will remain as ‘a burning bush never consumed’ in this area, Warri and Effurun, Nigeria. People will always be attracted by the fire, they will come closer to see it and God will meet with them. He saw that the church will still be an oasis in the desert for thirsty souls to find the water of life. The Word of God, the true Gospel of Christ Crucified, Resurrected and Ascended will still be preached. God showed Tali this and he was satisfied. Then he said to the Holy Spirit: “Thank You! I am satisfied! I now have peace! Let us go!” These days, I see that Tali has finished his work on earth and he has gone to heaven as a happy man, a fulfilled man of God. His reward in heaven is very great! So, what more do I want? There is nothing else! His life story is a story of grace becoming glory! We that are left behind, are now on earth to continue to build on the foundation he left behind, which is Christ and Him Crucified! Dear brethren, in life and in death, next to Jesus, Tali showed us the way, the royal way of the Cross! Each of us must run the race. Salvation is personal. Salvation is free because Jesus paid for it with His precious Blood. But to grow in the faith, to hope for reward in heaven, there is a price to pay. May we be willing to pay that price! Read the Bible daily! Pray daily! Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Be strong for the work of God! Without fail, we shall recover all! To God be all the glory! Love in Christ alone, Malia!


(Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh 06-08-2020)



During the Sunday online service, Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh preached a sermon titled ‘Defeating doubt’. She said that doubt is an evil religious spirit attacking the minds and hearts of the Christians. Doubt is also called ‘unbelief, little faith or double mind-ness’. Doubt is spiritual poison, like a ‘virus’ that damages, cripples, and weakens your faith. Doubt is one of the most common hindrances to prayers, especially when you need to trust God for the supernatural, for miracles. When a believer is attacked by doubt, he still knows that he is saved, that he a child of God, but he is unable to exercise his faith to trust God ‘for impossible things’. He prays but his prayers lack the ‘passion fire of true faith’! He believes that Jesus died for him, but he does not believe that the same Jesus rose from the grave in the power of resurrection. He believes that when he dies, he will go to heaven, but he struggles to believe that God cares about every detail of his life on earth. Doubt is a common poison arrow the enemy uses. Doubt must be identified by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, thru God’s Word, and prayer. You must engage in spiritual warfare! Doubt must be confronted and must be defeated by the power of the Holy Spirit! In Jesus’ name!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that in the Old Testament, God’s people grieved Him and made Him angry, by ‘limiting’ God in their minds. They forgot His works, His power, and His wonders. Can you imagine that? They forgot how He brought them out of Egypt, how He parted the Red Sea, how He spoke to them from the fire, how He provided food and water for them in the desert. They still believed God in a general way, but they allowed doubt and ungratefulness to damage their faith. They lost the wonder of their faith. They lost their identity as peculiar people of faith (Ps 78:11, 22, 32, 33, 40-43; NKJ). May we never lose our wonder!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that when Jesus came on earth, He could not do miracles in some places. This is because people saw Him as an ordinary man (the son of Joseph and Mary) and not as the Son of God. He ‘wondered’ at their unbelief and doubt (Mk 6:5, 6; AMP). May God help us never to grieve the heart of Jesus with our doubts, and religious pride. Take note: we do not worship miracles. We worship the only Living Omnipotent God who is Spirit. All what He does is miraculous and wonderful. May your faith increase! Faith 100%! Doubt 0%! James says that if we need wisdom for life, we should pray to God. He will give us generously, ‘without rebuke or blame’.  But when we pray for wisdom (or for any other thing) we should pray having 100% faith that God is able to do everything and that He is willing to help us in need. You need faith both in God’s power and in God’s willingness to answer your prayers. Doubt in the heart hinders God from answering your prayers. Doubt makes you double minded, spiritually unstable, restless, and anxious. Because of doubt you go one step forward and one step backward. Therefore, you remain in the same place and make no progress in life. When you hear the Word of God, especially when preached or prophesied under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, you must ‘swallow it’ immediately. The Word of God is not chewing gum, to chew, enjoy the sugar and spit it out. The Word of God must be swallowed like the bread of life. It must become one with you. You must be a doer of the Word and not only a hearer. The Word of God must be implanted in you, usually thru the painful process of heart break the Holy Spirit’ ‘hammer’ produces. Then the Word goes deep, in your heart; it produces roots and fruits. Only then you can become a doer of the Word, living a faithful life of joyful obedience. Once you achieve that, God has promised that you will be ‘blessed and favored by God in all what you do’ (Jam 1:5-8; 21-25; AMP). Amen!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh exposed the danger and damage doubt can do in the life of a believer. She said that The Book of Luke was written to remove any doubts about our salvation and our identity in Christ; “that you may know the certainty of those things in which you were instructed (thought) (Lk 1:4).  Luke wants us not only to believe in Jesus, as the Son of God, but to have the assurance of our salvation. God promised that the Messiah (the Savior) will come one day. John the Baptist is the forerunner of the Messiah. He came to prepare God’s elect people for the coming of Jesus. He was the last of the OT prophets. Jesus called him ‘the greatest man who ever lived on earth’ (Lk 7:28). Zechariah and Elizabeth were an older godly couple. They are both descendants of Aaron. This is a double priestly blessing. You can say that they are born again, priests and kings in Christ. But Elizabeth was barren. That was her long-time standing pain, her ‘disgrace among men’. One day, Zechariah was chosen to serve in the Holy Place, in God’s Temple. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Any priest who served God like that, will retire after this experience. The people were outside the tabernacle praying.  Suddenly Angel Gabriel met with him. He was the same angel who met with Daniel and later, Mary. The first words were to calm him of his fears. He promised him a son, a special son called John (meaning ‘God is Gracious’). He will be the forerunner of the Messiah. Many will rejoice at his birth. He will come in the power of Elijah. He will be separated to God. He will be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb. This is the best news Zechariah waited for many years to hear! But, face to face with the answer to his prayers, Zechariah doubted. He said he (and his wife) is too old. His biology was right, but his theology was wrong. Many people struggle whose report to believe: the doctor’s or the Lord’s. Gabriel said his son will be called John. Note! Your answered prayer is not just an idea, or a strategy! It is always a miracle! It has a name coming from heaven. His family people argued about the name. Nobody in his family has that name. But a miracle is always a new thing! God will do a new thing in you (In Jesus’ name, we destroy every familial curse over you!).  Zechariah needed to learn to speak faith and life! “Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” (PV 18:21). The day John was born Zechariah still could not talk. A week later, as they tried to name him ‘Zechariah Junior’, his father’s tongue got loosed and he spoke, loud and clear: ‘His name is John!’ This time, free from doubt, having total faith in the Angel’s words, he called his son ‘John’! He agreed on earth with what heaven has decreed for him. He praised God, prophesied the coming of the Messiah, the revealed glory of God and blessed his son’s ministry as a prophet. Halleluiah!


Pastor (Mrs) Silvia Lia Leigh said that in Christ we are made ‘complete’! “And in Him (In Christ) you have been made complete [achieving spiritual stature through Christ], and He is the head over all rule and authority [of every angelic and earthly power]” (Col 2:10; AMP). No doubt, no fear, no inferiority complex should be in you! All demons, sicknesses, bareness, poverty, and troubles are under your feet! Child of God, know yourself! Stand in the power of His might! Fight for your soul! Fight for your testimony! You can do it! The victory is sure! May your faith be established! May your faith increase! Child of God, your Father in heaven loves you more than you can imagine! God has heard your prayers. Nothing is impossible for God! Never forget: the answer to your prayers is always a miracle. Believe God! Believe the Word of God! Let the weak say ‘I am strong!’ Let the sick say ‘I am healed’! Let the barren say ‘I am a fruitful vine’! Let the oppressed say ‘I am free’! Let the poor say ‘I am rich’! For God has done it!  You must be born again! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!  May the fire of revival burn in our hearts! The worship must continue! In Jesus’ name! Jesus is Lord! To God be all the glory! Worship the Lord!